Rumor: DC Comics Wants Hawkman to Get His Own Movie?

December 21, 2009
Source: Pajiba


Oh no, even more unnecessary superhero movies? According to Pajiba, DC Comics and Warner Brothers are developing a Hawkman movie that is being described as "part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code and part Ghost." Not only does that not make much sense anyway, but I don't see how a Hawkman movie could be as good as any of those. Besides his flying harness (that's made of "special Nth metal that allows" him to fly), Hawkman is an archaeologist by trade and uses ancient weapons from the museum of which he is curator of in his crimefighting efforts. This sounds like a big joke, which is why we're reporting it as a rumor for now.

Hawkman, not to be confused with the Marvel character Hawkeye that may be in The Avengers movie, first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in 1940. He's been around for a while but he's not really a popular character. I don't know why, but Hollywood seems obsessed with flying comic book characters recently. Not only are they considering Vulture as a villain for Spider-Man 4, but Hawkeye (who unlike Hawkman doesn't really fly) might end up in Thor or The Avengers. So what do you think? Is DC just trying to push Marvel around and remind them that they have other characters, too? Because I don't want to see this get made. Do you?

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Why is there a rumor about Hawkman but nothing tangible about much better characters like The Flash?! Hawkman was a B side character. Not worthy of his own movie. Unless they turn this into something like Night in the Museum... a movie for kids!

Ron on Dec 21, 2009


It's because superhero movies are hot right now that there making movies for characters nobody gives a shit about or even knows. I still wan't to see Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor and The Avengers though. Those are the superhero movies they really need to be focused on.

wrongturn687 on Dec 21, 2009


#2 got it spot on.

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 21, 2009


Which Hawkman? That character has been re-made several times in the DC timeline...

Luis M on Dec 21, 2009


first of who is going to be confuse with Hawkman and Hawkeye they both have different names. anyway a Hawkeye movie is a big joke and i notice with WB/DC they like to talk too much and they never end up developing the movie at the end of the day. they should focus on Superman reboot, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, The Flash and some graphic novels.

tazz on Dec 21, 2009


how about 100 bulletts

samuel j on Dec 21, 2009


sorry, bullets

samuel j on Dec 21, 2009


seriously Hawkman but no Preacher? Thats just sad.

harm on Dec 21, 2009


Actully it could work...but yeah rumor fer sure

Brandon on Dec 21, 2009


hawkgirl story is more interesting and would make for a better movie.

Dre on Dec 21, 2009


this would be a way for DC to start bringing their characters to the big screen and compete with marvel. admit it, marvel is bounds and leaps ahead of DC right now.

jake the snake on Dec 21, 2009


DCs animated movies are way better than Marvels any day. But thats all they got.

Dre on Dec 21, 2009


When is the Wonder Twins and Gleek movie coming?

Frightened Inmate #2 on Dec 21, 2009


The current version of the character is...Hawkman and Hawkwoman are reincarnated lovers from Egyptian times. They were killed by an Egyptian villian, Hath-Set. Each reincarnated life is another iteration of their never-ending battle with the (surprise!) reincarnated Hath-Set. So, I guess the "Ghost" angle ties into the whole reincarnation angle.

Jason on Dec 21, 2009


Jake: Not after Dark Knight and The Watchmen.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Dec 21, 2009


Frightened Inmate #2 Dark Knight is probably the single greatest comic book movie ever made along with Batman Begins but Marvel has so much more coming up and has potentially the greatest franchise potential with The Avengers. Couple that with the success of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America coming up Marvel is looking real sweet. DC has nothing going with Superman and no one knows whats going to happen with the next Batman movie or when it's going to happen.

jake the snake on Dec 21, 2009


why does DC have to stressed themselves on this Hawkman project? It will not sell. Why not stick first to the more popular characters like the Flash...

Harlan on Dec 21, 2009


Great, another gay superfairy ...This one actually has wings

Magneto and Titanium Man on Dec 22, 2009


I don't buy it i think it's a sham to make marvel push out some crappy movies so that DC ones will look better. @ #5 i think you may hvae got confised on your own post there haha. Sorry to point that out but that's funny ironic

Luke on Dec 22, 2009


I agree with #1, The Flash is a better and more popular hero, so why are they dragging their feet gettin his movie off the ground? Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman should be adapted before they even think of moving to someone else.

NadaNuff on Dec 22, 2009


The Flash script is currently being written.

SlashBeast on Dec 22, 2009


Yeah, I've read that it's being written several times over the past couple of years, but that's it. No updates. I've heard more about Deadpool than I have about Flash, and that movie didn't go into preproduction until after X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out....six months ago. What's the hold up?

NadaNuff on Dec 22, 2009


yeah i'm up for a hawkman film,every other comic book or graphic novel got a film coming why not hawkman.just a thought for you, for every batman fan in the world,their got to be one person that prefers hawkman.the thing that bothers me is that they are pushing all these lower class comicbooks(jonah hex,sgt rock & now hawkman) & not the one's that we really want to see(the flash,wonder woman & the justice league).not to worry WE WILL GET A FLASH MOVIE ONE DAY.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 22, 2009


I'm DC all the way, so I wouldn't mind a long as it's an interesting story line that ties in Hawkgirl and JLA......possibly with minor cameos would be nice... anyway it's all rumor, DC does need to step up it's game....let's get things cracking, Mr. Geoff Johns was hemming the script for FLASH....what's the word on that....come on DC, let's get it cracking

Blue & Orange NY on Dec 22, 2009


@#19 that was the whole idea lol

tazz on Dec 22, 2009


The studio is most likely going for lesser-known properties to "test the waters" for their bigger propoerties. Doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't mind a Hawkman movie.

Governor on Dec 22, 2009


Because Deadpool was already worked into Wolverine and wasn't introduced solo in his own movie. Besides, Fox are money whores, they'll rush everything to get the dollars. And, The Flash script currently is being written.

SlashBeast on Dec 22, 2009


Of all the awesome pictures of Hawkman, that's the one you went with.

Kellie on Dec 22, 2009


@ #2 wrongturn687, Agreed!

I am Ron Burgundy? on Dec 22, 2009

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