Rumor: Sam Raimi Wants Morbius for a Spider-Man 4 Villain

January 9, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Morbius in Comics

It looks like the Hollywood vampire craze has hit Sam Raimi, too. Apparently the most recent issue of Empire (via SlashFilm) includes a quote from Raimi where he says: "I like it in the Marvel comics when Spider-Man fights Morbius. He's really cool. A vampire! I like that combination of superhero plus supernatural." While this is obviously not confirmation that Morbius will be in Spider-Man 4, it's our first hint at a villain we might see in the upcoming sequel. I'm sure most people would claim that the excess of villains was what hurt Spider-Man 3 the most. So is using Morbius next time an improvement?

In the comics, Morbius is a living man who is given vampiric abilities via scientific means. He first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #101 in 1971. As we all know, The Lizard is another villain that fans are hoping to one day see, which would make Morbius a bit more of a possibility. Both characters "use the same technology but have different animals involved in their research… one having blended with a lizard the other a vampire bat." The next question is whether Morbius and The Lizard alone would be good enough villains for one movie. I guess I just can't see two "animals" being the villains for a big movie like this.

Now that we pretty much know who the villains will be in Iron Man 2, it's time to turn our attention to Spider-Man. What villains do you want to see? Can both Morbius and The Lizard be equal enemies?

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Reader Feedback - 94 Comments


I like the vampire guy. He would look pretty scary in a live action movie. Him and the Lizard would make good villians.

Daniel F. on Jan 9, 2009


it's becoming painfully obvious that Raimi has not cracked open a Spider-man comic since 1985. Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman??, where the hell are the more modern villains? i want to see Scorpion, Shocker, Electro, Rhino, the Jackal, hell i'd be happy with Kraven the Hunter! why is Bruce Campbell not Mysterio already!

The Delightful Deviant on Jan 9, 2009


Raimi is a dumbass.

Matt Suhu on Jan 9, 2009


I think Spiderman has officially jumped the shark.

SlashBeast on Jan 9, 2009


Morbius is quite boring. My pick would be Electro, but hey, looks like we're never gonna get him?

Movie Fan on Jan 9, 2009


Out of those villains (Scorpion etc) only the Jackal WASN'T created in the 1960's. (He was created in the 70's) So I have no idea how they can be deemed 'modern'. Raimi already tried the most popular 'modern' villain, Venom. Look how well that turned out. So can you blame him for sticking to the classic rogues gallery?

Dan on Jan 9, 2009


Morbius & Lizard as thw two villians?. well i say go for it.

anonymous on Jan 9, 2009


Only Raimi would choose to put a vampire in a failing superhero franchise. No offense, but Morpheus doesn't even work that well in the comics, let alone as the villain in a live action movie. Seriously Sam, just go back to horror movies. Or at least hire someone to write the next movie because if he writes this one like he did Spiderman 3 (the only one he's written himself so far) I'm not even going to bother seeing it in theaters.

Pete the Geek on Jan 9, 2009


I think morbius and lizard are good ideas. Does this mean they would have to talk about spidermans mutation into the man-spider? I want to see Blade try to kill Morbius. They need to redeem themselves and bring in Carnage. I think throwing another hero in there would be pretty cool. Like Dare Devil. Since they are in eachothers backyard.

TIm on Jan 9, 2009


I agree that Morbius and the Lizard would be a good combo. Lizard is overdue and hopefully he'll survive! Three villains was too many in SM3. I'd say just use one but I think we're beyond that at this point....

BSmithy on Jan 9, 2009


I remember in the 90s animated series when Spidy and Blade teamed up to fight Morpheus. However, that can never happen in this movie, since the rights to Spider-Man and Blade are with two different studios.

Sean Kelly on Jan 9, 2009


I though for sure they would have brought in the Lizard since they had the doctor in the last one, I hope they do add him because I think that would be awesome.

Mr.Duckie on Jan 9, 2009


I don't think they'll do Carnage after the reception Venom was met with. Also David Lindsay-Abaire is currently attached to write Spider-Man 4.

Dan on Jan 9, 2009


Sam Raimi coming back to direct....yay

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


And why are people talking like Venom was the problem, and not the way Sam Raimi worked with him? The story was piss poor, and Venom was given like 15 min of the movie... It was clear that Sam didn't like the material he was working with, and it came to a point where the movie was more of a comedy than anything, which clearly points to the fact that Sam Raimi wasn't into it. I fail to see how bringing Raimi back will improve things, he's doing it for the money right now, i bet Spider Man 4 will come out as another "bored" effort from Raimi, Sony is gonna run the franchise into the ground.

Darunia on Jan 9, 2009


Honestly Spiderman 3 Ruined the series for me. However it was not entirely raimi's fault, a lot of the blame can be handed to the studio. I feel the next in the logical progression would be to make spiderman a bit darker. Cut the camp out of the movie concentrate on one villain and putting together a cohesive storyline. Following the logical progression from venom, bring in the serial killer Carnage. From there you could assume if the pieces of venom survived to spawn carnage, perhaps the mac cargan incarnation of venom could come into play, and after the loss of the symbiote at some point he would become the scorpion in later movies needing the scorpion suit to cope with the loss of venom. Strays a little from the comic mythos but havnt the movies already?

Jon on Jan 9, 2009


(change director, remove Maguire)

ryderup on Jan 9, 2009


It was Marvel execs insisting that Venom be shoe-horned into Spidey 3 that killed it - against Raimi's wishes. That's a well documented fact. Sandman was being developed so well, then you throw in that curveball out of nowhere - I'm pretty sure this site documented the whole thing, how pissed Raimi was, etc. I do not think this quote is any confirmation that Morbius will be used as a villain. I do think it shows that Raimi is aware of the full spread of Spidey villains, which goes against what #2 said. I think Morbius COULD make for a very interesting film, but Kraven's last hunt or an appearance by Fish bowl head, Mysterio would be pretty awesome as well. If he did that, another wrestling cross-reference of including Ray Mysterio would be a funny throw in. I'm not even that big a fan, but including Macho Man was a big plus for the first film.

Hmmmm on Jan 9, 2009


Uh, how about redoing Venom and getting it right? What about Carnage? What about The Lizard who has been creeping around the background for three movies now? Someone start a petition or something to get him off this movie. I know Spiderman is the most kid-friendly of the superhero flicks but I don't know if I can take anymore of Sam Raimi's subpar storytelling and general disregard for characters the fans care about.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


Personally I'm still willing to give Raimi the benefit of the doubt. Spider-Man 1 and 2 kicked some unholy ass all over other superhero films, even Batman Begins. But in a post-Dark Knight world, we need a new kind of Spider-Man film, not neccesarily something gritty, but something with a more honest narrative force, instead of a film just trying to sell some toys. I felt that Spider-Man 2 had that, I'm willing to forgive the 3rd because of that. Please make a good story, maybe a Spider-Man film without a central main focus villain? Make it Chameleon and tie it into a SHIELD Story line from the upcoming Iron Man and Avengers film?

LINKFX on Jan 9, 2009


Subpar storytelling? There's been three films as of this date. Two of which were very good. The third not so much. But as poster #17 points out this was mostly down to studio execs foisting Venom upon Raimi, shoehorning him in even. So because one of the films out of the trilogy was bad he should be taken off? How about just letting him do a fourth movie with no interference this time?

Dan on Jan 9, 2009


No one could forgive that garbage. Peter Parker got an emo haircut and had a dance sequence. The symbiote makes him...lame?

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


Rami...please, why are you getting a 4th chance?

ZEROHOUR on Jan 9, 2009


Raimi didn't even like Venom as a character. To have him foisted upon him when the story was already laid out would be a horrible dilemma to have. No wonder it turned out like it did. People forget things too easy.

Dan on Jan 9, 2009


we could see Kraven The Hunter in 4th installment...because from what I know Raimi likes the idea of the Sinister Six (possibly leading in the 5th movie)...I'm not sure if too many villains hurt Spider-Man 3 I think not enough solid writing and the studio pushing Venom on Sam didn't help things...

Christopher M on Jan 9, 2009


LinkFX, Sorry man wont happen with iron man. Spiderman is still owned by sony, and as long as they own the rights there wont be any crossovers. The same with xmen.

Jon on Jan 9, 2009


Morbius would be a surprisingly creative choice, definitely a curveball. And after totally ruining Venom, arguably the most popular Spiderman villain around, they need to be really creative now more than ever.

Vegavega Balrog on Jan 9, 2009


Bad writing and adding Topher Grace to Spiderman 3 was what made Venom that bad. Topher Grace sucks. Who wanted to see That 70's dork fighting Spiderman? I didn't. Allot has to do with the casting. To redeem themselves they are gonna have to have a good cast to make Spiderman 4 even somewhat decent.

bourneidentity on Jan 9, 2009


I think Raimi should use the Lizard and have Morbius in human form as a set up for the next flick's villain. "SpiderMan 2" exemplified how a richer story could be told when the focus is on one villain. I'm sure Raimi and Sony learned a lesson from "SpiderMan 3". Sony should also consider bringing David S. Goyer as a writer to freshen things up and raise the bar. I trust Goyer's knowledge of comics and knack for good storytelling.

Spider on Jan 9, 2009


carnage and bring back venom .

westell on Jan 9, 2009


I don't think you can do Morbius without bringing in Blade, which would make for a pretty good Spiderman movie crossover. especially if Wesley Snipes plays Blade... also @ #2 that Bruce Campbell as Mysterio thing is not a bad idea either...

DDOT3 on Jan 9, 2009


Venom will return, plus Morbius and possibly the Lizard.

Syphous on Jan 9, 2009


I think that the Lizard would be an impressive badguy visually. I'd also have Kraven the Hunter come over to NYC to hunt the Lizard before Spidey intervenes and then becomes the prey himself. I'd cast Gerard Butler as Kraven. Id want to get rid of Kirsten as MJ, but I dont think you could change just one, you'd have to change the whole cast. Not a bad idea but I doubt Tobey would pass this movie up.

Matt on Jan 9, 2009


@Dan - I didn't forget. People rewrite things at the last minute all the time. Iron Man was virtually written on set. This story was a mess regardless of Venom, and it's not like his inclusion destroyed the plotting of the film as he's only in the movie for about ten minutes with sprinkles of Eddie Brock throughout. This story was a mess way before that. Retroactively introducing Sandman into the death of Uncle Ben's character, while inspired, was clumsily handled. Sandman is a one note character whose "I'm not sorry, I did it for my kid" motivations were a flaccid and sloppy attempt at sympathy. We already had that with Doc Ock to much greater effect. The opening with Harry is the only part of the film that truly works and even that was done in by a ridiculous amnesia subplot and a deus ex machina of elephantine proportions. I mean come on, seriously, a sand truck in front of a bank in New York? When does that EVER happen? And why is Gwen Stacy in this movie at all other than to fall off a crane and make MJ jealous? Spiderman 2 is the only great film of the bunch. The first one does an amazing job of setting up the world and holds up as an origin story, but let's be real -- it's sort of lame in a way that is pure Raimi. Spiderman 2 improved on this in every way. To think that, even with all the "foisting", Raimi was incapable of making the story work is just more and more of a sad excuse. Let's be clear: Raimi started and damn near perfected the comic book movie genre. I'm not disputing that fact. To think that Sony wouldn't have helped him or given him more time or have absolute faith in him after all the money he's made for them is a copout. It was just a bad movie with bad writing. SUB. PAR. STORYTELLING.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


For my money, I'd love to see The Hobgoblin emerge as the villain. One of the great Spiderman adversaries this side of Doc Ock. And regarding other characters, and the near universal recognition that SP3 collapsed under the weight of FAR too many new characters, I'd ditch the superfluous and lightweight Gwen Stacy (who literally had no point), strip out all the excess villains, and elevate the Betty Brant-Peter Parker relationship to a meaningful one to breath new life into Parker beyond all MJ, all the time. The Spiderman series has the now hot actress Elizabeth Banks sitting right there, doing nothing. She's right under their nose. Use what you already got instead of reinventing the wheel every time and wasting energy introducing new and boring characters.

Linus on Jan 9, 2009


Also, the too many storylines thing is tired. Zack Snyder seems to be handling a far denser story with sheer elegance.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


#33 Awright, now you've done it - LET"S FIGHT! (hehe) Seriously, just pointin' out, have you seen any other Raimi movies? If ANYthing, everything that made Spiderman 2 amazing (pun) was how distinctly "Raimi-esque" it was: self-mockingly humorous, over-the top, and pointedly kitchy at times. I mean - C'mon. Screaming nurses, out-of-proportion metal tentacles wielding (Hello) Chainsaws??!!! Did you not see any other Sam Raimi films and if so - what basis do you think #1 was the most "Raimi"? All the above attributes - a "superhero movie" that doesn't take itself too seriously, giving the audience plenty to enjoy, even if they aren't comic fans, while filling the entire film w/ fanboy easter eggs (poses, specfic scenes, Bruce Campbell...); there are all things that Spidey 3 aimed at but misfired, due to the studio flubs breathing down Raimi's neck & sticking their itchy Symbiote-sticky fingers in his VERY refined ability to tell an entertaining, character-driven narrative. Also known as "Storytelling".

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


I will say I agree w/ you in comment #35, fuelbot. If Raimi specifically goes in w/ the intent to develop 2 or even 3 villains from the START, then he'll be able to weave together their stories, a' la Usual Suspects, et al. I think everybody's problem w/ Spidey 3 is how blatantly squeezed in and under-developed Venom was as a character. It was like: "Let's make Sandman into a more compelling character than he's ever been - oh, wait. Nevermind. Let's do a Marvel Bad-guy team up and sneak in both the origin and final battle of Venom. Forget character development - squeeze that sucker IN!!!" It's not about what they did, it's about HOW they did it. And Sam Raimi does it so well that I have a hard time imagining anyone else. Seriously, imagine if James Cameron had his shot at it. It'd be a) nothing like the books. b) nowhere near as funny or self-serious. c) even MORE overblown w/ toy tie-ins, etc. d) probably include a terminator.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


granted most of the villains i mentioned in my first posts are older than Michael Morbius, but when was the last time you've seen Morbius in a Spider-man comic? at the rate Raimi is going we may as well expect Rocket Racer for Spider-man 5!

The Delightful Deviant on Jan 9, 2009


@37 - Yes. I've seen all of Sam Raimi's movies minus For Love Of The Game because I loathe Kevin Costner. #2 works because it's simply a great story. How do you deal with having to save everyone? How does that affect your life and what you want? #3 was a Cinemax soap opera, a big budget direct to video disaster. A great director just doesn't need prep time to make things work. A great director makes it work, regardless. I've seen movies with horrible screenplays come out amazing simply because of the director. Sam could've made this better. If he wasn't gonna do Venom right and Sony wouldn't stop breathing down his neck he should've just stepped away from the project, not delivered a half ass movie.

Fuelbot on Jan 9, 2009


good choice but what happens after, mary jane gets kidnapped like the other films

darrin on Jan 9, 2009


#41 we cheer and hope she goes the way of Rachel Dawes. Would someone please put MJ out of her misery. I'm tired of Kirsten Dunst. She's a movie star now I'm sure she could fix her teefers. If I wanted to see Sloth I would watch The Goonies.

bourneidentity on Jan 9, 2009


Morbius gives them a reason to add Felicia Harding into the mix, which gives you another hero as well... Black Cat... which would mke it a little more interesting and also take MJ out of the picture for a little while...

DDOT3 on Jan 9, 2009


My opinion: Spider-Man 3 was a mess because of BOTH the Studio *AND* Sam Raimi. Here's what I think happened: Sam Raimi had a very specific idea for his Spider-Man films. His experience (and taste) is set in the more traditional Spider-Man stories, and that's the type of Spider-man movie he likes to make (not to compare him to Schumacher, but Joel only knew of the old '60s Batman show and THAT was the kind of Batman movie he wanted to make...and did). In his mind, Raimi knew for Spider-man 3 that he wanted Harry to become a version of the Goblin and for another of his favorite characters, the Sandman, to be the sympathetic villain. Before Sam Raimi came to work, he knew that was the movie he wanted to make, and since it's his style, he was going to make it just as well as he had made Spider-Man 1 & 2. The fans really wanted to see a newer villain, Venom. The Venom origin story, what with the symbiote and black suit, is arguably one of Spider-man's most popular stories. The fans couldn't know that Raimi had this preconceived plan for Spider-man 3. They just wanted the "coolest" character and the "coolest" story. The Studio heard all these fans taking about Venom. They could see how popular he is and they saw dollar signs. Popular = Ticket sales. So the Studio demanded Raimi make his movie about the very popular Venom so they could make truck-loads of money. But Sam Raimi already had a preconceived idea of the movie he wanted to make. He didn't know Venom or why people insisted on seeing him in the movie. Venom just wasn't one of the traditional villains that Raimi was familiar with, so he had no internal understanding of the character or his purpose. He just wanted to finish his trilogy the way he had planned. But since the Studio insisted, he looked at the Venom story and saw the "dramatic device" that the symbiote suit could provide for a story and figured that must be the hook. Give Peter Parker a reason to screw up the good stuff that has been going on in his life. Okay. So he took his existing idea of the conclusion to his trilogy and melted it together with this dramatic device the Studio kept insisting he use. It did not mesh well. It created a single movie with three or more main story lines in it, none of which were given enough time to develop or even to be interesting. It short-changed Raimi's original concept for his trilogy conclusion, and it short-changed everyone who wanted to see the very popular character of Venom and his origin story. The only one not short-changed? The Studio. They made bajillions. BA-JILLIONS. Just like they wanted. The trailers promising the popular character of Venom and his origin story were JUST what people wanted, and it enticed people in DROVES to come see the story they'd been waiting years to see. After you pay your ticket price, it doesn't matter what you think. If I'm not mistaken, a certain executive in charge of the X-Men films said something to that effect right around the time X-Men: The Last Stand was making dedicated fanboys ill with disappointment, but that's a comment for another day. In short: Raimi is a passionate director when he cares about the material. He did not care about Venom or his story, so the film suffered. The Studio didn't give a crap about what Raimi had planned for his trilogy conclusion, only about what was guaranteed to make them money, and they got exactly what they wanted because they were able to show the fans what they wanted to the trailers. And the fans...well, the fans have to learn that just because the trailer seems to promise something that you've wanted to see, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get it. Odds are, it's just in that trailer to get your ticket money. And as long as you're happy with that, then the film-making process works.

Outlaw on Jan 9, 2009


Well, i think Morbius might actually be a cool choice. It's there chance to have a real dark, serious villian like Joker was in the Dark Knight perhaps? Cast some good actor and make him real brooding and scary, it may mean a more serious Spidey flick after they crapped on #3. Having said all that, I'm in the minority that didn't think Dark Knight was the second coming, but I did enjoy Ledger's performance. For me, the problem with comic book villians is they never seem to transfer to the screen as well as the heroes do. EXCEPT for the latest Joker, he was by far the best part of that movie. of course, just my $.02

darthwhitey on Jan 9, 2009


Well, im a spiderman fan and i say let venom come back to jumpstart then let carnage and rhino work their way into it. morphius or morbius or whatever his name is is wack im tired of vampires aint we all?

J ROD on Jan 9, 2009


ok WHAT IF they mixed the Lizard and Morbius mutation stories with Kravens and he comes and tries to hunt them (+spiderman)??? My friend says CLive Owen for Morbius....I dont see it. I love the idea up top of Gerard Butler as Kraven. Mixing in BLade WOULD be cool, but DEFINITELY not going to happen. And I would love to see more Elizabeth Banks (wouldnt we all tho lol). Just as a side note, I think Lebron should take over as Blade haha.

KG on Jan 9, 2009


#2 you are an idiot....the villains you mentioned you want used are no more modern than Green Goblin, Doc Ock, or Sandman, all of them are basic early SPidey villains....actually a few you mentioned made appearances long before Green quit talking out of your ass. But I completely dislike the idea of using Morbius...why doesnt Raimi use who hes been leading up to this whole time ..THE LIZARD, he has used Doc Connors in every film...they could also bring in Kraven the Hunter to try and kill The Lizard with Spider-man stuck in the middle...trying to stop Lizards rampage while tangling with Kraven so he doesnt kill The Lizard aka Doc me that is a solid scenario....NUFF SAID



Fuelbot - gimme some examples of great films where they inserted an entire extra subplot, after they've already started filming? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue, eh? #44 your comment is not only on point and accurate, but well thought out and intelligently argued. Nuff said.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


Well, Morbius was a key element in that "six-armed Spider-Man" storyline starting in ASM #100...which, coincidentally, also featured the Lizard as a major player. Adapting the storyline might come across a bit silly onscreen, but if the Lizard is the focus and you ditch the spare arms bit, Spider-Man could be using Morbius as a cure of sorts for Dr. Connors...? We'll see how it goes, but the two have dovetailed nicely in the comic itself and could again in the movies.

Queen Anthai on Jan 9, 2009


I VOTE FOR SPIDER-HULK: the Movie. (WORST Spider Man story EVER)

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


#48 you can reply to me without having to call me an idiot you sack of shit. no one knows who the hell Morbius is and no one will care, he's a poor choice and a poor villain, so when i stop talking out of my ass why don't you pucker up and kiss it,you shithead! all the villains i mentioned are more recurring Spider-man villains that Michael Morbius, marvel failed with that character they even tried to put him on the Midnight Sons and it still failed. so before you spew diarrhea out of your mouth take shit out of your head.

The Delightful Deviant on Jan 9, 2009


# 48 _ Just warning you. Don't get pulled into Delightful Deviant's invective slinging matches. They literally undermine the dialogues that take place on this site over and over again, and it looks like he's attempting to create yet another of his "no one can make a bigger ass of myself than my own self" insult matches. Oops. There, I did it again. It's almost impossible not to reply to him without being pulled into his inane games of playground insult-bullying. Hooray, I've stooped that low yet again.

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


so i'm the bad guy for not letting someone call me an idiot? i'm not one to start a flame war but i'm also not going to stand around and be insulted. other people have retorted to my first comment without having to sink down to that level and i suggest you follow suit before deeming me the trouble maker, i was not the one to throw the first insult i was the one defending myself.

The Delightful Deviant on Jan 9, 2009


Ah, deviant. You neer fail to depress. I'm gonna go eat a pizza and hit the bar, to find some more enlightening company. My work is done here. Please, don't let that stop you from defending yourself violently, ad nauseum. 🙂

Jimbo Slims on Jan 9, 2009


Screw this.... I want the Sinister Six!! Electro, Shocker, Vulture, Rhino, Mysterio, Scorpion Maybe not the originals, but they will do. And see if they wouldnt have followed the same old recipe in the last movie, they could have prolonged his time with the black suit which is suppose to multiply his powers, he could have kicked all their butts, then they could have saved Venom for Movie 5. Dont you all wish you were as brilliant as me? Dont ya?

iknowwhatimtalkinabout on Jan 10, 2009


Morbius and The Lizard FTW!!!

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Jan 10, 2009


You guys need to watch Spiderman 3 with the commentary on. He talks about alot of the story and how his original idea was to use the Vulture w/ Ben Kinsley. I actually think that the 3rd movie was pretty good. Not at first, but It's grown on me. And I bet it's hard trying to get a backround on all these villians to make a good story. Especially when there's like a 100 different versions of the character being introduce in the comics due to different comic writers. So how is a director suppose to please everyone, when everyone has there own opinion on what they want to see.

The_Phantom on Jan 10, 2009


To me Raimi did everything wrong from the get-go I think that Maguire is wrong for his part. I think the design of everything is cheap (power ranger esque) and they changed stuff around that wasn't needed. MJ should have apperared in the end of the first film, in the door like that classic comic panel. (with the tiger remark). The second one should have ended like the first one, with them only being friends. The thrid one should have ended with her knowing everything. Then after that, they should have made 3 movies back to back, about the sinister six. (and set up some of theese characters in the first three films). Using Venom was "stupid", and the way they used him was almost... retarded 🙂

ryderup on Jan 10, 2009


the whole spider-man movie franchise is stupid! maybe the first one was slightly good, but that showed peter parker as a boring geek, and the whole spiderman alter ego was just pathetic. and the other movies were even worse... i don't even wanna talk about the third movie which showed parker as emo... god, what a way to ruin a character... and the villains were just stupid, i can't even think about a single villain portrayed well in the franchise... i like morbius but i think it'll be really stupid to put him into a movie... and i really hope there won't be a fourth movie... tobey maguire was a wrong choice from the beginning

F.C. on Jan 11, 2009


The Problem with the third film was that they tried to do too much, too fast. It should have ended with him removing the symbiote and made Venom the primary villain for the fourth. As it stands, Venom isn't dead. A. there was too much symbiote-substance around, and B. it could have easily protected Eddie Brock from the explosion. So, really, the fourth SHOULD at the very least show Eddie showing up near the end, perhaps as a precursor to Carnage being the Fifth film's villain, where Peter and Eddie have to team up in order to beat him, like in the comics. As for the fourth film's villain; I was already hoping on lizard. Morbius would be an acceptable second villain if Spider-Man gets to team up with someone, like Black Cat. She was supposed to show up in the second film anyway, so why not? Oh, and F.C.? You're obviously not a Spider-Man fan if you think they're ruining a good character. The villains so far have been portrayed VERY well, better than I'd hoped, and though I agree that the third was a bit disappointing, It's still salvageable.

TJ on Jan 11, 2009


#33- I have been telling my friends that Lizard and Kraven should be in it as well. I even said Butler as Kraven. Great minds think I hope Dunst is gone, she needs to be replaced by a good looking red head, Isla Fischer.

jim carpenter on Jan 11, 2009


I believe the Lizard has to appear in the fourth installment of Spider-man because as others have already noted, Dr.Connors has been in all three movies, when does he finally turn into the Lizard? Also Venom, who is my favourite villain of all time and one of my favourtie comic book characters, did not get a fair chance in the movie, he can not be dead, they need to bring him back to please the millions of people who love Venom and also because he is an essential element of the comics. He is Spider-man's arch nemesis and does not simply die within 15 minutes of appearing, doesn't make sense. I suggest bring back Venom and of course include Lizard as the two villains and by the end of the movie, just introduce Carnage and set him up for the 5th installment. That way Venom and Spider-man could team up in the 5th. I do agree Spider-man should take a darker tone, even though he is the most kid-friendly superhero, everybody wants to see a darker side, I think even kids, I mean look at the results of The Dark Knight. They failed horribly in the 4th to make Spider-man darker, with his childish haircut and strutting and dance moves, he was more funny that dark. Anyways, please revamp this franchise, I love Spider-man and I don't think I am alone, he probably is the most popular comic book character. But Venom, Lizard and Carnage are a must, they are so pivotal to the plot. Venom and Spider-man are like Robert Downey Jr. and drugs, they are always battling each other and a thorn in each other's leg, make it happen.

PDAN on Jan 12, 2009


Hey I know this is a posting for Spider-man but I didn't know where else to post this, becase there is no Gargoyles posting. So could somebody tell me why the hell a Gargoyles movie is not being made? I mean am I the only one who watched the cartoon series and loved it? I mean great characters, great storyling, dark villains, and do you know how amazing it would look in live action with today's special effects? I mean imagine the Gargoyles turning from stone to flesh and going out into the night. Out of all the crap being made today, I can't believe no one has picked up on Gargoyles, or maybe somebody has and I don't know, does anybody out there know? I mean come on, Elektra, Daredevil, the horrible Ghost Rider, Catwoman, Smurfs, Punisher, game based movies such as Max Payne, HitMan, and all these cartoon remakes, I can't believe noone has thought of Gargoyles. I think a director like Bryan Singer, Del Toro, or a producer such as J.J. Abrams or Jerry Bruckheimer should make this happen, any feed back Gargoyle fans?

PDAN on Jan 12, 2009


Any body know of a Gargoyles movie being made perhaps? I mean am I the only one who loved the cartoon series and believes it had great characters, a great story line, dark villains and would make a great movie taking into consideration the amazing special effects at hand these days? Del Toro and Bruckheimer, or J.J. Abrams and Bryan Singer would make a great director/producer duo. I mean with all the crappy movies being made like Catwoman, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Elektra, Daredevil, does nobody think Gargoyles would make a great movie? Anyone agree? I would love for this series to become a live action movie and I think it would do well and could do at least 2 sequal is the first one does well. Why the hell has nobody thought of this?

PDAN on Jan 12, 2009


Why not make an all-in-1 movie instead? Iron-man, Spider-man, Hulk, Daredevil, etc...Mass orgy party, battle-royale and shit...

jickina on Jan 12, 2009


Sam Raimi is pissing me off. We need a new writer for the Spider-Man movies. Saimi is butchering the series.

Seth Steele on Jan 13, 2009


Maybe they should at least try taking off the last movie, but only bringing in 1 character. Try the Carnage factor out, if coencides with the last movie and one of it's last characters. They need to get back to 1 villian and 1 hero. To much is what is killing most movies nowadays. And Carnage is a more up to date character.

ZeroDragon on Jan 13, 2009


Why did venom have to die! Also why was sandman even considered. Venom is everyones favorate and as a character never to have died off in the movies because he could lead to the other symbiot villains which are my favorite.

vangeli asimakis on Jan 13, 2009


The 1st three movies should've been all classic characters and Spidey 4-6 should've been an R rated series with the symbiote as its back story.

Seth Steele on Jan 13, 2009


I wish they could bring back Venom, Lizard would be cool too.

Fisherr on Jan 14, 2009


i don't think is a good idea to bring Morbius because the fight would not be as great as people think but please bring venom back and carnage to beat up spider man but one last thing like it would not look fair for morbius,lizard,carnage and venom (i hope) to be facing spider man on his own so can you bring the punisher was a helper for spider man to beat all those enemys please it would be evan better than the dark knight if all of you do it like this

2011gtr on Jan 14, 2009


Well i think you NEEED to bring venom back because he is such a good villan and also the arch nemesis of spidey.. and then you bring in lizard to crash.. i dont think morbius would be a good choice because spidey 3 was so badthat it could deter fans away from the franchise.. i think spidey should take a darker tone, and i mean not gritty but i dont wanna see him dancin down the streets like a guy named bob who just got his 1st bj... and we all know spidey didntsave everyone so i wanna see carnage shakes things up to a point that spidey doesnt believe in himself anymore.. in this world nothin is all perfect and happy.. ppl are in a depressive mood... we're in this type of recession where as i didnt even feel a chirstmas spirit when chirstmas came around.. ppl dese days want to see ppl struggle to achieve what theyhave and apperciate things more and i think spidey 4 with the right villian/s could be better than dark knight..(honestly the only thing good in it was heath and the script)batman to was horrible and why did it take batman a whole movie to stop scarecrow but he stoped him in freakin 2 min in tdk lol..

ray on Jan 14, 2009


i want carnage and lizard to be the villins

spiderman fan on Jan 14, 2009


My 2 cents: "The Amazing Spiderman" - Conners becomes the Lizard and terrorizes the city. After an encounter, Peter discovers the Lizard's identity and learns that Conners will continue to mutate if he isn't cured. Since Spidey can't stop him until a cure is found, the city offers a reward for his capture and Kraven the Hunter answers the call. In a race against time, Spidey sets out to save his friend and stop Kraven before him kills them both. Marvel/Sony/ bring back the heart & soul that u lost n Pt 3. Raimi was on the right track w Pt.2. Don't cave in to pressure this time around.

Vidhoe on Jan 14, 2009


Vidhoe, I like your idea! I second the motion. Now lets see if they'd actually do it.

TJ on Jan 16, 2009


if there could add a vampire then make it a 18 or the spiderman movie will be lame this time, god even venom looked weaker in spiderman 3, i say we get a 18 for vamp or stop makin spidey into movies

ronnie42 on Jan 16, 2009


Just a thought: An interesting way to introduce Morbius's character would be for Spidey to seek out his expertise in helping change Connors back to human. Both scientists were researching human/animal gemome projects for the sake of medical benefits. Connors wants to regenerate organs & limbs. Morbius wants cures for blood diseases. If in the midst of trying to develope a cure (say they need a sample of Connors mutated DNA, a blood sample), Lizard attacks, destroying Morbius's lab. Spidey and the Lizard could battle and Morbius could get knocked into his vampire bat blood serum samples during the fray. The untested samples could mix in with unknown chemicals agents, infecting him and giving him his vampiric condition. Now he's been mutated and holds a serious revenge grudge against Spidey & the Lizard. Just a thought, but I prefer the Kraven plot much better. The Lizard is long overdue and Dylan Baker is a solid actor.

Vidhoe on Jan 17, 2009


I also agree. The Kraven storyline would be better, but if they really wanna bring Michael Morbius into it, that would be the way to go.

TJ on Jan 17, 2009


I hate Sam Raimi with a passion, despite Evil Dead being pretty cool. He ruined what great strides they made with Spiderman 2 and came out with that atrocity of a film which name I shall not speak.

Dead Disco on Jan 17, 2009


bring on the lizard,carnage,and more doc ock,if morbius or others are in the films o.k but these three villains should be the main focus of the next three films.

chris on Jan 18, 2009


the villain is cool but you need moore powers like a protective power.

louie on Jan 19, 2009


God... I love how somebody here says Sam hated Venom and that's why Spider Man 3 sucked but then suggests we go darker by using Carnage in the 4th movie? Lol, seriously, Venom is already one dimensional enough, if you bring in Carnage, the 4th movie is going to be even worse! Sure these symbiote villains LOOK cool but they're VERY VERY boring characters. Please put the focus back on Spidey/Peter and not try and push in 3 villains who are only there to show off CGI and nothing more. Keep it simple, one villains, MAYBE two (Lizard and the Kraven) would be okay but PLEASE no more stupid late 80s early 90s gen-X characters like Venom.

OMG on Jan 20, 2009



noah rulez on Jan 24, 2009


Venom was terrible in S3. I wanted him to be so cool, he's always been my fav. of Spidey's foes. But he wasn't, and he never could be any good in a spidey film as long as Raimi is doing them because he is not a big fan of the character. Remember, he put that character in the film following pressure by the studio to do it. So just leave Venom out of it, it would ruin the film and the character (if S3 didn't already do that!) And Carnage would be awesome, but way too brutal to fit in a PG-13 spidey film. If they toned him down enough, maybe it would fit but then that would take away all of the best parts about the character. Give the lizard a shot, and I see morbius fitting in there too. They could go with a modified origin from the 90's spidey toon for Morbius, using that genetic recombinator laser (which also turned connors into the lizard) Here's my idea: They introduce Morbius as the villain, a tragic figure who does not want to be the horrific vampire creature he has become (as the result of his own experiments, similar to connor's) Then They show Connors doing the experiments that eventually lead to his 'transformation.' But he doesn't go full on Lizard. Word breaks of Connors scientific breakthrough, and Morbius believes this could change him back to the man he once was. He goes to Connors lab to steal the recombinator, and interupts one of Connor's experiments. Spidey comes in to try to bust it up, and in the midst of his battle with Morbius, he triggers the machine and turns Connors into the full blown lizard. They could play on the pain Parker feels for doing this, it could add some great drama. Any thoughts?

Jon on Jan 25, 2009


i say go with the lizard then for the fifth movie go with carnage! the rest of the villians are cool... like kraven, rhino, morbius, electro and etc. However the lizard should be the next villian becuz he was in all three movies! and Carnage should be in the next one... i adsolutely love carnage! he is by far the deadliest villian!

SKEEM on Jan 26, 2009


Carnage would be pretty sweet! Going on a murderous rampage throughout NYC! I think he would prob. be too dark for Raimi. Not that he doesn't do dark stuff, just not in the Spidey films he's done. But man, that would be so cool!

Jon on Jan 26, 2009


no no no, rami is a moron. Follow the books get carnage in there and the entire gangbang of marvel characters that come up in that story line for one giant supe hero film. Show way more venom than the last movie and make it worth our time. Its not like it really matters he could introduce ben riley at this point, who gives a sh*t about spiderman when the watchmen movie is coming out?

Omit Shod on Jan 29, 2009


Just scrap the franchise and restart. New cast and all!!!

Red Formun on Feb 1, 2009


ok first of all screw u # 83 the symbiote characters r the best so u can just go die now i like most of you guies ideas for sm4 but i am supprised no one accept one of you, i dont remember who so sry, has tried to defend the fact that there is no way that venom could have died, brock or the symbiote, sm1 parker takes a pumpkin bomb to the face gets a black eye lol. sm3 harry has the same thing happen to him and gets one hell of a makeover but aint freaking dead OK. now how in the hell does 1 pb take out his entire body no blood no limbs even though its a kids movie u cant just do that. now the symbiotes are weak to sound vibration and heat but the secound one cant stick around because the symbiote came in on a small metior do u have any idea how freaking hot that must be so if it didnt die on intry then a danm bomb aint going to do anything. o ya another thing when the bomb goes off everyone looks away noone sees wtf kappens to the body now wat i think needs to happen if i will ever see a sm movie with raimi in the works is to fix his peice of crap mistake of a movie reveal to the world that venom isnt dead, o ya side note wtf is with brock being such a fing pussy throuout the whole movie i mean come on where is the body builder with the pissed off attitude o ya u guies r woried about wat kind of impression the violense is going to have on kids wtf is wwith brock praying for god to kill parker i mean wat does that say to kids huh, anyway revive venom put lizard in because its way overdo and put carnage in that will make me happy and i dont even care wen they do just do it last note how fing hard is it to make a comic movie i mean really u get money u get cast and then u read the mother fing comic for the script i meean its right there just putit on screen ok later peace

Erato on Feb 1, 2009


ok i was in such a mood lastnight that i forgot a few things so ok ya here it is i forgot to give credit to all those people who said they wanted venom and carnage and lizard. i kind of came off as an ass hole and i apologise. another thing i forgot to mention another thing that pissed me off about sm3 THEY TOOK HIS AND THE SYMBIOTS POWERS AWAY WTF WTF WTF WTF. not once in that entire movie did spider sence go off not that it would mater when fighting venom but sence he only got 10 min that dont count. and the symbiote powers like wernt even looked into or anything the only thing they did was with venom when his face peiled back wtf where is the cloth morfing or the dimensional flatening i mean even if raimi didnt like the character and its forced onto him boohoo pick up the fing comic and find out about it wtf. ok just for those of u who dont know wat powers im talking about even though its in everything accept the movie so im pretty sure im just wasting time, the powers are that the symbiote has to be, for the most part attached to a host so it has the ability to change shape and mimic clothing so it could always be with the host and survive but in the movie fagity parker has to walk o im sorry dance into a store to get new threds WTFWTFWTF god im so pissed. anyway the other power was that the symbiote could bent space within itself so basicly say the symbiote had forced parker to rob a banke he could just constantly stuf money into himself and u wouldnt even know by looking at him, i know its weird but its cool at the same time and so once agean, WTFWTFWTF im pissed ok later peace

Erato on Feb 1, 2009


I like the idea of Lizard and Kraven.... that's a very interesting three-way dynamic there with all three parties fighting each other... Morbius.... ehhh.... I think he should stick to being a Blade villain rather than appearing in the Spidey movies. I mean he may have first appeared in Spider-Man.... but it just feels too out of place. Black Cat... I hope they bring her in at some point. 🙂 Spidey could use a partner/anti-hero character who else could they use...? Shocker - he's kinda cool but... I don't see him being able to carry a movie unless they pull a Doc Ock Scorpion - that could be solid... I mean natural predator of the spider. And hey... if they wanted, they could even bond the Venom symbiote with Gargan... even if just for a bit. Vulture - Norman Osborn is dead.... sooooo... there goes the most popular motivation of the character - revenge against Osborn. Electro - ........kinda the same as Shocker. There's maybe a little more motivation there, and I LOVE the way he's portrayed in the Spectacular Spider-Man. But a whole movie? Eh... Rhino - another character who can't carry a film.... Hydro-Man - could be cool...... especially if Sandman were to return. They could go into the gangs and mobs like Silvermane, Hammerhead, The Enforcers etc. and then there's Carnage........... I REAAAALLY don't think they should touch him... atleast not until the end of the film franchise (I think they still had rights to do a number 6). Him and Venom maybe.... that could be rad 🙂

Shaan on Mar 2, 2009


No way, Jose. If there is going to be a new super villain for Spidey to fight I think it should be either Electro, Scorpion or Vulture. Only this time let the villain escape so the movie could be left open for sequels. Killing Norman and Harry Osborn off was a really bad idea. I like to see the next movie as a launch point for a Marvel superhero cross over to other New York base Marvel superhero groups such as the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men. I also like to see some of the more powerful mystic allies introduced in the comic and animated series such as Madam Webb and Doctor Strange to the big screen showing Spidey is not alone in his fight to defend New York against crime.

Paul K. on Nov 23, 2009


i think carnige wold be good and jona jamisons son goes in space and more and the symbiote goes on him and he crash lands on earth but the funny thing is the symbieote was red

alen on Dec 31, 2009

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