Tarantino's American Idol Inglourious Basterds Footage

April 15, 2009

Quentin Tarantino's American Idol Inglourious Basterds Footage

"Because we love making movies!" Is this all a big joke? Nope, apparently Quentin Tarantino did actually appear on "American Idol" last night, and he apparently did show this bit of footage from Inglourious Basterds, which is all a bit odd because what fans of "American Idol" would event want to see this? Oh, right, probably all of them, because they're all in love with Brad Pitt. Anyway, The Weinstein Company has sent over this newest bit of footage from Inglourious Basterds that aired yesterday during "American Idol." Word is this footage below is the "too-hot-for-TV" version though, including Mike Myers, so check it out!

Watch the "American Idol" footage of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/inglorious-bastards-AI-footage.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/inglorious-bastards-AI-footage.jpg 580 216]

During World War II, a group of Jewish-American soldiers known as "the Basterds" are chosen to spread fear throughout the Third Reich by scalping and brutally killing Nazis. The Basterds soon cross paths with a young French girl named Shosanna who runs a movie theater in Paris that is frequented by soldiers.

Inglourious Basterds is both written and directed by the infamous Quentin Tarantino, of everything from Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction to Kill Bill to Death Proof previously. The Weinstein Company and Universal have partnered to bring us Tarantino's WWII masterpiece in all of its brilliant glory. After first debuting at the Cannes Film Festival, Inglourious Basterds will now hit theaters worldwide on August 21st this year.

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I like this.

Matty on Apr 15, 2009


Looks pretty decent, but still not that sold. Sorry but after INDY 4 (I refuse to say the whole title) last year, I have been pretty skeptical even though I worship Tarantino. Though I will say with all the shit Pitt talks in the movie, I hope he actually kills a fair amount of Nazis and doesn't just let his men do the dirty work.

BENCIO on Apr 15, 2009


Can you really blame Tarantino for using a program with such a strong following, to get his movie out there? I mean, its his job. True, he probably gets paid way too much, in relation to how much true work is put forth... Its all business.

nate on Apr 15, 2009


He has benn in the audience of that show lots of time. I'm sure he has also been a guest judge a few seasons ago.

adam on Apr 15, 2009


am i the only one that did not even know that was Myers lol

nelson on Apr 15, 2009



Atomic Popcorn on Apr 15, 2009


I thought it was spelled "bastards". Is the movie title really spelled like that?

E on Apr 15, 2009


#8 Yes. and i'm so ready for this

Caleb on Apr 15, 2009


''The Germans call them, the Basterds'' Best film of the year already. Brilliant!

Jack on Apr 15, 2009


#8 ...Inglourious is spelled wrong too and they're spelled like that for a reason.

kindbuddy on Apr 15, 2009


"and buisness is a boomin". i lol'd

Alexander on Apr 15, 2009


Wow! Thank you! As I am in show business.......mindless crap such as American Idol is not allowed in my household to be viewed. Thanks for showing this, I would have missed it otherwise.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Apr 15, 2009


plus, any time that the great DP robert richardson gets shown front and center on 'american idol' (albeit in the background, but still) is an added bonus...

money B on Apr 15, 2009


Godverdomme ik heb kanker veel zin in deze film!!!! Probably way better than death proof

Kankertje on Apr 15, 2009


Um I don't know why but I always thought of Pitt as more menacing then he appears to be in all these clips and trailers, he always seems like hes smirking or something, I pictured more of a seething rage kinda personality to play this role.

Richard on Apr 15, 2009



Fuelbot on Apr 15, 2009


I don't know about this movie. I just am not feeling the vibe. I love killing Nazis and having Nazi's as enemies in movies but something about the tone is sitting right with me. I need to see more.

Johnny Neat on Apr 15, 2009


whats with the american idol hatred? apparently quentin himself is a big fan of the show and so am i... and no i do not like brad pitt... in the pretty boy who can act category i vote for leonardo di caprio.... there i said it.

viral on Apr 15, 2009


great clip!

Trey on Apr 15, 2009


"what fans of "American Idol" would event want to see this?" Hey, Mike Meyers was on last year and what AI fans wanted to see The Love Guru? Oh right, NONE of them! I'm all about Tarantino. He has only had one movie that ever let me down. When you consider his catalog, that's a pretty damn good track record.

Feo Amante on Apr 15, 2009


Didn't like Death Proof one bit, and was let down by the second part of Kill Bill, so I approached this with a distinct lack of enthusiasm. The first trailer did nothing for me either, but I have to admit, this is looking good! Beautifully shot too. I'm cautiously optimistic...

Mathieu on Apr 15, 2009


#3, what does Tarantino have anything to do with Indy 4?

AbercrombieAndBitch on Apr 15, 2009


This doesn't look any better that what was shown before, in fact, with every Brad Pitt line that's revealed it's looking cheesier and cheesier.

Henry Jones Sr. on Apr 15, 2009


I despise Tarantino but this looks like a badass movie.

Fisherr on Apr 15, 2009


american idol hatred? Well, pretty easy to see why. Let's see, it's fake, scripted and after the lid was blown off 3 years ago that is was exposed for the fraud it is. The "votes" were cast by Sponser hired telemarket companies who forced the winner. Please, common knowledge. Listen to a track and hear all the shit that is going on. Proves just how stupid the American public is and why certain television shows, films and music can pass for watchable and able to mass profits. What ever happened to being true to your craft? Thank you for the trailer as well.

D-9 on Apr 15, 2009


I need to see some action footage before i decide, I mean the whole movie will basically blow if the action isnt perfect which guessing Tarantino it will be gorily bloody awesome.

Cody on Apr 15, 2009


@26 Um, Tarantino isn't an action director, he tells stories. If you want that shit, haul your ass to a Michael Bay film kid.

Nick on Apr 15, 2009


I thought he did a decent job on AI. He seemed really engaged w/ the kids and offered them solid advice on their performances. Oh, was he pimping a movie? Guess I missed that.

electronic cigarette on Apr 15, 2009


Looks great, shaking things up for suuuure! Can't wait to see it!

Nick Sears on Apr 15, 2009


Showing up in a popular forum just to promote something is shameless I am stoked for this movie though. Brad Pitt channeling Sgt. Slaughter with that jaw of his. I'm liking it.

DLM Entertainment on Apr 15, 2009


Yeah, Quentin has been a fan of the show for a while. And I'm not going to say that American Idol is a guilty pleasure. I like it. And I love Quentin Tarantino, too. In fact, he sat a few rows behind me along with Edgar Wright when I went to Joe Dante's festival at the New Beverly. I like American Idol. Do I laugh at their absurd attempts to be family-oriented? Yes. Do I get frustrated with the show and its conservative overtones? Yes. Do I agree with what happens on the show all the time? No. To me, the whole point is taking people that have not only talent, but a personality and charm, and then (try) to make them famous. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's a rags-to-riches sort of theme that we also see a lot in what? MOVIES. I feel like people are just using American Idol as an easy target now. I don't care if people criticize the show, but I do get a bit cheesed off when they portray those who enjoy it as mindless robots overflowing with estrogen who are plagued by an untamed libido. Not so. Whatevs. The film looks insane. I'll be there opening day.

Michelle on Apr 16, 2009


And I have to say about American "Fraud" Idol....you set your DVR to record "Fringe" and who ever calls the show always runs over time ( payed for by the sponsers) and you miss the last 4 minutes of one of the only things worth watching on network television!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Apr 16, 2009


If you pause it at 16 seconds, and look on the right - is that a guy scalping a Nazi? If so...badaaaaaaaass.

Grant on Apr 16, 2009


Am I the only one that finds this more than a little disturbing? I'm tired of studio heads exploiting the holocaust, whether in "serious" fare (The Reader) or something as brainless as this looks. This was an important period in world history and hollywood is shitting on it for the sake of drawing audiences into theaters. Plus, the movie looks awful.

Leo on Apr 16, 2009


To #34 - I guess you won't be seeing that one movie about Nazi zombies, right? =). Seriously though, it's just a matter of disconnect. I had a grandfather who fought in WWII. I deeply respect the soldiers who fought and the implications that that entire period had. Schindler's List is a phenomenal movie, same with Band of Brothers and countless others. It all depends on your willingness to separate entertainment and using the war as a backdrop for a story to take place. I think the big thing is that we should see it first and see how it portrays the war as a whole. Then we can pass judgment.

Grant on Apr 16, 2009


I gave up on Tarentino after his last couple of films. Even though this one seems deep. (sike) This just seems too easy. Kill Nazis. wow that's deep.

flamer on Apr 16, 2009


Mike Myers as a British Officer...C'mon!

Harry Jooper on Apr 17, 2009


Scottish, sure! Scottish! But British? And this movie isn't supposed to be deep, it looks like its supposed to be Pulp Fiction, Snatch, or Get Shorty style hardcore, gory fun - with a Tarantino twist of course.

Feo Amante on Apr 18, 2009


I don't understand these on the fence fa@@otts, u either love and understand Tarantino, or u love movies like bridgett jones diary. Tarantino gives u an experience everytime, whether it's similar or totally effin diff from one of his movies u liked, he gives a cinimatic orgasm of technical callbacks that people of his same age have trouble understanding, much less younglings that merely have enjoyed Kill Bill 1 can fathom. I mean his favorite movie is Rio Bravo which I appreciate as being good for its era but nothing compared to the endless kung fu and grindhouse flix he is knowledgeable and appreciative of, he has seen and creatively critiqued more good, awesome, and bad movies in his life than anyone alive today and knows how to put a feel, style and mood, as well as insane camera views, angles and plot tie ins that will be scrutinized and dissected by so called hollywood intellectuals for years to come. He knows what he is doing, don't get me wrong, I myself have doubted him in the past, only to realize that it gets deeper and more enjoyable the 2nd and 3rd and so on time around. Which proves he is the man. Have faith, past fans, and eat a dick new haters. Go see transformers 2 and iron man 2 if u want a predictable action formula that maybe appeases your first time viewing. When you are ready for dialogoue and gutpunching new ways to experience a flick, man up and get ready to be eyefu@%ed by every Tarantino Experience that he ejaculates. By the way the Grindhous sequel will be the first sequel worth seeing. Q 4ev.

jizl on Aug 1, 2009

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