Rumor: Black Cat as Spider-Man 4 Villain and a New Female Lead?

November 10, 2009
Source: SlashFilm, Guardian

Black Cat

We're going to pump the brakes after that headline because there's a lot of rumor manure to sift through. Earlier today Mania reported a big rumor that Black Cat would be the new villain in Spider-Man 4, and that Rachel McAdams (of The Notebook and Wedding Crashers fame) was the frontrunner for the role. However, this seemed to be just another in a long line of ridiculous villain rumors, but then our friends at SlashFilm found a post in The Observer regarding actress/columnist Romola Garai, who revealed she had an audition for a role in Spider-Man 4. But is she auditioning for Black Cat or a supposed new female lead?

Let's answer that second question first before we dig into this villain debacle. SlashFilm's apparent certainty on Sam Raimi looking for "a new female lead" is quite misleading and because of this misrepresentation, highly inaccurate. A new female lead fully implies that the story would put Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane on the back-burner in favor of a new leading lady, but this is simply not the case. Dunst is still very much involved with the production and our sources say is being paid her full price for the project, so I doubt this new female role is that of a female lead, but rather a strong supporting role akin to Bryce Dallas Howard's work in Spider-Man 3 as Gwen Stacy. Now that we've cleared that up, onto the real story.

First let's just keep everyone on the ground and say that this should all be taken with a grain of salt. There seems to be a decent chance that Black Cat could be the villain if not at least one of the villains but at this point it's almost impossible to know. After Sam Raimi's talk about getting back to basics, it seemed like the two villain formula would be abandoned, but maybe he just wants to do it right this time. In fact, Black Cat's story (which includes a struggle with her unethical thieving ways and later a romance with Spider-Man) fits well with Raimi's Spider-Man formula, which always finds the villains troubling not only the costumed hero, but also becoming entangled in Peter Parker's personal life as well.

Black Cat's incarnation begins with her secret identity Felicia Hardy who was inspired to follow in her imprisoned father's footsteps as a cat burglar. But her new life was thrown into upheaval when she was date-raped by her boyfriend, Ryan. She turned her grief and shame into rage, channeling her feelings for revenge towards intensifying her training regime in martial arts and acrobatics. But when Ryan was killed by a drunk driver, depriving her of the satisfaction of revenge, Felicia set out stealing from others to compensate psychologically for what was stolen from her. It was her thievery and attempt to break her father out of prison that ultimately brought her into Spider-Man's life where she would find love and reform from her criminal lifestyle.

As I said, there's no way we can know this for certain just yet. There's still just as much of a chance that the other recent rumor of Dr. Kurt Connors finally stepping into the villainous role of The Lizard could happen as well. Anything could happen at this point! All I know is that what I'm hearing (but cannot divulge) are huge details along the lines of something from Mania's source that got buried in their story, and that's "[Sam Raimi and Co.] are [also] casting for a male villain, but had few details." I'd keep my eyes peeled for that bit before obsessing about this Black Cat business.

And really, this story from Romola Garai probably has nothing to do with Black Cat, because if Rachel McAdams was really a frontrunner, that means they've got quite the list of actresses for this character and I seriously doubt they are still putting lesser known actresses "on tape" for it. Unless it is known there is a wide search for a role to be filled, roles like this usually don't have auditions especially with names like Rachel McAdams being thrown around. And narratively I just don't know if this is the right approach because not only is a lone female villain a hard sell (remember Catwoman had The Penguin with her in Batman Returns), but she just feels a little too similar to Black Widow from the upcoming Iron Man 2.

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I agree about the male villain news getting lost in the black cat news. This means we could see another villain this time around and could mean Dylan Baker doesn't transform into Lizard. another thing, it rules out any hopes of anyone wanting Bruce Campbell for a villainous role. Possibilities are endless but if this news is actually correct, they're definitely getting further away from the basics.

Landfill on Nov 10, 2009


she is not really a villain i believe is'nt she basically spidermans catwoman?

nelson on Nov 10, 2009


FS has "sources" now? About damn time.

Keith on Nov 10, 2009


I'd accept Black Cat as a secondary villain, mostly because she's, well, not too villainous. Just like Catwoman wasn't too evil (see a trend here?) Although I'm sure she would get into a scuffle or two with Spidey, I predict their blows would lead to emotions, then she'd see the error of her ways, repent, and end up being on the side of good toward the end. Meanwhile, Spidey would have a truly evil villain (Lizard or someone else) to contend with, so that the movie wouldn't be too corny. Just my prediction. And, as a sidenote, McAdams is wrong for the role of Black Cat, if the rumor is true.

NadaNuff on Nov 10, 2009


Pfft, screw that. They need to recast the whole damn franchise, IMO. Their Peter Parker looks like Harry Osborn, their Harry Osborn looks like Peter Parker, and their Mary Jane looks like someone's chubby little sister (that's why they changed her from being a supermodel to suddenly wanting to become an actress - Kirsten Dunst just isn't hot enough). Hell, while we're on the subject they should recast the writers and director while they're at it. I smell Spiderman 3 stink all over this movie already.

Pete the Geek on Nov 10, 2009


If Rachel McAdams is in the movie, I'll go see it. Otherwise, bleh...................

corsa on Nov 10, 2009


If the Black Cat is the best that Sam Raimi has for a villian then Spidey 4 is going to do exactlly what Spidey 3 did. Crash and Burn

Chris on Nov 10, 2009


Lizard is and was a tough adversary for Spider-Man so this could make sense in the same way Harry came back to help peter in the 3rd movie. OF course this is only one villain and that plot line has already been done but with the screw up of the 3rd, I really hope they let Raimi do what he wants and producers can buy out.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 10, 2009


there were also rumors that lizard will play the villain in spiderman 4...

Hellboy on Nov 10, 2009


Haha I knew you guys would post something about this rumor even after Alex said he wouldn't. Black Cat is a bad idea. Raimi on the wrong path again.

M-Cat on Nov 10, 2009


Rachel McAdams doesn't have the bosom necessary for Black Cat.

yuck on Nov 10, 2009


one big problem i see with this is that felicia hardy has not been introduced as a character in the previous movies and it might be hard to just throw a story centered around her. I liked the spiderman TAS version of black cat where the kingpin broke her father out of SHIELD to coerce the supersoldier formula from him and then tested it on felicia. There you have a the kingpin, shield, superhuman forumla... the posibilities, but TAS had the advantage of already having previously introduced SHIELD, felicia hardy and the kingpin before the story arc

Janny on Nov 10, 2009


#3, Ketih, We've always had sources, and you'll always find them cited in the articles we post. And if your snide comment was in regards to our "sources" not always being sneaky Hollywood insiders for exclusive scoops, it's because 1). We do a lot of work to CONFIRM or at least expand upon a story before we decide to run with it and 2.) A lot of these "sources" are personal friends who tell us information in confidence and we don't want to go betraying their trust or putting their job in jeopardy just to be the first site to have an exclusive scoop. Despite our nomenclature, being FIRST is less important than being RIGHT. Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Nov 10, 2009


#5 THANK YOU, i've been preaching that since Spider-man 1 but of course no one listens to my nerd ravings.

The Delightful Deviant on Nov 10, 2009


Not going to happen. Kirsten Dunst is already confirmed as is The Lizard as the ONLY villain.

SlashBeast on Nov 10, 2009


SlashBeast, The Lizard is not in any capacity confirmed as the only villain for Spider-Man 4. That was a rumor and has NOT BEEN CONFIRMED by anybody involved with production. This scoop is just as reliable as the one about The Lizard. Hell a story about a shower curtain being the only villain in Spider-Man 4 is just as reliable as that Lizard scoop. And if you READ THE FULL STORY, you'll see that we dive into some of these rumors and point out that there's no way Dunst isn't coming back.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 10, 2009


#5 and #11 just spoke my mind! They should have casted James Franco as Peter Parker at the very beginning and threw in Felicia to expand her story line! The movies could use a love triangle between Peter, Felicia and Mary Jane like in TAS (but nothing too tangled). I like Lizard, but he really isn't a bad villain, he's just a science project gone wrong (which is something Spidey is basically). And no more emo Peter Parker, please! Recast Tobey already.

F.C. on Nov 10, 2009


I'm very aroused by this news. ... Yep. 'Arsoused' is definitely the right word.

Vegegeeta-geeta on Nov 10, 2009


'Aroused'. My bad.

Vegegeeta-geeta on Nov 10, 2009


you need a 2nd villain lizard is not strong enough to carry a movie imo

nelson on Nov 10, 2009


What no Carnage? Who do they insists not giving us what he rightfully deserve!? WE all waited patiently for Venom, and when we got him he ws over shadowed by Sandman, and Harry. Oh well.

xerxex on Nov 10, 2009


I take issue with one claim of FS regarding Mary Jane. Having heard a thing or two as well, I would bet dollars to donuts that Kirsten Dunst has a SIGNIFICANTLY scaled back role. My hunch is that she shows up in the beginning of the film and then disappears elsewhere to, let's say, further pursue her acting career. Other factors to consider are that James Franco, a big star himself, is not in SP4 by all accounts. So there is a need for another big name to come on board. Perhaps that's where a McAdams comes into play. Meanwhile, another now prominent actress, Elizabeth Banks, is still in this movie as BETTY BRANT and logic would suggest that she will have a larger role than before. So there are probably going to be a lot of moving parts here. And in all likelihood, it will be PETER PARKER, and then a collection of supporting roles. How large or small all these roles will be remains to be seen. And obviously we will all speculate relentlessly on that.

Hugh on Nov 10, 2009


I'm jazzed about Black Cat...they need to suit up Tricia Helfer (Number Six from BSG) who also does the voice of the Black Cat in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated show. However, I'd find the Black Cat more of a second-tier villain, really, and not up to par with Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, or Venom...

Fritz Blaze on Nov 10, 2009


kill of mary jane and have the black cat

jh on Nov 10, 2009


Well this is it folks. This is one movie that can decide whether or not the next Spider-Man movie is made by Sony-Columbia... or Walt Disney.

SS on Nov 10, 2009


i have a strange feeling that this spider man 4 might tie in spider man with the avengers movie.... hmmmmm? I just hope its not like spider man 3

Madnezz344 on Nov 10, 2009


gerard butler......kraven......hunting lizard and spiderman....let's make it happen folks!

nacho on Nov 10, 2009


strait out they should re do spider man 3. i think spider man 4 should have venom an carniage in it. MAKE IT A TWO PART MOVIE. spider man goes about his work an finds out that not all of the venom symbiot was destroyed an has moved on to a new host. an comes back for revenge in a actor that would do it justice an that is the right size! an that can act. mean while have doctor connors become carniage with that little bit of symbolte that he has colleted. if its based on the comic book then it will be amazing. the first half of the book shows spider battling venom an then they have to team up to take out carniage. black cat has a cameo roll in it. an its good as it gives a good back story into the symbote. an how it came about. think about that final battle in the grave yard ! awesome. i hope that you all know the comic im talking about

luke on Nov 10, 2009


Ethan Anderton: You've "always had them?" That's quite a long time. I posted that "snide" comment because I have never before seen an article on this site that said anything along the lines of "our sources." Instead, it was always "/Film's sources" or "AICN reports." Essentially, the site just reported on the news that broke on other sites; but I liked the site and Alex's enthusiasm. I have been a dedicated reader and subscriber of this site for two years, so don't mistake me for a troll. I was merely making an observation and expressing my dissatisfaction with the lack of "sources" in the past.

Keith on Nov 11, 2009


Black Cat in the movie in any capacity is alright with me. My inner 16 year old comic book geek is wearing a huge happy hat over this possibility. For me she's the only comic book character to enter the "bank". Dagger is a close second... Speaking of which, why no Cloak and Dagger movie? Seems like a natural, but I guess that's a rant for another day... I like Rachel McAdams, but she's no Black Cat. Now you can throw around your casting choices until you're blue in the face, but I think they need to do a full scale talent search and find an unknown and make it her debut breakthrough performance. All they need to do is find a super-hot, mega busty, gymnastic type who can act and carry a movie with her feminine guile. Going through the list of actresses right now, not one of them really stand out as a possibility. Okay, I know that's a stretch, and Black Cat might not even make it into the flick, but sweet daddy sikki, just don't make it the craptacular piece of stink that Spidey 3 was. I had such huge hopes for the symbiote, but jeebus, did they turn that into a Mongolian Clusterf**k of epic proportions. Until next time this has been this time... DLM Entertainment

DLM Entertainment on Nov 11, 2009


Why can't we have Lizard and Black cat in the movie? I think this way different than Sandman and Venom this is how i feel it and Black Cat can help Spiderman defeat Lizard...We'll see.

Fisherr on Nov 12, 2009


#13 - Ethan Anderton Like shit this is gonna happen. Suck balls when it doesn't.

SlashBeast on Nov 13, 2009


Jessica Alba please...Lol I know that's going far but man she is so hot and she can a total bitch and evil.

MAster Bait on Nov 16, 2009


ok y is everybody complaining about spider man being depressed in SM3?!?! seriously like oh ya peter's gonna be sarcastic with the black suit f*ckin up his life? i like black cat but they should bring back venom back first and throw in carnage and i completely agree with 28, they should make a two part movie

bray on Dec 2, 2009

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