Rob Marshall the Frontrunner for Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

July 31, 2009
Source: Variety

Rob Marshall

Apparently Gore Verbinski won't be returning. Variety reports today that since Disney is pushing forward with a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie for 2011, they need to find a new director, and apparently their top choice is Rob Marshall. Marshall is an Oscar nominated director with three big films under his belt: Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha, and the upcoming musical Nine. They report that: "While Marshall's involvement wasn't immediately confirmed, sources said things look good enough that the studio has begun casting new characters that will appear in the picture." Really? This is the best director they could find?

While there is a chance that things could change, "sources say unless things break down at the last moment, Marshall will be steering the pirate vehicle's next installment." Let me be the first to say that this is a very odd and altogether frustrating choice of director. I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but I really don't like Marshall. Not a fan of any of his movies, not even looking forward to Nine. He does not seem like the right guy to tackle a huge, gritty franchise like Pirates of the Caribbean. And if they're just bringing him on to try and make it glossier, like his movies, then damnit, I'm not looking forward to this. Thoughts?

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I think that he could definitely add something to the series, but to tell you the truth I didn't really care who continued the series as long as Jerry, Johnny, Geoffrey, Ted, and Terry returned 😛

Jack Sparrow on Jul 31, 2009


I still can't believe they are making a fourth...Im not going to see it, unless people really say it's worth it.

Scott on Jul 31, 2009


This is really very good news!. Now the next thing to expect to hear about pirates of the caribbean 4 is probably when its coming to theaters, which i actually already think its going to be released to movie theaters on may 25th, 2011 wednesday!. Expect that, to be its next update!, keep an eye out for it!, i already know thats whats going to be announced next anyways! =).

POTC4TFOY2011 on Jul 31, 2009


The Way Verbinski handled part 2 and 3, I don't see why this guy could make it any worse. Just let Depp do whatever he wants and all the Kids will come and see it.

ryderup on Jul 31, 2009


don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a sequel;in the true sense of the word, to the pirates movies. This is Jack's movie, which means we need a different flavor. I also would'nt worry about marshall... whethere you like his movie's or not, he knows how to paint a picture. As long as bruckheimer and disney have him by the balls this ship wont stear too far off course. I hope the new trilogy plays out independantly, the way the indiana jones trilogy did ( i say trilogy because the last one didn't happen) Depp won't let this movie suck.... he doesn't know how to. savey?

indyjack on Jul 31, 2009


This movie is not going to be a spin-off or anything like that, its expected to be a continuation of the previous three movies, but with out most of the secondary charactors, and should only have jack sparrow and barbossa, in it only, who that are played by johnny depp "of course", and captain barbossa,who that is played by geoffrey rush!. They will be most likely going after the fountain of youth, as like seen at the end of pirates of the caribbean 3..

POTC4TFOY2011 on Jul 31, 2009


i thought "pirates 3" was a muddled mess. clearly, (in my opinion, anyway) a new direction for the series is called for. verbinski really droppped the ball on the last one. i don't know if marshall is the answer; but, i think a change in directors IS needed.

dan on Jul 31, 2009


What does this mean for Bioshock? Verbinski still doing that?

Xerxex on Jul 31, 2009


Ok... this is mediocre news... neither good nor bad but if he turns it into a singing mess im going to explode with anger.

DoomCanoe on Jul 31, 2009


Rob Marshall... Why? Verbinski was good, but he was pressed to do Pirates 2 and 3 quick so he rushed up the things a bit. I would love to have Alfonso Cuaron or Peter Jackson as the director of the 4th movie, but it's just my alternative( Jackson is too busy, and Cuaron... well, who wants him besides me). If it's not a musical I'm OK with Marshall. Oh, and #5 indyjack, "savey?" was cool. I like it when Jack says it!

me on Aug 1, 2009


POTC 2 was just a trailer for POTC3 which was a long patchy boring film which from what I remember had 2 scenes of running away from rolling things that looked and felt exactly the same, they could really have got away with 2 movies. 4 will be just more rubbish.

Crapola on Aug 2, 2009


i highly doubt that pirates of the caribbean 4, will be as intense as pirates 2 and 3. Pirates of the caribbean 4 is going to be way much more like pirates of the caribbean 1, because jerry bruckheimer said so, hiself in multiple interviews for his new g-force movie, because he's been asked about it by the interviewers, just to see what the latest is with pirates of the caribean 4's production status!. At least they are not going tp make pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6 back to back like they did previously for pirates of the caribbean 2 and pirates of the caribbean 3 !!!!!!!!!!!. If pirates of the caribbean 2 and 3 were not good movies, then no one would of gone to see them in theaters, but they did so, what does that tell you?!, huh?!.

POTC4TFOY2011 on Aug 2, 2009


Yeah the fact that they are serious about making Pirates 4 is the most DISTURBING news, not that Rob Marshall is taking over. I do think he is a very talented director and maybe he will add some much needed juice to the film but to be honest the gloss on Captain Jack has worn off. It was a one trick pony film that is now playing for the 4th trick.....what a waste of time! #5 ....Yeah we all think Johnny is cool but let's not think every movie he touches is a gift from God..we have "The Astronaut's Wife", "Secret Window" and "The Ninth Gate" to prove otherwise!

Jay on Aug 2, 2009


Its not a waist of time for anyone!, people still go to see these pirates of the caribbean movies, every singe time they are released, and they end up making an uncountable amount of money!. So #14, i don't think you know what in the world your even talking about, to be quite honest, but hey, please don't taking that in the wrong way tords you, its just what you said that was just very untrue!. Also, if they are waist of time at all, then how in the world can you even explain all the money each of these movies, have made individually and together???, and nationwide and worldwide???.

POTC4TFOY2011 on Aug 2, 2009


Granted (15) these movies have made a lot of money. And I totally understand why a STUDIO would want to continue a franchise that is a "cash cow" based on it's name and ONE character, but just because something makes money it doesn't mean it is quality. Britney Spears has sold more than 50 million records...but does that mean she is on the same level as The Beatles? Crappy things will always make money, that is the job of advertising, to sell you something you may not even want. I am glad you love the Pirates series, but the entertainment value for those films ran out after part one! Part 4 will come out and make money, but QUALITY is my concern, not how much it makes becomes we are not getting percentages of the gross....last time I checked!!!!

Jay on Aug 2, 2009


Well, i already am aware the fact that the only reason for people thinking that pirates 2 and 3 were not as good as the first, just because of the fact that the second and third movie were too over done!. The first movie was not over done and so now walt disney pictures and who ever may turn out to be this movie director, will indefinately toan the this movie down by probably "story wise" and "special effects wise", that way it will be like the first movie in multiple ways!, and so that people will go to see it!. Alot of people by the way, do get excited about what they may show in movie trailer so when the release the teaser trailer and theatrical trailer for the fourth pirates movie during 8 and 2 months before its release, i'm sure tones of people will end up seeing them, and will suckered in to seeing the movie, and i mean that in a good way, not in the negative "waist their money way"!.

POTC4TFOY2011 on Aug 2, 2009


Being "over done" IS what killed the Pirates series (from a quality standpoint anyway) but I don't mean that the films became too big or too special effects driven...they were over done (and now done) because in the first film we had never seen anything or anyone like Jack Sparrow before. The character( through Johnny's performance) is what made that movie great because it was so fresh and new and that character totally carried that film and it's sequels. But after two sequels that freshness and originality is dead and no amount of "toning it down" is going to revive it. Now Pirates may become the new "Rocky" series and just continue on with numerous sequels because people like the main character, but Pirates crossed the crappy Rocky 5 threshold with part 2!

Jay on Aug 2, 2009


Well that is because of there being alittle more special effects in pirates 2 and 3 than there was in pirates 1. But pirates 4 will be toaned down "special effect wise", because pirates of the caribbean 2 and 3 did have alot of special effects in them!. The only way to rivive IS to toan it down, because how else would they rivive it then?!. They are not gonna make it a shorter story or have less characters, or less of a story/plotline, because then what would even be the point in making the next three movies then in the first place?!.

POTC4TFOY2011 on Aug 2, 2009


OK, so maybe people gets bored of Jack Sparrow because he was in 3 movies and will probably be in another 3 (I won't be upset if Jack comes back in 3 more films because I think he pulls the strings around). Maybe a new character is needed to revive the franchise. Maybe Jack's brother (why not?). Maybe he will bring originality and the start of another great trilogy! Of course alongside of "boring" Jack and "old" Barbossa. I would like a 4th PotC with a battle or a competition between Sparrow and his brother or Barbossa. However something new will change Pirates 4 in comparision with the first 3 and a verry welded story should do the "trick".

me on Aug 3, 2009


That does sound like very likely possibility with like what you said!, but "of course", jack sparrow played by johnny depp, still needs to be in it or pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6 will they will fail in the box office big-time!, and i'm sure we all wouldn't want for that to happen!, right?!.

POTC4TFOY2011 on Aug 3, 2009


Right! And Sparrow will carry on the films with the help of the new crew.

me on Aug 4, 2009


If its rob marshall who that is going to be directing pirates of the caribbean 4, then i see good things coming for the future of pirates of the caribbean 4, 5 and 6.

Sean on Sep 1, 2009

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