Peter Jackson Confirms The Hobbit Will Still Be Out in 2011

December 5, 2009
Source: Collider

The Hobbit

Phew! Nearly a week ago, a news story starting spreading quickly around the web about The Hobbit. In it, producer Peter Jackson had been quoted as saying that they had to push back the start of filming from April to June of next year. While we didn't make this claim, other sites started reporting that the movie had been delayed and that it wouldn't be able to make its 2011 release date because shooting would take so long. Well, not according to Jackson himself. Collider talked with PJ at a recent press event for The Lovely Bones and confirmed that it's still on target for a December, 2011 release. So don't get worried about a delay yet.

"Nothing has changed as far as I am concerned. Somebody wrote something on the internet and a lot of nonsense happened. You don't want to believe everything you read on the internet. We were due to deliver the scripts and be shooting sometime around April and now I think I said in an interview we were shooting in June. And somehow people are now saying the film is delayed. As far as I am aware, they are not delayed at all. I am not even sure when we are going to start shooting… we are delivering the scripts just after Christmas. They'll be finished and we'll be shooting as soon as we possibly can. But you need a certain amount of time to finish the pre-production."

Jackson was then asked if he believes The Hobbit will still be in theaters by December of 2011. "At this stage, that is certainly the plan. Yeah." You heard it straight from Peter Jackson himself - The Hobbit's release has not been delayed. So don't believe what other sites may be saying, they're still on track to have it in theaters in 24 months. That may seem like a long time, but I'm sure it'll be here sooner than you know it. And while we wait, how about they finally put out Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray? "I believe it is scheduled for sometime next year… They sent it to me to approve and I looked at the film and it looks fantastic on Blu-Ray." Sweet!

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no doubt this will be a grand production...however, there will be nothing to look forward to at the end of this movie as that story has already been told... kinda leaves me with an emopty feeling about seeing this...jmo...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Dec 5, 2009


dont rush the film!

jake the snake on Dec 5, 2009


Awesome! Blu-ray news is the best!

Mark D on Dec 5, 2009


yea, i want the LotR series on blu...........but i want the EXTENDED versions- not the theatrical ones.

beavis on Dec 5, 2009


Yes! I've been waiting for a definite release date for years!

TomV on Dec 5, 2009


I'm guessing there will be a lot of walking? 🙂

Online Guitar Tuition on Dec 5, 2009


I can't wait for The Hobbit it was by far a better book than the Lord of the Rings combined I just hope it doesn't feel out of place with the LOTR movies. I hope that whoever they pick for Bilbo does a good job cause Ian Holme was fantastic I wish they would just get him to be Bilbo but I guess he is too old for the part now. 2011 is going to be such a good year for movies with THOR, CAPTAIN AMERICA, GREEN LANTERN and THE HOBBIT part 1 I just wish I didn't have to wait to see these awesome movies.

Anti-Fox on Dec 6, 2009


I agree with 6# less of the walking and the countryside of new zeland and more action, sorry peter jackson that was the trouble with the lord of the rings tilogy, especily the first lord of the rings movie two mutch Hiking, let hope the hobbit is a lot less on the walking and more action based.

Cineprog on Dec 6, 2009


Cineprog: Sorry, but if memory serves, The Hobbit is probably even less action-based than LOTR. Tolkein did not write them to be action books, and these won't be action movies. This confirms what I said earlier. I'm not going to believe anything about The Hobbit unless it comes from Jackson or Del Toro.

Corran Horn on Dec 6, 2009


i loved the lord of the rings trilogy(the best & most perfect trilogy ever.)i have faith in del toro & jackson they will do a great job,but a 2011 release date for two films being made back to back,please mr del toro & mr jackson don't rush these films & fuck them up just for a 2011 release date.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 6, 2009


#8 Cineprog. How old are you? The film script is based on what happens in the book. Clearly you have not read the LotR. Going by your inability to spell correctly reading may be a difficult task. The Hobbit will arrive as and when I just hope it does the book justice and is a flawless companion to the LotR.

kenn stewart on Dec 6, 2009


Yes, we are waiting for it!

oyun on Dec 6, 2009


tobi: I have faith that Guillermo and Peter won't mess these up. Plus, it isn't like with the LOTR trilogy, which took years to film. A starting date in June would still give the time they need.

Corran Horn on Dec 7, 2009


Don't care. Don't rush it. Don't change the formula. Will watch it joyfully when it gets here. For the record, I don't mind the walking. (?)

bozo on Dec 7, 2009


Tolkien's Hobbit + Jackson/Walsh/Boyens/WETA + Del Toro = Masterpiece ... Again!

Tim the Enchanter on Dec 7, 2009


i love da movie dat direct by peter jackson

pucca on Dec 28, 2009


glad they are splitting the book into two movies, its a shame the Tolkein could not be alive to see the fantastic job Jackson and cast did in LOTR and hopefully the same w the Hobbit.

tim on Dec 30, 2009


i agree, dont rush it!first off ,the hobbit was an action adventure story! if you havent read the book please do.theres going to be a ton of oppertunities for special affects,just hope the story line stays strong.hope to see some familiar faces! cant wait to see the fantastic job when its finished.i dont believe for a minute this is gonna be a throw together for quick profit movie.if you dont like the walkin an hikin go watch your princess and the frog,again!!!!!

dave on Jan 1, 2010


I agree with you. good luck.

oyun hileleri on Mar 14, 2010


glad they are splitting the book into two movies, its a shame the Tolkein could not be alive to see the fantastic job Jackson and cast did in LOTR and hopefully the same w the Hobbit. I agree you

oyun hileleri on Mar 14, 2010

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