Rodriguez Says He's Hoping to Shoot The Jetsons Next Year?!

June 8, 2009
Source: MTV

The Jetsons

Back in April, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez told Austin press that his line-up for the next few years would include Machete, then "a sci-fi action film called Nerveracker, a reboot of the Predator series called Predators, and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons." Apparently he wasn't joking about all that. We've heard confirmation on almost all of those, except for The Jetsons. Well, Rodriguez just told MTV today that he's hoping to start shooting "next year." And this is the live-action adaptation of the classic cartoon series we're talking about. Can he really finish all of those other projects by next year?

"I've been developing [The Jetsons] for awhile," Rodriguez tells MTV. The only other tidbit he adds is that "we're writing the script right now," confirming that an early draft written by Adam F. Goldberg (Fanboys) was being "reworked." It was first announced that Rodriguez would be bringing us a live-action version of The Jetsons so long ago, that we've never had the chance to write about it, since there haven't been any updates in the last three years. I can see why Rodriguez might be a good fit - it's probably being pitched as a combination of his kid's movies (like Spy Kids 3-D) and his sci-fi work (like the upcoming Nerveracker).

I'm doubtful that Rodriguez will finish the four other movies he has on his slate in time to even get The Jetsons by next year. But then again, he could pull it off if he works non-stop. But the bigger question is if this Jetsons movie will be too family-oriented and too childish or have some of that Rodriguez grit that we all love? I'm expecting that we're going to get the former and not much of the latter. Are you worried?

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He can never seem to make up his mind on what to do.

Al on Jun 8, 2009


ahh gay i didnt even get first i dont think i would ever see a jetsons movie not even if it had any of our top actors

zach on Jun 8, 2009


Robert always knows what he wants to do. It's the producing partners like the Wiensteins' that drag their feet. I think his itinerary is gonna rock! I think he's the right guy to reinvigorate the tarnished "Predator" franchise! C'mon Arnold, the ball is in your court!!!!

Spider on Jun 8, 2009



LSP on Jun 8, 2009


If you guys don't recall Robert Rodriquez is famous for shooting movies at half the time it takes a conventional studio. He is a brilliant director filmmaker.

ajn on Jun 8, 2009


Not sure if he can pull off doing those other films first, but I do believe it'll be good. Please have Danny DeVito as Spacely and not Cheech Marin. His other films sound good though and I'm excited to see those as well.

The Kid on Jun 8, 2009


I'm not even sure how to feel about a Jetsons movie? If they could do with this what they did with the first Flintstones movie I think it could be good.

S on Jun 8, 2009


cheech marin as spacely lmao!!

zach on Jun 8, 2009


I second #3 and #5. You guys are right. RR can write, shoot, chop, score, and distribute a film in half the time (even less) than the major studios---and WAY, under budget too. So yeah, he can pull it off. He's creative as hell and I'm sure his Predator movie will help us forget the 2 previous aberrations that were AVP and AVP:Requiem!

Blue Silver on Jun 8, 2009


I have never seen such a perfect role for Danny DeVito than Spacely. go on youtube, it even sounds like him.

Scott on Jun 8, 2009


Perfect cast George Jetson - Steve Carrell His boy Elroy - Some young punk unknown boy similar to the Jerry Mcguire kid Daughter Judy - Hayden Panatierre Jane his wife - Jennifer Aniston ASTRO - CGI just like Scooby Rosie the Robot maid - CGI as well voiced by Oprah Mr. Spacley- I Agree gotta be Danny Devito BOOM , now make it happen !!!



a live action Jetsons movie would be cool as long as he sticks with the style from the cartoon. And what I mean is the style of the future, The shapes of the flying cars, Those round shaped buildings above the clouds, 3D Holographic TVs and such.

TigerClaw on Jun 8, 2009


This movie has been in development heck for years. Hafta admit, I've been wanting to see the adaptation for nostaligic reasons, although I know it'll be sugar-coated and cheesy. The trailer will be the determining factor. Danny Devito is a great idea, too.

NadaNuff on Jun 9, 2009


Why would you want a gritty adult version of the Jetsons? It's a cartoon...a kids cartoon. Shouldn't it be a kids movie? I see nothing wrong with making it a family friendly movie, but there's no sense in making it gritty and adult because for one the cartoon wasn't that way, and for 2 there's no market for an adult adaptation of a kids cartoon. There's barely a market for adult oriented comic book films (ie..Watchmen. Great movie. Not a big enough market to make it a blockbuster hit)

ImaginaryVisionary on Jun 9, 2009


#11. Brilliant, except for Aniston. Seems a little bit flakey to me.

Ajax on Jun 9, 2009


Rosie the Robot maid - CGI as well voiced by Oprah LMFAO........................ Some strange reason I want to see this film fir any reason

SHANEDAV on Jun 9, 2009


It could be pretty good. I just hope he doesn't OD on the CGI like Wachoski bros with Speed Racer! That movie was headache-inducing on multiple levels

Nick on Jun 21, 2009

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