Robert Mark Kamen Already Writing a Sequel to Taken!

March 12, 2009
Source: LA Times

Liam Neeson in Taken

Even after predicting that Fox had screwed it over, Taken went on to earn an impressive $119 million at the box office since January. The LA Times ran a fascinating article about Taken's co-writer Robert Mark Kamen, who is Luc Besson's partner-in-crime, and hidden at the very end was this juicy little tidbit: "With more action films in the works, including a sequel to Taken and an American version of District 13, a popular 2004 French thriller that Besson produced, Kamen says he's never been happier." Hearing that news will make plenty of fans, including those that helped Taken hit $119 million, quite happy as well.

For as much as I love Taken (and I did enjoy the hell out of it), I should be excited by this news. But I guess I just don't want to see Bryan Mills have to go through another kidnapping. Wait, what the heck am I saying, Bryan Mills isn't a real person! But is it a bad thing to say that I was completely satisfied with his one-off European extravaganza and that I don't want to see him put into another situation like that again? Okay, maybe it is wrong for me to say that, because Taken was so badass that it's one of the few movies that I'd actually really like to a sequel for and it could even end up being more badass than the original anyway.

As long as both Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are on-board again (which it sounds like they are) and as long as Fox keeps their hands off of this until it's finished, I'm all for it. They also better bring back Liam Neeson or this will be dead in the water. So what say you? Do you want to see another Taken?

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I would love to see a sequel of Taken..Liam Neeson going Bourne? Absolutely yes!! But let's hope this doesn't end up like the Transporter trilogy. While Transporter 1 is a very good action film, the 2nd and 3rd shouldn't have been made in the first place. The 3rd installment was even worse than the 2nd. And how did producer Luc Besson manage to accomplish that? Bad screenplays and bad choice of directors. Taken is also produced by Luc Besson. Let's hope this isn't the case because mostly, Luc Besson is the case.

MajesticXIII on Mar 12, 2009


So, is his daughter going to be kidnapped again?

Nekrosoma on Mar 12, 2009


^^ LoL...yeah this movie was good...he's proly gonna come out of retirement

Trey on Mar 12, 2009


The first movie was complete trash. But I guess if Steven Seagal movies got sequels why not this. Can you say straight to DVD.

Atomic Popcorn on Mar 12, 2009


Part of me wants to see a sequel just because Nesson is so authoritative and interesting to watch in the movie. He kind of spent time being everyone's Dad for a which, so it's fun to watch him kick ass again. But I don't see how they can raise the stakes for him at all. He was retired, working security for pop stars and RELUCTANTLY at that. It took his daughter being kidnapped before he'd step into active duty again. How are they going to put him in a situation where the stakes are that important again? Frankly, Taken may as well have been called "Driven," because the way it was set up, you knew Nesson's character wasn't going to stop or let anything get in his way - even shooting an innocent woman in the arm to get information! How could the stakes ever be that high again?

Tom Brazelton on Mar 12, 2009


If they can get the story right, this could be superb. Taken was stripped down, brutal and utterly uncompromising ... and all the better for it! More Neeson seeing red works for me!

mrbobbyboy on Mar 12, 2009


hmm...I guess I'm one of the few who thought Taken's plot was awful. I can respect the fight scenes but overall I thought this movie was just terrible. If this is really going to happen they should stay away from story lines that involve is daughter. Maybe it should revolve around something from his past that he has to go back and deal with.

Janet on Mar 12, 2009


Taken was awesome and had a great ending. And when I say ending, I mean exactly that! How could they possibly make a sequel? I think in making a sequel it will only ruin the greatness of the first one. This is the same reason i'm upset they are making another Bourne, the series had a perfect ending to a perfect trilogy, why ruin that?? Oh the joys of Hollywood, will they ever get it?

Mark R on Mar 12, 2009


I think it shouldn't be another kidnapping story. If they were gonna make a sequel, they need to have it where those same mob bosses he took out. Go after his family or come to America to find him. But I love the first one and would definitly see another one.

TIm on Mar 12, 2009


it won't be a kidnapping. Come on people, hollywood is stupid but not that

Darrin on Mar 12, 2009


I loved it, I went into the film with zero expectation and was totally blown away by it, if done right it has the potential to hit the Bourne demographic with a couple more BUT only if the story and script are killers, it must have Liam Neeson too or you can forget it. There's tons of little touches in the film that detail his character so it would be good to see that develop.

CHACK on Mar 12, 2009


I do not, I enjoyed the first film for what it was, but not sequel worthy. The movie had a lot of flaws but if you accept them, then it is a fun kick ass movie. The sequel would be pointless.

Craig on Mar 12, 2009


Fuck yes.

Josh M on Mar 12, 2009


A sequel really isn't neccesary, although they could just make another film with the same character in a completely different situation, like tracking down and killing his daughter after she catches him putting the bone on that singer and she tries to sell photos of it to TMZ.

LINKFX on Mar 12, 2009


There doesn't need to be a remake of District B-13. Goddammit Hollywood.

Henry Jones Sr. on Mar 12, 2009


Perhaps a sequel would consist of his daughter and ex-wife being kidnapped by the same group of people who he messed up in the first film. But I'd rather see a prequel revolving around how Neeson's character obtained those wonderful skills.

Matt Suhu on Mar 12, 2009


Um why do you think the sequel would have to do with a kidnapping? I'm sure they can think of 1,000 other awesome things that the main character could do.

Richard on Mar 12, 2009


that movie was amazing. No sequel needed, I completely agree.

SmartGuy on Mar 12, 2009


I can see how a sequel could be a bad idea, but after I saw the film (which was fucking awesome) I couldn't help but think about how would like to see a sequel. I even thought of an idea: Bryan Mills's could have a love interest who's very much involved with the PeaceCorp or with missionaries. Their relationship is very loving, but Mills is finding it hard to commit to it. They decide to break up or just take a break while she goes on a trip to a hostile country to help the unfortunate. She and her friends then get "taken" by a bunch of rebels or something and Mills comes into kick some ass and save his woman. I know it sounds very familiar to "RAMBO" of last year, but I dare you to find me one movie that is based somehow on another movie. I agree with #11 that if they can't get Neeson, then forget it. But I would also like to see the original director come back as well.

PACO on Mar 12, 2009

20 news ever

Caleb on Mar 12, 2009


I think this movie would be good with just the first, but hey, it made money. Its funny how Fox shoved it and now they are embracing it. I guess he comes out of retirement?

Ryan on Mar 12, 2009


Hope Laim Nesson is put into consideration,the first one was bad ass not sure how the sequel will be.

Fisherr on Mar 12, 2009


that would be amazing. neeson kickin butt for a different reason other than his daughter getting kidnapped - awesome hopefully they'll get a good story

Josh on Mar 12, 2009


#16 - I was thinking that after seeing the film for the second time. They could call it "The Preventer", as he was saying to his daughter, he prevented bad things from happening. That would be a kick ass movie if done properly.

Traitor on Mar 12, 2009


it was an awesome movie and it's not in the realm of possibilty for a sequel and i would most likely go see it if they brought one out and it was up to par with this one

hearts4711 on Mar 12, 2009



Tom V on Mar 12, 2009


Just saw this tonite and it was awesome. It was like seeing Bourne again. I like Neeson, he is like a bad ass Harrison Ford. I would definitely see a sequel. I like that idea someone said about him being the "Preventer" maybe put him in a 24 like situation and the govt beings him out of retirement.

Jeff C. on Mar 12, 2009


prequel would indeed be more plausible than anything else. hopefully neesons age isnt going to be a problem

Lego on Mar 13, 2009


Just saw Taken (I know kind of late). Although the plot was full of cliches (particularly with the setup w/ the ex wife) the visceral nature of the story and the shear power of the character along with the uncompromising nature of Neeson = 1.5 hours of awesome. Totally won me over. They achieve what Bourne can't . Mills is aged and seems to exude the experience...Bourne is just too damn young to really be all that.

Sid on Mar 13, 2009


I was also thinking when watching this movie, that Neeson could easily do a bond movie. Curious - Was he ever in the running for the role?

Jeff C. on Mar 14, 2009


Neeson was offered the role of Bond but he turned it down.

John J on Mar 14, 2009


I watched Taken again this evening and I wondered how they could approach a sequel. I think it has to be a revenge themed movie. Actions from his past come back to haunt him and cost him dearly so he sets out on a mission for payback. I loved how single minded he was in Taken, it made sense, but a part of me nagged away and I realised it was because I wanted him to take some time from saving his daughter to bring down the columns of the organisations he came across. I believed him when he said he'd tear the Eiffel Tower down if he had to. I want to see him tear it down because he wants to.

Rob on Mar 15, 2009


taken +awsome sequel to awsome movies + is gona **** ****** **** suck no sequel to good movies

pj on Mar 15, 2009


Yeah. Absolutely I want to see a sequel to Taken which was one of my all time favorite movies, but only if it has Liam Neeson staring again. Maybe this time he could save someone elses kid. If the story revolves around someone snatching his ex, let them have her and good riddance. Divorce was invented for women like that, and super glue for their lips.

Steve on Apr 26, 2009


YES! please do a sequel. Perhaps we can see more of his friends from Langley next time? Maybe one of them gets in trouble and he is the one to help out? More team work could be fun.

JD on Dec 23, 2009


i'd love to see a sequel but only if its done right. Liam Neeson was excellent and really on top form. i heard recently that there tryin to get 'bodyguard' reimagining off the ground so my thoughts would be to have holly valance's charecter from the first movie hire Brian Mills to protect her from some weird stalker. It would be good to seem him in a diffrent situation other than kiddnapping and taking the bodyguard style storyline might be kinda cool. If not i have the dvd so i can enjoy it over and over but Neeson really played the charecter so well that i'd love to see a proper progression of the charecter.

carnie on Dec 27, 2009

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