Quick Thor Update on Whether Donald Blake is in the Script

November 26, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Thor - Donald Blake

There has been a lot of Thor related news recently, mostly about casting. However, some story details are finally starting to trickle out. Back in January we ran an article about the potential appearance of disabled med student Donald Blake, Thor's alter ego, in Kenneth Branagh's Thor movie, since it was originally unconfirmed whether we'd see Blake or whether it would be set entirely in Asgard. I promised to keep you guys updated, so here's the latest. A trustworthy source told AICN that Blake is not in the story. They also go on to outline exactly what happens in the movie, but to stay spoiler free, I suggest you don't read that.

Based on previous casting news, we know that most of the movie will be set on Earth. Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster, who is a nurse in the comics, but in the movie is a PhD cosmology student under the guidance of her Norwegian professor, played by Stellan Skarsgard. Eventually Thor ends up on Earth (sent there by Loki), comes across those two by accident, who then find out who he really is (as in, a god) and things go from there. So basically we never see his alter ego because we're only getting the storyline where Thor ends up on Earth as himself without his powers. So no Donald Blake. Will this upset fans or be easy to look past?

As I mentioned, Blake's appearance was originally a way to tell if any of the story would be set on Earth. But since we already know that it will be set on Earth, having that character is no longer important, especially if they have another good story that still establishes Thor as a superhero in our world. Sorry if that's all a bit confusing, but I'm sure when we see more from this it'll start to make sense. Or this could all be a fake story created by someone who claims to have read the script. Only time will tell, I suppose? But does it matter?

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this movie is basically going to follow Ultimate Thor storyline and Classic Thor storyline. but then again i dont trust AICN i wait and see what happens

tazz on Nov 26, 2009


It shouldn't upset anyone if the script is good and they a deliver a knockout movie.

JakeTheSnake on Nov 26, 2009


I was hoping it would follow the Ultimate storyline but hopefully it is more interesting than described here.

Ron on Nov 26, 2009


I would prefer Donald Blake never appear in the Marvel Movies just needs to be about Thor and it has to kick ass like Henry V.

tyrascilee on Nov 26, 2009


Look forward to more updates in the future. 🙂

Cineprog on Nov 26, 2009


I'm glad there won't be a Donald Blake because then there would have to be a transformation aspect. If you have one actor playing both roles, then it's impossible without CGI or prosthetics, which would just look silly. I'm all for keeping Blake out of it, simply for the sake of budget.

Frank V. on Nov 26, 2009


I'm more mad it's no all in Asgard. I was hoping for more of a Thor Origins type deal. Really dark and gloomy type movie, and all about vikings. Modern day earth is boring, and sissy like. VALHALLA.

D on Nov 26, 2009


it's not gonna matter to much that donald blake ain't in it,but hardcore fans are gonna piss & moan. they should thank god that disney didn't get hold of it or thor's alter ego could of been DONALD DUCK.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 26, 2009


No Blake is good, but then having Jane Foster undoes that good. The movie should be set in Asgard, and the best thing they could possibly do would be to follow Ages of Thunder. Either way I'm stoked if it's on Earth or not.

Colin on Nov 26, 2009


I'm personally glad to hear this, if it turns out to be true. Unlike some others, I'm also glad to see Natalie Portman is in the film as Jane Foster. I just hope he's not powerless for half of the film, as that would suck.

Darren Albert on Nov 26, 2009


where did that Jane Foster being a PhD and Stellan Skarsgard being her professor come from? the only thing i see in the AICN article is that Blake is not in the movie...

samir on Nov 26, 2009


im pissed...i want don!!!

yojoe on Nov 27, 2009


Well, they could do the movie w/o Don Blake, I guess. His status has kind of eroded in Marvel history. It might be interesting to go w/o the "secret identity" issue, at least at first. Where would Thor hang out during his down time? In a cave with Hulk? a biker bar? Gold's gym? a cathouse? Avengers' mansion? #6, they've been making great transformations in movies for years, prosthetics, CGI and other methods. I'm sure they could show a quality trans effect. For that matter, hire two actors of different statures but similar features to help with it. Why do they think they need all that fol-de-rol about Jane Foster? Create a new character. It's stupid to just attach her name to a whole different person because it may make a few fans happy. She's not a Lois or Mary Jane. Re: the setting. I think it should show both earth and Asgard. Start here with Thor being essentially this earth's Superman, and have it proceed to Asgard, where the danger is more threatening, mythical for us but reality for Thor and his semi-peers. Maybe Thor could take out a lesser earthly villain--e.g., the Cobra, Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man--in an early scene before he's called to his godly home to face Loki's schemes (Is that pronounced Lok-EE or Lok-EYE?) I hope they portray Asgard the Kirby Way--which was that you walked on Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, and had to pass by the sentry Heimdall (?) into a ancient-but-strangely-futuristic golden realm. This gleaming city seemed to sit by itself on a rock in the cosmos but was obviously connected to other mythical lands where gods quested and fought. Whatever happened to the Captain Marvel movie? Marvel's Thor borrowed from the Fawcett CM mythos: *Handicapped alter-ego Don Blake was like crippled newsboy Freddie Freeman aka CM, Jr. *Transformations occurred with a strike of lightning *Mystical place of origin on a rock somewhere else in the space-time continuum (or maybe outside it); Bring back Captain Marvel, the SHAZAM hero AND his movie. and not the shameless Marvel name-stealer! Verily...I say thee NAY!

zubzwank on Nov 27, 2009


Wait what!!!!???? No Asgard? No Norse mythology? Isn't a big part of the story is Thor in Asgard and how exactly he was banished to Earth. I swear i hope to see Asgard. I'll be mad if i wait all this time and then no Asgard.

Efrain on Nov 27, 2009


@13 what a geek.(40 year old virgin) Its just a movie. Get a girl or man.

drunkimus on Nov 28, 2009


I'm frustrated because Donald Blake is what made Thor a superhero instead of a god. Of course, if they went by the silver age original origin then we would have Don spotting alien invasions, so...

mrfrustrated on Dec 21, 2010


Thor only works well if Don Blake is in the movie! The weak to strong of Thor as nothing can hurt him but as Don Blake he's weak. That's his green kyripternite like Superman. This creates more great scenes with Mr. Hyde,Loki,Absorbing man,Tomorrow Man,Magnetto,Cobra, and Odin. The cane and hammer (one and the same) are great weapons. Just think what happens if Blake can't reach the cain and stamp it on the ground!

Stevendunetz on Mar 26, 2011

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