Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol Official Poster Revealed

May 14, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol

Now this looks a little bit familiar, doesn't it? Disney has finally debuted the official poster for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol over on Yahoo today, with the trailer set to hit sometime by the end of May. We posted some photos of this exact poster on display at Cannes earlier this week. For those not expecting to see Jim Carrey looking that old and decrepit as Ebenezer Scrooge, this may be a bit of a surprise. But for everyone else, we've come to expect such madness from Zemeckis and his CGI characters, so it's nothing new. That said, check out the new poster below and stay tuned for the trailer, as it should be coming soon!

A Christmas Carol Poster

An animated retelling of Charles Dickens' classic about a Victorian-era miser named Ebenezer Scrooge who is taken on a journey of self-redemption, courtesy of several mysterious Christmas apparitions.

A Christmas Carol is both written and directed by filmmaker extraordinaire Robert Zemeckis, of everything from Back to the Future to Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Forrest Gump to Contact to his past CGI movies The Polar Express and Beowulf previously. This is based on Charles Dickens' classic story. Jim Carrey stars at least four different characters, alongside of Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes, and Bob Hoskins. Disney will debut A Christmas Carol in theaters everywhere on November 6th.

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Season's GREEDings. *giggle*

vanagwathiel on May 14, 2009


Robert Zemekis is amazing, but this project will be terrible but mae a ton of dough. Number one you are right. The cartoon is classic, why do we need thi$$$$

WB Exec on May 14, 2009


Is this going to be like Polar Express again? I hope they don't use the same technology.

MichaelBaysMom on May 14, 2009


Startin to smell like xmas already... :l

Toucmyinfection on May 14, 2009


with Jim Carrey, you know its going to be funny

Said on May 14, 2009



Scott McHenry on May 14, 2009


I think the Muppets already made the definitive on-screen version of A Christmas Carol.

SlashBeast on May 14, 2009


#6 have you not seen Forrest Gump?

teyhtr on May 14, 2009


What #7 said but X10 Should be funny though

SHANEDAV on May 14, 2009


Give this film a chance guys! As for Zemeckis' performance capture, several articles have stated that artistically, the process has come a long, long way since Beowulf and Polar Express. I'm expecting something amazing this time.

Ken on May 14, 2009


#6; I agree with you that the animating over people in films is very stupid, but your stupid ass comment about BTTF3 being Zemeckis last great film and who ever disagrees with you is a ****** what the. You are a very in-mature little girl. Everyone is entitled to his or in your case hers own opinion, but to say such stupid things. Oh! and by the way do yourself a favor and go and watch BTTF 1 again, because 3 has nothing on it and if U disagree with me then you are stupid little cow fucking wanker who gets off sniffing his own mothers dirty underwear you little fuck munga.

Last Son Vs. Blatch on May 14, 2009


#12 (Last Son Vs. Blatch) Nice retort, before you go slandering another user make sure you learn how to spell. I believe you meant to say 'immature' you fucking retard.

Art Vanderlay on May 15, 2009


Forrest Gump; Contact and Cast Away! Absolutely brillant .... Bob Zemeckis was a very talented filmmaker. Now all he does are these stupid animation over actors films. Enough already Bob. You have said that pain is temporary and film is forever. Well if you keep making these shitty movies people will be in pain forever if they have to keep viewing them. Go back to making real film and stop with this motion-capture crap.

Kal-El on May 15, 2009


#12 Art (BALD HEAD LITTLE BITCH) Vanderlay. That's your only comment. I'm a fucking retard because I made a spelling mistake. Everyone makes spelling mistake's left right and centre on this site. And you think that your the man because you pointed out that I made one. Get over yourself and go and watch BTTF3 with your little cup cake. Oh! and by the way Seinfeld was only cool because of Jerry and Krammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Son on May 15, 2009


Sorry, This sound bloody awful. Christmas Carol isnt supposed to be "FUNNY" Dickens should be rolling twice 'round ,baby, in his grave, like a record ,baby, twice round...etc... Out of the cast Gary Olman should be Scrooge for sure. OH well another classic bites the dust.

max on May 15, 2009


having jim carrey and that scrooge pic makes the poster look like the christmastized version of a series of unfortunate events

weas on May 15, 2009


I really am looking forward to seeing this and i think Disney having a Christmas Train going across the US giving some Christmas Cheer early and giving a sneak peak of the movie is a great idea. I agree with You #11.

Randy on May 25, 2009


Having seen almost all the versions of Christmas Carol, I'm looking forward to it. My top version of the film is the one with the Muppets and Michael Caine as Scrooge. To be honest, I'm a little afraid of this new version of the story, because I was not thrilled with Polar Express and all that animation technologgy. Will that suit to Christmas Carol? I hope it does.

Olga on Jun 3, 2009


I've seen the trailer, and despite my initial doubts I think it looks like it'll be quite fun! Jim Carrey has such a fantastic comedic range it'll be interesting to see how he handles the three roles apart from Ebeneezer. I hope it breaks away from the awful string of Christmas CGI movies of the past few years (Polar Express - EGADS!) At the very least some of a news generation will be exposed to a classic story (or a story based on a classic story.)

Real Cut Christmas Trees on Oct 19, 2009

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