Poster for Adam Green's Stuck-on-a-Ski-Lift Thriller 'Frozen'

December 14, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Frozen Poster

If you scanned the Sundance 2010 line-up you may have noticed this thriller which is premiering in the Park City at Midnight section next January. I first found out about Frozen in the comments of the last one-room thrillers we featured a trailer for - Exam. Instead of being stuck in one room, though, this time three people are stuck on a chairlift. If you've ever been skiing and been on a chairlift, well, you know that you can't really move or do anything at all. It's the perfect place to set a horror movie like this. And according to some early reviews, Frozen is actually pretty damn good. ShockTillYouDrop has debuted the official poster for Frozen.

Frozen Poster

The three people trapped (I don't know why they only show two on the poster?) are played by Kevin Zegers ("Gossip Girl"), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Trilogy) and Emma Bell (Gracie). Frozen was written and directed by Adam Green, a Massachusetts-born filmmaker who also directed Hatchet and Spiral. A month ago, no one had even heard about this movie. Then it made it into Sundance, they screened it at BNAT, and now it's the next big thing (or at least I think it has the potential to be). Harry Knowles says it received the "second best Audience reaction of BNAT." And Peter from SlashFilm called and told me he actually loved it as well.

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What the deuce is this nonsense... Now they're gonna attempt to make us fear toasters or rugs... or grapefruits. And what's the dude in the chairlift doing? "Oh wow, look at that view." The movie could be good, but the concept just sounds dumb.

giraffic on Dec 14, 2009


Add in a yeti or a flesh-eating virus, and you might have something there...

Frank N. Stein on Dec 14, 2009


LOL @ #2

3Up on Dec 14, 2009


What will they think of next

Dan W on Dec 14, 2009


The story doesn't seem that good to me. :

Sabes on Dec 14, 2009


Maybe the guy on the right has really bad farts and the other two can't stand it any more. I imagine that there is some reason the person is sitting hunched in the corner while the other guy is hanging there? The next big thing in supermarket dvd bargain bins I think.

Crapola on Dec 14, 2009

7 did one dude fall off to begin with? and why is one dude not helping? too much really, a very unlikely situation, and its sounds somewhat bland.

Xerxex on Dec 14, 2009


It's not actually a pic from the movie it was really good and yes the third guys jumped

Brayden457 on Mar 16, 2011


For one thing, the poster is set at night. So these Skiers probably went on the chairlift later than they were supposed to, were either forgotten about or just not seen getting on, and are trapped overnight. Secondly, we can all pretty much assume that one of the three main characters jumps/falls off the chairlift early on. For the purpose of showing that it is indeed a "lethal height", and the whole movie isn't pointless. That's why they're only two people on the poster.

DRM on Dec 15, 2009


Why is there a light from the sky?? Behind the chairlift...that is??

ukip on Dec 15, 2009


the moon....idiot

jason on Dec 15, 2009


LOL @ #10

Gav on Dec 15, 2009


Wow...ok. What's with all these one place setting movies?

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 15, 2009


can't wait for this! such a great idea for a horror film!

michellemarieb on Dec 15, 2009


@12 One-place setting movies appeal to movie studios because they can be made on the cheap - they only need one or two sets, after all. Personally, I think this is an interesting idea, but I'll have to see a trailer before I can make the final call. And hey, if it's annoying, at least we can hope that most, if not all the characters fall to their deaths.

Gill on Dec 15, 2009


Looks creepy.

Fisherr on Dec 15, 2009


The poster is pretty badass.

MrMew on Dec 15, 2009


Seems like a cheesy horror movie parody you would see in a tv show, with the words "SKI LIFT" in giant bloody letters and the music to accompany it. I just dont see how long they can keep a plot like this going. What are they supposed to do other than talk?

Welbanks on Dec 15, 2009


Get down?

Brayden457 on Mar 16, 2011


#9........i hope you aren't serious about your comment! you know, this movie concept is very unusual........stuck on a ski lift? and i'm all for new ideas; but, i can't figure how this will work. i'm curious, i'll check it out when it hits netflix.

beavis on Dec 15, 2009


#18...I am not serious...really 🙂 #10...Thanks for pointing that out man...really :)...such a big moon... 🙂 Hey..the poster is pretty 80's...creepy as everyone has pointed out..waiting for the the way..has anyone seen vertige (high lane), a new french horror.. Any idea how it is ???

ukip on Dec 15, 2009


Read the script recently. Quite simply, it's awesome. The gore all comes out of circumstance, i.e. the weather. There's nothing supernatural. This could happen to anyone. You'll never want to go on a skilift at night. Ever. There's a review over at AICN.

Fuelbot on Dec 16, 2009


The question is not why are there only two people on this poster. The question is what the hell happened to the other one.

Fuelbot on Dec 16, 2009


c'mon. this is stupid.

Jimbone on Dec 17, 2009


Ha. Okay. This looks incredibly dumb. They obviously aren't in Colorado… They would not have mad it alive in a chair over night here. It's supposed to be like a week. lol. Um, not. If they just got lost maybe. But not on the lift in the wind and snow overnight. And why would the girl have put her hands on the lift with no gloves. And most of the giant poles that hold the lift up have latters and they're like every 50 feet. Ha, there are WAY too many holes in this plot. But that would suck and be super scary. Yeah. I live in Colorado and at least one person's cell phone seems to work in almost every area we've been in. I rarely have trouble getting service from Verizon anywhere. And good point. They would never close for a week. Even around Christmas. And if it were May/June, near the end of ski season, pretty much anywhere in the USA it wouldn't be that cold in that way.

Tarayn on Jan 26, 2010

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