Ridley Scott Talks Ever So Briefly About the Alien Prequel

October 29, 2009
Source: Empire


It was officially confirmed back at the end of July that the creator of the Alien franchise, Sir Ridley Scott himself, would be returning to direct the prequel (at some point in the future). Since then, Scott has become attached to so many other projects, that I'm just not sure when he'll find the time to return to outer space. Empire recently caught up with the director and jumped at the opportunity to talk to him about the prequel and why he decided to return to this series. "I never thought I'd look forward to a sequel." Sir Ridley said. "But a prequel is kind of interesting. I'm looking forward to doing that." But that's not all he said - read on!

"It's a brand new box of tricks," Sir Ridley told Empire. "We know what the road map is, and the screenplay is now being put on paper. The prequel will be a while ago. It's very difficult to put a year on Alien, but [for example] if Alien was towards the end of this century, then the prequel story will take place thirty years prior."

So I'm guessing in an attempt to uncover more about the story, the one question Empire asked was when this would be set. They also add that it seems like instead of going back and looking at how those first aliens they find on the ship were killed, they've "decided to reboot the story in an attempt to give it a human focus." That makes sense and is, despite what others may think, necessary for any Alien movie to work. It's exactly why all the first two worked so damn well. I'm glad to hear that Sir Ridley is enthusiastic about taking this on and I'm even more curious to know what the story is about after this little hint. Any ideas?

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I'm excited, it's ridley scott, and after he's probably watched all of these other shit bag alien movies that have tried to ruin what he has created, he will make this good!

bo on Oct 29, 2009


cant go wrong

Trey m on Oct 29, 2009


In the 1st alien, the W. Corp already knows of the alien existence, maybe they'll play off of that and we get to learned how they first encounter the species -

tms on Oct 29, 2009


I'd see that!

gplongwood on Oct 29, 2009


sir ridley scott is a legend =alien,body of lies,blade runner(all versions)gladiator,american gangster & so on.this prequel will feature something to do with that giant alien thing that was manning that gun in the first film where the eggs were also ridley & a certain mr russell crowe work together alot gladiator,body of lies,american gangster & the upcoming robin hood film who knows he may be cast in the film which would be fucking great.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Oct 29, 2009


you can never go wrong with more sci fi, especially if Ridley Scott and Aline(s) is in the same sentence

Janny on Oct 29, 2009


SIR?? Ridley.. give me a break. So is this guy going to make a true Alien movie that will pay proper homage to the original or tremendously screw it up like Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, AVP, and AVPR?

Jack n Jill on Oct 29, 2009


Ridley is the man!

M-Cat on Oct 29, 2009


Does anyone feel this is "needed"? Why do we want to go back with a possibility of making a simply unflattering lead up to the beloved classic? If it sucks then what happens? The beauty of the original is the mystery behind the alien and the isolation of the Nostromo. Hope this isn't a FAIL like the origin of Darth Vader. Just let a legendary film stay a legendary film. I don't care if Ridley is involved. What's next? A prequel to The Godfather or Lawrence of Arabia?? I may sound bitter but I just don't get it...

Marc on Oct 29, 2009


Prequels suck, if the story was meant to take off from there then it would have the reason a story starts at a certain point is because that is where the greatest conflict takes place, I have no interest in seeing this.

Chase on Oct 29, 2009


I mean, he is one of my favorite directors and everything, but anyone remember when England knighted people for a reason? Movie is gonna be fantastic!

Antioch on Oct 29, 2009


"So is this guy going to make a true Alien movie that will pay proper homage to the original" yeah is this guy gona pay proper homage to his own movie, or iz he like gona fook it up like eh and not pay proper respect that iz due. eh eh, well iz he?

loci on Oct 29, 2009


#7 Congratulations for winning the dumbest comment of the day contest.

Davis on Oct 29, 2009


whats the problem here? everybody in Hollywood gone braindead??? You have the basis for the prequel right there in the first movie; the ALIEN SPACESHIP FROM AN UNKNOW RACE!!! you know, THE ONE THAT WAS CARRYING THOSE OTHER ALIEN FACE-SUCKER PODS!!!how hard is it to go from there??? ...I would like to see this done with an intelligent story line but in light of what I am seeing so far,I am afraid it is going to suck ass...just have to wait and see...

WTF over? on Oct 29, 2009


I admit have some interest in the backstory of such a classic monster. Some of it has been dealt with in the various Alien comics series and paperbacks. Howsit gonna have a "human focus" though, if the original Alien film depicted its initial encounter with human beings? Wait, it wasn't, was it? I guess they're gonna show how the Aliens got to their subterranean earth pyramid battleground with the (much inferior, IMHO) Predators and their interactions with ancient people. Not sure I care about that. Much more interesting to see from where the derelict ship with the eggs came, and the race that launched it and why. No humans in that one though.

zubzwank on Oct 29, 2009


#4, I don't think Weyland-Yutani knew what was on the planet. All they knew about was a warning beacon and decided to check it out with the first ship passing near (crew expendable). Parker was guessing the company wanted it for the weapons division. It may have been even more valuable for other bio-medical applications. Ain't no swine flu gonna bother no Alien!

zubzwank on Oct 29, 2009


I remember my Father telling me about the first time he saw Alien, it was 1979 and it was his birthday/graduation present, it was the third movie he saw with his father, and everything about that film amazed him, The story, The characters, the Alien, and the claustrophobic atmosphere. It remains his favorite film from his youth. I asked him what he thought of a Alien prequel and he said he would love to see a film explaining the origins of the Aliens. Now cut 30 years, where a prequel is underway, I say go for it!

xerxex on Oct 29, 2009


Are you messin' with us Ridley? @14&15 Agreed. The "human focus" quote saddens me and lowers my faith considerably regarding a decent prequel. The derelict ship & space jockey (definitely not human) would have been a win/win. I was honestly even envisioning something as wild and visionary as a minimal dialogue (like... none) story regarding the space jockey. Seems like everything wrong with the others was the "human focus." Come on Ridley... back on track buddy... let's not lose the focus here - the movies are called "Alien(s)" not "Human(s)". We get humans daily.

bozo on Oct 30, 2009


#12 loci, you must be either from canada or norway or something, cuz I cant understand a dam thing you wrote, can you?

Jack n Jill on Oct 30, 2009


i agree the human focus point sounds like a bad idea to do,anyone remember alien vs predator? yeah bad idea what we really need is more aliens than humans

Spider94 on Oct 30, 2009

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