Help Save Assassination of a High School President from DVD Doom!

March 13, 2009

Assassination of a High School President

Assassination of a High School President needs your help! Due to the collapse of Yari Film Group last December, one of the very best indie films of the last few years may end up going to straight-to-DVD unless it gets picked up by another distributor! Peter from SlashFilm called me last night to alert me that he's trying to build some buzz and prevent this disaster. While I never actually posted my top 10 films of 2008, I can tell you that Assassination of a High School President was on it. This brilliant indie film first premiered at Sundance last year and played at fests throughout 2008, gaining more supporters everywhere it went.

I hope you've heard about Assassination of a High School President, but if you haven't, start doing some research now. The film stars Reece Thompson in his greatest role to date, as a sophomore high school newspaper reporter named Bobby Funke, on an assignment to track down a set of stolen SATs. I gave it a 9 out of 10 in my review at Sundance, although it really deserves a higher grade. The film itself is probably described best in that review: "Assassination of a High School President is Brick + Rocket Science (thanks to Reece Thompson) + a hotter lead female (Mischa Barton) + better comedy + a stronger script."

Peter at SlashFilm says that, "studios are still deciding whether or not they want to take a financial risk by buying the theatrical rights, spending cash on P&A and distributing the movie theatrically." And how can we prove to them that they should take that risk? Well, become a fan on Facebook, show your support in the comments below, and start talking about it. Tell everyone you know, your parents, your friends, and especially the manager at your local movie theater, that you really want to see it in theaters. Trust me on this, Assassination of a High School President is one of those films you'll want to see in theaters!

I really wish we had a trailer to show you, but we don't yet. And if you need a second opinion, I've got six of them. Not only did SlashFilm write about this rather worrisome news, but so did Ain't It Cool News, Film School Rejects, Collider, Cinematical, and MTV. Everyone, and I mean everyone, that I know who has sat down to watch this has walked out completely in love with it (even Ken did). It's such a great film for so many reasons. It's incredibly funny, very well-written, smart, superbly well-acted, and just one of those indies that you want to show all your friends the moment you see it. It really is that good!

So please, I hope there is some studio out there like Fox Searchlight, that is willing to pick up this brilliant little indie sensation and put it out in theaters where it belongs. It deserves a real theatrical release. Last year, Warner Brothers was about ready to dump Slumdog Millionaire, but then Fox Searchlight picked it up, gave it a little studio love, and look what happened to that. If a studio passes on this now, they're going to be kicking themselves later realizing that they missed an opportunity to support a potentially huge hit. This is one of few films that I will truly go to bat for. I've seen it multiples times over last year and have loved it more each time. So please, don't let Assassination of a High School President go straight-to-DVD!

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I'll help in any way I can...If this gets released I can at least guarantee that I can round up 5 friends plus myself to go check it out. At least give it a limited release because I've been dying to see this.

peloquin on Mar 13, 2009


Awwwwwww i don't wanna miss out 🙁

Wade Joenes on Mar 13, 2009


just sit close to the screen and it's more or less like being in the cinema, except without some idiot coughing or getting up to go to the toilet (unless it's yourself, of course)

mr t on Mar 13, 2009


I'd love to see this go to theaters!!!

Lacey on Mar 13, 2009


The film stars Reece Thompson in his greatest role to date. Wow, you've seen everything he's been in? That's impressive, I've never even heard of the guy.

Jake on Mar 13, 2009


How long do we have to wait to see this movie? I say release it NOW on DVD.

hawk on Mar 13, 2009


I agree with hawk. I live in a city that probably wouldn't play this flick in limited release anyways, so I would have to wait for the limited release-then a period of lost time when nothing happens-and finally the dvd printing. Also, there hasn't even been a trailer for it yet, just a couple mediocre (promising?) clips with bad voice over. Don't get me wrong, I like the concept, as it does have a sort of "Brick"-lite feel to it, but someone involved has to give a little bit before they get my show of support. Look at "Fanboys"--I know this flick faced different obstacles prior to release--but at least they released a trailer to help stoke the flames of fanboy fury. Meanwhile, I'll continue to rewatch ''Brick''.

Ben Wilson on Mar 13, 2009


if only there was a trailer I could pimp on my own website.

tiki god on Mar 13, 2009


Sounds like a really good movie. I would love to see it in theaters. even if it gets a limited release, i'll make the small trip to the theater to see it.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Mar 13, 2009


Why would someone pay to see this in theaters when it's cheaper to rent and watch it on their own 52" screen with friends. Plus, they don't allow beer in theaters. lol DVD release and I'll Netflix it. Why do we care about these type of movies in theaters?

Hey Ya on Mar 14, 2009


Better than Brick? "That's a bold statement."

Arthur on Mar 14, 2009


Always down for a good cause.

Chickenbone Robinson on Mar 14, 2009


It would be great to catch this flick at the theater. We DO need quality flicks! 🙂

Spider on Mar 14, 2009


Alex it's really hard for you to say, his best role to date, when he was in a bunch of straight to DVD movies(i.e Sandlot 2) and a whole lot of TV shows, the only other movies he has been in before this one were Baby Geniuses 2, and Rocket Science. I'm sure this movie is great, but just don't say that kind of bs.

Movieraider321 on Mar 14, 2009


wow so many people like the movie! ok, so i wrote an blog entry on my xanga about it, wrote a facebook note on it, became a fan on facebook, and changed my status to talk about it! just for fun i guess, my xanga: (http://www.xanga.com/SusieQ_IluvU/695707401/save-assassination-of-a-high-school-president/)

Susana on Mar 15, 2009


though granted, i'm not hoping to get too many ppl on xanga, not too much traffic for me

Susana on Mar 15, 2009


Get this film to theaters! It's hilarious and I know audiences will truly enjoy it -- they just need to have the chance to see it!

Lou on Mar 15, 2009


Hey FYI they took down the facebook group for this. 🙁 Do we know the meaning of this?

Lacey on Apr 20, 2009

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