Must Watch: Red Band Trailer for Bret Easton Ellis' The Informers

January 14, 2009

The Informers Trailer

Wow - I'm definitely impressed. Senator Entertainment has sent over a brand new red band trailer for Gregor Jordan's adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' The Informers. It looks like one hell of a funky, fun, and trippy film set in 1983 Los Angeles about movie executives, rock stars, a vampire, and other quirky characters. I've even heard that the gorgeous Amber Heard is naked throughout the most of film. In addition to her, Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke, Rhys Ifans, Kim Basinger, and Winona Ryder also all star. Potentially an indie gem? Definitely, but that is yet to be seen, as this premieres at Sundance next week.

Watch the red band trailer for The Informers:

[flv: 598 336]

The Informers is directed Australian filmmaker Gregor Jordan, of Two Hands, Buffalo Soldiers, and Ned Kelly previously. The film is based on Bret Easton Ellis' novel of the same name and was adapted by Ellis himself as well as newcomer Nicholas Jarecki. This will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in just a few weeks, so look forward to some buzz and reviews soon. The Informers hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles on April 10th before expanding to more cities throughout the month. Interested?

The Informers Poster

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Cody on Jan 14, 2009


Amber Heard would be a much bigger star if All The Boys Love Mandy Lane would have been release here in North America....then the Informers would have much more buzz from her nude scenes....I'm a Bret Easton Ellis addict and every movie based on his work has impressed me....I also feel a bit of sorrow for Brad Renfro it being his last movie and not having a bigger credit....I really hope the Oscars develop some class this year and add him the to remembrance reel...I wasn't able to watch the Oscars last year but I heard his name was absent

Christopher M on Jan 14, 2009


Best trailer music ever.

MBD on Jan 14, 2009


@ #3 - Seriously! Sorry, but anyone know the name of the song in the middle?

Michael on Jan 14, 2009


@4 - It should be (Flock of Seagulls - Ran) As for the movie, I feel that if you do a proper late 80, early 90 movie with all the correct themes that were pervasive back then, such as drugs, sex, self loathing etc.. you get something amazing. American Psycho with Bale and this will defintely prove it. BTW, Mickey looks like he'll play an awesome part in this somehow, along with Kim... damn this is a sick movie.

Matthew on Jan 15, 2009


Isn't this a remake? Didn't one of the Baldwin brothers do a remake of this movie? Like back in the 90's I think.

nem on Jan 15, 2009


Didnt manage to get tickets for this yet, maybe ill go to the box office early and pray to get lucky. 🙂 Another great movie to watch for sundance..

Aequitas on Jan 15, 2009


wow imdb gave it a 9.6 out of i want to watch this terribly. Mickey Rourke bringin it back in a major way yo

C Dot on Jan 15, 2009


Definitely has the American Psycho feel. It's in the way people talk, like in the Talented Mr. Ripley. It's always kind of annoying at first. Still think it looks pretty good though.

Collin on Jan 15, 2009


Looks good. and Amber Heard nude is def. a selling point for me.

Redstrine on Jan 15, 2009


good trailer. ..and by "good trailer" i mean, nice boobs.!

9mm on Jan 15, 2009


#11 we call them tittays here. this movie looks really interesting. it may be the 13 year old goth girl inside of me, but it seems really interesting that theres apparently a fucking vampire in there. still though, i don't really know what happened in the trailer - it was just like "shit is happening! woah! 80s! tittays!" - none of which is really indicative of the plot. Still, it was flashy and I like flashy things.

Adam on Jan 15, 2009


for no.12 lol, its nice that u corrected him

darrin on Jan 15, 2009


Brett Easton Ellis's books contributed heavily through my adolesence to my education and the way my mind is shaped. I love them. I love 'The Informer's, i've read it 4 times...i'm really excited for this movie!

Ross on Jan 15, 2009


I thought Brad Renfro died 2 or 3 years ago.

ummm on Jan 15, 2009


My brother made me read his books i feel in love with it he educated me too. It looks amazing! Cannot wait to appreciate the true genius of Bret Eaton Ellis and Nicholas Jarecki. Xxx

Kara(Ross`s sister) on Jan 15, 2009


Brad Renfro died sometime late Fall/early winter of 2007. Remember the big deal last year when they didn't show his picture at the Oscars when they do the segment of people in the industry that died that year? Anyway, that clip has the feel that the piece of shit film "Less Than Zero" should have had. They ruined that movie. Great book. Hope they don't do the same with this. Don't know who did the song in the middle of the trailer, but the first song was "Simple Minds".

Film Fan on Jan 15, 2009


I recommend you read the book! It's so twisted, this movie is looking like it stays pretty true to it, so I'm expecting some SHOCKING stuff here! And if they can get away with The Informers, I better be seeing Glamorama adapted as well. I can't wait.

Matt on Jan 15, 2009


Looks like a more, less-radical subtext of 'American Psycho' about the 80s.

LW on Jan 15, 2009


I work for the company that is putting the remembrance reel together and Brad Renfro is on it...

moviedude on Jan 15, 2009


Wow...if that many A list actors said this was something they needed to be a part of than it must have something special. That poster kicks ass too.

peloquin on Jan 15, 2009


So this really is Brad Renfro's last movie huh...

Florian on Jan 15, 2009


Amazing how the main actor looks like he's taken directly out of the '80's. Nice to see a take on the 80's w/ out any blatant shots of cocaine snorting etc. I saw a piece on Brad Renfro - always such a tragedy for actors to die so young. Oh yeah. Almost forgot to mention this looks udderly Boobie-licious.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 15, 2009


Why is that poster reminding me of Nip Tuck for some reason?

Brent L on Jan 16, 2009


nekkidness! what happened to brandon routh?

fanboy d on Jan 16, 2009


Apparently his vampire character got cut from the movie. Even though they filmed that shit, they decided to remove all the paranormal stuff. So I heard. It was everywhere when I googled this movie.

Aldonn on Jan 16, 2009


i FUCKING LOVE AMBER HEARD, kthanks. i only got interested in this movie solely because she's in it. but after seeing the trailer and reading the synopsis the movie itself has grown on me & now im anticipating the wait to see it all the way til the day it hits theatres.

becca on Jan 16, 2009


@23: Apparently you missed the part in the trailer where there was in fact blatant cocaine indulgence. Maybe you thought it was sugar?

namethismovie on Jan 17, 2009


i want the bryan metro song in the middle, any word on the soundtrack release date?

fatrick on Jan 22, 2009


I loved American Psycho and the other Bret Easton Ellis movies so I'm curious and will see it.

Sarah on Jan 23, 2009


I saw this at Sundance -- Brad Renfro does an amazing job (can't believe it's his last role...) but Amber Heard was STUNNING. Really great movie, pretty dark, but, definitely gonna be one of the better flicks of 2009

Geo on Jan 24, 2009


Looks good.

Ryan on Jan 25, 2009


can't get enough bret easton ellis.. check out the facebook page for the informers:

joanne on Feb 2, 2009


Does anyone know what the first song was in the trailer? The music is gonna be soo good in this movie! i can't wait to see it!!!

Edienna on Apr 15, 2009


I can't get enough of anything relating to Bret. I knew him well when I dated his sister (name has been omitted) and spent my summers lounging at the Ellis home. He is a genuinely nice guy with a pretty strong knit family who support him through everything. I never met a cooler family and wish I hadn't done the wrong thing at the wrong time. Missing my gorgeous ex-girlfriend and can't help but think of her when I see anything her brother publishes, whether it's a movie or a book. I will always be haunted by him and her.

Eric on Apr 15, 2009


@ 35... You're so freaking cool man. I really wanted to know about your private life. Not. Anyways, the movie looks sick! Loved American Psycho so I'm definitely gonna see this someday.

Sean on Apr 20, 2009


The song in the middle is: "Only You" by Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jason Falkner, Justin Stanley & Dave Palmer

Marcus on May 8, 2009

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