Resist Or Be Terminated - Skynet Research Viral Updates

March 24, 2009

Resist Or Be Terminated

No, it's not Judgment Day just yet (that's not until May), but some viral marketing updates have started to hit on the Terminator Salvation front. So far we've covered the Skynet Research website quite extensively, but since it appeared in February, there haven't been any major updates to the site besides all the basics. As we all know, Skynet (or Cyberdyne) is the company that gains control over the machines and starts the war against the humans. So they're not on our side. And someone inside the company has started to alert us of who they are and what exactly they're trying to do - Resist Or Be Terminated.

There isn't much on that blog just yet, but there are a few interesting updates. An e-mail was sent out earlier today to everyone who signed up on the Skynet Research site saying: "Skynet Research is experiencing technical difficulties on our corporate website. A networking error has generated interference in the audio presentation. Do not be alarmed. Skynet Research is doing everything in our power to resolve this technical issue as quickly as possible and resume normal operation." An audio file was discovered and after being slowed down (listen via YouTube), it becomes a weird radio transmission from the future.

The latest update on the blog talks about Terrifying Images Found in Skynet Security Feed and some additional info regarding alarming discoveries at Skynet. Now this is getting interesting. We're not sure what the heck is going on, but there is a lot coming out of the woodwork, and it seems like this blog is going to be the central location for the Resistance. "A 'malfunction' occurred while the Skynet system was feeding information back to his laptop, causing horrific images to display on screen: Human beings horded like cattle into some kind of containment area, while a (Skynet?) security camera looked on." What's next?

Skynet Security Feed

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this film fucking rocks

jono on Mar 24, 2009


This is crazy good!!!

Ajax on Mar 24, 2009


First Booyah... Looks cool, really exited for this ! Keep the updates coming! Thanks,

I am Ron Burgandy? on Mar 24, 2009


never mind ...third!

I am Ron Burgandy? on Mar 24, 2009


amazing how they can keep this interesting for the fans, while the movie isnt out

z on Mar 24, 2009


lots of great stuff! we jumped right on it at Unfiction, and I think we got to ROBT site before it was ready (which was where the header image from this article found 🙂 can't wait to see where this goes!

thebruce on Mar 24, 2009


Go to and click on products, then scroll over the P on Products and it'll ask for a password.

Corey on Mar 24, 2009


this is just amazing

Stuart Mellor on Mar 24, 2009


I feel like this movie is going to crack my top five list pretty easily. Of course there are many that have that potential this summer. I would have to say that this definately is one of the better years in cinema history, I mean Transformers, Public Enemies, The Boat That Rocked, Watchmen, Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels and Demons, Up, Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are, and of course the big one Avatar

Scott McHenry on Mar 24, 2009


What is the url to get to the menu from the picture above ? is the forum only .

JC on Mar 25, 2009


#10, see my comment above 🙂

thebruce on Mar 25, 2009


what is the password???? anybody know??????

kevinash on Mar 25, 2009


This viral is the best I've seen since TDK. I've been following the one for 2012 too and that one's really lame. I hope the "What's in the Box" video posted earlier ends up being a viral for something.

peloquin on Mar 25, 2009


@ 13, it was already established the "What's in the Box" Video is just a Half Life 2 Video.

Dr. Manhatten on Mar 25, 2009


Thanks for the info Dr. Manhatten, I wasn't aware of that.

peloquin on Mar 25, 2009


***So we cant get to the JOIN THE RESISTANCE page now right?

J.White on Mar 26, 2009


Looks like another resistance site has been discovered here: Don't know how real it is, but it's good to see this campaign growing... I think there is a big human resistance being organized, but I'm not so sure yet?

Alex Billington on Mar 27, 2009

18 has nothing to do with the T4 ARG . It is /was part of an ARG for TSCC on fox .

JC on Mar 27, 2009


I beg to differ. I believe you'll be a bit surprised by what these folks @ are brewing. In fact, I'd go as far as to say 'stay tuned' Particularly over the next few days. Source says they're about to drop something.

Deeder on Apr 1, 2009


Well the source code has all the names of the tv show characters in there , and it was discovered in 07 or 08 during an ARG for the Sarah Conner chronicles , but hey lets just ignor the facts ...not like the wb ARG is really trying anyway . Not to mention I'm sure they would have a more convincing if not ...committed voice over (no offence ) Oh and last but not least I contacted the site owner and he confirmed ........drum roll please ............. No Affiliation to the current WB ARG .

JC on Apr 2, 2009


Well to set the record straight... THR is NOT affiliated with Warner Brothers, Fox, Salvation, or TSCC. and Deeder, please contact me in reference to your post. I'm sure you know how to get a hold of me.

james pero on Apr 3, 2009


Hi guys! Just to set the record straight, I'm the voice of Skynet Reasearch and I'm actually NOT the voice of the Resident Evil commercials....though I'd love to be at some point! 🙂 Hope you are all enjoying the site! -September

September Day Leach on Apr 25, 2009

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