Rumor: Could Aaron Eckhart's Two-Face Still Be Alive?!

January 12, 2009
Source: MTV

Two-Face in The Dark Knight

Do you believe it? One of last year's big debates was about the death of Two-Face at the end of The Dark Knight. Sorry for the spoiler, but considering the movie's already out on DVD and has nearly made $1 billion at the box office, if you haven't seen The Dark Knight by now, you're probably living underground anyway. Back in September, we ran an end-all article with a quote from actor Aaron Eckhart himself saying that "he is dead as a door nail." We thought that would be the last of it, but I guess we were wrong. MTV has ran an interesting article today claiming that Eckhart's reaction to their inquiry on the Golden Globes red carpet may hint at the return of Two-Face in another Batman movie. We'll let you be the judge of that!

In the video, an MTV reporter asks Eckhart about Two-Face returning, despite the previous claim that he was thoroughly dead. All Eckhart does is suspiciously laugh and say "I think Harvey — if he's not dead — is in a serious coma and I'm not sure he's coming out. They might pull the plug on him." But MTV is saying that it's the fact that Eckhart isn't flat out admitting he's dead -- in fact, he never says it once in the 3 minute video -- that brings up speculation that maybe they want him back after all? Take a look…

Being an optimist, maybe he will return, even in a very limited sense. Here's my theory to get things going. Throughout The Dark Knight, Batman tells Harvey Dent that he is the "White Knight", he is the one that could finally save Gotham City. Batman's end-all objective is purely to make Gotham the kind of place that it was when his parents were alive. So if Harvey is the one who could do that, then why wouldn't Batman want to help him stay alive, in some way, as that White Knight. The people of Gotham, who would then be rooting for Harvey to eventually make it out of his coma, will have something to believe in together.

Christopher Nolan has said time and time again that it's about finding the right story. Couldn't that be just one small part of a storyline for the next sequel? If Harvey Dent is so integral, in theory, to Batman's objective of saving Gotham City, then why wouldn't he still be alive, in some capacity. Even if all he does is sit in a coma in a hospital the whole movie (and wake up at the end), that's a story that could remain in the background throughout most of the movie. We all know that Cillian Murphy returned as the Scarecrow, even just for the opening few scenes. So why is it so hard to believe that Harvey Dent could be back, potentially in some incapacitated sense? Hell, they brought Shredder back from the dead, why not Two-Face?

Although, on the pessimistic side, maybe Eckhart is just laughing like that because he's baffled that people still believe it's possible. Combined with the weight of the entire Golden Globes ceremony, maybe it all just makes for a good discussion, albeit completely ridiculous. So what do you think? First off, is Eckhart hinting that he'll return? Second, is there a storyline with Two-Face that makes sense?

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I like your latter analyses better.

Angelo on Jan 12, 2009


Or, maybe he's laughing like that, and repeating "Harvey" over and over, cause he's sick of people asking him about it...

Nate Mac on Jan 12, 2009


it wasnt his right side talking...that was his left side 😉

evilnik on Jan 12, 2009


He's dead. They had the funeral. The body is buried. It is time to move on.

Harvey Harvey Harvey Dent on Jan 12, 2009


He is dead dead dead! I am so tired of this speculation, the Nolan Brothers released the script that said DEAD for Christ sake! It would ruin the sequel if Dent magically returned.

KyB on Jan 12, 2009


worst villain ever. if he doesnt put some a and d ointment on his face he'll die from infection in a couple days anyway.

Brian Ricci on Jan 12, 2009


dead. as. a doornail.

-Peter- on Jan 12, 2009


I'm sorry, you cannot compare Shredder to Two-Face... Shredder <3 You Fail.

Matthew on Jan 12, 2009


Oh My God! People need to get over it already! Harvey Dent DIED! Period. He is not in a coma. He is not going to be resurrected. He does not have a twin brother with the exact same burned scars. Bottom line, Christopher Nolan WILL NOT BRING BACK THE TWO-FACE CHARACTER! I loved the character and what was done with him in The Dark Knight, but Christopher Nolan stated himself to Aaron Eckhart, "you're dead". Plus, one of the whole reasons this series is working so much better than the old one is because it has a sense of REALISM that the older, cheesier series absolutely did not. Thank you #4 for reminding everyone that there was a funeral for harvey Dent at the end of The Dark Knight. FUNERAL=CHARACTER NO LONGER IN STORY LINE!!!

Matt on Jan 12, 2009


Hasn't Christopher Nolan shot this rumor down on multiple occasions?

Fuelbot on Jan 12, 2009


These movies so far are thankfully not gimmicky. I can't imagine Nolan doing a 180 and bringing back a character that clearly died. That works only in the comics, and often not even very well in comics.

Scott on Jan 12, 2009


I'd love to see Two-Face come back. He's one of the great Batman villains and he didn't get much of a run. I can think of at least three ways to bring him back from the dead.. As far as story goes you'd have Two-Face out there still crusading against injustice the same as Batman except Harvey doesn't mind killing people. So if you had a third villain in the mix then both Bats and Two-Face would be after him/her.

ballyhoo on Jan 12, 2009


Can't we all just agree that he'll be in a few flashback scenes? Harvey may be dead, but he was just as important to Gotham as batman was. I can't imagine they'd just forget about him, so why not represent post-Joker Gotham by making it as realistic as possible. They just lost both their white knight and their defender of the night in one day.

nick on Jan 12, 2009


look, we never see his body at the end, yes they have a funeral/memorial but come on, his part as two face was very small in retro spect. since the joker was the main villian. i think originally they probably wanted to do more with Two face, but since heath's passing, they maybe didn't want to take the spotlight off of his amazing final performance? Which leaves more to the two face story just my guesses.

taurinh24 on Jan 12, 2009


Harvey Dent is dead! he wont be coming back. but who says two face wont be. we all know how nolan likes to twist things around. so perhaps dent is dead but two face will return as a villan.

jay on Jan 12, 2009


Might just be a cameo, a la Scarecrow

Jaf on Jan 12, 2009



Drunkimus on Jan 12, 2009


I agree with Brian Ricci. I think Two-Face won't come back and Eckhart is laughing because it was a stupid question to ask someone who has no idea or control over the verdict of Two-Face's fate. More importantly, I think it's good that Two-Face is dead because he was a character that was completely incongruous with the realistic feel that made Batman Begins so entertaining for me. Everyone knows that Two-Face would die of a massive infection because he has absolutely no skin on the left side of his face, but that's not all. Without an eye-lid, his left eye would dry out even more quickly than his developing infection and he would go blind. Even further, Two-Face had muscle on the side his cheek that human beings don't have. He's also missing three muscle that attach to the mouth on each side of the face. These may be stupid complaints to a lot of people, but coupled with Batman and Rachel surviving from a long fall from a skyscraper among other unrealistic events, I felt this movie took too many liberties with reality. If a film is about taking down a criminal mastermind, the solution isn't satisfying if it only exists once you suspend reality and that's exactly what The Dark Knight does on several occasions. Ultimately, Two-Face should have been created with second-degree burns and been allowed to develop over time to be the villain for the third film. The lapse of time between the second and third film would be a much more believable period for Two-Face to turn from a decent person into a murderous psychopath. Too bad the Nolan brothers tried to cram way too much into one film and dropped the ball big-time!

Bobby Simpson on Jan 12, 2009


So when they were at the funeral, who was in the casket?

LeeMan on Jan 12, 2009


For me Two-Face is definitely dead. Harvey Dent's awful fate serves the script in a way that Batman in the end can become The Dark Knight. If you pull this out, everything collapses. Batman gives hope to Gotham by not reducing Harvey to a common criminal. He knows that if the truth about Harvey comes out it will destroy Gotham. That's the reason he takes the fall for Two-Face's crimes. Let's say for a second that Harvey is still alive...then Batman's sacrifice means nothing! Two-Face may as well re-appear and say: "Citizens of Gotham I'm sorry but I killed those people, Batman is innocent.." and then Batman is redeemed. Can you imagine a worse scenario than this? Just cheap and downright BS. It ruins the very reason Batman made the choice that nobody else would make. That is, being more than just an ordinary hero... (those are words Alfred says to Bryce Wayne). You see Nolan didn't just build Batman's character transgression by using solely cinematic rules as a guide. Batman's character evolution, from Batman to the Dark Knight, has literary foundations.

MajesticXIII on Jan 12, 2009


1. You never saw the physical casket, you saw a ceremony of some sort that could have very well been it, but there was no hard evidence. 2. Harvey went on his rampage by trying to kill the "responsible" people. So what could the plot be for the 3rd movie?

Andrew on Jan 12, 2009


Dead. He's dead. No amount of jibber jabber on a red carpet will change that. Nor will that jibber jabber miraculously conjure a final script, storyline or confirmed casting. All it will do is perpetuate more jibber jabber.

ScottyR on Jan 12, 2009


When he said Harvey is in a coma, he was speaking figuratively; that even if the character didn't die, he won't be returning in the next movie. That's it.

Matt on Jan 12, 2009


Eckhart makes it look like the possibility is there. I'm sure he's tired of hearing it, plus he doesn't want to give a solid answer b/c he doesn't know what Nolan is going to do. Besides that laugh couldn't be faker. However, since he did 'die', the Joker got away with 'breaking batman's one rule' Batman did save Gordon and his family, but he pushed Two-Face off the ledge. Am I right on that? I think at this point, its totally up in the air. I can see Two-Face being in it, but he won't have the main spotlight. The new villian will take that up.

Nick Sears on Jan 12, 2009


I have to agree that you never saw a casket in the "funeral" scene. Not to mention that both Two-Face and Batman fell from about the same height so why couldn't he be alive? I have no problem with Nolan bring him back or not but I have to say I have enjoyed what the have started with the new run of Batman movies. Most of Batman's villains are still alive in the comics and have been the same character since they started and I like that Nolan has done that with keeping people like Scarecrow from the first movie on as a cameo in the second or making characters like Zsasz a cameo in the first. I think they have set up a great world here it's not so important that all of his villains are the main focus just that they are out there. We don't need to have Batman 3: Two Face but just because we don't see him why does he have to be dead? Hell I head we might get to see a bit of the Joker in the new Green Arrow movie (Super Max).

Drew on Jan 12, 2009


I agree that they didn't really use Two Face to his full potential (although as Harvey dent he was in most of the movie). But at the same time, I think bringing him back might stretch credibility a bit. And if he did come back would he come back as a good guy or bad guy. He really wouldn't be Two Face if he went back to being a good guy again.

Mr. Web Based Training on Jan 12, 2009


Alex, considering your rampant obsession I thought you would've remembered that the entire reason Batman becomes The Dark Knight is to keep the memory of Harvey as the White Knight alive.

Fuelbot on Jan 12, 2009


Another reason he shouldn't come back is because it cheapens the sacrifice Batman chooses to make and the deaths of all those involved. Let it go, man.

Fuelbot on Jan 12, 2009


The Dent character might feature if a villain wants to blackmail Gordon \ Batman by saying 'i know what happened to Dent before he died' (you know Ramirez is still alive and knows what happened...). me an idea!

chris on Jan 12, 2009


I personally think he is still alive. I he wasn't there wouldnt be much reason for Batman to take the blame for the murders Harvey commited. Even if they were going to claim he killed them in self defense. So i believe that Harvey Dent s alive in some form. What this will mean for the next Batman is up in the air.

Chris on Jan 12, 2009


I don't think Harvey was ever necessarily dead. I think the funeral at the end was a fake, and Batman figured out that Gordon had to fake Harvey's death and lock up Two-Face in order to keep Gotham from losing its soul. In order to finish the trilogy, I think that the whole story of Harvey as Gotham's white knight and Batman as Gotham's dark knight have to come full circle. It's tragic that the cycle can't be completed with the Joker, but I think it works with Harvey, and when you have someone as talented as Eckhart playing the role, you have to at least consider bringing Two-Face back. If Nolan could modify Jeph Loeb's Hush plot, he could really turn the third movie into something that could rival Dark Knight and bring the trilogy full circle. I'm tired of superhero movies where the villain has to die at the end, and I think Nolan's movies purposely break out of that mold, and that's part of the reason that I never thought Harvey was really dead.

Deucey on Jan 12, 2009


For those idiots who say "He's for sure dead. They showed his body. He's dead dead dead!!" DID YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING WATCH THE MOVIE????? All they showed was a large portrait of Dent at a memorial service for like 3 seconds. NO BODY. NO COFFIN. Put aside your subjective preference of whether you want him to come back or not and admit that IT IS A POSSIBILITY.

Barrett on Jan 12, 2009


For those idiots who say "He's for sure dead. They showed his body. He's dead dead dead!!" DID YOU ACTUALLY FUCKING WATCH THE MOVIE????? All they showed was a large portrait of Dent at a memorial service for like 3 seconds. NO BODY. NO COFFIN. Put aside your subjective preference of whether you want him to come back or not and admit that IT IS A POSSIBILITY.

Brabs on Jan 12, 2009


I think Two-Face should remain dead. The Dark Knight was a movie which walked away from the cliches of the comic book genre and one of those cliches is that a character is never dead. NEVER. I think it would cheapen the TRAGEDY of Harvey Dent and Batman's decision to be the fallguy. Also, I think Two-Face had ample character development, he had at least 2 and a half hours.

SlashBeast on Jan 12, 2009


he is dead

darrin on Jan 12, 2009


Harvey is dead. but even if he were still to be alive, he wouldn't be Harvey but Two-Face. because of that, he would have to pay for his sins of killing people and there is no way that Batman would be able to return Harvey back into the White Knight, DA. Harvey's crossed the line and is a villain. so if he is alive, which he isn't, he still wouldn't be the white knight...thereby this being a futile and moot storyline because Batman has to either find another white knight, or deal with it...hence, The Dark Knight Returns as the title for Batman 3.

Matt Suhu on Jan 12, 2009


we dont know if their was a body at the funiral, and batman survived the fall so y not Two-Face?

L Lawliet on Jan 12, 2009


To me it seems pretty obvious that Nolan does not know if he killed Harvey or not. In the film it's left ambiguous, and that's all that matters going into the next movie. It does not matter what anyone says, if Nolan decides he wants Two-Face in the third movie, he won't be dead. He fell 20 feet and there was a closed casket funeral, you don't see a body and it makes sense to lock Two-Face in Arhkam and throw away the key while you have a fake funeral since you don't want anyone to know. On the other hand, if Nolan's next story does not need him, then he's dead and the existing scenes show that. Even if the shooting script says dead, even if every actor attached the the movie says dead, it means nothing. All that matters is what happens between the start of The Dark Knight and the credits. Nolan leaves it open, if he was sure he wanted Harvey dead then you can be sure that Batman would have some reaction to the fact that he just killed someone. This is important to the character and the entire rest of the movie acknowledges that. The only explanation that I can come up with is that Nolan want's to be able to have the choice to use Two-Face again if he chooses. It'll come down to the story.

T Robert T on Jan 12, 2009


Who gives a shit, the most overhyped movie of 2008. Eckhart is a fine actor but this was hardly a great role for him. I think some of you need to get out more.

Bob on Jan 12, 2009


#37 cause Batman has body armor.

Matt Suhu on Jan 12, 2009


i'm not going to read all the comments here, but i'm sure everything i'd say has already been said. and i'm sure he's just laughing it off cause he doesn't want to be quoted for something that isn't true. he's no longer involved and he was intended to die in TDK anyway. joker was the one that was supposed to be carried over to Batman 3.

crAziemutant on Jan 12, 2009


The chances of that fall killing him are not that strong, when Nolan said he was dead I believed him, but when I first saw the film, I thought the funeral was staged to cover up the events. If Harvey was alive they would have to lock him away to keep him quiet and controlled, not to mention he is an insane criminal. He is probably dead but how then would Batman's name be cleared in the third film. A new villain emerges forcing Batman to come out of hiding, and people just forget about the fact that he killed 5 people. He is not going to explain himself, maybe Gordan brings the truth to light. A return of Dent as a criminal would make the most sense in Batman's reputation being reinstated. People would realize that Batman is what the city really needs, based on his sacrifice. Christopher and Jonathan Nolan are as good of writers as anyone so I am sure they will come up with something amazing if Dent does not make a return. At the end of the day the film did leave room for him to be alive and the only thing that matters is what happened on screen, not what is said in interviews, even if it is by the director. If it serves the story best, he will be back- they know none of us would care the second the first trailer hit and most people that have seen the film are probably far more uncertain of his fate than those of us that have read all these articles, and would welcome two face as an actual villain. The personal nature of Batman confronting two face has so much more room for drama, especially since they both lost the same woman in Nolan's version. It just seems like there is a lot more left to do with this character.

Tyler on Jan 12, 2009


Tyler, it wasn't the fall that killed him... It was that sudden stop at the bottom, landing on his back... That was enough to kill anyone.

Nate Mac on Jan 12, 2009


No matter how realistic Christopher Nolan wants it to be, Batman is still a dude that dress as a bat, and it's still a comic book character. It wouldn't be far-fetched in the 3rd movie if they revealed that they never found Dent's body.

Oly on Jan 12, 2009


In comic books a character can die a number of times and still come back, ex.: magneto, jean grey, superman, it just takes the right excuse. I think they should just move on to the next villian, but if batman survived the fall and could get up and run away, why couldn't Harvey survive, and just be really hurt. And if no one else caught it, but Aaron only said Harvey, he never did say Two-Face wasn't coming back.

Greg on Jan 12, 2009


I've been to the future and there is no Harvey and no more dark knight's....Nolan never comes back as a director for the sequels. Zack Snyder gets the green light to make Miller's The Dark Knight Returns'. Believe it.

vic on Jan 12, 2009


I was just how the people of gotham could be rooting for Harvey to come out of his coma when there was clearly a funeral (fake or not) at the end of the movie.

Daniel on Jan 12, 2009


I was just wondering how the people of gotham could be rooting for Harvey to come out of his coma when there was clearly a funeral (fake or not) at the end of the movie.

Daniel on Jan 12, 2009


I believe his dead but if they do bring him back I will sorta feel like he is filling the void that the Joker was suppose to be in.

Joker on Jan 12, 2009


in all probability he is probly dead. but he could he survived the fall. stanger things have happened. he could have been hanging on the railing like batman an fell just b4 batman grabed the kid. regardless of wether he is a criminal, batman would never kill him. he would try everything to save him. give him the funeral. whilst he is locked up. in the next movie he could either come out as a villan, or as a plastic surgery reformed harvey an explain to the public what the joker did. remember. all those cops would have seen what harvey had become, when they ran through to chase the batman. they would be sworn to the public wouldnt know what harvey did. it wasnt a open casket funeral. like i said. in all probability he is dead. but stanger things have happened in the comic world! and this is Mr Nolan were talking about. MR ras al gul, get blown out of a building, lands limply on compact ice, an get basehed down a ice slop. after inhaling for near 10mins smoke knocked out. an getting carried down a very long mountain in hyperthermia conditions. an he survived.

the critic on Jan 12, 2009


I hope he is not dead. I really thought that Harvey Dent was awesome in the movie. Although overshadowed by Heath's death and his performance, i really loved two face in the movie. A LOT! I believe in two face, not Harvey Dent.

Dan W on Jan 12, 2009


I hope he is dead! If he returns, it will be a sucky film. i cant imagine gordon leaving the crime scene without inspectioning the body... come on! few comic characters should return from death ehem ... very few! (well, they should only have taken that cheap character you call superman out... hate the guy)

Galethog on Jan 12, 2009


Why the good "Knight" gotta be White?!?

Daas on Jan 12, 2009



evilnik on Jan 13, 2009


not happening

fanboy d on Jan 13, 2009


From what Aaron said it looks like he might be back.

Fisherr on Jan 13, 2009


Although he didn't say

Fisherr on Jan 13, 2009


Here's my idea: They wanted to kill off Dent and focus on The Joker, but now they can't really do that. So, they'll bring Dent back in a coma, Batman will make sure he stays in a coma, until something happens at the end and he can't get to Dent in time to give him the "whatever" drug, and he awakens as crazy Two-Face. As far as Eckhart's reaction, he's probably just sick of the question.

Syphous on Jan 13, 2009


Brabs or Barrett or whatever the fuck your name is. You and all the other people who say, "there was no's a possibility" are completely fucking incompetent. He died. Period. Get over it. He was a short-lived "villian" because of his momentary lapse of character due to his emotional strain over Rachel's death. He could never carry a movie himself as a villian for something and that is the way Christopher Nolan intended it. Also, do you really need a casket to prove he died? What, like a memorial service and a dead body at the scene isn't enough? Or how about Batman saying that any chance Gotham had of hope DIES WITH HARVEY. Everyone please give up on the Two-Face character! He was good for TDK, but he is gone. And for all you people who say, "Harvey Dent died, but Two-Face is still alive,"

Harvey Dent is Dead on Jan 13, 2009


was I the only one who was stupidly confused by the return of the scarecrow in dark knight?

nemof on Jan 13, 2009


"Harvey Dent is Dead" i think your the idiot an that you need to watch more movies. This is what you said Also, do you really need a casket to prove he died? What, like a memorial service and a dead body at the scene isn't enough? Or how about Batman saying that any chance Gotham had of hope DIES WITH HARVEY. Batman, said that any chance gotham had dies with harvey didnt imply that harvey was dead. Numbskull. Harvey as the ppl of gotham know him has changed. they dont know about his face,loses of love,joker manipulation.or the cop killings an mob hits. that all happened while the joker was terrorising ppl. when batman an gordon found out. certain events folded an harvey ends up on the floor. Harvey is two face now. he cant be shown to go back to gotham looking like that after what he did to. every criminal he put away in that reco case would be freed an all work undone. like batman says in the alley to harvey. your the first legitamit ray of hope gotham has seen in decades. harvey is dead two face isnt neccesarily isnt. UNDERSTAND NIMROD. nolan yes made a funeral service for harvey, to keep face for gotham. but htat doesnt mean that two face isnt some were alive or dead. they nerver said he was dead. you imply it.

the critic on Jan 13, 2009


@60(nemof), watch gotham knight. that'll probably fill you in more.

crAziemutant on Jan 13, 2009


is it gonna be like this for the next 3 years?...

crAziemutant on Jan 13, 2009


@crAziemutant, thanks dude. I can't believe I haven't seen it already! Something to look forward to.

nemof on Jan 13, 2009


nemof, sure thing. just's...different. though it still explains the minor things.

crAziemutant on Jan 13, 2009


@61 Actually they do know that harvey Dent was injured in the explosion the Reporter mentions says he hopes for a speedy recovery right before the Joker calls into the station with the threat about the hospitals.

Joker on Jan 13, 2009


@66 i said Harvey as the ppl of gotham know him has changed. they dont know about his face,loses of love,joker manipulation.or the cop killings an mob hits i never said the ppl of gotham didnt know he was injured.

the critic on Jan 13, 2009


Listen, "the critic". Two-Face is as likely to be alive as if Bruce Wayne were to die and Batman were to still exist. If Harvey is dead, which he is, so is Two-Face. We are talking literally here you idiot, not figuratively. In the movie, they do not mean that Harvey Dent died figuratively, they meant that he died literally as in ashes to ashes, pushing up daisies, etc. They mean that with him dead, his cause to correct the issues in Gotham as a leader are no longer possible because he NO LONGER EXISTS. If you cannot understand that NIMROD, there is no helping you.

Harvey Dent is Dead on Jan 14, 2009


@66 So your telling me in a a city like Gotham and a hospital as large as Gotham General not one person got the news out that half Dent's face had been turned into a hamburger left on the grill way too long or know that he and rachel were a thing...ok sure.....

Joker on Jan 14, 2009


@68 the nimrod. look its up to nolan really as to wether two face is dead or not. sure they had a funneral for harvey dent, so nolan could close the book on it. but this is a discussion on wether or not he is. If nolan wanted him to come back it would be easy. they had a funneral for him. well more of a hore statment. as it was only in front of the police if i remember. Gordon is saying to the cops he was a hero an we shall remember an uplift that. it was a dedicted service to him. we dont see a proper funneral. we dont see a casket. so two face could be alive still. All nolan has to do is add in the script. harvey lived but we hid him away for treatment. an he broke out. if he survived a car flipping at top speed an a building blown him half to hell im sure he could possible survive a four meter fall. especially when you dont know how he fell. he was holding the kid an batman was holding him on the rail. if he fell from that vantage poin t like batman then he'd live. that mob boss fell from a higher distance in the same fashion an only busted a knee. then joker fell 20 stories an was caught witout his leg getting ripped off. rachel fell like wise with batman barely getting enough cape open to save them. if nolan wants him alive. he will be. there are to many possiblities that say he lived.

the critic on Jan 14, 2009


@69 the joker. besides the surgeons, an certain police no one knew were he was due to his safety. yeah the two corupt cops got the word to joker cause they were on the pay roll.sure the cops knew they were an item. but the public of gotham didnt know. harvey was a celebrity. if he was dating his co-worker everyone would be on him. an the building with rachel blew up at night. the next day harvey busts out of hospotal. the press wouldnt have goten any of that. in less that 24 hours he goes from losing his friends,lover,life an turns into a homicdle maniac.the press didnt know that either. know one did.

the critic on Jan 14, 2009


Ok, critic. This is the last and final post I will leave for you on this. I see your argument and understand its validity, but reasoning why he could have survived the fall does not mean that he will survive for a sequel. I no longer want to waste time trying to prove why Harvey Dent/Two-Face is dead and gone when I feel that he legitimately died as illustrated in the film. I believe that Christopher Nolan used the memorial scene to clearly indicate that the death of the character and if he hadn't, his survival might slightly be plausible. I know, I know...there was no casket, but as soon as the other officers arrived on the scene to chase Batman, they clearly would have seen the body and would not have just dusted him off for some "treatment" as you call it. I'm no longer trying to make fun of you or anything, but the thought of the character being included in another movie is just ridiculous. Lastly, I will leave you with a link that actually comes from this website. It is in regards to Christopher Nolan's ideas for the future of Harvey Dent/Two-Face. I know the above video showed Aaron Eckhart giving indication that his character would reappear, but he was just playing around for the cameras and having fun. If the following link does not satisfy you, I don't know what will. This one comes straight from Christopher Nolan himself:

Harvey Dent is Dead on Jan 14, 2009


@72 this is a harvey is alive or dead discussion thread. if you dont like it turn your emial link off an go jerk off in a corner some were. you cant take anythin nolan says to heart. offically eddie murphy is to play the riddler. nolan announced. then Johnny depp. then colman resse is to be the joker. then he says oh i want cat women. i love cher. jolie is in talks. no i hate the penguine. then he is seen in tlaks about using him. i wont use the joker . but then theres talks of depp replaying him. you have to look at the batman storie line an the comics from which nolan get s a lot of his inspiration an also the movies he ahs done. an it is quite simple that two face could very well be back. everyday there is a differnet thing being said by nolan. If Aaron Eckhart publicly said he is sick of being asked the question, an repeatedly denies. then why would he stir up shite an get the press hot on his ass agian? but that aside whilset it is up to bale an nolan, i think two face is alive an kicking. him an the penguin or him an the balck mask kickn it together, while batman takes on the riddler.

the critic on Jan 14, 2009


@ #73 (aka piece of shit) Nolan pulls from the comics, but his films are more reality-based as he has stated numerous times before. Your knowledge is as good as your spelling. I can't wait until they announce the premise for the third film and you'll see that Two-Face will be nowhere in sight at any point, not even in flashbacks. I'm sure he'll get an honorable mention as a late hero of Gotham, but no new footage of him. They're more likely to make a fifth film for the original series than they are to bring that character back. You'll see...

Harvey Dent is Dead on Jan 14, 2009


P.S. critic, Christopher Nolan didn't start a single one of the rumors you mentioned. Those were all hyped rumors from seperate sources and he has not given one single hint as to what the third film would be about because he is still currently brain-storming ideas. The only thing he has for sure said is that HARVEY DENT IS DEAD.

Harvey Dent is Dead on Jan 14, 2009


oh fuck tard (aka Harvey Dent is Dead ) read these links took me tw oseconds to find. first one says things about catwoman. being Cher. also says depp is slated to play riddler this one officaly say riddler is played by eddie murphy so them rumors are true mr piece of shit. an if they wanted to bring in two face in a TDK scare crow type role they eaisly could! they could easily do a nolan remake of batman forever. with them two or with other characters as well. like i said its up to nolan, id say quict while your ahead, but youve been behind the whole time!

the critic on Jan 14, 2009


Ahhh internet. I love you.

Syphous on Jan 15, 2009


Harvey Dent is Dead and the critic should get a room somewhere and perform the beautiful tent scene from Brokeback Mountain. One of them could wear a Two Face mask while the other fucks him in the eye. Both are a couple of losers. Who gives a rat's ass if he comes back or not? Neither of you know shit but still presume to know the thoughts of Nolan and Eckhart. Go speculate in each other's ass!

Tony Bennit on Jan 15, 2009


critic, those sources sound like crap. if they really got the info from the studio, it looks like someone's just pushing rumors. first johnny depp as riddler. then eddie murphy as the riddler. plus cher, rachel weisz, or angelina jolie as catwoman? then shia labeouf as robin? and then you're saying to bring back two-face? so that's two new villians, one returning one, and a new side kick? ok, fine, two-face comes back for a bit of a cameo like scarecrow. but bringing him back from the dead for a cameo is a little awkward. scarecrow was never dead. he just ran away. sure, we can have another viral to slowly bring in the two new villains. then introduce robin in the film. but that just seems all over the place. i'm through with this. i don't even know what we're talking about anymore.

crAziemutant on Jan 15, 2009


Goddammit I LOVE LOVE LOVE how he keeps his teeth so CLEAN, even in the face of such adversity!!! Two Face should do Toothpaste commercials, like, for REAL!

Jimbo Slims on Jan 15, 2009


You guys are idiots, there was no casket and it was not a funeral. yes, it is possible that TWO FACE is alive

Brad on Jan 16, 2009


honestly, who gives a fu** I mean the movie was great, he was great, ledger was great, they were all great... do we need a sequel? ... Can we not let things go?

Dead Disco on Jan 17, 2009


Ra's Al Ghul anyone? We thought he was dead and he turned up at the end of Batman Returns. I thought Eckhart was awesome in the role and would love to see Harvey return.

Subi on Jan 17, 2009


Sorry that's Batman Begins.

Subi on Jan 17, 2009


Eckhart said Harvey is dead not Two-face. For me, it would be good to see Two-face return while Harvey's personality is out. Bats will try to bring out Harvey again while fighting two-face. This kind of storyline might work if they really want it. Personally I liked Eckhart as Harvey/Two-face he's done a very good job at it.

tarbis on Jan 18, 2009


#84 Ra's Al Ghul coming back was more of a cheap parlor trick using a fake while Dent returing will be very different.

Joker on Jan 19, 2009


This is a ridiculous conversation to have. Anyone who watched the entire movie knows that, as many have pointed out in this thread, Harvey has become a martyr for a great cause. That's one. Two is that you can see how dead he is after he and Batman fall from that structure. His eyes are open. Or at least the one without eyelids isn't moving at all. Harvey Dent/Two-Face is definitely dead. Could he return in a flashback? Certainly. So could Rachel Dawes. I personally would like to see Ra's al Ghul return. The chances of his being alive are slim, but you never actually see him die. He is a ninja, afterall, and ninjas are pretty flippin' slick. Also, the Scarecrow they created in Batman Begins was excellent, especially on account of Cillian Murphy's outstanding acting chops, and could make another appearance. But, as good as The Dark Knight really was, and considering The Joker, Batman's greatest nemesis, has been locked up and the actor playing him is deceased, who can really justify that making this into a trilogy would be the best move? The last line in the movie sums up Batman's whole existence. How can they possibly go forward from here?

JL on Jan 19, 2009


I COMPLETLEY agree with Matt. (#9). REALISM is important. him being dead seems real, thankyou for pointing that out! l0l. about the "youre dead" thing!

Lexi C on Jan 19, 2009


NO NO NO! Two Face was very poorly written in TDK. I LOVE the character of Two Face, friend of Bruce, lawyer for the people of Gotham, fights crime in the courtroom but in the movie I felt Eckhart did his lines as if he was in a pre-read, I had zero energy from this guy (Bale was pretty "out of it" it seems as well, very bland acting as Bruce Wayne but a much more brutal Batman). To bring back Two-Face would be a lame unless they have an interest story as a reason for him to be there. They had a great Joker but a poor Harvey, we never got a chance to see WHY he's Gotham's White Knight. Why was Harvey the only person who took the mob to court and nobody else did? How did Harvey do it without getting murdered? What made him any different from the other DAs? This was never explained, he's just a blank canvas waiting to be turned into Two-Face. Leave him dead, we don't need to dramatize an already poorly originated character (at least in TDK's version). We're told that he is the true hero of Gotham, but then again why couldn't the movie show us this instead of telling us?

OMG on Jan 20, 2009


Leave Harvey alone. Simple. Dead. End. Of. Discussion. As for the plot for the third movie. The best it could get for me is this: As a back story to the main villain (whoever that may be) have Harley Quinn take the backstage. And for the her role in the movie. She's trying to break the Joker out. Granted she won't be in her Jester outfit, but she can still look normal but have that crazy Quinn personality. That'll introduce two new characters, Harley and whoever is the main villain. While keeping the IDEA of the Joker throughout the movie, without ever needing to show him. That'll be the best plot for a third movie, in my opinion.

Dyi on Jan 22, 2009


The way I look at it is Batman and Gordon had to keep it all a secret anyways. They said at the end no one could know about Harvey, the true Harvey. They fake the death, keep him alive, and send him to Arkham when he is better. If they ever get the stones to bring back the Joker they could always have Harley who works as a shrink before Joker drivers her nuts, release him and Harvey. Maybe in Batman 3 or Batman 4.

Chris on Jan 23, 2009


Harvey is not coming back!!!! accept it already, as much as it was an amazing character on the movie he is ( Quoting SPAWN's Clown ) "D-E-D, Dead!!!"

papara on Jan 23, 2009


Seriously.....Harvey Dent is DEAD. Seriously......Two-Face is DEAD also. For those who say, "well Batman fell from the same height and he didn't die".......Batman also jumped from his high-rise apartment and landed with Rachael onto a parked car below. In the very beginning of the movie, he jumped from at least 2 or 3 decks up in a parking garage onto Scarecrow's van. For those who say, "well we never saw a casket, the body, etc", you're right. We didn't and the characters weren't even dressed as if they were attending a funeral. However, his death is heavily implied based upon the language Jim Gordon used and the ensuing action(s) taken by Batman. Yes, we can discuss possibilities ad nauseum but we should settle upon what turn of events would be most effective. Clearly, Harvey/Two-Face's sacrifice/death would be the most effective. I say this because Batman's intention, founding itself in Batman Begins, was to be a symbol, a beacon of hope to the people of Gotham that they do not have to fear the criminals; that they can stand up and fight injustice even in their own lives. Batman found this parallel in Harvey Dent, hence the Dark Knight/White Knight comparison. Unlike Batman, however, Harvey Dent was corruptible. The Joker knew this. "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." In this film, Harvey Dent was like a character in a Greek tragedy. We empathized with his emotions and understood his (re)actions in response to things that were out of his control. We feel for him because he's no longer a "schemer," to phrase it in the Joker's terms. That's why Harvey/Two-Face would never work as a major villain or in a reappearance. He's not a schemer and he's not a psychopath like the Joker. He has a code. He has morals. He has empathy. But their all rooted in his love for Rachael and obtaining "justice" for her. So please, let Harvey Dent/Two-Face rest in peace.

OllieJ on Jan 23, 2009


to respond to 21's comment, the plot for the next one would probably have to do with the joker or another villain, because think about it: even though at the end, The Joker is caught, Jail couldn't hold him in the first time, and I honestly don't think the joker would go quietly.

Dave on Jan 24, 2009


The way I see it, if Batman killed Two-Face, got up, and ran away with no acknowledgement of the fact he took the life of a friend, the rest of the entire movie was pointless. His struggle to be the outcast and not compromise the point of Batman and not kill Joker even though he very easily could've (especially at the end there when he fell off the buildling) would've been the final joke, and the basic message of the movie would be that Batman has to kill people to establish order and justice. Aside from that, Gordon mentions that all Harvey's work will die "with his reputation." Not "with him." The wording is significant; either Gordon or Batman probably would've at least brought up the fact that Harvey Dent is dead. (Wasn't Gordon freaking out about saving Harvey like two scenes before anyway?) Funeral: Yeah, I'm one of THOSE guys. No casket. Real life: Nolan was originally planning to have Harvey stay Harvey throughout the film, and for Joker to scar him in court at the beginning of the third film. I'm not sure about that, but I think that's what I heard. Character: There's so much untapped potential here; in TDK Two-Face pretty much flipped to see if he would kill people he wanted to kill. I think Two-Face is at his greatest character-wise when he literally uses a coin to decide whether to act for justice or act for evil (anyone who's read "The Long Halloween" knows what I'm talking about when I bring up Two-Face's turning himself in at the very end). A third film would be able to take advantage if this versatility. The body: Absolutely no cuts or anything on the side of his face that landed on the ground. I mean, really. I guess we didn't really see the back of his head, which kind of nullifies this point, but I'm'a go ahead and back this up with everything else I've written. Nolan: Something you learn about writing is that the stories take on minds of their own; just because Nolan said Two-Face was dead doesn't mean it fits. Everything I've written so far taken into consideration, it just seems like Nolan's comments don't fit his creation. And his comments are subject to change. The video on this thread: "I literally can't"? That's not suspicious...he could swat down the idea Two-Face lives once more, but he doesn't here. He's unprecedentally vague about it. No "dead as a doornail" comments here. What caused this change? I'll end by relenting that I can't stand the whole "Harvey is dead but Two-Face is alive" logic. That's not the point of this argument, and Two-Face being a DUAL personality, it's technically not even true. I submit to you that Two-Face, meaning Harvey Dent AND, as TAS would say, "Big Bad Harvey," is in fact alive. Do I think he'll be the main villain next movie? No, that would be too predictable. Cameo? Doesn't do Two-Face justice, I think. Subplot that isn't directly connected to the main plot but still has symbolic meaning and gets resolved before the climax? I think I like that.

Andrew on Jan 25, 2009


(In Uncle voice) ONE MORE THING: The fall. Yeah, Batman had armor, but he also had a bullet in his gut, and consciousness. Armor like that won't save you from blunt force trauma and fatigue, but Bruce seems fine. Why can't an unarmored Dent survive, if not less gracefully?

Andrew on Jan 25, 2009


Just a few thoughts. I personally was disappointed that they potentially killed Two Face for a few reasons. 1. he is my favorite villain. and 2. Batman's whole problem was being the one who didn't kill. Thats why he didn't hit the joker with his pod, thats why he saved the joker in the end, thats why the joker gave him the scenario where he would have to choose between Dent and Rachel, therefore killing one of them. Even though Batman saved Gordon's son, he still pushed off Dent and potentially killed him. For the sake of Batman's Character, he shouldn't have killed Two Face and for that I think he could come back. On the flip side, if they do bring Dent back, they have a lot to do to make it right because it would be cheap and possibly ruin the next movie or two. For that I don't want them to bring him back.

Jon on Jan 26, 2009


96 and 97: I understand some of your points; however, Batman didn't kill Two-Face. And I mean, 'kill' in the sense of deliberately taking the life of another person to achieve an objective. In another word: murder. That is what The Joker and Maroni meant when they said that Batman would have to break his one rule. It's unfortunate that Two-Face died as a result of trying to save the Jim Gordon Jr. but realistically speaking, if you were in that very same position where you were trying to stop a madman intent on a perverted sense of revenge, would you call your actions, assuming they played out the same way, killing? I don't think anyone who's posted would. And I completely disagree with the idea that Batman's armor is not sufficient enough to protect him from that fall or that fatigue or a bullet wound would've been enough to kill him. We saw his intense training in Batman Begins. We've seen the amazing feats that he's been able to do. A five story fall or approximately 50-60 ft is fatal for most people. So let's give the benefit of the doubt and say it was a 40 ft fall. Add in the force with which Batman rushed Harvey, and multiply that by the damage already done by the fire plus some likely infection at this point, and his lack of body armor or protection. All I'm saying is that it's extremely probable and likely that Harvey Dent/Two-Face is dead. The best thing about Batman taking the blame for Harvey's murders is that now he appears to have no boundaries or rules preventing him from taking down criminals. Gotham's underworld seriously has reason to fear the Batman.

OllieJ on Jan 26, 2009


man people buy all this BS? think about it we going by what some idiot at MTV tought was but isn't. Yeah there's no hard facts of a body or a casket at the funeral. But i believe the character is dead, not the death i was expecting, but then again this isn't a comic book but a film adaptation of it. As much as Two-face is important to Gotham and the character that makes Batman, he is the ugliest thing to watch, I really couldnt stand watching a 2 hour movie of his face like that, I would be annoyed. I do believe they might be flash backs in the 3rd... wait i take that back in the next film(too many Batman movies out there). Aaron was probably annoyed by the fact they still asking him questions like that.

Rudy on Jan 27, 2009


Let's just put the death thing on the side, what I really want to know is, when Commisoner Gordon says Two-Face killed '5people, 2 cops' who was he refering too? Was it an editing error or did we just not see everyone Two-Face was meant to have killed? I also was wondering how Batman and Rachael survived that massive fall from the top of Bruce's pent house when the Joker attacked. I may have just missed something but I was very curious. xW

Wildchild on Jan 28, 2009


99, I definitely see your points, but just a couple thoughts here... In Batman Annual #25, Jason Todd has the Joker at gunpoint, and has given Batman a gun with which to kill him to stop his killing the Joker. Batman's only option is a headshot, but rather than kill to save another's life, he does some thing with a Batarang and cuts Jason's neck. In the end, neither dies. Aside from that, if Batman had by his own action ended Harvey's life, whether by accident or not, he would at the very least seem somewhat more surprised than he did--in the movie, he just kind of passed Dent's alleged death off as something that could be "used" so the Joker doesn't win. It just doesn't seem very Batman-like of him. Finally, I suppose I see your point about the armor, but it still doesn't erase the fact that, despite landing on the "good" side of his face, there's absolutely no cuts or anything on him when Batman turns his face over. If, in the next movie, Batman and Gordon discuss Dent's death in private conversation, that will be the end of it. But until then, I just don't think that fits Batman's character.

Andrew on Feb 7, 2009


Sorry guys, but Harvey/Two-Face is dead. The memorial at the end doesn't have a casket because it is a memorial, and Harvey was too popular for everyone to go to his funeral. As to Batman 3, one popular rumor is that it will be the Riddler, maybe even with Jim Carrey reprising the role from Batman Forever.

Wesley on Jun 26, 2009


I agree, this is just wishful thinking and doesn't make any sense at all if you watch the ending of the movie. I have my fingers crossed that Nolan will do an adaptation of Dark Knight Returns with the 3rd movie. Fast forward the story 10 years, recast an older Joker and finally get the greatest Batman story ever told on screen.

Scott Reed on Jun 27, 2009


To me, Two Face is the greatest Batman villain and I'd be a little disappointed with this ending for him. He fulfilled his part of the movie great and it might seem like a little back tracking but the character is just solid enough to handle that. I like the idea of him being put in a coma and privately treated somewhere, only to return again. You could even have him wake up but still be confused so he starts to slowly regain his good side but then ultimately it fails and he is truly realized as Two Face. It lacks detail but conceptually I think it would be really neat to keep him around.

William on Aug 22, 2009

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