Richard Kelly's Next Script is Set in Manhattan, Uses Motion Capture

July 27, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Richard Kelly

It all began with a Tweet: "My new script is done - it's just… expensive." Despite following up Donnie Darko with the rather mediocre Southland Tales, Richard Kelly is still one of my favorite directors, and I'm very much looking forward to The Box - especially after the footage we were shown at Comic-Con. But as always, we're always interested in what everyone is doing next, and thankfully SlashFilm has uncovered some very interesting new details. Apparently Kelly's new script takes place in 2014 and is a thriller set in Manhattan. And the reason it's so expensive - "forty percent of it is motion capture." Sounds like it could be cool?

Kelly did also go on to say that he loves what Robert Zemeckis and James Cameron are doing with their movies (and motion capture) and that he'd one day like to play with the same tools that they're using. But unfortunately that's all the details he'd give - no name, no story information, nothing. Which isn't too surprising, considering not that many people have even read the script, as he did just finish it a few weeks ago. I'm inherently intrigued at the prospect of seeing Richard Kelly use motion capture for a futuristic thriller. Are there robots or monsters? Or other CGI characters? Whatever the case, I'm already interested.

However, for now, I'm just hoping The Box turns out as good as it looks, or is at least a lot better than Southland Tales. I'm also hoping it's a box office hit, because if it is, Richard Kelly won't have as much trouble making his next movie - and getting the money he needs to pull off that expensive motion capture.

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The box looks like a cheap, straight to dvd movie. This dude's career is gonna be over after that wreck.

Darunia on Jul 27, 2009


The only thing that separates The Box from any other standard sci-fi thriller is that Richard Kelly's name is attached to it. From the trailer, it looks like nothing special at all.

Marty on Jul 27, 2009


I kinda have to agree. It does seem like Kelly's riding on the coat-tails of Darko for his rep. I hope to be surprised by The Box, but the trailer does look less than stellar (especially Diaz, not my fave at all, and she seems out of her element here). Reading any interview with Kelly and you see his ego is at super-human levels, but you watch a flick like Southland Tales and you really, really have to wonder whether it's all smoke and mirrors. I'd like to say this is a pivotal film for his career, but then look at Shyamalan and Uwe Boll. Bad films don't necessarily kill your career.

PxlPusher on Jul 27, 2009


I don't know why so many people disliked Southland Tales. I enjoyed it myself, to each his own I guess. What's funny is I bought D.D. for like 10 bucks and had never heard of it before cause to my knowledge it wasn't in theaters, or got the Boondock St.s treatment. Really I think half the people who "Loved" D.D. do so because it's "Cool" to like it. Likewise when a few reviewers panned S.T. it became "Cool" to hate on it. Regardless of opinions you can't fault Richrd Kelly for at least making movies that aren't "based on...." I think the Box is similar to a Twilight Zone Ep. but I don't know for sure. Sorry to drone on, just an observation.

theotherbluth on Jul 27, 2009


Southland Tales ruled

DoomCanoe on Jul 27, 2009


Southland Tales was awesome. It's astounding how many new little things I still discover every time I watch it again. One of my most favorite movies ever!

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 27, 2009


I thought Southland Tales was awesome. "This is why you don't marry a ho!" was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. The Box trailer is a bummer...but what can you do.

whomever on Jul 27, 2009


Referring to Southland Tales as "rather mediocre" only confirms you're a shrill for the movie industry.

Lerryjee on Jul 27, 2009


#8, uh, you mean "Shill"? So someone doesn't like a movie that you liked, they are a shill? Could you tell the rest of us what else we should like as well, so we can follow the rules your rules? Not to mention, a Shill implies someone discreetly advertising or promoting a product. How would anyone be "Shilling" for the movie industry by calling a given film mediocre?

PxlPusher on Jul 27, 2009


I'm sure The Box will be cool, one shouldnt give away too much in a trailer imo. I hope Southland Tales grows on me, I was not too pleased with it, maybe it needs time, or I do. Donnie Darko is a true gem, get all your friends to see it 🙂

David Banner on Jul 27, 2009


Ricahrd Kelly is f'ing awesome in my opinion Donnie Darko was his best Southland Tales was an excellent follow up! So The Box has be completely interested so I'm pretty much sold.

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2009


Southland Tales was a spectacular piece of American cinematography.

Grislenarl on Feb 6, 2011

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