Rumor: Robert Rodriguez Producing a Predator Reboot?!

January 29, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting


Holy shit! This is one of those news stories that I'm just not sure whether to believe. But I guess Fox did make two complete Alien vs Predator movies, and 10 years ago no one would've believed that would ever happen. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Robert Rodriguez and his Troublemaker Studios are producing a new Predator reboot for Fox. I hate using the term "reboot," but it's literally the most common word you'll hear in Hollywood. And sometimes it can mean good things. Apparently this is the pitch for the reboot: "In the reboot a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."

You read that right, monsters, not just a monster. In every past movie involving the Predator species, we've only ever seen one of them for most of the movie. That is, except for the first AvP, where we saw three of them. Either way, I'm both a bit excited and a bit nervous to hear this news. I was never a big Predator fan, so I can't say this makes me jump out of my chair with excitement, but I guess I am very curious to see whether this is indeed true. If it is, then hot damn, because with Rodriguez producing, I'm sure we can expect nothing but badass Predator goodness. How many Predator fans are still out there?

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Yay, Rodriguez is here to stick his damn dirty paws all over another property. Stick to your guitar Mr. Mariachi!

thefriedone on Jan 29, 2009


Is Robert Rodriguez trying to "reboot" every Schwarzenegger movie?! First Red Sonja and now Predator!!

megalan on Jan 29, 2009


A reboot is a bad idea. I would much rather see Predator 3, but under 5 conditions: 1. It ignores the two AVP movies and is only allowed to reference events from Predator and Predator 2. 2. It takes place somewhere other than a tropical jungle or a city. 3. It does not use the style of the AVP movies and actually turns on some lights. It's so damn hard to see what's going on in the AVP movies. 4. The editing allows for much longer shots between cuts. I'm not asking for Children of Men type scenes, but the editing in action movies is getting absolutely ridiculous with all the 1 second long shots of things in motion. 5. No cameos by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but references to the character of Dutch, like in military files or something, is ok.

Zso on Jan 29, 2009


Robert Rodriquez is the perfect person to bring back the Predator franchise...I remember his amazing spec-script that was circulating ...about Dutch and Hannigan being brought to the predator homeworld to battle it out with other aliens for the entertainment of the elder predators... this sounds a lot more like the original AVP comics which mostly had the Aliens timeline and humans....meaning we could see the same type of commandos as in Aliens...finally a predator movie set in the future and most likely in space....if the alien has to be involved the trophy wall could make an appearance again

Christopher M on Jan 29, 2009


my favorite swarzenegger movie is predator and there will be never a better version of it! I want a sequel from fightclub so Tyler Durden can show us again the way of free thinking!

avi on Jan 29, 2009


Yes, and a high-five to Zso (comment 4), on all points. No reason why Rodriguez could not do this, though. Not to get too political but there's mention in Predator 2 of the 'monsters' seeking hot areas and Jerusalem is listed. Now imagine a Predator movie set in the Israeli-Palestinian troubles... Actually, it'd have to be sanitised to deal with everybody's feelings (probably mine, too), and be about 3 minutes long. Ok, how about a Predator 'road trip' movie with a 'monster' landing in desert-war Afghanistan, crossing through the mountains, through Iraq (the Euphrates, the deserts, the Green Zone), through an opulent Middle Eastern city (in Jordan, perhaps?) and finishing on the Israel - West Bank border? Along the way it learns the spectrum of human combat and military-political beliefs (US army, opposing militias, grunts, generals, tribal war, the legacy of chemical warfare, covert ops, suicide bombing, torture, rendition, oil politics, heroin politics, ancient tradition, perceptions of nationality and territory) and how this reflects on the hunter-sporting violence of Predator life. Heck, it should end on a downer, with the Predator retiring to the Afghan mountains hooked on opium. I'm just running with this. It probably sucks though.

Rich on Jan 29, 2009


this is just wrong. there is absolutely nothing bad about the first Predator that warrants a reboot. why not just do a Predator 3 that is a prequel to the first film or a sequel to the Predator 1 or 2. Schwarzenegger's commando team was one of the most bad-ass military team to be seen in cinematic history, why mess with that? I say no to this.

Matt Suhu on Jan 29, 2009


he was attached to this awhile ago -- imdb He wrote two scripts for "Predator 3" (which later became _AVP: Alien Vs. Predator (2004)_). One took place at a ship in the 17th century, while the second one was about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover's characters being taken to the alien planet, as trophies.

jp on Jan 29, 2009


OH YEAH!!! Just don't change their looks too much. What a classic image the Predator is!!

bRINGER on Jan 29, 2009


Why don't they just use a book? Cold War, Concrete Jungle, or Bloody Sands of Time. All awesome books! I don't see what the problem is with these movies where there has been so much story already written. They don't even get creative writers. It's ridiculous. Yes I will see if, I've been a fan since I was a kid and remember the first time reading about AVP 10 years before the movie came out. I also remember the Alien/Predator hybrid in Aliens vs Predator from the one where the marines land on Ryushi. Thing is, AVP was screwed over. I've enjoyed the individual films, every single one.

Aravena on Jan 29, 2009


Predator rocks, and with Robert Rodriguez producing, some great things can come out of this. I hope they have a strong lead for the next one, to keep tradition with Predator 1 and 2, that had awesome leads.

Darunia on Jan 29, 2009


I love Predator and I like the idea of Rodriguez putting his spin on the franchise. Hopefully, in his hands, the Predators will come off looking more like clever bad-asses than stalking dum-dums like they have in the last two AvP movies. However, the last two AvP movies are two strikes against the franchise. Clearly Fox is not minding the store when it comes to continuity or anything else.

Tom Brazelton on Jan 29, 2009


I wanna see another Alien movie but more along the lines of Alien and Aliens, as long as they leave the first Predator alone i'm all for it.

BadKarma on Jan 29, 2009


Why don't they just make Predator 3? There's absolutely nothing worng with the original Predator that warrants a reboot and I even liked Predator 2 (a lot of others didn't) because it showed an entirely different side to the Predators. Both movies were relatively free of continuity from each other and were more like stand-alone films which is why a sequel makes more sense than a reboot. It's time for Hollywood to learn that some franchises are good as they are and don't need to be "rebooted" for modern audiences.

SlashBeast on Jan 29, 2009


I agree with *15 , there is no need to make a "reboot" of this film. If Robert Rodriguez wants to make a Pred flick then he should just add to the series. I just think that making a "reboot" of a film that really isn't that old is just lazy.

Canadian on Jan 29, 2009


Antonio Banderas vs. The Predator.....shoot me in the face, now.

Chrisbo on Jan 29, 2009


Schwarzenegger's Predator is all I need. I think they are interesting creatures but as it stands the original movie is all I need. Reminds me of the Alien series. Parts one and two was all we needed looking back. Granted if they just have to do it make a part 3 and move on. Why even touch on a classic? It's like this retarded idea to remake the classic The Thing. Retarded.

Johnny Neat on Jan 29, 2009


Yay for Predator!

????? on Jan 29, 2009


I guess Rodriguez could do it, but without Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers, what's the point? I don't know about this, the casting has to be just right.

Itri on Jan 29, 2009


Actually the first time we saw more than one Predator, was on the end of Predator 2, when they appeared to Danny Glover's character and gave him the pistol. And the reboot sounds like B.S., the first one is a good action movie, and the best of it was the suspense about the alien character and the way it's superiority was shown by eliminating all those that crossed his path (except old Arnie, of course). I don't need to see a whole swarm of them, which incidently would mean that everyone around here would be screwed! Absolutely no need for a reboot. Don't even want to start talking about the "script" taking the characters to the Predator homeworld as gladiators! What the hell, can't these people create anything new?! Blade Runner reboots, The Crow reboots, now Predator?!?! Why can't they just admit that lots of good movies were made and need no make-over!?

rml on Jan 29, 2009


Rich, (comment 7) That is awesome... I am hoping your idea goes through complete with downer ending. If it doesn't get made lets hook up and make it ourselves. Actually I think having the Predator in the Middle East totally makes sense; you're a genius. Really made me laugh though. J

ultramanj on Jan 29, 2009


Leave the classics alone. I'm so sick of these idiots remaking everything from my childhood and doing it so poorly. I'm not a fan of Rodriguez at all, the whole Grindhouse thing was a disaster. Now if it was James Cameron that was interested in a Predator reboot then we'd have something fucking awesome to talk about! The AVP series raped Aliens and Predator at the same time... some good story lines in the first one but horrible after that, the hybrid was a huge let down as well. To #19 you are absolutely right, John Carpenter's "The Thing" can NEVER be improved upon. I would only see a sequel to that movie if Kurt and Carpenter were leading the way. We all have to agree it is so rare for a remake or sequel to live up to the original classics we loved as kids. The recent Batman series comes to mind but beyond that everything is so-so or should have never been thought up in the first place. Bottom line - are all of these guys too fucking stupid and shallow to come up with their own original ideas instead of raping and draining classics for every last dime?!?

no... no nO NO! on Jan 29, 2009


excuse me, I meant to say #18 and BTW, George Lucas can get fucked for raping Indy as well.

no... no nO NO! on Jan 29, 2009


@3... I don't believe it's the screenwriters fault for not coming up with original ideas, but instead it's the studios because they have the money and decide what projects get made. Most of the time if you come to a studio with an original idea for a sci fi film it'll get shot down and the film makers that go the extra mile to make it are the ones who fund it themselves making it tougher to produce. Reboots are born when an executive in Hollywood sees a fan base, runs the numbers, and goes to their superior with a business plan for how it will be marketed and to what demographic. Once that happens than they discuss possible writers for the concept that will please the fanboys and make people forget it's a reboot because they market the film making team more than the concept. So basically, if I was a writer looking for their studio movie debut of course I'd sign on to do a reboot of one of the original films that inspired me. Plus, a job's a job and I'm sure the few million they throw their way for a style over substance popcorn movie is well worth it to the writer and an easy sell. So in summary...don't hate the player, hate the game.

peloquin on Jan 29, 2009


nice, another one in the city with lot of guns, or in the jungle fist fight!!

Options Trading Systems on Jan 29, 2009


I want the sequel. Bring Schwarzenegger back. I don't like this Hollywood style rebooting great movies.

Dezz on Jan 29, 2009


i would love 2 see a new Predator movie not a remake of the first. How about they use the idea of haveing more than one Predator. And not 2 kill them off two fast like AVP you saw 2 Predators died in 5 mins.

Firestar on Jan 29, 2009


I am a little cautious. As #23 said I think the classics should be left alone, HOWEVER, if it can be done right, and I have a lot of faith in Rodriguez, then I will be all for it. Ever since i was a kid I've been a huge fan of the alien and predator series. After being totally let down by requiem which was one of the worst movies I've seen, and after a somewhat letdown from the first AVP, I lost all faith in anyone making a new movie in either series. But Rodriguez is the man who could do it.

Dan W on Jan 29, 2009


WOW! Yet ANOTHER cult flick reboot! I'm shocked. Except not really. For real Hollywood, are we THAT drained for ideas? Don't misunderstand me, I'm just as big as a Predator fan as the next guy, but seriously, Predator? Tell me I'm not the only person who thinks this!

Clamson on Jan 29, 2009


I mean it is either going to be hilariously bad like Predator 2 with Danny Glover or it will be slightly below par as many reboots have been recently, even in the off chance that it is amazing I wouldn't spend the $10 to see it in theaters.

Max on Jan 29, 2009


urgh. i wish they'd stop saying 'reboot.' it's a remake. just cos your garbage man wants to call himself a sanitary engineer or an environmental officer, he's still a garbage man. speaking of garbage men... Robert Rodriguez. no, that was chape, and unwarranted, but seriously - remake Predator? like /11 / Aravena said, there's plenty of source material already. but then, that might include having to buy the rights? peloquin's right, of course, but it still doesn't stop you getting irate at such lunacy. the bean counters have sterlised Hollywood's creativity for too long. Rich / #7,, i agree with #22 = let's get your idea made! Preadtor - Heroin Harvest! or, alternatively, let's make The Kingdom of the Predator, in which Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper lead a team of FBI agents into Saudi Arabia to fight an alien that is making incursions into trouble spots in the Middle East. cod-philiosphy, gung-ho Americanism and monsters al in one film - yay! but seriously... another sequel would be bareable, but a remake of an iconic film like this? sheesh, you'll be tellng me they're remaking The Thing or Forbidden Planet next...

lumière on Jan 29, 2009


Reboot of the franschise, ok. Remake, not OK. Keep the story going for fuck sakes.

Ryderup on Jan 29, 2009


*crosses fingers* i hop this works!

Nick S. on Jan 29, 2009


I think the quote from the movie when Dutch first meets Dillon, "You son of a B*tch!"

angry on Jan 29, 2009


predator a great fucking movie doesn't really need a reboot what are you going to do fill it with them fucking wwe pricks,predator 2 was good,the ones that should be remade avp & avp2,avp is 1000 times better than avp2 & they both where pretty shit for the hardcore fans.

zetsu on Jan 29, 2009


Predator is one of the best movies ever!! It's a freakin classic! A reboot is the LAST thing that the franchise needs!!!!

Janika on Jan 29, 2009


Been a Predator fan since birth, hope they don't screw up the "reboot".

Fisherr on Jan 29, 2009


Bring back Dutch, Blaine, Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Spunkmeyer, and Newt!! "They mostly come at night, mostly"

The Genius on Jan 29, 2009


Take the battle to Egypt! And show their influence on Egyptian culture.

Josh on Jan 29, 2009


this is bullshit I don't have any faith in Rodriguez personally and more importantly there is no star in hollywood that can convincingly take on a predator. one of the reasons Predator was better than Predator 2 was because Arnold actually has a chance against a predator Danny Glover... I wouldn'y bet on it. who the hell are they gonna get Christian Bale, Matt Damon, godforbid an OC-Gossip Girl caliber actor. No actor in mind can take one on

Silver on Jan 29, 2009


Reboot. God, cant anyone do anything but reboots? Least of all a movie that was great the first time around. It will suck and be hoaky if Robert Rodreguez gets his hands on it. Hollywood, show some origonality! Stop remaking and rebooting and reimagining movies!

Dan on Jan 29, 2009


BREAKING NEWS! : Rodriguez is casting Rose McGowan as the Predator. Sounds about the path he is taking with all his new movies, and that path leads to poo.

Chrisbo on Jan 29, 2009


Predator doesn't need a reboot. They should make Independence day 2 the ground war

Black Dynamite on Jan 30, 2009


Big fan of the original 2 Predator movies as well as a big fan of Rodriguez....minus his kid-flix. Imagine Predator meets From Dusk till Dawn...battling bad ass vampires...HAHA! I'd totally see that!

Cmurder on Jan 30, 2009


Rodriguez from what I understand wrote a spec script where in the opening scene the predators attacked a 18th century pirate ship which explained the pistol given to Danny Glover in Predator 2. Now that would be awesome!!

John J on Jan 30, 2009


commandos face down a mysterious race of monsters? does it take place in the jungle and run along the same plot as the movie Predator? dont do some stupid reboot, you want to make pred 3 then fine. make sure its quality

harrison on Jan 30, 2009


What do they even mean by "reboot" anyway? Are they just flinging around crappy Hollywood jargon? Are they going to change the Predators face, size, and/or weapons? Or is it really just going to be the same thing in a different place with different people? If its the latter, Yay! If former, *cringe*

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