Rumor: Legendary Pictures Developing New Godzilla Movie?!

August 13, 2009
Source: Bloody-Disguting


Another day, another remake! But this isn't just a simple remake, oh no, not at all. Godzilla has been in some 28 movies over 55 years, including Roland Emmerich's recent disaster (no pun intended) of a movie from 1998. But even after all that, he's still coming back for more. Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Legendary Pictures, the production company responsible for The Dark Knight and Watchmen, is "in early discussions" on another Godzilla movie of sorts. Word is that it will be a reboot, and not a remake or a sequel (which is at least good news I think), but that's all that they know (this is very early). Oh goodness.

Wait a minute, I thought Cloverfield was supposed to be America's new Godzilla replacement, since J.J. Abrams wanted us to have our own famous movie monster? What happened there? I'm reporting this as a rumor because it's the first we've ever heard of it and I just need some kind of official confirmation before we start getting all upset. I'm not really a fan of the classic Japanese Godzilla stuff, and as for Emmerich's Godzilla movie, I didn't really care for it either. Obviously in the hands of Legendary Pictures this could mean some great things, but, let's not jump the gun yet. Because really, do we need another Godzilla?

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yes, yes this would be brilliant bring cameron+bay+aronofsky->perfect godzilla movie

qweqwu on Aug 13, 2009


Imo, Cloverfield was a great movie and a nice replacement for Godzilla, they made it into something new and interesting - the way it was filmed was fun, would love more "FPS" like movies. However as for giant monsters, meh. Godzilla is a classic, lets leave it at that shall we? And lets move on with, well you, something NEW. Tired of hearing about all the damn reboots and remakes - only really interested in very few of them (Alice in Wonderland and, well its actually a "sequel", Tron). Sequals and reusing ideas with better technology in all its glory but it doesn't have to be the same movie, just abit better - change something.

Felix on Aug 13, 2009


The monster from Cloverfeild could never compare to Godzilla... not to mention Godzilla would cook and eat his face. He has totally earned his place as a classic movie monster and will probably never go away. But i will never have a problem hearing that there is going to be another Godzilla movie because there has always been another Godzilla movie. Its like Batman... No matter what there's always going to be another Batman movie. I just hope they don't fuck it up like they did in 98... god that was bad. But even if, ill see it, and then just wait for them to crank out another one.

DoomCanoe on Aug 13, 2009


Godzilla + Bay + Snyder Come on. Lol. This movie honestly can NOT fail LOL...

danielvutran on Aug 13, 2009


We don't need another Godzilla but we want one! I want to see a monster climbing the Empire State Building :))

Nicholas on Aug 13, 2009


Wow this is really really really old news man. I found this out on my own long long ago this a new American Godzilla? Japanese Godzilla is having a new movie.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 13, 2009


As long as its not like the last American made Godzilla I have no problem with this. I love Godzilla movies and have so for a very long time! I can't wait!

Jeep-Fu on Aug 13, 2009


Godzilla is not climbing up a Building he's blasting it in millions of pieces. Emmerichs Godzilla was awful and Cloverfield is no replacement. It's a one hit wonder. I would appreciate a new Godzilla movie, darker and not so funny, especially not funny and without Broderick (sorry pal). Emmerich is an idiot.

Michael on Aug 13, 2009


Make Mazinger Instead.

Wylles on Aug 13, 2009


Spielberg could do Godzilla justice since it will need a perfect balance of the classic look and sound of the Godzilla that we know combined with the story and FX of today

Brian on Aug 13, 2009


Godzilla Vs Cloverfield

Movie mike on Aug 13, 2009


Good job number 11 !

Clover on Aug 13, 2009


the problem with the 1998 remake was that Godzilla didn't look anything like the original. For this new remake to work, It needs to stay true to the design of the original Godzilla in order for it to be recognizable, And since the original was a man in a suit, It will obviously be CGI.

TigerClaw on Aug 13, 2009


Oh very good job 11. Oh I do say. MICHAEL

Billy Bon on Aug 13, 2009


I'd stay completely away from a "nuclear" storyline for Godzilla's origin. I'd also stay away from anything to do with global warming/environmental crisis. I'd make it a DNA splicing experiment gone haywire.

Quanah on Aug 13, 2009


I welcome another Godzilla movie! Everyone is always complaining about this type of thing but you know what no one ever complains about?! all the James bond movies they keep making! don't get ne wrong I love them and I hope they never stop making them but just think about. people are always complaining about every movie they make and i'm sick of it. Watch it or don't watch it.

Ha1rball on Aug 13, 2009


wait and see approachh.............

SHANEDAV on Aug 13, 2009


NO to anything 'environmental' in the story. YES to nuclear origin. YES to an indestructible force-of-nature Godzilla. YES to his original design. YES to ATOMIC FIRE BREATH. YES YES YESSSSSSS!!!

SUPER X II on Aug 13, 2009


Hell yeah, I've seen every Godzilla movie up until Godzilla 2000. I welcome the news.

bad movie on Aug 13, 2009


I say they need to do a modern update of King Kong Vs. Godzilla, using the King Kong model from Peter Jackson's film and a new, CGI Godzilla that looks really badass, but still close to the original costumes. Can you imagine how incredibly kick ass that would be with modern effects?

Jonathan on Aug 13, 2009


do we really need another monster movie i dont think so

tazz on Aug 13, 2009


I've loved Godzilla for as long as I can remember, there are few movies I can remember watching on VHS as far back as I can remember, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, and Godzilla movies...I loved them, I've gotten older, and love them even more....they range from serious classics to campy fun to everything in between. I would love to see an American, big budget, Godzilla reboot done right...Emmerich killed it, I was 6 when I saw that movie in theaters, and although I thought it was 'cool' it always puzzled me why Godzilla looked virtually nothing like's hoping Legendary and WB can get this one made right.

Chris_G on Aug 13, 2009


Answer is yes we do need another Godzilla movie because J.J. Abrams honestly did not make a good monster movie. He made a good movie, but it just didn't work for a good monster movie. The cloverfield monster just wasn't that interesting looking to be considered "America's Contending Monster," plus Godzilla could take that thing down in SECONDS. It was too skinny and lanky, easily knock it down by slapping it's legs. Now another American Godzilla movie is something we don't need, but if it's along the lines of The Dark Knight, then maybe we might have something.

Dr Robotnik on Aug 13, 2009


Picture what a Tarantino Godzilla would do to Tokyo and then may God have mercy on us all !

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 13, 2009


Alex, watch it. you're crossing a very fine line. i think we are OWED another Godzilla movie! i think we DESERVE and are in dire need of something "good" with Big G's name on it again. im an old school japanese Gojira movie buff, a big fan of the early stuff and like everyone else i felt that the 1998 version spit in the face of us few and far between loyal Godzilla fans. in the right hands this could work. JJ showed us that it's still fun and scary to see some massive force of destruction smash everything in between you and it-and it's ALIVE! =)

Nick S. on Aug 13, 2009


Yes, we need a new Godzilla movie, but only if it is done by Toho Studios and not by the Bays and Emmerichs of Hollywood.

Joe on Aug 13, 2009


And Cloverfield stunk beans, Godzilla would wipe the floor with that lizard in two seconds. Just like he did with GINO in Godzilla Final Wars.

Joe on Aug 13, 2009


What #4 said

Cody on Aug 13, 2009


I actually liked the Godzilla from like 10 years ago....I thought the look of the beast was a excellent upgrade of the Japanese versions...i mean come on, i always thought it would be extremely difficult for the japanese model to move around like the newer version made possible... Of course I didn't like how they explained its origin... I've actually still been waiting for a sequel to that movie since like forever...especially with the ending scene where that baby Godzilla pops out.... oh well......

zeldaprimed on Aug 13, 2009


no no no.... WE (as the U.S) dont need to reboot. TOHO needs to make more

spanx on Aug 13, 2009


They still make Godzilla movies in Japan... There have been three or four since the shitty US version. In the last one which came out in 2005, Godzilla kills the shitty US version by chucking him into a building (I believe it's the Sydney Opera House...) and then blows the shit out of him. If they do decide to go after a reboot they should really try to capture the feel of the very first one. The original Godzilla was a really great film. If you want to see it, tho, I highly suggest you track down the ORIGINAL JAPANESE VERSION. When they released the film here in the states, they didn't release the original. They re-shot half of it with an american actor playing a journalist. Then they cut a buttload of scenes and replaced them with scenes of the journalist describing what's going on instead of showing the monster or the scenes of destruction. The first film is arguably the best in the whole series due to it's darker atmosphere and the fact that it was shot in grainy black and white by someone who knew how to make a guy in a rubber suit look more like a giant monster and less like a guy in a suit. You can still tell, but they at least do a better job of hiding it and don't do anything overly campy or goofy with the character (like having him dance or do flying drop-kicks or anything...). But yeah, if you're gonna re-boot the series, you have to do it logically with a feel for the original. You might be able to do it if you used toxic waste instead of atomic energy - set it up for modern environmental issues rather than nuclear issues. The original was made by a country that had experienced the horrors of atomic warfare. Godzilla was one of the creative results of trying to cope with those disasters, and less than a decade after they had happened. The Emmerich version had the right idea, but they wrote it really poorly. No real plot, so instead they just littered the script with sub plots and weird, goofy characters. They tried to inject far too much comedy into the thing. That's really the problem with a lot of these big-huge hollywood pictures. They will take something that would normally be really serious and then instead of emphasizing the gravity of what's happening - what a normal filmmaker does - they would cheapen them with some of the worst comedy ever written. I think that, the fact that they removed the Atomic Breath, the 'baby godzillas' which were just 'Raptor rip-offs', and the really really stupid main plotline are what killed the Emmerich version. I mean, they find the fucking thing, lose it, find it, lose it again.... This is fucking manhattan. How the fuck do you lose a 200 ft monster in manhattan when you've got helicopters and troops all over the place? Wasn't anyone actually keeping an eye on the giant monster? Mur...

Squiggly_P on Aug 14, 2009



cesking on Aug 14, 2009


The Legendary Pictures rumor is not true. "Very early discussion" with Toho Co. Ltd. means they met someone on the Yamanote Line. There is only one negotiation going on and its literary.

KKXG on Aug 15, 2009


What is your problem, people! This godzilla was the biggest godzilla success in history (any movie that makes $300,000,000 is a success). This was the best godzilla, and since it has been 10 years we need a new godzilla!

Dan on Aug 15, 2009


YES!!! we do need another godzilla movie. the original i mean, not the american one.

David on Aug 15, 2009


YESSSS we need another Godzilla MOVIE!!! After that dead afterbirth American Godzilla we need a reboot and it needs to be done IN JAPAN with all the high gloss of Hollywood!! Lets get it done!

nktwrk on Aug 16, 2009


I liked the 1998 Godzilla Film when i was 11, I see it now and wonder where the fuck is the fire? Why did he die over missle shots? It just wasnt Godzilla. . . They took the name of a huge Franchise and placed onto of a Monster that if at all slightly resembled Godzilla. If they bring back the Older, More bad-ass Creature, With fire, and almost cant be stoped. Without a cheesey love story, Goofy characters, and Godzilla babys? I hatted that part.. . . If that can actually do a REAL American Godzilla right, Then im 100000000% for this film. I loved Godzilla as a boy, An would personally love the see the big guy get a GOOD MOVIE. But if its gonnabe another shitter like the 1998 then just leave godzilla alone. But if the dark knight and watchmen people are on this. It could be very well what Godzilla needs.

Jason on Aug 16, 2009


Many people loved the 1998 Godzilla, why? Because the guy who directed Independence Day did it? Maybe they said "Hey, let's go see shit blow up like in that one movie he did." Ladies and Gentleman, you don't see "Godzilla" beneath the 2012 poster in between Director of "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" do you? IT'S NOT THERE FOR A REASON! People might also have loved it, because the Taco Bell dog was talking about it in his burrito commerials. Most people who've only watched Roland Emerich's GINO(Godzilla In Name Only) movie, think that Gojira is an ASEXUAL GIANT IGUANA. Let me tell you something Hollywood, the Gojira I grew up with didn't shit eggs, run around scared, and hide in a damn city. When he came to a city, he didn't come to eat fish. He came to blow shit up! Now I have faith in this new remake, because I have faith in the childhood hero I had, but if these damn movie people in Hollywood keep getting their hands on Gojira movies and keep screwing them up like they have been with re-releases of old Gojira movies with horrible dubs and no japanese languages with subtitles, then they're just going to kill the good name of "The King of the Monsters." LONG LIVE THE KING!

Ron on Aug 23, 2009


saw this on youtube isit some new godzilla anime??

john connor on Sep 6, 2009


Looks kinda interesting, the 50s inspired look of the animation... found another one btw... This and the 'godzilla' one you posted seem to be teasers for something...

K. Trevor on Sep 7, 2009


I'm 13 years old and i Love Godzilla! I have 7 in my DVD collection and 3 on my Top 27. I sure hope this remake is good, because i'd love to watch Godzilla blow shit up in the Theater. Long Live Godzilla!!!

Brad Barrett on Sep 11, 2009


Cloverfield sucked ass, make a new Godzilla just like the very first one, where he's evil as all hell and destroys everything. Throw in a few more monsters just so he could whip their asses too.

HulkingUp on Oct 8, 2009


thats so cool they have to make anew gzilla movie im waiting if they do thats so tight

daniel on Oct 8, 2009


Classic GODZILLA for ever.USA Godzilla never again(PLS!)Godzilla-Final Wars,GODZILLA blasted Godzilla(zilla) to atoms so no way should it come back!!As long as a GODZILLA move stays true to the ideals and looks of the original one(There can only be 1!)Bring it on..(sorry but I have always loved the rubber suit Godzilla,so I will never have a problem if hes made of rubber again!!)

marcus coull on Oct 20, 2009


Pft. "Do we need another Godzilla?" YES! I've been waiting a long time for a new Godzilla flick, but we should still wait a little longer. Daikaiju ega genre movies aren't as popular at the moment.

The Mothman on Oct 29, 2009


I believe that they should make a Godzilla movie in Tokyo were it belongs no bullshit American zilla and i have the perfect idea Godzilla vs Gigan vs king Ghidora vs gamora and they can call it The all time G.

godzilla on Nov 2, 2009


i am 42 years old godzilla movies are just fun too watch i have two little girles 5 and 8 n thay love every one of them cause we have all of them on dvd so we do need modern hi tech godzilla movie LONG LIVE GODZILLA

silky on Nov 5, 2009


What we need is a Godzilla movie that shows what Godzilla would be like in real life. A huge dinosaur-like creature that dosent look like a man in a suit. It should be a major remake of what godzilla acts like. Like how everyone viewed the joker in batman like some funny clown who's only purpose in life was to be comic relief, compared to the Joker in the Dark Knight, an insane killer. So we need to go from Rubber suit Godzilla to Giant, Scary, real life Monster. Make Him Seem Real!!!

Loch Ness Zilla on Nov 9, 2009


1998 Godzilla was the best...!!! I know that the previous ones were just too great,and is still great...!!! But,the 1998 Movie was more realist regardless to new sci fi high tech campared to the classic ones...!!! I know that the 1998 Godzilla doesn't look like the classical one, but it looks like a big iguana(thats the true story of godzilla),after a nuclear test,the radioactive particles modified a small iguana and made it like it were in the 1998 movie....!!! And the 1998 Movie looks more real,than the previous one...!!! The classical one were too good,but the 1998 one was the best...!!!

Rhys on Nov 14, 2009


The idea of another Godzilla movie is the greatest thing I've heard all year!! If it's the original, it will just make it better, if it's the American one, it will still be good, ONLY if they don't kill it in the end, and if they use Zilla (98'), they should pit it against Clover(Cloverfield Monster).But if it's Godzilla himself, well need I say more.

Cooper-Ray Pipke on Dec 1, 2009


Personally, I think a new Godzilla movie would be great! Being 44 and growing up with the late 60's and the 70's versions I enjoyed the Godzilla movies, especially when he became somewhat human friendly. I have a 5 year old who is now into Godzilla and I honestly don't know how that happened. Could be the PS2 game an older neighbor boy gave him. I think the 2 year old is starting to catch the fever too. I have bought most of the movies that are available on DVD and a few on VHS for him. He will sit and watch from beginning to end. The Giant Monsters Attack Godzilla scared him because of the evil look on his face and his eyes. The 1998 version of Godzilla was terrible and I hope the DVD (image of Godzilla) is never used again other than a coaster on the coffee table. I hope a new one is made, more likely in 2014 for the 60th anniversary, so that I can continue to share in a common interest with my son. The hard part is trying to find toys in stores. I'm not paying an arm and a leg on ebay or anything like that. I also enjoyed Ultraman and Speed Racer on Saturday mornings as a kid. They just don't make 'em like they used to!!

T. J. on Feb 26, 2010


salut tout le mond

marina on Jun 4, 2010


idk wut everyone is complaining about the 1998 remake was the shyt i liked the new design its better then the original godzilla who could barley walk let alone run i say let the movie come out (if it is) and watch it if u dont like it then o well its ur loss....and even if it does suck godzilla is still a beast

antonio on Sep 3, 2010


I know im really really late on all this stuff but the American Godzilla needs a sequel! Especially with the way they ended it with a baby still alive. ! Make another American Godzilla Damnit!

marc on Aug 6, 2012


The 98 godzilla shuda been named something else but godzilla.same goes for the resident evil movies.decent movies but horrible residentevil movies.

Max on Aug 22, 2012

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