Rob Zombie Releases the First Photo of H2's Michael Myers

April 11, 2009
Source: Rob Zombie's MySpace

Rob Zombie Releases the First Photo of H2's Michael Myers

We've been somewhat neglecting all the recent H2: Halloween 2 news (they've been flying press to the set in Georgia recently) and that might because I just don't give a crap. I saw Rob Zombie's reboot in 2007 and I didn't enjoy it that much, or at least not enough to care about a sequel to what I thought was a lackluster reboot. But to keep the fans interested, and keep up to date on this year's movies, I'm posting the first photo that Rob Zombie released on his MySpace today. Word from the set is that this Michael Myers in H2 might not wear a mask for most of the movie, but this is what it will look like when he does have one on.

Michael Myers in H2

"Well, after 35 days of snow, freezing rain, fire ants, mud and blood we are done! The cast and crew kick ass beyond ass to bring you the most demented Halloween ever! In less than five months Michael will be back in your face! And speaking of face… here is your first glimpse of one of the many faces Michael 2009." If you're interested in reading more about all this, STYD has an interesting update on the various guises that Myers will have in H2. The Weinstein Company still has H2 slated for release on August 28th this year, exactly two years from when Zombie's reboot first hit theaters. Are there Halloween fans out there? Anyone?

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I was the biggest Halloween fan out there, then I saw the 2007 reboot and that took me down several notches, if this one is as bad, well then that will end any interest I will have in ANY future Halloween anything.

T.Ryan on Apr 11, 2009


This flick could be cool!

Spider on Apr 11, 2009


i don't see the hate for Halloween it wasn't bad it was just a direct copy of the original he should of done something different

nelson on Apr 11, 2009


im a huge fan of the original two halloweens and really hate what rob zombie did with the 2007 one so this one will probably be pretty lame as michael myers an origin story and reason for his going psychotic made the character much less frightening, it was scarier when he was killing people for no reason because you couldnt understand it

jh on Apr 11, 2009


william shatners face has never looked better

PJ H on Apr 11, 2009


whatever boring

Scott McHenry on Apr 11, 2009


this will be a good movie 🙂

zach on Apr 11, 2009


The first one was a fucking carbon copy of the original with some childhood scenes plastered on with a younger looking, sluttier chick. Fucking stupid as hell. Dragonball Evolution, now THERES a movie

Kail on Apr 11, 2009


Not a fan of the movie but I'm certain that this mask will be huge in my Halloween store this October.

Seductive Flamingo on Apr 11, 2009


I have some of the dailys from this

th3thirdman on Apr 11, 2009


Disaster all over again!! No mask, Zombie, Stick to music!!! He destroyed my favorite horror flick!

Vagrant Pistol on Apr 11, 2009


Wow -- he really gets what made Halloween my favorite movie of all time. Give the killer a backstory -- NO Take off the mask -- NO Next sequel he'll be talking and dancing. If he directed JAWS he'll film it from the shark's POV.

BONO on Apr 11, 2009


i think the movie is gonna be good. i really like the first film. i dont understand why people are complaining about the backstory for this version of michael. rob zombie just wanted to seperate his michael from the original. whats wrong with that. and the movie wasnt bad. i dont think its fair to bash the movie for not being that scary. when you think about it none them were that scary past the the first two. i give kudos to zombie for making a decent film in the first one. compared to his last film he did pretty good. he also on many occasions states how much he appreciates the character and respect john carpenter. thats why he said he made only little changes in the reboot. plus i feel that zombies halloween was better than H20 and that god awful Resurrection so give the guy a break.

Q on Apr 11, 2009


Nelson, Not sure we saw the same movie. It wasn't even close to being a direct copy to the first Halloween. I think you need to watch them both again bud.

MonkeyMowse on Apr 11, 2009


Zombies reboot actually made me interested in this character, never was a fan of the original, or should I say never really saw it until it was out about 15 years at which time it didn't interest me, Zombies version kicked ass tho.

Richard on Apr 11, 2009


jh and T. ryan... Zombies Halloween is definitely better than all those stupid sequels. Especially the one w/o Mike Myers.

kindbuddy on Apr 11, 2009


I don't understand why everyone hates the remake so much. I have to admit I'm a huge fan of the original and really was against the Rob Zombie remake but I watched it and have to admit enjoyed it. If you're gonna hate any of the Halloween movies then aim your venom at anything after Halloween 2 as let's face it they were all a bag of shit.

Smiffy1 on Apr 12, 2009


I totlally agree with #16 i loved the first movie and i can't wait for this seqyel,Tyler Mane was amazingly embraced the character and i am glad to see him bad,he would have been an amazing Sabertooth in the upcoming Wolverine's Origins. It's glad to have him back.

Fisherr on Apr 12, 2009


I dunno. I don't think Halloween '07 would've been half bad if it wasn't a Halloween film. Taken on its own merits, it's a pretty formidable psychological horror piece. BUT, since I'm of the mindset that the OG Halloween is THE single greatest horror movie ever, I was a bit disappointed. Ah, what the hell. I'll see H2. It'll be better than H20, in any event.

Andrew 3000 on Apr 12, 2009


all i know is that they better have some tits in this movie. like how friday the 13th had!

ray on Apr 12, 2009


Wow Most of you must of not watch the 1st Halloween reboot. don't know about you but i am glad to see a bit of the Micheal Myers origin. Not a big fan of rob zombies movies besides his visuals but i am glad he fallowed along with the original, think about it had he not fallowed it i would be writing what the first set of dooshes wrote. the movie would of been crap. But It was not i believe it was a good movie for what it was. like Hannibal rising , movie was not to good but we got to see that most of our favorite psychopaths were not just born that way they were created.

splinter on Apr 12, 2009


I was around for the original & all of the shitty sequels, (with the exception of 2) & I have to say the reboot was interesting. Yeah, the ending wasn't as cool, but the more in-depth back story of him as a kid was great. I look forward to this sequel.

wibuyu on Apr 12, 2009


My sister and my cousin are Halloween freaks. Because of this I have seen all of the Michael Myers movies numerous times, the worst of all being H20. Anyways, Zombie's reboot was brilliant. Anyone who dogs his 2007 film has no taste.

Eugene on Apr 12, 2009


24 i could not agree more

splinter on Apr 13, 2009


I love the two first Halloween movies, the 1st is my favorite horror film of all time. I didn't care for Rob Zombie's remake at all, especially for rape scene. Thanks, Rob. This one, I already feel the same way about it.

mxr5150 on Apr 13, 2009


I think this is going to be good. I like the first one.... and all of yall are complaining are just lame don't go see it and just go wack off in front of your computer....... when my dad was watching movies it was DRACULA, FRANK, and W.Wolf.. now we have JASON,MIKE.FREEDY.. there is no one to pass the torch to.. so I think its cool that they coming out with a 2nd one me and my girl will be there...

PaNiro on Apr 22, 2009


This movie looks ok, I'm a huge Myers fan and nothing can top Halloween 1 or 2. I dont understand why people hated the rest, 3 was gay yeah but 4 was good, 5 is my next favorite after 1 and 2, 6 was gay, H20 was good, and Resurrection wasent good but it wasent that bad. Now here comes Horrible Rob Zombies Halloween. The number 1 thing I hated about the reboot was the young Michael Myers. He ruined the whole movie and the fact he's in H2 is why I might not like it. Also I hated how everyone is all rock in that movie like all guys have long hair and stuff. Thats stupid. Now I'm glad Zombie said he's not doing that again. Also the fact he's changing everything I hate. How is Michael gonna kill with no or a different mask??? Which Zombie already confirmed "at the end of the film Michael will have a new mask" which he quotes is the scariest looking mask you will ever see. I dont care how scary it is you cant get rid of his famous mask. Also he's getting a new theme which I cant stand to hear. The movie looks very demonic but if you think about some stuff he's making it very realistic. Like look how screwed up Mike's mask is, how is he going to find another one that looks just like that? Which is where the new mask comes in. I dont know I am still going to see this, I have some doubts but I still have some hope that it might be good, hopefully better then Zombies 1st Halloween.

Michael on Apr 27, 2009

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