Rob Marshall Confirmed as Director of Pirates of the Caribbean 4

November 17, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Rob Marshall & Jack Sparrow

So it was first rumored back in July that Oscar nominated director Rob Marshall (of both Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha previously) might be taking over Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in place of Gore Verbinski. As much as I didn't want this to happen, it turns out that it definitely is Marshall's job (at least as long as Disney convinces Johnny Depp to return and shoot this next year). Marshall recently appeared at a DGA screening of his new film Nine (another musical) and, according to a report on AICN (via The Playlist), confirmed that Pirates of the Caribbean was next for him. Here's what AICN's reader said.

I just saw the DGA screening of Rob Marshall's latest movie, NINE tonight and stayed for the Q & A after, so I thought I'd write in to share my thoughts. First, let me just get the HUGE scoop out of the way: when asked about his next project (by Nora Ephron, who hosted the Q&A), he replied 'y'know, it's something that I was offered and never in the world thought I would do but then I was like 'why not?'… I'm doing 'Pirates of the Caribbean….”' That's right-- Rob Marshall is directing the next installment of the 'Pirates' franchise. The only additional thing he mentioned about it was that he had a wonderful meeting with Johnny a little while ago and that they're both excited to work together.

While that's hardly an official confirmation from Disney, it does sound like Marshall is on-board as long as Disney gets this into production in 2010 as originally planned. But why am I so upset? Because Marshall is a director of glorious, gorgeous musicals, not gritty action-adventure movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. I have no clue how he's going to handle a project this epic and with this much water, but I hope he doesn't screw it up. I'll be a bit nervous with him in the director's chair, but admittedly still curious to see if Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is a return to form. Who knows how the fourth one will even turn out?

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depp should get them to wait for verbinski. as much as i would like to see another 1, enough time would have passed for gore to come up with a new set of refreshing ideas...hopefully

lego on Nov 17, 2009


Marshall looks like some dude that belongs a day-time soap. Anyways... good news I guess, could do a lot worse than Marshall and at least you can expect a good visual flick.

Ben on Nov 17, 2009


i find it hard to believe that the series can recapture the glory of "pirates 1" with marshall. i'm very surprised at this selection by disney.

beavis on Nov 17, 2009


what can a musical Director bring to pirates of the caribbean, they would have been getting Depps mates sutch as Terry Giliam, Tim Burton to Direct the new pirates of the caribbean on strange tides.

Cineprog on Nov 17, 2009


OMG! dont screw this franchise up pls. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but i hope it wont be a jolly old dancing movie.

yowsaman on Nov 17, 2009


I'd really prefer Gore Verbinski to direct any future Pirates movies, but at the same time, I understand if he wants to do new things.

Andreas Climent on Nov 17, 2009


I can't believe you describe the "Pirates" movies as "gritty action-adventure". There's nothing "gritty" about the "Pirates" movies. I mean, yes, there was literal grit, but the tone of the movies has ALWAYS been fantastical and elaborate. The over the top "action" of the films had far more in common with dance choreography than actual combat. And now this next one is supposedly centering around Johnny Depp's character specifically, who is the most fantastical and elaborate character in the whole franchise. I don't know much about this new director, other than I didn't like "Chicago" for a number of reasons, but I still think it's totally unfair to dismiss him so early in the process.

DRM on Nov 17, 2009


Just read the book "On Stranger Tides" and it was a great read. I share your hesitation in embracing him because of musicals, buuuuuuut after the 3rd one I'm ready to give the high-hat to the franchise anyways, so I have nothing to loose if it sucks....which, I suppose, I'm kinda banking on.

Voice of Reason on Nov 17, 2009


Ooh! Oooh! OOOOOOooooh! Pirates of the Caribbean 4! Yay! Let's take a franchise that has sucked for two movies now and tack on another useless chapter! Woohoo! Hell, while we're at it let's get people started on Matrix 4, and another Star Wars prequel! Wheeee!

Pete the Geek on Nov 17, 2009


Yeah, I was extremely disappointed with Pirates 3 so I'm ready for a change of pace (and I'm happy that neither Orlando Bloom nor Keira Knightley will be returning) so I've got high hopes and as #8 said nothing to lose! @ Cineprog: I don't know if i'd like tim burton directing as I'm sure it would vastly change the feel of the films (although it is called On Stranger Tides so who knows) but I LOVE the idea of Terry Gilliam directing this! That would be crazy!

Dude on Nov 17, 2009


#9 I thought Dead Man's Chest was brilliant. At World's End was pretty terrible though.

Jambi on Nov 17, 2009


Pirates should be kept in Gore's lap. I was surprised by how good Curse of the black pearl was seeing that Gore came off The Ring, but I do not think surprised like that grow on trees.

Ostilad on Nov 17, 2009


Pirates 3 was OK at best...but I dont think getting rid of Verbinski helps the franchise at all.

Cody on Nov 17, 2009


I actually liked all three, Dead Man's Chest the least, but still enjoyed watching all of them. Honestly, their biggest problem was Orlando Bloom, in my opinion. He just didn't work after the first one for some reason. Also, you're always going to run into editing/ choppy problems when filming two movies at the same time, which is the issue with DMC & At World's End. I think if they focus on the single movie, Strange Tides, it will come out a winner, with either director, on the same lines as Black Pearl.

Antioch on Nov 17, 2009


@ #7 I'd say At Worlds End was pretty gritty. Sure all of them are fantasy, but I think each movie has gotten darker and more adult. At worlds end was probably the darkest disney movie i've ever seen. Captain Jack Sparrow talking to another (dead) version of himself that has his brain hanging out of his head comes to mind. Plus there was a lot of death throughout. The first two were fantastic adventure movies, the last one was something different. I actually enjoyed the last movie except for the girl becoming a chinese queen or something for some weird, nonsensical reason and then there was that whole Calypso thing that really served no purpose. look a giant woman! it was just too absurd even for this franchise. This guy has only done musicals, but they've mostly gotten praise, so obviously he's a good director. I can't wait to see Russel Brand aka Aldous Snow in this movie. He's in it right?

JP on Nov 17, 2009


It's Johnny Depp in fucking eye-liner! It's not like Marshall's a left field choice.

SlashBeast on Nov 17, 2009


Read the script. The storyline suggests a new trilogy. And al the characters are new, except for Jack and Barbossa. But Barbossa's changed! Great strong plot, nice plot twists. Great character development. Cool mythological ideas. I don't know if he's right for it but it's somewhere in-between 1 & 2 in terms of tonality and feel.

Underscore on Nov 17, 2009


underscore, where get to read the script from???. I would love to read it too!!!. Can you tell where to find it on the internet, if thats where you read it???. I had absolutely no i dea that the writers of the potc franchise have already taken it out of being under wraps!, "sorta speak".

Sean on Nov 17, 2009


His visual eye is astounding. I don't care if he usually does musicals, this is gonna rock.

Al on Nov 17, 2009


I am one of the lucky few that liked all 3 movies. Im just glad orlando bloom got progressively better. They could do some sort of theme branching from the ending of the third movie. I guess well wait and see but johnny depp hasnt attached himself to anything crappy in awhile... Whoops, public enenmies was garbage.

L on Nov 17, 2009


Mr. Depp is in the moment the best Artis, but I finde Sweeney Todd better than PotK

Paul on Nov 17, 2009


Just bring back Johnny Depp and I could care less who directs. Maybe.

giraffic on Nov 17, 2009


giraffic, i agree with you there with what you said, 100% percent!!!!!. Hopefully rob marshall, will do as good as gore verbinski did on the first three pirates movies, or hopefully better, if thats possible!.

Sean on Nov 17, 2009


The first three movies were great I can't wait to see what they do with the fourth. I agree with giraffic, Johnny Depp is really the main element that will make or break this film.

Patrick on Nov 18, 2009


Well, what about bringing back geoffrey rush as barbossa, and bill nighy as davy jones, or just geoffrey rush as barbossa???.

Sean on Nov 18, 2009

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