Rumor: James McTeigue to Direct Lionsgate's Conan Movie?!

May 9, 2009
Source: CHUD

James McTeigue

Whoa, wait a minute! Just two days ago we reported that Brett Ratner was officially off of Conan. Good news, considering no one wants him to ruin any more movies. But producer Joe Gatta only said that "we're currently in the process of hiring a director," without hinting at who. Well, CHUD claims to have heard from a trusted source that the director they're going after is none other than James McTeigue, the brilliant Australian filmmaker behind V for Vendetta and the upcoming Ninja Assassin. We've heard of directors like Rob Zombie and Xavier Gens previously, but no one of this caliber! They can't be serious, can they?

Here's the thing - even though McTeigue only has one film under his belt (since Ninja Assassin isn't out yet), I still think he's a fantastic filmmaker along lines of the Wachowskis. And remember, he is still the Wachowski's first assistant director. I guess I'm upset because I love McTeigue and otherwise have no interest in Conan. McTeigue hasn't signed any papers and isn't officially on board yet, but it looks like it'll be his gig in the end. There is even some speculation they may cut the budget because he's a great director who can work well with mid-size budgets (as in, $50 million and not the rumored $120 million).

I think this is the perfect time to bring up a comment from the Brett Ratner news article. A reader named "Dan the Fan" called me out on my dislike for Conan and presumed to explain why it's so good. "Conan the Barbarian was a brilliantly told story - in every aspect. The imagery, the tragic hero, music… I could go on forever! It's timeless… a classic display of how genuine filmmaking SHOULD be. Not some flashy romp-fest." I can't say I agree with him, however, he's made me feel a bit more open to this movie. If McTeigue does sign on to direct this, then I'll be excited for it no matter what. Good choice or bad?

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Dear Brett, Please stop. Just stop it. Better yet, can the studio heads make a new third Xmen movie and make the current one a dream sequence. Yes, Wolverine dreamed it all. MY GOD Brett... you slay me with your crappy movies. You kill other people's francishes, you even kill your own franchises. MY GOD, Your skills have the power to solve the middle east crisis becasue everyone can generally agree that you suck. thank you. In another note, I agree with Dan the Fan, but I think he was too harsh on Alex. If Alex doesnt like conan then it's his opinion. A director like Snyder would be more fitting for a movie as great as conan.

gabe the Accuser on May 9, 2009


That's actually good news, if it is true, and why the F would anybody want Rob Zombie or Xavier Gens to direct this?

xerxex on May 9, 2009


Haha! Awesome. I must say you've cemented down that core desire for readers to feel as though their comments count. Thank you. This is incredible news, granted it's still a rumour. But if it holds true, then it's safe to say that Conan will get a viable rendition on the silver screen for new generations, and not some cheesy rehash. In respect to Gabe, I was too harsh on Alex, but I know he's a strong man that can handle it. He knows passion when he sees it, but I apologize all the same if coming off too hard. Cheers to rumours! and ;D

Dan the Fan on May 9, 2009


I think saying adapting V for Vendetta qualifies a director to be considered brilliant is a bit of a stretch.

silver on May 9, 2009


Dan i almost spit out my coffee when you said "I was too harsh on Alex, but I know he's a strong man that can handle it." Cheers to you my friend !

gabe the Accuser on May 9, 2009


Basically, they hire McTeigue because they want the Wachowskis. He is their puppet, really, isn't he? The only sequences in V For Vendetta that weren't stilted and amateurish (in my opinion) were the action scenes. Which were shot by the second unit directors, the Wachowski Brothers. This is just a cheap way for the producers to get them. Conan deserves better. If they won't bring back John Milius - the original is a genre classic - at least consider the chap who has shot Solomon Kane. Go read the AICN rave of that film...

Mathieu on May 10, 2009


And Alex, McTeigue's Australian, isn't he?

Mathieu on May 10, 2009


James is Australian.

SoJ on May 10, 2009


Er, my bad guys, you're right, he is Australian... Fixed!

Alex Billington on May 11, 2009

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