Quentin Tarantino Promises Kill Bill Vol. 3 Sometime Soon?

October 1, 2009

Kill Bill

Can we trust Quentin Tarantino again? I mean, last year, at the Cannes Film Festival, he announced on a French talk show that he would be back the next year (as in this year) with Inglourious Basterds, a film which he had been talking about making for 10 years. And, as we all know, that actually happened (believe it or not), and he did show up at Cannes with Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino most recently appeared on an Italian TV show (via and made a promise just like that, but this time for Kill Bill Vol. 3. "The Bride will fight again," he revealed. When first asked if he'd do Kill Bill 3, his answer was an ecstatic "Yes!"

Tarantino also gave a "maybe" to a Basterds prequel, even though it's doing incredibly well at the box office, and a "no, it'll never happen" to a Pulp Fiction sequel. This isn't the first time we've heard of Kill Bill Vol. 3. The last I remember, Tarantino wanted to tell the story of Vernita Green's (Vivica A. Fox's character) daughter and how she grows up and gets revenge on Beatrix. I even remember hearing that it could become an entire anime instead of live-action, but I doubt that. It sounds Tarantino may actually be considering making Kill Bill 3 as his next movie following Basterds. Is that what you'd like to see him do next?

I'm sure with this news now out there, we'll be hearing updates from people like Uma Thurman and Michael Madsen and maybe Tarantino himself, if anyone can catch up with him on the record. It's sad to know that Bill himself, David Carradine, will no longer be around to star in the sequel. I hope Tarantino has some plans that don't necessarily involve Bill returning in a big way, because Carradine really was perfectly cast.

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I feel like that story line would be a great way to continue the movies considering the past lucy liu's character, but i would rather see more of the bride's story before she decided to get married, and maybe some of the stories of the deadly viper assassination squad.

Dave on Oct 1, 2009


Didn't Bill die? Don't get me wrong, he was the PERFECT cast, but then he died. So why would he bring Bill back? (Except for the cheesy tagline...)

Mark on Oct 1, 2009


There are plenty of different directions to go with this. Would QT do a prequel without Caradine? Seems that it'd be easier to do a sequel of 2 because Caradine's character died in the film's climax. We know Lucy Lui's history...and that's about it for the DVAS. What was Budd like as an assassin before he was a low-life trailer trash? Tell more of the eny story between Beatrix and Elle. I don't really like the Vivaca Fox daughter story though, Beatrix would be the only returning character unless there are several flashbacks. We already know the story of how the bride became the bride as she explained in the opening of the 2nd volume so I wouldn't go for seeing that story as it's already been told to us. I trust QT. The Kill Bill story is probably his most entertaining with all the fights. A lot of people didn't like Vol 2 as much because it focused much more on the story, but QT weill make what QT wants to make.

branden on Oct 1, 2009


envy* end of 1st paragraph, tell how Elle's envy kept escalating against Beatrix.

branden on Oct 1, 2009


If he thinks its worth taking on, we know its gonna be a hit.

Nick Sears on Oct 1, 2009


even when the movies first came out thier was talk of this, kill bill is an amosh to the revenge flix and if you look at sequels to revenge flixs you know their is a lot to feed off. kisha needs her revenge and she will get it its a cycle and uma cant win. ps sorry about the spelling

angel on Oct 1, 2009


Damnit. Even Tarantino is getting into the sequel/prequel/remake spiral. At least he's got enough integrity to not make a Pulp Fiction sequel....for now...

S on Oct 1, 2009


I'm sure it'll end up titled Kill Beatrix instead....

Christopher M on Oct 1, 2009


I'd rather see Bill's story call it BILL KILLs or something make it a prequel of course

PimpSlapStick on Oct 1, 2009


he should make Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. Do another Grindhouse thing.

wm on Oct 1, 2009



rschmid39 on Oct 1, 2009


killed bill vol. 1

cat on Oct 1, 2009


#7, Tarantino has already made his first sequel with Kill Bill Vol.2...considering it hadn't even been fully written when Vol.1 was released...I consider him already making sequels and who long as it's from his good movies and they're on the same level of quality...let him expand the characters and the world they live long as it's not a Vega Brothers or Pulp Fiction/Death Proof 2 I'm happy

Christopher M on Oct 1, 2009


Man I was hoping they'd have the balls to wait the 13 years or so to do Kill the Bride with the daughter hunting down Uma Thurman's character. It would have been cool, they only had 7 years to go. they are jumping the gun if they do this,The Bride wont be old enough

Jmoney on Oct 1, 2009


not sure why there is an accent on my a in Uma

Jmoney on Oct 1, 2009


i love the idea of Nikki Bell hunting down Beatrix Kiddo. the first 2 were perfect and i would kill for another

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2009


I think Tarantino should shoot himself in the head and film it. That could be his next movie.

Matt Larner on Oct 1, 2009


Awesome news! This is a great way to follow up "Inglorious Basterds". I trust Tarantino will hatch out a perfect series end to this phenomenal trilogy!

Spider on Oct 1, 2009


Honestly the biggest issue I have with making the third is it would probably follow Vivica's child. Thus aging Beatrix by oh lets say 20 years? making her like 60? Ugh that would be terrible. I would rather hear some Deadly Viper Assassination Squad stories.

Movieraider321 on Oct 1, 2009


#13 Calling Kill Bill Vol. 2 a sequel is like calling Two Towers or Return of the King sequels.

S on Oct 1, 2009


faster pussycat kill bill

wm on Oct 2, 2009


FUCK NO! Tarantino there is almost no chance in hell you are reading this but please don't make this fucking movie. Maybe I'm just pulling shit out of my ass but I seem to remember reading a rumor at this site that the follow up to IB would be a more low budget character study kind of film. Well I'm down for whatever QT wants to throw our way as long as it's not a sequel to a movie that was chopped in half in the first place! I love Kill Bill as a whole, but after the near perfection that was Basterds almost nothing would get me more excited than seeing another original addition to the QT universe, not an unnecessary sequel. And yes I'm fully aware that he's always said he has some sort of plan or idea for a sequel, but QT is a film geek, you can't stop him from talking about whatever pops into his head. QT is so much more talented than making semi decent genre homages (death proof) or sequels to masterpiece genre homages of his own (kill bill obviously....), if I ever see a poster for Kill Beatrix I am gonna be a very sad man.

Rozco on Oct 2, 2009


I thought he wanted to do a western next..

Robbie on Oct 2, 2009


I havent seen the first two movies but i might be picking them up ASAP.

Fisherr on Oct 2, 2009


Hmm. Interesting. Wonder where he's gonna go with this one? I will see it at the theatre nonetheless.

bozo on Oct 2, 2009


He wanted to do a 'Southern' next, but I guess that's not happening. Leave Kill Bill alone, he should move on to something else, or follow through with the IB prequel (which technically would qualify as a 'Southern').

jamdolin on Oct 2, 2009


#20 right on. That's why it's Volume 2 and not Kill Bill 2. Movies like Star Wars, LOTR, do not have sequels cause they are planned trilogies. Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 were planned. The 3rd movie will be considered a sequel though

branden on Oct 2, 2009


No. He needs to stop. Kill, Bill... already done. Stop.

wow on Oct 2, 2009


I would love to see him finally do a Western.

El Guapo on Oct 2, 2009


Hmm...Kill Bill is one of my favourite films adding a third or sequel rather........I don't know. I don't even know why he would even answer a question regarding a Pulp Fiction sequel. I would still like to see an Anime Kill Bill even if a Vol. 3 does happen (or doesn't). I would like to see him do a western also. He should come to Australia and make an Ozploitation anthology film with Brian Trenchard-Smith, Anthony I. Ginnae, Dr. George Miller & other directors that made films from that era. Damn I think that is not a bad idea...

DiR3ct on Oct 4, 2009


# 19, you wouldnt have to age her 20 years, the kid was already 5 or 6 so it's only 13 or 14 years to the age of 18, it has already been 6 years, so whats another 8?

Jmoney on Oct 5, 2009


Never gonna happen. He does this all the time. Where is the Vega Brothers movie? Where is that Less Than Zero Remake? It’s all random stuff he feeds people from time to time.

SlashBeast on Oct 6, 2009


"Kill Bill" is about revenge. In the first movie (vol.1&vol.2) she kills Bill, now we are going to see the consequences that action has on the world that was established in the first movie. Julius Caesar was entitled Julius Caesar but the title character dies just after the end of Act II of five acts. The title is very fitting, because Kill Bill "2" (aka vol.3&vol.4) will be about the consequences of the Brides 9and Beatrix's) actions of killing Bill, the man who is practically the god of their world. When you kill everyone in charge chaos follows. I'm not saying it'll even acknowledge its similarity plot-wise to Julius Caesar, but I'm just saying that literary device has been used effectively before. The fact Tarantino has the integrity to not make a Pulp Fiction sequel suggests that he has enough integrity to not make a Kill Bill sequel that is disrespectful to the mythology and greatness established by the first movie (vol.1&vol.2). So I have no idea what to expect, but expect to be wowed, because I am eager to see a director/writer produce a sequel without falling into the "remake cycle." Tarantino has too big of an ego to allow himself to do that.

Sir lancelot on Jan 2, 2010


QT would never put out anything that wasn't great. Which is most likely why he says one thing and may not follow through with it. If the idea isn't anything less than great he wont go through with it. If you can recall in volume 1 of Kill Bill Beatrix says to Vernita's daughter that if she still feels raw about Kiddo killing her mother she will be waiting for her once the young girl grows up. I think QT did this purposefully to keep a plot open for a sequel. His cast is sentimental to him which explains the ten year wait. I have full faith in him that whether or not Vol. 3 makes its way to us, the next QT project to hit the silver screen will be another award winning blockbuster.

Eric on Feb 12, 2010


and p.s you all know that if QT comes out with a Kill Bill Vol. 3 you will all go see it so quit the belly aching!

Eric on Feb 12, 2010



o. lOCKE on Feb 16, 2010


Kill Bill Vol 1 & Vol 2 were filmed as one movie.  At the request of whatever movie house released it, QT edited it into two movies.  I'd read at one time that for release on DVD, it would be released as originally filmed - one movie.  That, I would like to see - and in Blu ray format.  I consider the sequel to have been inevitable, simply because of the obvious invitation the Bride gave Nikki to come after her.  Doesn't mean Nikki'll be successful, though.  And since, the Bride's original plan was to kill all of her tormentor's, that means she has unfinished business with Elle.  She didn't kill her - she just snatched her remaining eye.  I'm not sure she knew of the loose black mamba.  Apparently Elle escaped.  I hope Beatrix survives, but it's common for no one to go unscathed in a QT film.  Still...Uma is his muse.  Besides, to borrow and modify a line from the Dixie Chicks' "Goodbye Earl:"  Elle has to die.

Stu on Sep 11, 2011

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