Producer Hints at Spider-Man 4 Villains, Says Dunst Will Return

June 6, 2009
Source: New York Post

Spider-Man - Choice

We weren't expecting any good updates on Spider-Man 4 for a while, since they're not that far along and it's so far out. But out of nowhere comes this rather interesting update from the New York Post. The paper talked with producer Todd Black recently for Taking of Pelham 123 but also asked him about Spider-Man 4. First off, Black confirmed that Kirsten Dunst is definitely set to return, contrary to early rumors that she might be replaced. Unfortunately, he doesn't say much more than that, but he does also confirm that the vampire Morbius is not a villain, but instead drops some hints as to who we might see in the sequel.

Regarding the villain, Black only said: "We're just coming up with who the villain's going to be now. We'll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York." He also adds that "the villain will be one of Spidey's foes from the comic, not a character invented for the film." So who could that be? The Post has their own picks, but I consulted our resident Spider-Man expert Brandon Lee Tenney. "My first thought was Wilson Fisk, Kingpin. Beside Norman Osborn, he's really the only other villain with any major, rooted ties to NYC and a history with Spider-Man." Maybe?

He also thinks that it could be Kraven the Hunter or Lizard, who we've seen hints of already in the movies, but other than that there aren't that many others they could choose from, right? Those are the only hints that Black gives us, and they're quite vague, even for Spider-Man fans. I have a feeling that we may be spinning his statements a bit too much in that the character will be from the comics, but maybe rewritten a bit to be a big part of New York for the movie (and not a big part of New York in the comics, per se). Right now it's all just early speculation and they probably won't reveal the villain for a while. Who could it be?

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Knight Rider on Jun 6, 2009


its going to be lizard

nate on Jun 6, 2009


the kingpin would be a good villain... introducing him as a shadowy figure might set up the other movie as well... and the kingpin uses other villains against spiderman.... so maybe have the lizard through some mutagenic device that the kingpin wants to create an army and he uses the shocker, rhino, mysterio to try to obtain it

Janny on Jun 6, 2009


I'm telling you, the Lizard shows up and Peter Parker knows who he is. So he doesn't want to kill him, just catch him and fix him. But Kraven the Hunter shows up, and wants to mount the Lizards head. Bingo, there's your plot.

Syphous on Jun 6, 2009


When have there been hints of Kraven in the movies?

Garrett on Jun 6, 2009


#6 - Hints at Lizard, sorry for the confusion, I just meant hints at Lizard, with Doctor Connors and his one arm. That's the only hint we've seen... None of Kraven.

Alex Billington on Jun 6, 2009


I seem to remember there was mention of a rights issue, to the Kingpin character. They used him, in the Daredevil movie; but I thought I heard or read that Spidey producers didn't have the rights to Kingpin. Am I just remembering it wrong?

Dave Lister, JMC on Jun 6, 2009


lizard and kraven. make it violent. no morbius means not another hollywood vampire flick - thank you!

cat on Jun 6, 2009


I would love it if this movie opend up like a Leathel Weapon and had SpiderMan chasing a villian. Like Rhino or Vulture. Just him chasing him and let the Credits roll at the start. Show that Spiderman has other people in New York he has to stop. Then start the movie and never mention it again.

AllmightyKeim on Jun 6, 2009


Well the more I watch Spiderman 3 the worse it gets, so Ramis better MAKE A BETTER FILM!!!!

xerxex on Jun 6, 2009


I'm glad their not bringing a vampire into the movie

Dan W on Jun 6, 2009


KIRSTEN DUNCE-CAP BACK?!?!?! Jesus... Damnit Fox!!! WTF!!! You might as well let Fogel play THOR. Nothing against Kirsten, personally... but i think Mary Jane ought to be played by something who isn't as frumpy-looking. Honestly, this has been the Spiderman franchises' main detriment. Real talk. (well, that and spiderman 3 as a whole)

BinYe East on Jun 6, 2009


kingpin is ehhhhhhhhhh. Kraven and Lizard would be amazing. hopefully they will set up 5 to be Kravens last Hunt. i would die from excitement if they made kravens last hunt.

PJ H on Jun 6, 2009


Lizard and Kraven could make my day. And yeah, Rhino or electro at the beginning would be pretty sweet. As just a "here's a crazy dude robbing a bank, oh, spidey took care of him, yay!, ok moving on." I just want the Lizard. I'm tired of all the hints!

dave13 on Jun 6, 2009


Gah Dunst is the reason I had to quit watching these films after an excruciating part 1. She's a hog, and a major drag on the film. I won't be interested in seeing this with her in it. Not to mention Raimi, idiot that he is, already misused and destroyed Venom, the best Spidey villian in decades. Big, fat, pass.

Mark on Jun 6, 2009


Yea!!!!!!!!!!! Another spiderman Jump for joy........................ Hated 3 not really waiting for 4

SHANEDAV on Jun 6, 2009


OH gosh, she's back. One of the few times, save Batman, where I wish they changed the female lead. Worked in Batman! w00t! As for a comic villain and not one made up...when was the last time someone did that? It's always been someone related somehow. Now, just cause FOX screws up storylines and what not, that's a different story. That's your expert? don't have much of a crew rolling with ya man. What's actually the point of this news? Know clue who the villain is and not actual hint other than...he's in NYC. YEA!!! The narrows it down. Dunst is back! YEA!!! ...................

LSP on Jun 6, 2009


#5 I have also thought of that as the plot line for bringing in the Lizard, they should of went that direction with Spidey 3 instead of Avi Arad forcing Venom down Raimis throat, yeah Raimi fucked up because he never wanted to used Venom, The fucking awesome Spidey 1 and 2 were leading up and hinting at Connors all along, have Spidey protect the people from The Lizard, and Protect the Lizard from Kraven....and bring in a new love intrest in Black Cat, Spidey and MJ should be friends but no more after the events of Spidey 3



as long as they leave that emo crap from spiderman 3 at the door, god that was painful to watch, and yea im all for dropping dunst and just say screw the mary jane character all together if you dont want to change her out for someone else. also what a waste of venom, get a badass villain to make up for spidey 3.

harrison on Jun 6, 2009


I want more VENOM! Still pisses me off to this day, I mean, they didn't even say his name or explain how the symbiote passed everything from Parker to Brock or how Brock was the same size as Peter or the dumbass emo bullshit, no, no, no. I will not listen, you've already ruined it.

The Joker on Jun 6, 2009


THIS JUST IN!!!! Carnage will be the 8th villain in Spiderman 4, though they will never say his name and he will only be on screen for 2 seconds.

tr1gun on Jun 7, 2009


My guess is they'll go for a villain that they want the moviegoers who spend their hard-earned cash to appreciate, a special effects heavy character. A realistic Lizard seems more like it. Oh yeah I remember seeing a Vulture concept drawing during the Spider-Man 3 pre-production...maybe that won't go to waste

Jaf on Jun 7, 2009


Kingpin can't be in it because he was in the Daredevil movie and I think that was done at 20th Century Fox.

Shane on Jun 7, 2009


I hope the Lizard will be in the movie =p

Robbie on Jun 7, 2009


@#3 It would be really strange to have The Punisher although i would love to see it. Lizard, Kingpin and Vulture would be also good choices and why not Electro. I also absolutely agree with you#12 glad that they won't bring this vampire.

Fisherr on Jun 7, 2009


I found a teaser poster on the web:

Robbie on Jun 7, 2009


#20 Oh common that was hillarious! Laughed my ass off the first time I saw that movie. Personally I think the Lizard is going to be in the movie, the reason is simple: He is good but trapped in an evil body. Sounds familiar? All Spider-Man movies have had villains that aren't really evil per say; Green Goblin - Norman Osborn, he went insane from the Strength gas. Doc Octupus - He lost his wife, his funding, his live and he got primitive robotic arms that basicly controlled him (almost like schitzofrenia). Green Goblin Jr - He thought Spider-Man had murdered his father and "stolen" MJ from him. Sandman - He never wanted to be evil, he never really was evil. He just tried to take care of his daughter the only way he could. Also when Spider-Man tried to kill him he got pretty pissed. Venom - The only one who could be called slightly Evil. Eddie Brock was a scammer, he also got pissed of from Peter Parker because Peter was an ass during the "Emo phase", the Symbiot was evil though and merging with it made Eddie insane. Lets also see why we shouldn't have certain villains: Scorpion - been done, McGardan was a "detective" that worked for Jameson to catch Spider-Man off guard. He was later turned into Scorpion by Doctor Stilwell (which havn't been seen in the movies) - This has been done already with Eddie Brock imo. Kraven, The Punisher, Morbious and The Man-Spider - It would have been a nice touch but vampires... No thanks. Kraven is alright, he is about the same as everyone else (good turned bad because of experiment - Morbious is also in this category, so is The Punisher and the Man-Spider). We've seen some slightly things about Spider-Man loosing his powers but it needs another movie to develop truely. However we can assume there's going to be atleast two villains and hopefully one friend (personally hoping for Iron-Man - common, Spider-Man has to be part of the Avengers). So The Lizard and who else? My bet it's going to be someone who was created by Neogenics, so that leaves... Alot. The Spider-Slayers would be nice to see though...

Felix on Jun 7, 2009


spiderman 3 had 3 villans so spiderman4 is going to have 4 villians

goosehorn on Jun 7, 2009


There needs to be no more than 2 villains; hopefully one. I never thought about Kingpin, but that would be awesome. I do think Kraven would give the movie it's freshest angle however. Lizard would be decent, but they could have easily swapped out Doc Oct with Lizard for #2.

L on Jun 7, 2009


The villain could be Spencer Smythe and they bring in some big robot Spider Slayers. That would probably be fun to watch if they do it right.

Chris Acuna on Jun 7, 2009


we can have the mobster route without the Kingpin, we still have Hammerhead,Tombstone, The Rose and Silvermane who were all part of the Mafia stories. i wouldn't mind seeing Black Tarantula, Shocker, Hobgoblin and Jack O'lantern in the movies. all in all we need Black Cat making her debut also.

The Delightful Deviant on Jun 7, 2009


The Tinkerer would be bat shit insane

PJH on Jun 7, 2009


@ #27 confirmed fake btw -

christopher on Jun 7, 2009


Maybe I just don't know, but is Kraven a good villain for a movie? I think of him as way too cheesy of a character, meant for comics and cartoons, not for the big screen. Am I wrong about that? And for all you who hated Spider-Man 3, give this a chance, I think Raimi might try and get this back on track and not let it go down that same route all over again.

Alex Billington on Jun 7, 2009


Agreed. It's probably going to be The Lizard or Black Cat. They're the only two characters that make sense to develop for a story. Unless they decide to pick another lame villain again like The Sandman.

Justin on Jun 7, 2009


Alex i would love to give this movie another chance, but dunst is a horrible MJ. I wish Bryce dallas howard wasnt gwen stacy because she would be a better MJ in my opinion.

Dan on Jun 7, 2009


They need to finally use Carnage. Dr. Connor still has a small part of the symbiote. Also they set up a story line for wolf man in spiderman 2 (John Jameson going to the moon). That would make sense cause they could say his was on the moon for the entire time of spiderman 3

jared on Jun 7, 2009


sounds more like disinformation than information. i'll keep my fav villains to myself , but none of them are on this link.

BadKarma5g on Jun 7, 2009


Ramini can't make up for the turd that was Spider-Man 3.

bad movie on Jun 7, 2009


god i hope it's the LIZARD

Nick S. on Jun 7, 2009


Personally, I think comic book superhero movie series should end after the first sequel ("II"). Why? Because the 3rd one is always the beginning of a downslide till the series ends, then is "rebooted" years later. Examples? Superman III X-Men III Spider-Man III Batman Forever 'nuff said.

zubzwank on Jun 7, 2009



Rabs on Jun 7, 2009


its gotta be carnage. last film the scientist has part of venoms suit to study. they messed up venom. they should make amendswith carnage

the critic on Jun 7, 2009


They could easily bring the Punisher in as both a villian and then turns into a friend, just like in the comics. Well ok maybe not friend aas the two never have seen eye to eye but there was a series of comics in the Spiderman comics round bout #132 where the Punisher was bought in by some bad dude to take out Spiderman only to then find out he wasn't a bad dude after all. But in the end I'm not going be holding my breath on this one

Jim Hill on Jun 7, 2009



Django on Jun 8, 2009


Dunst= the end is near

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 8, 2009


1 villan please

wm on Jun 8, 2009


Come on people! Isn't it obvious? "We'll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York." Vulture flying could show A LOT of NY. I was hoping for Lizard/Morbius= Six Arms Saga ­čÖü Kingpin's rights are in 20th Century and Norman's dead in the movies.

Matiax on Jun 8, 2009


Raimi said he would bring in the Lizard if he returned, which he is, so we can obviously expect him. Other than him, Im hoping and praying that Kraven is the second villain. thats definately the best choice to go with the Lizard. Maybe throw in Black Cat for good measure someone with a common goal with Spidey (stopping Kraven from hunting them and the Lizard). I honestly dont think the Kingpin will be in it since they already used him in Daredevil.

Ojex on Jun 11, 2009


As long as it is better than 3 that would be great. If they manage some sort or crossover or cameo of other marvel heroes that would be stupendous!

DJ Sid on Jun 11, 2009


Lizard, definately Black cat, Mysterio (should be cool), Electro (could be cool), Carnage???, Kingpin could work (maybe intro to the Black Cat through his character????, though trying to do that through one movie may be tough)....Also using the Kingpin to organize several villians could work..... Lizard will be the pick most likely, and hopefully they will include Black Cat this time.

Richard on Jun 24, 2009


Kingpin might be a good idea. Use the DD Kingpin and have Spidey partner with Daredevil to take him down-maybe add in Scorpion or Lizard-Kingpin uses their desires to his advantage, ie Conners lizard regeneration research gets funded and Mac Gargan gets help climbing the ladder in the police force. Carnage would be easy enough to do also, after all, Conners still has the one piece of Venom in his lab so it would be easy for someone to become Carnage.

Wesley on Jun 26, 2009


Put shoker and electro in for a good team up =D

phil on Jun 27, 2009


If the studios choose to make this movie the last one in this freakin series (please add more).............then they should put out six or so villians against spidey......................Black Cat should be put out there regardless of it being the last one in the series or not............i.e. hot chick(woman....politicaly correct) who can kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why hasn't it happened yet>?????!!!!!!!

Richard on Jun 28, 2009


This is such a "mystery" hope you all get that hint.

Moose on Jul 4, 2009



Bobby on Jul 8, 2009


i am a big spidy fan. i have been for a long time. and the way SM3 came out is a disgraces to the Spider-man name. i don't know what they are going to do to make it better. or if all your ideas you all are talking about are going to work. all i can say is one thing is for sure. they better find one hell of a good way to tie in the 4th movie with the other 3. yes and most definitely even wit the disgrace for a movie "SM3"! i mean with out a good tie to wrap it to with the 4th it will just feel like another spider-man movie. the tie between 1 and 2 was that we found out peters powers. wit that it kinda tied us or drawed us to the 2nd movie. we wanted to see what he will do next with this powers. also the love intrest between spidy and MJ sparked. so we had to see was going to happen there. what tied 2 to 3 was the love story between peter and MJ grew much more. so we knew something was going to happen in the 3rd movie. also cuz at the end of 2 she found out who spidy was. so mainly MJ knowing who spidy was what was really drawed most of us to the 3rd movie. we had to find out what there life was going to be like in the 3 movie together. now with the 3rd movie a tie to the 4th movie will most defiantly have to do with peter and MJ love life. that what it been since film 1. i think if they threw in black cat that would really spark things up. cuz with MJ knowing peter as spidy and black cat flirting with spidy would cause some fights with MJ for sure. so i can see some thing like that for sure. and the character Felicia Hardy who is the black cat be part of the movie as will. other then just seeing Black cat once and while to help spidy or to flirt. other then that the only other tie would to be to finally to close the lizard hints for once and for all. put Dr,Conner on the spot. it just time for it. it would just tie the first 3 movies to the 4th really well. as for kavern is a good idea as well. just cuz the story of him trying to kill the lizard and spidy trying to stop him and to try and help the lizard just goes really well together. i mean just talking about it make me want to get my wallet out and buy a ticket. and even for me who is not all that big fans of the lizard and kavern that wants to see it must say something! so a good tie to bring it all together will really pull it off. i look at it like this. black cat make the love story for peter and MJ kinda rocky. plus black cat a ally. a true ally from the comic's. goblin Jr. was not to my knowledge. and the lizard and kavern just make a good story even for a comic book story. that maybe a comic story, but I'm not sure. will have to check that out. and maybe carnge can be in the 5 movie. say in a scene where Conner is changing he brake vial or knock the vial that symbiotic is in and some how it find it way on to Cletus Kasady! who know. that my idea people.

JaDiz on Jul 8, 2009


Its going to be Venom. Think about it no one was happy about venom in the third movie. Some how the symbiote saves eddie brock. And he comes back for revenge

Charlie on Jul 9, 2009


I Think That Number 10 is a brilliant idea Start the movie off by having Spiderman chase another villain like Rhino or Vulture and continue with the movie and at the end of the movie have a villain rise from nowhere such as carnage or someone else, just like they did with Batman Begins and where at the end Batman receives Jokers card which hinted at Jokers appearance in the Dark Knight I just wish that Spiderman could be tied into the Avengers or have other Marvel characters appear but Marvel doesn't have that right because Sony bought Spiderman off of Marvel I seriously don't think that Kraven would be a good villain - I think that Lizard would be good and maybe someone like Kingpin, but someone i DEFINITELY want to see in Spiderman 4 is Black Cat and let there be a love conflict with her and Mary Jane for Spiderman Another movie I want to see put out there is Marvel Civil War - maybe after the Avengers movie - i think that this movie would be a bad-ass idea

Jay X on Jul 15, 2009


OH, and another GREAT villain for Spiderman 4 would definitely be Scorpion - bad-ass!!

Jay X on Jul 15, 2009


Something else I thought was a good idea is NOT to have Carnage in Spiderman 4 or 5 but rather have him in the Venom spin-off

Jay X on Jul 15, 2009


i aloready know carnage is in it because you can't have venom without carnage

skylar on Jul 18, 2009


i also know lizard is going to be in it because their rumors going around that spiderman 4 ........dr.connors is going to finally turn into the LIZARD.

skylar on Jul 18, 2009


Agreed on #5 - gotta be Lizard and Kraven. Must be. Why? 1. "Close ties to NYC" - giant alligators in the sewers. 'Nuff said. 2. Finally gives us the character we've been given hints of for three movies. 3. Makes the villain complex and personal for the main character. 4. Sam Raimi hated the idea of Venom, Venom sucked, and why are you going to do a movie that sucked twice in a row? To everybody but comic geeks, Carnage is a differently colored Venom. And the Venom movie sucked. 5. Gives Spider-Man two villains while still being emotionally tied to both.

Matt on Jul 20, 2009


Kirsten Dunst is fine with me i love me a red head... and she is sexy! so idk what you homos are talkin about

Rob on Jul 28, 2009


I've got a great idea. How about the villian of the movie be the Kingpin. You see Kingpin finds out Spiderman's identity and then sends an assasin who shoots Aunt May. May spends the rest of the movie lingering in a coma. Spiderman spends the rest of the movie trying to save her. Finally Mephisto shows up and offers Spiderman a deal. He can get May and his identity back if he signs a deal with the devil and gives up MJ and his life with her. Big dramatic scene AND SPIDERMAN SAYS NO DICE. May dies. We get a nice scene about responsbility and how he couldn't make that sacarafice to save her. Every spiderman fan in the world gets up and applauds in the movie theater. We throw parades for the movie and Marvel undoes the horrors of One more Day and Brand New Day. Think about it.

Howie on Jul 30, 2009


The Lizard definatly should be in it, maybe Carnage, but i honestly think Kingpin should try to get Rhino and Kraven to work for him, along with other guys with guns, and shoot aunt May and the stuff that #69 says, and then maybe Sandman joins Kingpin or helps Spidey. and for ya'll that dont like Dunst maybe get Black Cat to replace MJ, or let Black Cat slowly push MJ out of the picture. I also think that SM should change Lizard back (who isn't one of Kingpin's thugs) before Kraven tries to kill Lizard, then take revenge on Kingpin and his men for what they did to Aunt May. Jez throwin it out there

jakjak25 on Aug 3, 2009


Id honestly be fine if Kingpin were a villain, but for spiderman 4 at least lets give him a minor roll... leading up to him being the big villains in spiderman 5 or 6. also, if they cant get the rights to kingpin, I say Silvermane would be a good replacement for the roll of a New York crime boss. I still say the main villains in this one should be Kraven the Lizard, and possibly black cat, however.

Ojex on Aug 3, 2009


CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....please?....and have venom return, that would be an amazing fight between the 3 of them...i like Lizard too though, that would be cool....Kingpin, No, Boring....Carnage is a maniac, do you know how fun that would be?? ESPECIALLY if Sam Raimi is Directing, carnage would be a great character...i WLL NOT see Spiderman 4 if Carnage is NOT in it, i saw spiderman 3 just because of venom...

Brittney on Aug 4, 2009


#65 agrees w/ me! thank you!! its SO true though, come CANT have venom without carnage...i hear there's supposed to be a spin-off Venom movie, that would be Awesome...if they didnt put carnage in the 4th spiderman movie, then save him for the Venom movie....with Toxin and Antivenom as well ; )

Brittney on Aug 4, 2009


I agree with #65 and #72 You can't have Venom without Carnage . I honetsly think Carnage should be in spidey 4. Mainly due to the fact, Carnage was the most savage, sadistically insane, and most violent, spiderman villain, to the point where the symbiote consciouness gets twisted and speaks as "I" instead of "we". Plus unlike Venom who powers was based off spideys , Carnage is stronger than Venom and can change is hands into very sharp piercing objects and basically creates chaos throughout NY as a hobby. Plus neither SM Or Venom can handle Carnage alone, and the most amusing parts of spiderman comics is when the rare occassion of them teaming up. Don't get me wrong the Lizard and Kraven ideas are very good , but you have to add Carnage somewhere along with Venom returning

Will on Aug 6, 2009


the more i watch spiderman 3 the more i hate it. im upset at what they did to venom. venom, one of spidermans biggest foes and he gets what 10 minutes on screen. thats terrible. i wish they would somehow bring him and eddie back. i head black cat was in 4.

Moose on Aug 16, 2009


put CARNAGE for a spiderman 4 villian he is the main villian in the spiderman comic franchise

oscar on Aug 29, 2009


Venom-character never really developed in the movie. Start the next movie with Eddie out in Ryker's island and he passes on the symbiote to Kasady. This would be the best blockbuster type movie. Carnage is the ultimate evil character. Plus, it follows the story line, and all of the fans that really love spidermans's biggest foe (venom)get to see a movie that he is the main villian. It would just be wrong to spiderman fans if you didn't make a really good venom movie...serious! I think that the Carnage ties it all back in. Plus, you get Carnage, which is a truly evil character. His character alone has enough to drive an entire movie. I am going to be really sad for myself and all the other spiderman fans if carnage and venom aren't the main villians in the next movie. Don't get me wrong I do think that the lizard and maybe Kraven would be a good movie, but kraven is kind of a weak older type comic villian. I do think that since we have been teased about the lizard being in all the other movies that there should be a movie about him. Although, this one should make up for the lack of action venom got in the previous movie. I thought the last Spiderman would be a flop, but when I watched the trailors it showed venom was going to be in the movie. That is the only reason I went and watched it, but venom got very little actual screen time. Thats like writing off the Joker in the Batman movies. You don't just downplay one of spidermans greastest enemies. I think if there is a good Venom and Carnage movie then it will re-ignite the fire in all spiderman fans to go and see 5, which could be the character they have been teasing us with all along....the lizard

MAtt on Sep 16, 2009


I think every movie in this series gets better and better. I think the fourth one should be the last but if they keep making money the way they do then why would they.

Catastrophic health insurance on Oct 1, 2009


I will never forgive them for what they did to Venom. SM3 should have had just Sandman and the Goblin and set up Venom for SM4 - instead Venom didn't even come about until the last 25 minutes of the movie and what should have been confrontation worthy of it's own film was hashed into the ending of SM3 ruining all 3 villains impact in the film. Venom was sold way short in SM3 so they had better come up with a viable reason to bring him back or introduce Carnage and do him properly or i'm afraid that i'm just not interested anymore.

Digital Dream on Oct 8, 2009


Venom. Carnage.. Black Cat... Spidey.... Let the ┬ĘBattle┬ĘBegin. Little CB thinks it should go something like this. Rino. SCORPION. Lizard. Vulture. A Sinister Bunch.

Seminole Chief on Oct 11, 2009


for it to be "sinister" you need to add two more.

Goose on Nov 13, 2009


i am seeing carnage in the future of spiderman movies

adsfs on Dec 13, 2009


sam raimi ruined venom. the original mcfarlane/larson venom story arc was awesome and jumped the shark when carnage came along. maybe one day they will redo the venom/spidey story right. as for the villian to ties with NYC for spider-man 4? two words. bin laden

sullivan gang on Jan 4, 2010

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