Rumor: Chris Nolan Wants to Shoot Batman 3 Entirely in IMAX

August 26, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Christopher Nolan - IMAX Camera

This is only a rumor because it hasn't been confirmed by anyone - Nolan, IMAX, or Warner Brothers. Harry at AICN wrote a piece saying that Christopher Nolan is interested in shooting the inevitable Batman 3 movie entirely in and with IMAX cameras. This isn't all that surprising to hear, as Nolan has been a long-time support of IMAX and really wanted to shoot all of The Dark Knight in IMAX but discovered there are huge technical issues that prevented him (such as only being able to shoot 3 minutes at a time and the cameras being so heavy and loud). But maybe they'll have worked all that out by the time Batman 3 shoots?

At this point in time, almost anything we hear about the third Batman is always a rumor, because Chris is 100% dedicated to Inception right now and they haven't so much as even written a single line of the script yet (or so we've heard). But then again, if IMAX is to work with Nolan to develop a camera that is smaller, quiet, and can shoot more than 3 minutes, they might as well start working on it now. Nolan is shooting Inception as we speak and an IMAX rep told me that "Inception is definitely one of the titles that we are looking at for 2010." I have a feeling that means he's already shooting with IMAX as much as possible.

In fact, Harry addresses just that, claiming: "Part of the reason that Nolan went forward with Inception first - besides taking a creative break from the cape and cowl adventures - was possibly to create a few new IMAX cameras made to his specs." Makes sense, but that side of IMAX (development) is notoriously hard to find out anything about, especially because their engineering team is probably working directly with Nolan already (and not that publicly accessible). However, Harry says that the third chapter of Nolan's Batman saga "could very well be FULLY shot in IMAX, not IMAX Digital - but the beautiful, stunning IMAX that we saw pieces of The Dark Knight in." That would be quite glorious, but is it nothing more than a pipe dream?

Maybe not. We got a good 20 minutes of IMAX scenes during Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and maybe 20 to 30 minutes in The Dark Knight, so with 3 to 4 years of extra technological development and another movie to test new cameras on, maybe they really could find out how to shoot 152 minutes in IMAX. Oh and just to assure you that this isn't all just made up, Nolan himself is quoted in USA Today as saying: "There's simply nothing like seeing a movie that way… I wish I could shoot the entire thing this way." And there's this entire article. So maybe, just maybe, by 2011 or 2012, we'll see Batman 3 entirely in IMAX.

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Makes sense that this is unconfirmed, 'cause according to Christian Bale he is not even sure that Christopher Nolan is even going to make another batman movie AT ALL. (which makes me nervous) Forget about all the rumors, I'll be able to sleep comfortably when Nolan comes out and officially confirms that he is actually going to do batman 3. Putting that aside though, this sounds amazing if he actually can pull it off.

kreig70 on Aug 26, 2009


Didn't you report this more than a year ago? Anyways, I doubt it will happen. IMAX cameras are a pain to deal with for any kind of movie.

SlashBeast on Aug 26, 2009


There are unconfirmed rumors that Nolan will direct Memento 2 before completing his Batman trilogy.

Jamdolin on Aug 26, 2009


cant people give Nolan a break from Batman 3 rumors we all just have to wait and see if he comes back to do the movie. all these stories about Catwoman and The Riddler going to be in the next movie, even Megan Fox going to star as Catwoman and he going to film the movie using IMAX cameras is just annoying. more and more stories about Nolan is going to direct Batman 3 is a pain please wait for what Nolan and WB says about Batman.

tazz on Aug 26, 2009


not gonna happen cause its too fucking expensive so get your hard on down

:) on Aug 26, 2009


Seems pointless to me being batman isn't heavy on special effects.

Cat on Aug 26, 2009

7 must be joking number 6 because TDK had some of the best effects scenes ever conceived (not to mention a required post shot in nearly every frame) . I guess Nolan was pretty successful in making them seamless and photorealistic if you didn't think it was "heavy on special effects". So mission accomplished... Check out cinefex if you want to read about the dozens of post production effects teams that worked with Nolan. He mostly used minatures and practical effects and then complemented them in post with CG explosions, environments, and facial tracking. Dent's face alone was revolutionary for the effects industry.

peloquin on Aug 26, 2009


There are unconfirmed rumors that Nolan is actually a vampire, and Batman 3 will be filmed entirely at night to accomodate his and Christian Bale's unique schedule (Bale, of course, being a werewolf). Thank god for unconfirmed rumors.

Pete the Geek on Aug 26, 2009


#8 that was funny. Even though everything Nolan touches is gold, I predict that Nolan will either not direct Batman 3 and/or Inception will be better than Batman 3. How many more movies does Nolan have to make before we start talking about one of the best directors of all time. I know it's premature NOW, but seriously, everything he does is really good.

Branden on Aug 26, 2009


The comment about it being shot in true IMAX and not digital IMAX doesn't make sense. IMAX digital is just a projection format. They aren't digital IMAX cameras to shoot with.

adam on Aug 26, 2009


They should get Kate Beckinsale to play catwoman or Mila Kunis ( Girl in Max Payne and The 70's Show ) And get Tom Hanks to play the Riddler ( No Joke ) Think about it

robo on Aug 26, 2009


I think Johnny Depp could play The Riddler, think about it. #11 I think Tom Hanks it a tad bit too old.

Caitie on Aug 26, 2009


Please don't refer to Mila Kunis as Girl in Max Payne. Your choices are girl from That 70s Show, girl in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or maybe even voice of Meg Griffin. Never Max Payne. And she would not be a good Catwoman. I do like the Beckinsale idea. Every time I see her all I think of is hottie in tight leather. Or Click. not really

Branden on Aug 26, 2009


12 - I think Johnny Depp is getting too predictable in the "crazy" roles. Let's start handing them to somebody else.

equustel on Aug 26, 2009


# 12 Johnny Depp is so predictable think outside the box # 7 number 6 is basically right the movie is not some heavy special effects movie like Transformers.

tazz on Aug 26, 2009



Scott on Aug 26, 2009


It's a VERY heavy special effects movie so I don't know what you're talking about...I'm in the effects industry and just because there weren't fully CG characters doesn't mean it's not heavy on CG. Bay would have never filmed Transformers 2 in IMAX had Nolan not done it first with TDK. He paved the way for Transformers to use similar technology when they were filming.

peloquin on Aug 26, 2009


It's amazing that nowadays most people hear special effects and can't comprehend anything other than CGI. Nolan is one of very few directors who are keeping practical effects alive and doing it spectacularly.

SlashBeast on Aug 26, 2009


I hear ya number 1

Aaron Holland on Aug 26, 2009


I like the quality of IMAX, don't get me wrong, but the aspect ration sucks. When IMAX is shot in 2.39:1 (or Panavision), let me know. Humans have a naturally wide field of vision. It just makes more sense.

Mark on Aug 26, 2009


yea, did they even agree to a third batman yet? if so then ill def make the journey to an imax theatre, think closest is about a 100 miles

harrison on Aug 26, 2009


Ahem! That was supposed to be "apsect ratio" not "aspect ration"... Sorry 'bout that. And yeah, TDK was very heavy in special effects, again speaking as an idustry insider. Nice to know people didn't notice them and just enjoyed the film.

Mark on Aug 26, 2009


They can take as long as they want with batman 3, so long as they pop out something that is nearly as good as dark knight.

Dan on Aug 26, 2009


Whatever story arch they do adapt for Batman 3, it will never live up to TDK. I suggest they take a radical direction and shoot The Dark Knight Returns. It would be more interesting than watching a Penguin film.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 26, 2009


number 24, yes ur right, pinguin sucks, he is too unrealistical for nolan, depp seems like a good riddler, and fox as agoood catwomen or sexy black cat, but who knows, nobody cared for the sacr crow and rac al goulh and batman begins was really awsome, so i think nolan will make a pretty good job in batman 3, and whatever he comes to, i know itl be just pur awsomeness!!!!!!!!!!!

FrObOy21 on Aug 26, 2009


I went to see Transformers on IMAX and only noticed about 5 minutes of it in IMAX - much less than Batman. Also in Transformers none of the city or desert shots were in IMAX. only closeups of Transformers. Wide, city shots are what makes IMAX impressive. not special fx closeups. Hardly anyone I know who saw transformers in IMAX thinks that made any difference, but everyone who saw Batman on IMAX was blown away with IMAX, which was used very well in city scenes. Michael Bay should take a leaf out of Chris Nolan's book on how to use IMAX.

dirtydog on Aug 26, 2009


@dirtydog there were 2 desert scenes in IMAX. Look again.

Cat on Aug 26, 2009


Yeah i really like the sound of tom hanks playing the riddler, i can see what u mean because it would be totally unexpected plus lets face it, the man can act too. Dont no about Beckinsale as catwoman, we have already seeb her in a pvc suit give someone else ago lol. This sounds stupid but wot about Mariah Carey. im up 4 that

David on Aug 26, 2009


Hell yeah I would want to see T Hanks play the riddler. Marisa Tomei should play Catwoman Not Mariah Carey #28 lol

Tom on Aug 27, 2009


this tom hanks talk does seem intresting , i like the sound of Marisa Tomei as catwoman Cat von D should be catwoman ( la ink )

Colin on Aug 27, 2009


If you have the Blu-Ray version of TDK, you might have noticed the filmformat not quite filling your widescreen HDTV all the times, only sometimes. Those sometimes it filled your TV screen-thats the IMAX shots. It really looked fantastic, but abit annoying with the 'pumping' of the screen, or: with/without the letterboxing. IMAX costs alot, maybe 4 times as much to shoot in, but well worth it. I read in a newspaper Megan Fox is the new catwoman??

David Banner on Aug 28, 2009


fuck wb fuck nolan fuck bale and fuck you too Batman could survive anything!!!!

mbembet on Oct 15, 2009


dont you guys who said there might not be batman 3 at the end of TDK they practically said they were when the police start hunting him down

max s. on Oct 23, 2009


I wish Christopher Nolan could return for Batman 3. I personally think they should call it: "The Caped Crusader". I love Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Bring on the 3rd film, but only one thing: DON'T MESS IT UP! And bring back the composers as well. The score is kickass! Bring on "The Caped Crusader" (2011)

John M on Dec 8, 2009


the biggest question for these movies is...who the hell's gonna replace the joker? we do not need new villans! Yes johnny depp would make an awesome riddler, but my choice would be crispin glover.....penguin, though very unrealistic as a villan in Nolans eyes could be played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, my choice would be a larger than life seasoned actor like John Goodman. catwoman, my choice is Rosario Dawson.....but back to the joker.....I want timothy olyphant!!!! Ithink hes a dead ringer for Ole' jack.hes the right build and hes got the range to do it....Im so pissed at Ledger for dying, I'd revive him and kill him again! It took me forever to get warmed yup to the idea of heath ledger playing the joker, and when he won me over with the performance, then died...there are no words i know of that can explain how pissed I was... because Nolan was on track to creating the perfect franchise...if nolan does not return its over, because neither will bale..and our newest joker is gone...bring in Timothy Olyphant and he'll save the day

chick on Dec 17, 2009

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