Profile on Marvel Studios with Big Updates from Kevin Feige

June 7, 2009

Marvel Studios

I spent most of the later half of my day today at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City where the Produced by Conference was being held. One of the presentations was a profile on Marvel Studios being moderated by the LA Times' Geoff Boucher featuring Marvel's president of production Kevin Feige. A few days ago, we posted a big update on Marvel's upcoming projects featuring quotes from Feige, but Paramount quickly had us pull down the post. In lieu of that missing update, we now have this one, with a few more tidbits from Feige on upcoming Marvel projects as well as just a general sense of his direction and ideas for the studio.

Boucher began the profile by saying that when Marvel first started back in 1939, superheroes were all the rage, and they still are today, but in a different way. Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige have a history that extends back to Blade, but Feige says it was the failure of Batman & Robin in 1997 that he identifies as the first time there was a big change in comic book movies. From there, he realized that the characters were the most important factor, and has since helped get Marvel Studios off the ground and turned into a full-featured studio of its own with Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers in the works.

Iron Man 2In regards to Iron Man 2, Feige says that at the start they sat down and talked about their favorite sequels and why they worked so well. What they discovered was that "they told a relativity simple story so they could focus on the characters and crack open the mythology instead." He explains that they really wanted to carry over the sense of humor and the tone from the first movie, as that tone was the most delicate element that they had to establish the first time around and it turned out so well. What they wanted to improve upon for the sequel was to add more characters, to see if they could maintain that tone with a wider ensemble, and up the action.

As we already know, they're halfway done with shooting, and almost all of the dialogue is finished being shot, with the next six weeks dedicated to action. Earlier today I posted a brief update from Mickey Rourke, and while Feige talked highly of Rourke and Sam Rockwell's involvement as villains, he also dropped an interesting hint about Scarlett Johansson. He said her character has "two sides" - her entrance is as an assistant to Tony Stark, but she is later revealed to be a character named Black Widow. Is this a veiled confirmation that her character stays true to the comics and eventually betrays Stark? I think so.

ThorFeige also confirmed that Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were officially cast in Thor. He spoke very highly about both actors, but focused more on Hiddleston, who plays the villain Loki. Feige explained that finding a classic villain that could be sustained over the course of many films and provide the hero with a challenge while also being a mirror of that hero himself was very tough. "Loki has those aspects." He also did say that Thor takes place on both modern Earth and other worlds like Asgard, confirming what we heard the other day about Donald Blake not being a part of the story and the setting be primarily Earth. And lastly, he said that director Kenneth Branagh would not let them use any classic Shakespearian dialogue like was often used in the comics.

We already know that Iron Man 2 is up next, then Thor, then Captain America, then The Avengers in the summer of 2012. Feige said that they're "ordered this way for a reason." And confirmed that Samuel Jackson and Scarlett Johansson as well as Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are signed on for multiple movies or "multiple franchises," further extending that hint that Loki will be a villain who shows up quite often. Feige kept saying often that he'd love for audiences to have the same experience that comic book readers have - where characters make surprise appearances almost out of nowhere in issues they pick up.

The First Avenger: Captain AmericaBut let's get back on topic, specifically The First Avenger: Captain America. Feige confirmed that it's "primarily" a period piece that takes place during WWII. He said they went and looked at Raiders of the Lost Ark, which he says he "didn't know" was a period piece when he was watching it. They want to make Captain America with the "same level of fun" as that. And in regards to director Joe Johnston, he said that this would be a little bit of The Rocketeer, lots of October Sky, and a little bit of the ship designs that Johnston did for Star Wars, alluding to how this is the perfect movie for him to direct. "It's the movie his entire career has been leading towards."

One reveal Feige did make is that Cap's sidekick Bucky would indeed be in Captain America. When asked by Boucher if he'll appear, Feige said "it's a safe bet" that he'd be in the movie "in some capacity." Moving into The Avengers, he was asked if Cap would be involved right from the get go: "Yes." Feige initially said that they talked about making The Avengers animated because it was so big and had so many characters (refer to this old article). But then he said "why don't we wait" until they introduce the characters in their own movies and then have them all come together in a "surprise" manner in a big Avengers movie.

What was so great about listening to Kevin Feige talk is that I could tell he's a fan and knows how to do things right. "Having an idea is one thing, bringing an idea to life is another," he said at one point. His recurring message was that they only do things if they can do them right. As for other projects on Marvel's slate, he did mention early on that Edgar Wright is currently finishing up another draft of Ant-Man for them to look at after he finishes Scott Pilgrim. Lastly, Feige also said that they'll be announcing another new movie for 2012 within the next few months. It's probably not Ant-Man, so what else could it be?

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So does that mean we may see Winter Soldier in The Avengers movie? I hope so. Seems like a good reason to put Bucky into it. But they could be doing it like the Ultimates where hes just a combat photo guy.

Ryan on Jun 7, 2009


why can't Marvel convince Fox to give up the rights to so many franchises that they are ruining? Fox is destroying so much of what I love and it's painful.

cat on Jun 7, 2009


you can say that again cat

js on Jun 7, 2009


oh god I hope Cap'n America turns out good. I'm guessing it's mostly going to be during WW2 and then he gets frozen in the end of the movie? Then unfrozen in the Avengers movie? Or however it goes

-Peter- on Jun 7, 2009


get Anton Yelchin for Bucky

nelson on Jun 7, 2009


I wonder if they will be announcing X-Men 1st Class...

Tim on Jun 7, 2009


Tim - That was already announced previously and it's a Fox movie, not related to this, this new one for 2012 has to be a Marvel Studios specific movie...

Alex Billington on Jun 7, 2009


X-Men first class isint on Marvel`s slate because Fox is making it . Maybe we will get Black Panther finally.

Superchyle on Jun 7, 2009


Wow... I am not complaining...I just hope they are more careful about the castings. Scarlett Johansson I am not too sure about her. I just don't think she'd be able to cope with superhero themed movies.

Dexter on Jun 7, 2009


Glad there upping the action in Iron man 2 that was my only problem with it.

cody on Jun 7, 2009


Why did you tweet this as an "exclusive" when it's from a CONFERENCE?

Hellen Cellar on Jun 7, 2009


I want to see "X-Men 4: Cyclops Returns." It can involve time travel and Cable and Bishop and whatever the hell else it takes to retcon the damage X-Men 3 did to my tolerance of X-films from Fox. Sorry - the mention of Fox and X-Men on the same page sparked my bitter geek instincts. :-/

Outlaw on Jun 7, 2009


Amen, Outlaw. Cyclops might be the most-screwed hero in the history of Marvel movies. BTW, did anyone tell the people who made the ultra-horrible Wolverine movie about Havok?

Inlaw on Jun 7, 2009


outlaw and inlaw: i agree! seeing him make a return would be awesome My bet the next movie marvel will announce Spider man 5 after all they are back to back but i hope its something really good

zach on Jun 7, 2009


How about the Deadpool movie? Is that still happening? Thouhgt Ryan Reynolds did a great job in the Wolverine flick.. How about Bishop(played by Michael Dorn) and his Acolytes would be a cool storyline as part of a time travel X-Men, where they bring back Cyclops, Prof. X and everyone else they killed in X3..

AccessMetropolis on Jun 7, 2009


very possible that it will be Dr. Strange

samir on Jun 7, 2009


Isn't it Luke Cage with Tyrese Gibson as the star?

Corey on Jun 8, 2009


i didn't think about that, Dr. Strange would be awesome.

Rob on Jun 8, 2009


What is Marvel's cut on the movies? A friend of mine said he thinks its quite little, something to do with Marvel selling off all rights back in the 90's? I vote Sam Worthington as Thor. YES! Pass it on! Not too keen on the whole Avengers bit, wassnt my cup of tea back when I was a kid, but the U.S. prob needs a hero like Capt. America...jeez...I fear great sucky patriotisim and mentions of fighting in IronMan. X-men can only go campy or dark from here. I doubt they will go dark, but there's some great storylines like Inferno, ect. They fuckedup Dark Phoenix pretty good imo

David Banner on Jun 8, 2009


I have a strong bet that it will be Dr. Strange.

big r on Jun 8, 2009


Hope to see Cap'n Britain, being a limey sonovagun. 😀

Max Cady on Jun 8, 2009


Marvel Studio better bring on Black Panther to the big screen cause if they dont i believe they are scared that the white audience will not watch black panther thats why they not making a live action movie

craig on Jun 8, 2009


Anyone else see Namor as a possibility for 2012? Avengers AND possible Cap tie-in as well as a story of his own to tell. I also stand by my theory of Namor being the Avengers villain or one of them. Perhaps due to the destruction of Atlantis which could happen in the Namor movie. Who agrees?

Trekker 42 on Jun 8, 2009


hey guys, Here's what I don't understand.....If the characters that FOX is making movies are initally MARVEL, so what's this about rights and all......XMEN, Wolverine, Spider Man, these are MARVEL so how is there rights involved, this is where I am confused...please someone elaborate.....because I would think Stan would say, hey FOX enough of you guys F'ing up,

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 8, 2009


It's likely Black Panther Power Man and Iron Fist (or just Luke Cage) Doctor Strange Namore blue and orange - years ago when marvel needed money they licensed movie rights to some of their more popular characters (Spidey, Fantastic Four, X-men) to different studios. So as long as those studios make a new movie every five years or so they keep the rights. For example if Sony didn't make a new SPiderman movie in the next few years, the rights to use him would go back to Marvel, but they are goint to start filming a new SPidey 4 next year so Sony keeps the rights. Fox is also talking about doing another Daredevil b/c they will lose the rights soon if they don't do so. Marvel will likely get the rights back when poor box office numbers from one of these franchises makes the studio that owns it stop making those movies anymore. If you look at the returns of the X-men movies, I believe this is happening - but it's all Foxes fault. People are realizing that these movies are getting worse and worse, so Fox will have a harder and harder time making money on them. People please correct me if I'm mistaken on any of this.

Matt on Jun 8, 2009


Bucky? Groan. Hopefully he won't be this movie's Robin. I really hope they kill Bucky as Cap gets thrown in to suspended animation and screw all this Winter Soldier soap opera crap. Avengers is going to be epic. You have to ride that wave and follow it up with something linked to it. Hulk 2 or Black Panther has to follow Avengers.

BobO on Jun 8, 2009


Next Marvel movie to be announced will likely be Runaways. This was already announced in pre production and should have a lower budget and have a quicker turn around then most other Marvel movies. Also will allow marvel to attract a teen female market at a lower budget.

Jag on Jun 8, 2009


Marvel Studio needs to do Black Panther, Dr Strange and Luke Cage but do anyone knows if Marvel Studio got the rights of Black Panther, Dr Strange and Luke Cage. i remember that Luke Cage rights was own by Columbia Pictures but i dont know if Marvel Studio got the rights back from Columbia Pictures. oh another thing Luke Cage should be played by Terry Crews not Tyrese.

movieboy on Jun 8, 2009


What about Denzel Washington as Bishop. I think he's smart and can kick A$$, as seen in Man on Fire. As for the next film, they have already pretty much announced Daredevil remake, so that probably isnt it, Dead Pool is already pretty much a shoe in according to Renolds. Could be Magneto, but I personally dont care for that character, but it would still make money none the less, and I would see it. Maybe they are going to make a Fatal Attraction arc movie/s....that would be sweet.

Lnkprk04 on Jun 8, 2009


Thank you for the exciting information!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 8, 2009


@ #29 Lnkprk04 this is not about Magneto, Daredevil, Dead Pool cause they are all produce by FOX Studio. this is about Marvel Studio own movies

movieboy on Jun 8, 2009


I hope they announce a film for the LeafBlower. I've been waiting for this one forever, OMG. Our hero is a Mexican landscaper hit by radiation which suddenly transforms him into his master tool of the trade; a powerful leaf blower. He devotes his entire existence to fighting evil everywhere using his incredible power of blowing hard. His side-kick, little WeedWacker, is loyal and can sting the shit out of an enemy's ankle with his spinning, plastic tounge. I freaking love super-heros!

Lokiluvcocky on Jun 8, 2009


Matt's correct as to the licensing of certain characters. Just to add a bit more to that, Marvel receives a modest (percentage wise) royalty from the licensed characters and they do not have complete creative control of those characters. The royalty is modest because Marvel does not pay any of the costs of making the films for licensed characters, unless the contracts have been modified. The characters that Marvel has not licensed or retained the licenses for, like those that Kevin Feige is talking about are totally Marvel's i.e. they make them, have complete control over them etc. Their distribution partners (usually Paramount and Universal) may have some input and share in the costs and profits, but Marvel is still running the show and get much, much more of the profits than under the licensing deals. Also, I like how this article is probably the only one that I've read that gives credit to Blade for being a major comic book film. IMO, it brought the genre back to life in a very cool way. Batman with Michael Keaton and Nicholson was cool, but Batman not being able to do something as simple as bend his neck or realistically do any of the cool things he does in the comic book limited how well it brought the character to life. Whereas Blade was the bad a$$, remorseless, vengeful vampire killer that he was in the comics and all of his superheroic abilities were captured perfectly on the big screen.

Cheesey1 on Jun 8, 2009


What about a Deathlok movie

Joe on Jun 8, 2009


Well I just hope that the Deadpool movie kicks ass.

TheSaint on Jun 8, 2009


And yet again... No incredible Hulk sequel! That's sad...

The_Phantom on Jun 8, 2009


Hey does anyone know if Spiderman might be in the Avengers Movie? Peter Parker could get a "surprise" visit from Nick Fury and SHIELD at the end of Spiderman 4

Eddy Fung on Jun 8, 2009


i think they should make Namor (or include him in The Avengers movie) because if DC does Aquaman first it will be difficult for Marvel to make their movie without it seeming to the general public like they are "copying" ideas from DC

JL on Jun 8, 2009


i would love to see spider man at the end of the avengers! my world of comic book movies would be complete!!!!

zach on Jun 8, 2009


How can the Deadpool movie be good after Wolverine's movie. I mean, they gave him sword blades like wolverines claws, which is really stupid...when they are retraced how could he bend his arm? He has cyclops power, he can teleport. Oh and chopping off his head cant kill him...It is just too much.

Parker on Jun 8, 2009


#40 ryan reynolds stated it will be more like the comic book not like the wolverine movie

zach on Jun 8, 2009


just saw this on a thread on the marvel message boards IT SHOuld BE a MoVIE!!! TEAM DOOM VS TEAM STRANGE! TEAM DOOM: Doom Hulk Ghost Rider Venom BlackBolt magneto Deadpool spiderman Quicksilver Omega Red Ironman TEAM STRANGE: Dr.Strange Captian America Cyclops Carnage Daredevil Iceman Gambit Silver Surfer Thor Juggernaut Cable ---------------------- I Also agree that Dr Strange needs his movie next

zach on Jun 8, 2009


I love how people don't think when naming movies. Think of a big name people generally know and then think of the Avengers. Come on...he has a purple costume and is as lame as Green Arrow and as arrogant. Yes, that's it, Hawkeye!!! Fits at least although Marvel should just battle Fox for rights back so they can do whatever they want.

LSP on Jun 8, 2009


my dream is (since its way too big to make into a theatrical movie) but make some of marvels more recent major story lines into a tv series i think it CAN be done right with todays technology and the higher level tv shows have gotten but i would love to see the kree war, the secret war THE CIVIL WAR! and then the secret invasion! mmmmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!!

gambit86 on Jun 8, 2009


also idk if anyof u gamers out there have heard but the new marvel ultimate allience game is going to follow the secret war and civil war story line u get to choose ur side! i cant wait

gambit86 on Jun 8, 2009


are people stupid Spider-Man will never be in the The Avengers cause Columbia Pictures got the rights to the character.

Jazz on Jun 8, 2009


#46 people arent stupid we just keep our mind open to the fact the spider man was in the avenger comic books so we figure marvel and columbia would be smart and team up peter parker with a mass amount of superheros Its most likely spiderman wont be in avengers but its likely he will be in a sequel like 2 or 3 ( assuming there is any) when we know captain america is leaving the avengers thats when spidy comes in

zach on Jun 8, 2009


I would like to see Captain America as a period piece because they could costume him accurately. One thing that bothers me about superhero movies is that in an attempt to increase "realism"--as if men who catch on fire and throw fireballs or obtain rings that can change reality are "real" anyway--they destroy the costumes that have sold millions of comics, toys, cartoons, t-shirts, etc., for decades. Why does every super-hero have to look like a biker stuntman in leather? Oh yeah, that looks more "real." I believe that in WWII, somebody might have come up with the idea of a living symbol of our nation and clad him in red, white and blue. Sort of a variation on the Iwo Jima patriotism-building/fund-raising campaign. (see Clint's Flags of Our Fathers) Those were simpler, less cynical times. Give us our avenger with all his stars spangled! The only good thing about the cheapo CA movie from the 90's was that they got the costume right! They got it from the same people who made Bruce Wayne's.

zubzwank on Jun 8, 2009


OH!!!! its THE VENOM SPIN OFF I BET!!!!! I really want it to be MARVEL BOY though i mean he is just awesome and that comic is a top seller

zach on Jun 8, 2009


I wouldn't bet on the success of any of these films, even Iron Man 2. When you have a studio that can take a great character ie ( Hulk ) and see everything which was done wrong with this character in the first film but then proceed to ruin things again in a second film, it does not bode well.

Jason Glugla on Jun 8, 2009


@#47 zach sorry to say this but you still sound abit stupid cause what you saying is just the comicbooks but we are talking about live action movie and who got the rights Columbia Pictures got the rights to Spider-Man thats final you will never see Spider-Man in The Avengers or any sequel at all. the only way you will see Spider-Man in any Avengers movie if Columbia Pictures give up the right to Marvel Studio. then Marvel Studio can produce their own Spider-Man movie and introduce him in The Avengers movie. and this acticle by Alex is only talking about what Marvel Studio is producing and what characters they got the rights too. so when people say its Venom, X-Men, Deadpool and Spider-Man these characters are been produce by FOX Studios and Columbia Pictures who got the rights of them not Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios only producing films that they got the rights to i.e. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, Ant-Man, Nick Fury, and i believe they got the rights of Black Panther, Hawkeye, Namor maybe Luke Cage (not sure about that), etc. you need to stop acting like crazy fanboys and realise this is not like the comics this is about who got the rights to certain characters. what new film that coming out 2012 is only an character that Marvel Studio is only producing and it will be distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Jazz on Jun 8, 2009


@ Jason Glugla The Incredible Hulk was a great film nothing was wrong with it

craig on Jun 8, 2009


new movie for 2012? I think it will be Nick Fury or maybe another hulk movie, what would be really cool. The last hulk movie was great!

andre on Jun 8, 2009


Oh right! I forgot about Nick and how Samuel signed for like more movies than what is planned meaning, he may have his own?

LSP on Jun 8, 2009


@ #51 you know there is no reason that you should take down a persons dreams secondly SONY owns Spider man so its their movie franchise its being distributed by Columbia Pictures third off are you failure with a Material provided by others and used with permission method??? this is how companies can share a product and still make money i.e. sony lets spider man visit The Avengers in a cameo and has sony's Spider man franchize go up as a promotion sooooo suck my dikkkk 🙂

zach on Jun 8, 2009


oh yeah and NO ONE has said shit about my suggestion of MARVEL BOY

zach on Jun 8, 2009


Given that they are bringing the various members of the original Avengers line up to the big screen via their respective solo films, my guess for the focus of the "surprise" film is The Vision.

D.S. on Jun 9, 2009


Marvel should make a Dazzler movie in 2012. It could be a cross between STEP UP and High School Musical!! IT WOULD BE AWESOME!

9mm on Jun 9, 2009


@ #55 zach telling someone to suck your dick is just gay unless you are gay then thats your business but i dont go that way. i agree SONY owns Spider-man thats it Marvel Studio dont own the character for him to be in The Avengers. if or when Sony give up the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel Studio then Marvel will produce their own movies of Spider-Man and he might join the Avengers. Iron Man and The Incredible both Marvel Studios self-produced films while Spider-Man is Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Entertainment wont let Spider-Man appear in The Avengers at all when Marvel Studio get the rights to the character.

Jazz on Jun 9, 2009


I asked earlier about how the rights and appearances of the characters work etc etc, thank you to the people who helped explaining the process. Allow me to piggyback on this, I was thinking is this something that can happen. Do the head hanchos from MARVEL and Stan follow up on what WE want and ask for. Do they know we cry for them to take back what's theirs, how we all don't want SONY, FOX or who ever else to continue touching our characters and just make films for the money and not the glory. If you ask me, I don't think it's these punk studios fault, I feel it's MARVEL. The time has come with the success of HULK and IRONMAN accompany with the failures of the STUDIOS with XMEN, FF4, Spidey 3, etc etc. I feel MARVEL should grow a pair of balls and say, "we've grown since and the past few films do prove that we can make it without these studios having rights to our crown jewels, so let take back what's OURS at all cost and revolutionize the comic based movies, it's what the fans want". In my opinion if they have to pay a king ransom for it.....THEN F IT, do it MARVEL it will only pay off in the LONG RUN, can we all agree? What ever perhaps a deal can be made, maybe give up a percentage at the box offices or just a lump sum amount, what ever. The important thing is that they get back the rights, put the characters in the right path and make everyone happy. JUST IMAGINE, we all wake up one morning and FIRST SHOWING reports an article talking about how MARVEL stepped up to the plate. For example imagine we see a headline here stating, "SPIDEY IS COMING BACK HOME", how MARVEL announces they're taking him back and they're taking full control of the 4th film plus with an appearance in Avengers. Now imagine a story like that, shit comments will surpass anything in recent memory. In the long run what ever MARVEL pays for it, it will be a wash at the end of the day, box office figure will reach high levels more then ever before. Does anyone agree or see something like this possibly coming into fruition.

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 9, 2009


@ #60 Blue & Orange NY you state some good points and i agree with you it would be good that Marvel got back the rights of the characters but i think Marvel Studio dont want to pay so much money to get back their characters until they make more money from their own movies.

Jazz on Jun 9, 2009


Amen Blue and Orange. Marvel needs to take it's properies back. We can quibble ll day about how maybe it's better for other studios to have the rights but i think that that time has pasted. I agree with blue and orange. I think maybe at first leaseing the rights to their properties was a good idea. It gave them themoney to start Marvel Studios. And now with the success of the Iron-Man franchie and the revision of The Incredible Hulk, it shows that marvel studios is more adept to handle comic related properties than and external studio. I also agree with the "at all cost" mentality. The longer Marvel allows other studios to bastardize their properties the less chance they have of turning it around. Look at the wolverine movie. Just Wow, is the only way I can explain how bad this movie is. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that Fox headed that turd. Fox (IMHO) has as of the past few years shown that they are not about quality when it comes to their movies but quantity. They willl crank out numerous POS films as long as they can market the hell out of it. Just look at how they tried to handle the Watchmen episode. This is a money hungry vampiric studio that is ruining many peoples happy memories. I'm sure many people have felt the same way about other comic films by other studios. So the question is , will Marvel listen to it's fans who are suffering as their heroes are used and abused like some retarded pig and pony circus or, will they step up and take back the rights to their properies and make the movies that need to be made and avenge the fallen ones.

TheSaint on Jun 9, 2009


thank you Jazz and Saint.... Jazz, yes they will make money waiting, but they would make more if those headlines came out yesterday. Just imagine the buzz that it will create. Imagine them say Spidey will be facing so and so foes plus the Hulk will interact and possibly battle Spidey which would then lead Nick Fury introducing Spidey on SHIELD.....OR possibly have IRONMAN chasing HULK through NYC and running into SPIDEY towards the end of movie as you see HULK going baslistic, SPIDEY hanging wondering wtf now and IRONMAN just swings by so you need help....shit just the thought of the crossovers even if it's for 1 minute.....stuff like this would make these movies much more MONEY for MARVEL that I wouldn't be surprise they'll make their money back on the sight of their first version of Spidey or Wolvie, the returns are just bigger......the studios already f'ed up the characters, we all know this, the studios know this but they still see the high numbers, MARVEL knows this, so it's time to strike and take back.... Now I'm more of a DC fan, they don't have the same issue as MARVEL imo they're in a better position of attacking the market....just getting Green Lantern going, imagine when they start crossover.....which btw if i'm not mistaken I heard plans were to throw in Supes in it as a cameo....btw what about Megan Fox for WW, she's too hot lol anyway The Saint, I'm glad you concurred.....just imagine huh how wonderful, we area ll dreading the Spidey 4 but if the headline came out that MARVEL is bringing him home.....the airwaves would be mind blowing....I'm a Wolvie fan but you know I haven't even thought about seeing Origins....I just don't want too.....I rather see UP......we need to keep voicing, voicing on this site and others so that the site can pass the word....people start visiting the offices, speak your mind tell Stan and MARVEL to grow a pair balls and lets start making some movies.... Marvel Entertainment, Inc. 417 5th Avenue New York, NY 10016 Marvel Studios 1600 Rosecrans Avenue Building 7 - Suite 110 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 United States of America Marvel Entertainment International Ltd. Europa House 54 Great Marlborough St. London W1F 7JU, England Marvel Characters B.V. 2240 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. Suite 101 West Palm Beach, Florida 33409 Investor Relations for Marvel We appreciate your interest in Marvel, and have worked hard to provide you with comprehensive access to Marvel's corporate information via the investor relation section of this site. Any future suggestions for this site or questions you may have regarding your investment in Marvel may be sent to our investor relations team at Jaffoni & Collins at or you may call them directly at (212) 835-8500.

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 9, 2009


@ #63 Blue & Orange NY you got my support Blue & Orange NY but to be honest i want this new movie thats coming out 2012 to be different superhero character that have not been on the big screen before i.e. Black Panther, Luke Cage, Dr Strange, etc. im also a DC fan i want to see more superhero movies coming out from DC/WB. i cant wait to see what they do with the Green Lantern movie i heard about the crossover with Superman but i think thats a big mistake if they do that to be honest. they should just have Green Lantern movie without any crossover from other superhero characters the only people should appear in the Green Lantern movie should be Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner they could come in some future sequels. Megan Fox for Wonder Woman is not a good idea i agree shes HOT but not for Wonder Woman plus shes already doing a DC/WB movie already Jonah Hex.

Jazz on Jun 9, 2009


I disagree about a Superman crossover. It could really just be a cameo, the two of them flying along for a minute cracking jokes or something. Both the DC and Marvel universes have always been presented as places where superheroes coexist and sometimes interact with each other. Besides the JLA, GL and Flash teamed up regularly in the 60's. In the 70's, it was GL and Green Arrow. No heroes are diminished by a guest star, especially if it is just a fly-by. No superhero is an island!

zubzwank on Jun 9, 2009


yes its some type of cameo from what I heard//// Her is already doing J Hex, i never heard that....well she is hot lol Bottom line we need for MARVEL and Stan to grow a pair of balls, also if I win the lottery I promise to drop everything on MARVEL stock to gain control a la Bruce Wayne.....bottom line it's all a bit technical but I will gain control hire the fans and get shit back the right way lol

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 9, 2009


@ #66 Blue & Orange NY im joining your team LOL im surprise you did not know Megan Fox is in Jonah Hex there is article posted about her in the movie on this website. @ #65 zubzwank to be honest i dont want any cameo from Superman in Green Lantern i think they should make the Green Lantern with no cameo from any superhero they should treat it like how Batman Begins and TDK where there is no cameo or hint of another superhero in the movie. if WB/DC start putting cameos people will say they copying Marvel Studios with their cameos. WB/DC should do a different approach with their movies plus WB/DC right now need to focus on making solo movies of their characters on the big screen now and dont focus on JLA movie at all.

Jazz on Jun 9, 2009


All i know is... I want info on the deadpool spinoff, and if it's not going to suck.... ... And howcome, if they're not doing the stupid accents, did they not go with triple H? Dude acts on live tv, i'm sure he could do anything they needed with multiple takes available.

Arthur on Jun 9, 2009


Jazz, I must of missed the whole Jonah Hex thing, I'll go back and see if it's still up... Now I did see the article not too long ago about how MARVEL is looking into Dr. Strange, I believe they said Del Toro (did I spell it right) is looking into directing it but his schedule is kinda stacked so it can be delayed... Jazz let me comment on your response too to Zubzwank.....I wouldn't people would consider it as copying, I don't think the fans would care, if done right do you? I wouldn't......the crossover talk started after TDK and after JLA you recall how people were pissed to here all of the teen actors they were planning to use for my opinion I did not want to see that to be honest....DC/WB needs to treat it like MARVEL is treating Avengers now.....start rolling out the movies and having them reference each other......Now during this time, Nolan was claiming that his vision does not see his Batman crossing over for the 3rd Batman.....but you know what mind set can change's the convo that should occur between Nolan and DC/WB....."Nolan let's make it happen, choose which you want crossed over, name your price $$$, and signed on for JLA", during the times GL, GA, Flash, WW, and Supes are worked on the JLA script is put together....this engine is slowly starting to move..... but naturally DC/WB is for another day......we all know the true matter on hand here and it's MARVEL growing the pair of balls and getting their characters back lol..... # 68 Arthur......Unfort' Deadpool, don't get your hopes up....if the FOX bastards (which I'm still pissed they canceled TSCC) still have hands on it then I, myself and I believe everyone else here would not look forward to it....Ot's been proven this summer and in recent past how bad FOX handles things, all they want is that opening box office figures.....them Bastards lol.....Now if Marvel takes it over then we can truly look forward to it......

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 10, 2009


My guess for the next film would be Doctor Strange. There is an IMDB listing for it with a 2012 release date. Then again, there's also a listing for Luke Cage with a 2011 release date and there were reports a while back that Ray Park was playing Iron Fist.

notbad on Jun 10, 2009


Well Blue and Orange believe it or not Up was a pretty good movie. In that good clean fun sort of way. If your a wolve fan I would steer clear of origins. Or at least wait till it hits the bargin bin at walmart. Believe me it's on the fast track for that. If Marvel took back spidey and stated tomorrow that that they were going in a new direction I would dance in the street even though I liked spidey 2 the most. Also Deadpool is my favorite comic anti-hero so even if Fox had their teeth in it I'm still going to see it, cause I'm a sucker for punishment. I'm noat a DC fan at all, I mean I don't hate them but I don't keep up with anyone in that universe. But if they were to make more movies lke the recent Batman movies I'll line up to see them. I think that alot of better movies would be made if they stopped hiring these "scripters' and started using the people who actually wriite the comics I think the movies would recieve a great boost towards them being excellence.

TheSaint on Jun 10, 2009


I still think Daniel Craig should play Thor while Cillian Murphy could make a great Loki.

Archit Mahto on Jun 12, 2009


its funny how you guys mention X-Men and Spider-Man movies and no one not mentioning BLADE his the true Marvel leader his the first Marvel movie that was successful and the first Marvel film

luke on Jun 12, 2009


"Having an idea is one thing, bringing an idea to life is another" That's why i respected this guy and i believe he will do his best to bring what the fans would love to see on the sliver screen.

Fisherr on Jun 14, 2009


nuclear was will probably break out before the avengers is even in pre-production.sad.

erik on Jun 14, 2009


John Malkovich = Dr Strange

davey on Jun 15, 2009


I think the two franchises Marvel would have easier time rebooting are Daredevil and Fantastic Four, Fox should just give these two up, it aint gonna happen for them. As far as X-Men goes, i wouldn't change the first 2 movies for the world, they rule! but with X3 and Wolverine Fox are really waist-deep in the shi t, they are not going to give up the franchise though, they really gotta pull something out of the hat... likewise goes for Spider-man, Sony gotta do good with Spidey 4, and IMO i'm quite excited for that one... But come on, Marvel! Get FF back, maybe crossover with the Avengers down the line (could have She-Hulk involved) ,, give the Surfer his own big movie, the one Stan Lee seemed so excited about 30 years ago LOL! let's see the real Galactus (NOT some huge Space-Fart cloud of smoke!) Go Marvel you can do it!!

davey on Jun 15, 2009


I don't understand what the freaking fuss is all about this fox,columbia and marvel three way-rights tussle. I know that most people think that the latest fox- owned marvel movies sucked, but some of the older ones were really good. Spiderman 1 and 2 and x-men 2 were really good. so i think that it doesn't matter as long as the cast and director is of high caliber.

dead man walking on Jun 17, 2009


I hope it's Runaways. They've already announced the plans to make it, they were just waiting on the script by Vaughn.

Tiffany on Jun 19, 2009


#79 Tiffany- Sweetie, I think the Runaways movie you heard about is the story of the 70's band with Joan Jett, Lita Ford, etc., not a Marvel superhero movie.

zubzwank on Jun 19, 2009


I hope this turns out really good!

Virtual Office in Edinburgh on Jun 29, 2009


I just wish the Marvel Comics based movies could be as gritty and forthcoming with their storylines as "The Watchmen". @ Lnkprk04, Denzel Washington as Bishop would be the greatest thing known to man! @Jason Glugla, Hulk seems to be good for comics, bad for movies. I wanted to note that casting also plays a MAJOR role in how these movies play out. Case in point: Nic Cage in "Ghost Rider". I love Nic as an actor, but he is best suited in comedic roles. Ghost Rider is a dark and serious role and that role just doesn't suit Nic. We should make a BIG POLL on which movies live up to their comic counterpart. If we had a poll on here, then maybe these studios who licensed these characters could see what we agree with and don't agree with! Now for some gripes: Wolverine = FAIL, Wolverine is Marvel's biggest name, but the script for that movie was pure WHACK. I was highly disappointed there were no Japanese shots Spiderman 3: You could have cut out an hour of BS and had a better movie. ALOT of filler material i that movie. X3: Another WHACK script, characters were not explored enough. It just came off as a medley of BS. Why did they bother to introduce NEW characters when they still had plenty of characters in the REGULAR X line-up to add in? They needed to explore the characters more. The only characters who got the time they deserved in the X films were the Prof, Wolvie, Magneto, Rogue, and Jean Grey... everyone else got the shaft! I would love to see Marvel make a movie with the graphic quality and mood of "The Watchmen" and "300".

Makell Bird on Jul 2, 2009


Is X Force UL? or maybe X Statix... if the X Force name is licensed!! lol Marvel Boy would be rad..someone mentioned that earlier. Just have to say, I can't believe the amount of idiocy in these responses - primarily "Jazz" - what a DOUCHE! ORRRRRR ALPHA FLIGHT????? ALPHA FLIGHT!!!!!! X MAN!!!! X MAN would be rad!!

Kill Ratner on Jul 9, 2009


I know the rights are split up but I would love to see a trilogy of the Marvel Cival War after The Avengers comes out!!

Grayman on Jul 29, 2009


It is amazing to see all of my former cartoons and comic book characters come to life on the big screen. I know that this is making a lot of people from my generation very happy especially since the movies turn out to be pretty good.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009

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