Peter Jackson Pledges to Shoot in 3D From Now On

June 11, 2009

Peter Jackson

So 3D really could be the future after all. Our friends over at MarketSaw interviewed 3ality Digital Systems CEO Steve Schklair recently and picked up an interesting bit of news. Schklair told them that "we were recently down in New Zealand with Peter Jackson, who is committing to shooting his films in 3D, and will be working with our rigs and technology to do so." Not that this is a big shocker, but it looks like Peter Jackson has jumped on the 3D bandwagon and has pledged to shoot in 3D from now on as well, just like James Cameron and (I think) Steven Spielberg. But this doesn't exactly mean we'll see The Hobbit in 3D.

Schklair puts this all into perspective: "I think this is big news for the industry because we are all pushing to get theaters built. Some theater owners are on the fence, asking, 'If we do jump [into 3D], is there enough content?' And having guys like Peter Jackson jump in and say things like 'I'll be making all my movies in 3D' is a great vote of confidence for the theater owners who are thinking about making the investment."

In the industry right now, the content vs venues issue is what's holding everyone back. In essence, theater owners don't want to upgrade to 3D because they're afraid there isn't enough content. But filmmakers don't want to shoot in 3D because there aren't enough 3D venues to show their movies in. With Jackson now pledging to shoot in 3D, too, it looks like the filmmakers are taking the next big step, and hopefully it will pay off in the end. As for his upcoming projects, I'm pretty sure that The Lovely Bones won't be in 3D, but after that he'll direct a Tintin sequel, which we already know is being made in 3D. After that, who knows?

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My first experience with modern 3D was Up!. I really, really didn't like the 3D aspect. It distracts from the film rather than adding to it. Once the novelty wears off it appears as a gimmick for the rest of the picture and takes away from the artistic, 2D roots that make so many films beautiful. I really hope 3D is just a fad.

dqniel on Jun 11, 2009


why does everything need to be in 3D nowadays? #1 has an extremely valid point.

xerxex on Jun 11, 2009


looks like i wont be seeing anymore peter jackson movies...

Caleb on Jun 11, 2009


Its definitely going to be the way of the future, not right away and maybe not perfected in our lifetime but it will at some point. I'm sure a BIG reason for this decision is when he and Spielberg stop by and saw what Mr Cameron has created and were absolutely blown away.

K on Jun 11, 2009


i know its not related to this, but has anyone heard any news on the Evangelion live action movie? would be awesome in 3D...

ray on Jun 11, 2009


imagine Spielberg doing ghost in the shell 3D!!!! aaaaawwwweeeeesome!

ray on Jun 11, 2009


^ profound. By the way, the world will end. Maybe not now, or in our lifetime, or our children's, grandchildren's, but it will happen. So yeah, no more Jackson movies, although I'm not sure I saw that many in the first place.

LSP on Jun 11, 2009


peter jackson sucks now...

zach on Jun 11, 2009


yawn. 3d is actually keeping me away from theater >.<

L1A on Jun 11, 2009


I LOVE 3D!!!

Meatcarnage on Jun 11, 2009


Yeah word to #1 3d is just soo bleh

cody on Jun 12, 2009


I'm confused about why theaters have to be 3D? The movies are 3D not the theater, what I'm I missing here? Is there a 3D projector because my local theater has been showing all these movies in both 2D and 3D versions. I always assumed it was just the glasses. Also they just made all the theaters convert to digital which cost a fortune and now they are saying they have to upgrade to something else. If I was a theater operator I'd tell them to stick it. Like #1 my first 3D experience was UP. It was fine but I wouldn't pay for this gimmick on a regular basis. The glasses dull the color of the movie which is very bad since UP is very vibrant.

Moviegimp on Jun 12, 2009


G-Force has 3D, and that looks pretty good. For movies like that and Up, I think it's fine, but definitely not worth paying extra for (much like extra money for small screen Imax). If I really want to see a movie, I'll see it regardless of format.

Dallas Computers on Jun 12, 2009


My eyes do not focus at the same time and I am unable to see in 3D. Does this mean I will have to stop seeing movies? They few I have tried to see with the glasses I just see all three images at the same time, one gray, one blue and one red. It really sucks.

Jeremy on Jun 12, 2009


With #1 and the rest. I don't want to see every damn movie in 3D with a pair of glasses.

snickers on Jun 12, 2009


man that sucks, i cant even see 3d since my eyes dont work together. peterjacksoniloveyou

allen sharpe on Jun 13, 2009


I havent's watched any movie in 3D my entire life because Cinemas here aren't equipped with it and it will take lot of money to implement it here. Although i would love to give the experience a go, the thing is i wear glasses too so i don't know how this will work! lol

Fisherr on Jun 13, 2009


I like Jackson as a director but I am not sure that I like the emergence of the 3D films. I went and saw Final Destination and I swear I had a headache midway through the movie.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009

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