Producer Frank Marshall Says Jurassic Park IV is a Long Shot

June 17, 2009
Source: io9, ComingSoon

Jurassic Park / NeverEnding Story

Sorry kids, but its just not going to happen. For those of you who are still awaiting to one day see Jurassic Park IV, don't get your hopes up. A few sites talked with producer Frank Marshall on the set of The Last Airbender yesterday and got an update on the rumored sequel. At first, he was asked if he thought Land of the Lost's enormous failure hurt their chances for another Jurassic Park movie at Universal. "I think Land of the Lost, it was a comedy. We just have to see if they can come up with a story. We don't have a story." Not only is their not a story yet, but Marshall specifically told io9 that it's more of a "back burner project."

And that's when he leaned in close and said, "at this point, you could call it a long shot." It looks like we won't be seeing Dr. Grant fighting any prehistoric creatures for a very long time, if ever. I'd be completely satisfied if we never saw another Jurassic Park movie. I think the third movie was a good place to end anyway. To top that off, Michael Crichton passed away last year, and I think it wouldn't honor him to keep on pushing forward with this world when he's no longer around. Don't you remember we already confirmed this sequel wasn't happening last December? Stop digging up the dead - Jurassic Park 4 isn't happening!

In other news, Frank Marshall also spoke about The NeverEnding Story reboot. If you remember, Warner Brothers announced in February that they were going to re-adapt Michael Ende's book. "We love the book and we've always thought there was an opportunity (because) there were a lot of elements in the book that weren't in the movie," Marshall said. "It's another one where we're still working on the rights and it's a huge thing to get it. Once we get it, we'll bring on a writer, but that's kind of off in the distance. But it's a great story." Another project that sounds like it's a long way out. Let's focus on his current projects, folks!

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Sad. We need more dinosaurs in movies that don't star Will Ferrell.

Farris on Jun 17, 2009


The reaction to this news baffles me. Generally, when the last movie in a franchise is disappointing, people are of the "let it die / why bother trying to redeem yourself?" mentality. Yet, as weak as JPIII was, I've noticed that the majority are screaming for a fourth one. Exactly what is it about JP that makes people want another one SO bad, espcially since the franchise has been dead for several years now? Do they think that the creators will recapture the magic and freshness of the first one? 'Cause the answer to that is no. Audiences these days are far too jaded to get excited about CG dinosaurs, no matter how realistic they look. In 1993 it was new and exciting. Today its just another movie--potentially a bad one. BTW, I loved the first two.

NadaNuff on Jun 17, 2009


I want a real 3rd part for jurassic park. Not that thing with a spinossaurus...

Dave on Jun 17, 2009


We need a 4th one, if they are creating so many pieces of shit movies, why not create a good jurassic one, j.j abrams/zack snyder/cameron as director

qweqwu on Jun 17, 2009


@NadaNuff I personally think the reason people got so excited about a potential fourth Jurassic Park has to do with Steven Spielberg. Spielberg made the first one in '93 and it had a pretty huge impact on audiences with its groundbreaking special effects ("REAL" dinosaurs!), making it one of those memories that only gets sweeter the more you look back on it (the flaws get fudged, as it were). JPIII was generally a disappointment (not to say it doesn't have its fans...), but a couple years afterward Spielberg expressed his own interest in making another movie, even stating that he wished he could have done his own film as Part III. Spielberg shared the audience's disappointment, which filled people with hope and excitement that he may approach a new film with the same kind of fresh and invigorating quality they remembered in the original. That glazed over nostalgia factor is probably the #1 reason any of these remake/reboot dealies get made (and get seen by more people than they end up deserving to be). In my personal opinion, any and all interest in JPIV with any kind of involvement from Steven Spielberg died when I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. If that's what Spielberg had in mind, I personally think we're all better off with our rose-colored memories of a T-Rex roaring defiantly in a building it never could have gotten into.

Outlaw on Jun 17, 2009


John Sayles wrote a script for a proposed Jurassic film where the dino's are bred and trained as a special forces unit. This has to be filmed!!!

John J on Jun 17, 2009


"Sad. We need more dinosaurs in movies that don't star Will Ferrell." Sad. We need more movies that don't star Will Ferrell. Fixed.

Jedi on Jun 17, 2009


How about a Congo reboot? The first one was one of the biggest cinematic turds ever; so why not dust that off? They couldn't possibly ruin what already sucked, in the first place. Could they? Also, it seems to me some very big names were in on that film, for instance the previously mentioned Frank Marshall and Michael Crichton. It seems anybody is capable of a royal screw up.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jun 17, 2009


@ John J: No, that does NOT have to be filmed. At all.

NadaNuff on Jun 17, 2009


They need to make movies from Crichton's books "Prey" and "State of fear"

Kevin on Jun 17, 2009


yea none of that special forces dino crap, i want to see a grown up tim return to the island and tries to rebuild the park, chaos ensues, not much there but it would be 10 times better than special forces dinos

harrison on Jun 17, 2009



xerxex on Jun 17, 2009


I kindo hoped Crichton's death would be the end, but no, Hollywood is still thinking there's a chance to dig up his rotting corpse and kick it about a bit a few more times. They just can't let things lie.

Crapola on Jun 17, 2009


They need to return to Site A!

Bryan on Jun 17, 2009


Dave Lister, JMC- I was thinking the same thing about CONGO!

The_Phantom on Jun 17, 2009


Universal can kiss my ass. They are not interested in the cinema goer. Also shame on spielberg for not wanting to pick this up himself. After all didn't he start this ball rolling. If somebody gave me the dosh I'd direct it. I'm sure JP4's script was finished. I am so angry right now at this. Thank god for ghostbusters 3. SCREW YOU UNIVERSAL

link1983 on Jun 17, 2009


Why does Alex yell at himself? Anyone else confused by this? If he yells at himself for reporting old news he could just not report it and skip the insanity diagnosis. Still, we need a JP4 because 3 was just horrific. It's not like they used Crichton's books anyhow excpt that, there were dinosaurs and a park. Anyone that has read them knows how different they are and the movies suck balls compared to them. Oh well...I guess it would not be anywhere near as good without having something to read that's better than it.

w00t!!! on Jun 17, 2009


Why is there the NEVER ENDING STORY dragon.........................

SHANEDAV on Jun 17, 2009


@17 Alex stated in his last paragraph..."In other news"...pertaining to Falcor and the never ending story.

Ken Masters on Jun 17, 2009


I'm not going to lie.... Land of the Lost made me laugh quite a bit. not saying it was good. but i did give me more stupid/cheap laughs then i expected. JP= movie masterpiece JP2=complete pile of dino shit JP3=decent pile of dino shit JP4= un-needed

DoomCanoe on Jun 17, 2009


#9 C'mon we all moan about the lack of originality in movies that's why Sayles script would work. How many more Jurassic Park movies do we need to see where kids are in peril, a T-Rex suddenly appears from behind a tree and a raptors SUDDENLY appear from a bush? It's BORING and PREDICTABLE. Sayles is a good writer and from what I've read on the net, it's supposed to be a pretty decent script

John J on Jun 18, 2009


I would to see another JP, thanks for the heads up Alex.

Fisherr on Jun 18, 2009


lmao. falkor the dragon???

mrmr on Jun 18, 2009


That really sucks, The Jurassic Park films are some of my favourites!!! Theres so many different stories that could be told around the original idea of bringing dinosaurs back, I miss dinosaurs on the big screen!!!

Voice of reason on Jun 21, 2009


sir i am work with u

Poonamojha 83 on Apr 11, 2011

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