Polanski's The Ghost Will Be Finished With or Without Him

October 2, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Roman Polanski's The Ghost

We're not a gossip site, so any updates we provide on the Roman Polanski front will be related to him as a filmmaker, not his personal life or anything else. Earlier this week we wrote a story about Polanski's newest feature film The Ghost being delayed due to his arrest in Switzerland a week ago. Polanski's agent said at the time that there is still a few months of post-production work left that would be waiting for his (hopeful) release before being finished. However, an update coming from a conference for exhibitors in Deauville, France (via SlashFilm) seems to indicate that it will get finished for a 2010 release with or without Polanski.

This first update comes from Premiere in France and is a rough English translation of the statements:

"Jerome Seydoux, co-chairman of Pathe and Gaumont cinemas confirmed at the exhibitor’s conference in Deauville that The Ghost will reach French screens in March 2010 . If the director is still detained until that time it seems like other members of his team will take care of sound and music for his film."

That's not the only update saying that it'll get done without Polanski, whose future is still undetermined. Here's another update on Tout Le Cine from the very same event, also roughly translated into English:

"Scheduled to be on screens in 2010, The Ghost will be released as planned, imprisoned director or not. This is the first site to make the announcement after receiving the information from the lips of the President of Pathe, Jerome Seydoux. Arriving in Deauville to attend the annual conference of exhibitors, the brother of Nicolas said that the timetable would not move, whatever the circumstances."

It sounds like Pathe, the French company producing the film, really wants to make sure The Ghost is released as scheduled, no matter the circumstances. I'm sure they've put a lot of money into it and it has a lot of star power (Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor) and it would only hurt them and the film to delay it. It seems like a very harsh decision on the part of Mr. Seydoux, because I would rather see Polanski finish the film himself, but then again he's concerned about his business, and that involves making sure The Ghost hits theaters as planned. We'll keep you updated on the status of the film's release as well as Polanski's arrest.

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Celebrity or not.... JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. I dont get why there is a double standard with these celebs. They are not better than non celebs and yet some are even worse off. I believe Polanski should serve his time for the crimes he commited. All others who oppsoe can just F off. Its his time to pay the price. /Discuss

Mark Schafer on Oct 2, 2009


His mother was killed by nazis, his father was put on a concentration camp and his pregnant wife was brutally murder, and you think that he have to die in prison just because cause have sex with a model girl that looks she have 40 years old? Man, I don't know if I will survive if I had this life...

Lucas on Oct 2, 2009


And it was not even rape and the girl have not process him.

Tuk on Oct 2, 2009


he had sex with a child. #2 - you don't rationalize that. #3 - children aren't mature enough to make decisions like giving consent for sex.......both of your arguements are a joke. i'm with you mark. he did a legally and morally wrong thing. he should be punished. what's just as disturbing is how many people on this site seem to feel adults having sex with children should be tolerated. it's sad. #2 and 3 aren't the only ones who think polanski "had good reasons" to do what he did. it's sad to think what many of these polanski supporters are doing in their own personal lives. an adult having sex with a child is wrong under ANY circumstance.

beavis on Oct 2, 2009


i dont know why people supporting him the man sexual abuse a 13 year old child. dont you #2 and #3 realise if this was your child got sexual abuse by Polanski you would still support him. this man should be locked up does not matter how good his movie is. people should not be shock about kids been abuse in Hollywood even that Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva even sexual abuse a 12-year-old boy. #1 and #4 i agree with you he should pay the price

tazz on Oct 2, 2009


My Great Uncle was separated from his parents and forced into a Nazi work camp aged 15, he never saw his folks again, he thinks they were possibly gassed in a concentration camp. Funnily enough he doesn't have sex with children. What is it with the pedo love on this site? Having actually worked with children who have been abused from a young age I find it disgusting that anyone can stick up for someone who preys on the innocent because once the abuse starts the mental scars never really go away.

Crapola on Oct 3, 2009


Beavis hey! Look as if we agree on something! To those defending him: Sad to hear about Polanski's parents and wife, but he STILL drugged and raped a unwilling 13 year old, 'nuff said. She begged him to stop and he didn't, so as far as I'm concerned fuck 'em let his ass rot away, a stat rape carries a max of 15 years, a rape involing drugs also carries a max of 15 years. Good movies or not justice needs to hit this bastard and serve him the proper punishment.

xerxex on Oct 3, 2009


This guy needs to go to prison! Bottomline is he committed a crime and he gets to walk? B.S., I don't care if he is an academy aware winner!

dee on Oct 4, 2009


You people are fucking retarded.

Shane on Oct 4, 2009


What he did was indeed completely wrong, but not only was the state of California trying to fuck over his trial, but this "pedo" label that's being thrown around is just plain stupid. He did a terrible thing, and he is a sex offender. But "pedophilia" is defined as "a psychological disorder in which an adult experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children" -- Again, while still completely wrong, a 14 year-old girl is not prepubescent. Walk into any high-school in America, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 14 year old and an 18 year old. Sad but true. Again, let me stress that I am in no way condoning what he did. It was totally wrong. But bottom line, if you admitted to doing something wrong and are not being given a fair trial, no matter what the offense, I'd flee too. In a fucking heartbeat.

Shane on Oct 4, 2009


#9, #10 Shane actually people here aint fucking retarded they speak the truth. plus the guy is a "pedo" in my opinion he pray on a young girl age 13 by taking nude pics of her and drugging and sexual abusing a child. also you said "Walk into any high-school in America, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 14 year old and an 18 year old". heres something if you find out the girl is 14 years old would you sexual abuse her cause she looks 18 years old? Roman Polanski knows how old she was no matter if she looks older the man f**king abuse a 13 year old child God damn it. if Roman Polanski sexual abuse your daughter would you go and say "well she looks old then her actually age". Shane stop trying to find ways to defend Roman Polanski. Roman Polanski need to go to prison let the prisoners drug and rape him to see how it feels. im shocked alot of people are supporting his sick behaviour trying to find ways he did not do the actually crime i.e. Whoopi Goldberg saying "its not Rape Rape" was she high for something to say that stupid statement.

blaze on Oct 4, 2009


Guess I'm the only one staying on topic here. I think it's time to delete some people's posts/accounts. I had a feeling they would go on ahead without Roman. Most of the editing has been done, so the film's final form will be pretty close to what Polanski wanted. Aside from making sure everything is as audible as it should be, the director generally doesn't have THAT big a role as far as sound mixing. That's left up to the sound department. As for the music...that might be a problem. I would think that Roman would have gone over what he had in mind with the composer earlier in post-production, but if he did not, I hope his team has done so.

Corran Horn on Oct 4, 2009


This guy will be in jail within a years time. Seeing that hes around 76? (correct me if Im wrong) he will probably spend the rest of his life in jail even if its a 15year sentence. I would be surprised if he lives oast his sentence. Roman Polanski ...Do Not Pass GO and go Directly to JAIL asscracker. Celeb status does not make you immune. Lets not forget Rob Lowe. That Pedo did the same thing to an underage girl.

Mark Schafer on Oct 4, 2009


Yeah on topic: I'm glad to hear that post production is still going ahead, The Ghost seems like a great film, and it needs to be released.

Xerxex on Oct 5, 2009

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