Rumor: Sony Might Be Canning Seth Rogen's Green Hornet

January 26, 2009
Source: HitFix

Seth Rogen - The Green Hornet

This news first hit the web on Saturday, so I've had a few days to mull it over and read other people's reactions. Now it's my turn to voice my own opinion. So the story goes that Drew McWeeny of HitFix talked to someone very close to the production of The Green Hornet recently who told him that it is "highly unlikely" that the film will shoot in 2009 and that it's very close to being canned. As we already know, Stephen Chow stepped down as director back in December due to "creative differences," which was the first sign that something was amiss. Although it's not confirmed, it sounds like The Green Hornet is in limbo.

If this indeed turns out to be true, and if Sony does pull the plug on The Green Hornet, I'll be curious to find out all the inside details on what happened. Sony (as well as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg) seemed really excited about this, debuting a logo and even setting a release date (of June 25th, 2010). In Hollywood, no project can be completely confirmed until it's shooting, and it's not rare that studios cancel projects before they start. However, it is interesting to see them go so far as to greenlight this, set a release date and debut a logo, hire a director, and then cancel it before they shoot. There must be something else to this?

I may be the only one defending The Green Hornet and I'll say I'm actually looking forward to it quite a bit. There are numerous reasons why I'm excited, but it generally has to do with Rogen and Goldberg's involvement. I just feel like they can turn these classic characters into something very entertaining. As for Rogen starring in the film, he gave himself enough time to get in shape and it looked like he was going to be ready. I don't have much to complain about and I still hope this eventually comes together, because I'd still like to see it, especially with Rogen and Stephen Chow. Does anyone else still want to see this?

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Nope. This movie was bad idea from the start. And Rogen sucks ass.

Gale on Jan 26, 2009


comment number 1 was written by a sewer rat and should be ignored. gale likes it up the ass.

gale sucks balls on Jan 26, 2009


I was interested until chow was no longer directing it...

9mm on Jan 26, 2009


Uh Oh, Looks like Seth Rogen's here.

Gale on Jan 26, 2009


I do, I really like Rogen, I believe him to be a much funnier alternative to Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn.

????? on Jan 26, 2009


Without Stephen Chow it was going to be horrible..Seth Rogen isn't bad..but Stephen Chow would of pulled in a huge audience worldwide. Not surprising. Unless they can get Chow back it's dead to me...I won't see it.

Kyle A. Koyote on Jan 26, 2009


thank god. This project had shit written all over it

teyhtr on Jan 26, 2009


Chow is the man. He was the Hustles from Brussels so to speak.

Rediculas Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! Seth Rogen has my vote for the most-over rated pile of crap of all time. DESPISE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! Chow was too smart to put up with non talent like Rogen. Good for you Chow, try casting an actual actor for the Legend that is the Green Hornet. This is the best news I have had since, well, almost ever. My kids being born, our new President and now the Green Hornet being shelved with Rogen. Hot Damn!

D-9 on Jan 26, 2009


i thought/think it was/is gonna be good and action packed

Tim on Jan 26, 2009


Seth Rogen is a talented young man, that is obvious to any objective observer. With a good director, the Green Hornet would be terrific.

moviefan#1 on Jan 26, 2009


just got the call about this information!!!! THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rogen ( worthless piece of shit) had no business DESTROYING our beloved Green Hornet! This is a GREAT Day. Chow KNEW Rogen was a HACK and my hatred grew for Rogen when this announcement became evident of the HACKS attachment. Please Chow, find a hero to play a hero. Tell your friends, tell the World!!! ROGEN IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim"Cloverfield" on Jan 26, 2009



feohatestheworld on Jan 26, 2009


#10, you are nutz! Rogen is a God Damn joke! He has ZERO talent. NONE!

peanutz2u on Jan 26, 2009


As Seth Rogen is one of the orginal "tiangle of Horror". This is fantastic news. I hate him. I know we are taught not to hate. But I leave that as a right to hate this guy. He ruins everythhing he is in. "Look at me, I can act like a stoner, duh and write like one too" WOW! That is talent ,you are so right 10. I hate him!

triangleofhorror on Jan 26, 2009


Sorry 10, I meant 11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peanutz2u on Jan 26, 2009


Good, I hated the idea once Seth Rogen signed on. I think the guy's funny, but I prefer the idea of a straight "Green Hornet" film, and not a comedic version.

Chris C. on Jan 26, 2009


Good, can this project ASAP. I like Seth Rogen, I think he's hilarious. But he really shouldn't be playing the Green Hornet. It just doesn't feel right. I'm all for people branching out and trying new things, but he just didn't seem to fit as the title character. I'd been thinking this project was done for since Stephen Chow stepped down from his director's chair. Hopefully it eventually gets made with a different cast and crew, but please no comedy!

Jon on Jan 26, 2009


THANK GOD. I'm all for a kick-ass Green Hornet flick. But everything about this screamed, "The Spirit!" And no, I don't want Chow near this! I want a serious GH picture.

ElectrocaineXxX on Jan 26, 2009


Green Hornet movie should be a SERIOUS movie. Not a COMEDY. Yes I did watch the original Green Hornet TV Show and it remains me more of a noir than a campy show. Seth Rogen is a funny guy, but he should not touch the Green Hornet franchise. It is like having Steve Carell play as the Batman. Even though that would be funny, it does not stay true to the source material. My idea of a Green Hornet movie would be more like Dark Knight with color correction, making it green like the Matrix.

Gangsta Geek on Jan 26, 2009


Man what a shame, I was looking forward to what could have been done with this film. The mix of Stephen Chow and Seth Rogen seems like it could have done something special, but as it is, I'm guessing this one is done for good.

B-Han on Jan 26, 2009


Maybe it;s for the best. I still think Seth Rogen is a bit overrated. Just pack it up and thaw it out at a later date when there's really a good actor to fill the role. Seth plays that same character over and over.

Pickle on Jan 26, 2009


WOW! I have been against this from the start and being young, I am a GH Fan! #20, great comment! 12 and 9 I despise him as well. He just is not funny. GH would be a fantastic action flick, not a Comedy. Or starring a Moron that thinks "he" is funny. Yuch!

Nut-Meg on Jan 26, 2009


Green Hornet still a hit in China. The Kato Show as it is called over there. Rogen was such a terrible idea. He is the non funny guy right who said GB3 was a bad idea? Hello Kettle!

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 26, 2009


It all sounds weird to me, but I think I would like it because I love Seth Rogen.

Richard on Jan 26, 2009


Totally Hate Rogen. Totally!

PJSoles4ever on Jan 26, 2009


This is the best news ever! That's great Richard, brilliant.

Rogenhater4life on Jan 26, 2009


As an old guy,I think this Seth Rogen is such a wrong choice. Tasteless and piss poor talent. Even in 40 yr old Virgin, he was horrible, and with such a weak cast, you would think almost anyone could have shined through. Bad, very bad.

The real Doc Brown on Jan 26, 2009


Ugh. don't bring up 40 year old, he was terrible in it.

Redilicious Buttons on Jan 26, 2009


i really dont like when ppl dont say rogen is not funny. i dont think he is hilarious, but his improv is very well done and his similes throughout his movies are grade A humor. i dont understand how every adult could say they liked knocked up and then turn right around and call him a joke. you gotta admit that superbad and pinapple express both had very good scripts... but i have to agree, a funny superhero movie would not be something i would be very confident in

LeeMan on Jan 26, 2009


*I meant to say when people say seth rogen is not funny

LeeMan on Jan 26, 2009


I doubt anything has been shot on film. It looks like it got into "Advanced Development" and then stalled. Might be a budget problem, added risk associated with the loss of backing from Stephen Chow. Depending on Chow's level of development it might be even possible the film lost its entire direction. Rogen was losing weight and putting on a "stud" "playboy" sort of look for the movie. So it would have been a break out role for him. But one role does not make a movie. It is not clear what went wrong, but even if they push through now the original release date in 2010 is no longer likely. And to Alex's question. I also wanted to see a Green Hornet movie.

SS on Jan 26, 2009


Very interesting SS. I didn't know that about Rogen. I'm not gonna lie, I'd have a hard time imagining Seth Rogen as a debonaire playboy type no matter how much weight he's lost. I like the guy, I hope that if he wants to be known for things other than comedy, that he gets his wish. He seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Jon on Jan 26, 2009


Knocked Up, Pinapple and S. Bad all were HORRIBLE. JUST HORRIBLE! Because of ROGEN. NOT FUNNY in the least!

feohatestheworld on Jan 27, 2009


Thank god. This should be a serious movie, not a comedy.

Ryan on Jan 27, 2009


You never know Rogen could surprise us all. I have hope unlike most other people here, even if my hope is misplaced I'll still keep dishing my hope out to comedic actors attempting to branch out into more serious acts, and movies requiring them to put ther entire being in a movie and the end game is successful.

xerxex on Jan 27, 2009


Bottom Line: If you are 12 to 14 years old, then Rogen I would expect is funny. TO THEM!!!! But not to a more mature audience who has some sense of respect to the craft. X says below: "I have hope unlike most other people here, even if my hope is misplaced I'll still keep dishing my hope out to comedic actors attempting to branch out into more serious acts, and movies requiring them to put ther entire being in a movie and the end game is successful." Which I as an avid fan of the Cinema totally agree with. Very much and well stated, however: THE COMEDIC ACTOR HAS TO HAVE THE TALENT TO BEGIN WITH!!!!! Range, timing, preseance etc. And there has been a few that has graced us with the evidence. Robin Williams is a perfect example of actual TALENT and translates in the frame. Seth Rogen has no skill, talent or fortitude to pull this off. The word Hack has been used and I have to agree with that. But as long as there are 12 year olds, there will be the target to allow inept Actors gracing the silver screen.

curiouscaseofredbuttons on Jan 27, 2009


you guys are HILARIOUS... if he has no talent and was horrible in things im sure yall (as in the ppl downing rogen) are like 100x worse lol... and if you DONT like something DONT watch it... you're on here so obviously that means you can read reviews or something in that nature to see if you would enjoy a movie or not and thats out to the 40 year old virgin guy... its like you have personal vendetta against all the actors in it lol get a life... read your lor novel or whatever you love and don't try to shit on everyone else's good time

kindbuddy on Jan 27, 2009


"Bottom Line: If you are 12 to 14 years old, then Rogen I would expect is funny. TO THEM!!!! But not to a more mature audience who has some sense of respect to the craft." whoever the hell wrote this is an idiot... you do realize older comics used gross out jokes too right and were raunchy as well? oh my goodness!!! where do you ppl come from?! hahaha

kindbuddy on Jan 27, 2009


Well said Kindbuddy. Well said.

Jon on Jan 27, 2009


Define older comics?.....WTF does that mean? Try demonstraiting your room tempreture IQ somewhere else. "Who ever wrote that is an idiot"....IN other words what your saying is when someone actually has talent and funny, more than just 12 year olds will actually respond to it? There are too many comments in here that agree Rogen is just plain terrible. And obvious the fans that are making comments trying to enjoy themselves and making the facts know. "Yall" what the fuck is that?

feohatestheworld on Jan 27, 2009


Jesus Joesph and Mary! Kindbuddy are you 12 or 13? #37 was talking about the fan base, not the actor/comic. Try to understand the comment before you attack it. Christsake!!!. And my 2 cents. Seth Rogen is a the Hack of HACKS. The GH and him should not be uttered in the same sentance. FREAKING PERIOD!

Tim"Cloverfield" on Jan 27, 2009


Do I have to say it???? Rogen AKA WOAT!

D-9 on Jan 27, 2009


I think what this is proving is that Seth Rogen is one of those "you either love him or hate him" kinda guys. I personally like the guy. But am I going to say that anyone who doesn't is a stupid douche? NO. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don't understand why this has to turn into a conversation about how dumb people may or may not be, on both sides of the arguement.

Jon on Jan 27, 2009


#37! Great job! Brilliant! And it was 38/39 starting the name calling. Do you see what a disruptive force a bad/comic actor like Rogen can create? Your Honor, I rest my case.

scrooge on Jan 27, 2009


These negative shit on everything responses are a perfect example of the "everyone's a critic" "I can write, my narcissistic pointless views have value too" internet has become. You are a bunch of hating pathetic assholes. Go fuck yourselves. There, my two cent, narcissistic I know everything my opinion matters too, opinion.

thenetwasoncegreat on Jan 27, 2009


If someone does not like an actor, or that he is a bad fit for Green Hornet for example, then why can't someone make a comment? I do not like Rogen, and such a poor idea for the Hornet.

Nut-Meg on Jan 28, 2009


Ok for all you guys that are saying Seth rogan isn't funny or is a hack. Were are you at? If he wasn't funny and his shit wasn't good why would he be blowing up dumb ass. Let me guess your kind of comedy is what Eddie Murphy in the nutty professor right. Your all fucking retarded. Seth Rogan is changing comedy and you don't even fucking see it. Yea he's not an amazing actor but he pulls off his roles well. And his writing is phenomenal and for you to say otherwise is a joke at best. So more or less I'm saying Seth go for it man. If you think you can pull of Green Hornet then i have no doubt it'll turn out great. fucking ridiculous

Fucking Ridiculous on Feb 2, 2009


Isn't Seth suppose to be a comic actor? Comedy + Superhero = Cheese. See: Batman Forever Nothing against Green Hornet. But I'm not sure that Seth could play this char.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 26, 2009


If Green Hornet intends to be a COMEDY, then SETH is the man for it. BUT if its an ACTION movie like the original, SETH is soooo WRONG FOR THE ROLE!!! Chow is an excellent actor! The two will be a disaster!!! Who even thought of SEth as Green HOrnet. I loved him in all his comedy movie, but a super hero!!! LOL LOL LOL ROFL .. Whoever cast him needs to get their eyes check.

Jane on Mar 4, 2009

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