Rumor: Is Simon Beaufoy Already Writing Wolverine 2?!

March 25, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Simon Beaufoy

There's no way that X-Men Origins: Wolverine won't be a huge hit, so it wouldn't be crazy to see Fox prepping a sequel. However, they're being cautious, and probably won't greenlight anything until they see the actual box office returns. So therefore I'm a bit skeptical about this, but it's worth bringing up as a rumor. SlashFilm got an email from a reader in the UK who said that during a Q&A with Simon Beaufoy at the Bradford International Film Festival, Beaufoy mentioned that he's been hired to write Wolverine 2 and encouraged by his agent to take the job, even though he didn't even know who Wolverine was.

I'm reporting this purely as a rumor worth discussing because I contacted some people at Fox to try and get some kind of confirmation and was told that even the executives haven't talked with any writers. But of course, Hollywood is a mysterious place, and if his agent is encouraging him to take it, maybe he's considering it even though it's not official. Since he won the Oscar for Slumdog, it's likely that he is being pursued for a large number of projects, as is always the case for Oscar winners. He's already got a few other gigs, but if he gets the job, so be it, he might end up being a better choice than David Benioff anyway.

Besides Slumdog Millionaire, Beaufoy wrote the screenplays for The Full Monty, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and a handful of small British films. He's a good writer and I think he could take on anything if he puts the right amount of passion into it. But I'll argue that the best work on superhero movies come from those who are true fans of the material. Fox should keep looking. What do you think about Beaufoy?

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actually he says he doesn't know "what a Wolverine is"... I don't care if he wrote slumdog, if he doesn't know the character or his story he can screw it up easily... I suggest Hugh sends him some comics lol

nelson on Mar 25, 2009


SOMEBODY remember X-23 for the next movie.

Woo-ish on Mar 25, 2009


Why would they get a writer who doesn't know anything about Wolverine? because he's a big name because of Slumdog??!!! what a hash

Conrad on Mar 25, 2009


I agree with Conrad (#3). I don' t care how good of a writer this guy is, if he hasn't even heard of Wolverine, then there is a good chance that he will screw up the movie. Fox should find someone who is a fan or at least heard of Wolverine.

Mandy on Mar 25, 2009


Oh no! A potentially kick ass franchise is about to catastrophically derail if this guy writes it!! He doesn't "know" who the hell Wolverine is?????

Blue Silver on Mar 25, 2009


ehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HGE@EEYH*EY98u90u fuck there are two other movies i wanna see in the month of may before i want to see this

zach on Mar 25, 2009


I dunno about the Wolverine Origin movie being assured as a "huge hit," but regardless, Fox needs to make smarter decisions than that. I know we're talking about Fox here, but still. Why would you want someone who has no idea about your franchise to come anywhere near it?

Alfredo on Mar 26, 2009


Screw a Wolverine sequel. I want a Deadpool movie, damnit!

S on Mar 26, 2009


i heard hugh jackman say that the sequel would go down the frank miller wolverine limited series of the 80s(it was set in japan with fucking ninjas and shit like that,knowing fox he'd probably run into naruto,gaara,orochimaru & akatsuki members from the excellent manga & anime of the same name.)i also heard they were going to make cyber the villain.(put x-23 & what the fuck is his son called i can't remember in it.)i would personally like to see alpha flight & the hulk(he first appeared in the hulk comic) @ number 8 i want a fucking deadpool movie like fucking now also so get your finger out of ass fox and put cable in it as well.

zetsu on Mar 26, 2009


"nelson" is right. He actually said he "didn't know what a wolverine is" and he pretty much made it clear that he's not interested in writing huge hollywood blockbusters just for the sake of it.

Rob Frost on Mar 26, 2009


Really?? How can you do a sequel to an origins story?? I was working under the assumption that this one was gonna take us up to around the point of Wolverine meeting Rogue (beginning of "X-Men"). What are they gonna do after that?? Be like "hey, we forgot to tell you about this stuff we're gonna rewind and make a whole new story out of it". You only need one origin story for one character....if they like the profits from this then pick someone else to make the next one about (and I agree with "S" that a Deadpool movie wouldn't be bad).

ClerksFan on Mar 26, 2009


If it's a rumor or not i believe it's just still very early to decide writing a sequel or not with this well known director i hope he agrees because of course he got a lot of projects wait for him. We need to see how this movie looks like first and how it comes up with in terms of the conclusion. We should wait to see how things goes in this one before jumping to a sequel or even a spin-off.

Fisherr on Mar 27, 2009

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