Rumor: Spider-Man 4 on 'Indefinite Hold' Due to Villain Issues?

December 17, 2009
Source: IESB, SHH


This is only a rumor and I'm writing about it purely for the sake of discussion. IESB claims they've heard from an "inside source" that Spider-Man 4, or Spider-M4n as it's currently being referred to at the studio, was put on "indefinite hold" due to arguments over the villain between Sony execs and Sam Raimi. While IESB says that some department heads working on SM4 were notified of this halt last week, SuperHeroHype says they contacted Sony who told them that they "are simply on hiatus for the holidays and production will resume in the new year." So who do you believe? Or is there some truth to both stories? Read on for more!

IESB goes on to say that Sam Raimi really wants Vulture (see this article) to be the villain, but the studio wants "which ever character is selling [comic] books right now but basically they have no idea, just not the Vulture." You have got to be kidding me! I actually completely believe that. They may be going on break, but I actually believe Raimi is fighting with the Sony execs about this exact issue. Apparently Raimi wanted Vulture in Spider-Man 3 alongside of Sandman, but that didn't happened and he was eventually forced to include Venom because that's what Sony thought fans wanted. And look how bad that movie turned out.

So apparently production was stopped until "some compromises are made." As in, until Sony gets their way and ruins another Spider-Man movie. I'm calling this right now. If Vulture does not appear in Spider-Man 4, the movie is going to suck. If he does (along with other villains), it should be awesome. I guarantee you if Raimi had his way and made a Spider-Man movie exactly the way he wanted, it would be awesome (just like Spider-Man 2). Instead of arguing further, Sony has decided to let everything cool down over the holidays, despite they're desire to get this made right away. Hence why there is some truth to both stories.

Let's not forget that when Movieline reported that John Malkovich might be cast as the Vulture, they also added that the Sony execs don't want the Lizard as a villain at all because they "can't bring themselves to sign off on such an odd-looking enemy — instead, they'd rather hew closer to villains with a human face." Obviously these execs are complete fucking idiots. I'm tired of hearing this crap about a franchise I once loved because Raimi made movies with villains he loved, not what Sony execs thought were "selling books." Even if this is just a rumor, it's disheartening to know that they're having these kind of problems again.

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it feels like spider-man 3 all over again!

Nick on Dec 17, 2009


just sack everyone involved,sony give it the fuck back to marvel studio's let them make it,recast everyone from stars to director & then pick a villain from green goblin,dr octopus,sandman,lizard,kraven the hunter,venom,carnage,electro,shocker,scorpion,rhino,hobgoblin or the kingpin & start from scratch.FUCK YOU SONY.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Dec 17, 2009


i agree with voice of reason, who ever said the other raimi spiderman movies were a masterpiece?!?...series needs a refresh in my eyes...

ray on Dec 17, 2009


down with tobey thats for sure!

ray on Dec 17, 2009


fuck sam raimi for spider-man 3 and screwing venom and he called himself a true spidey fan,what a fucking shithead and let me guess he's gonna screw sm4 up like 3,why the vulture?what about shocker,electro,hobgoblin,mysterio and the many other villians and i hate to say this but the sony execs are right with lizard,shall we risk bad cgi lizard and transformation? if spiderman 4 can be like spiderman 2 all over again i would be happy

Spider94 on Dec 17, 2009


I had figured Lizard was guaranteed to be in Spider-Man 4, and was hoping that another main villain (Vulture is a superb example) would also be battling Spidey. This is what I would love to see: 1. A three hour long episode of Spider-man, featuring two main villains (that don't work together). 2. Other, weaker foes would appear briefly, but not continue as a plot line. 3. Parts would be similar to the way "Watchmen" was made, bringing each frame of the comic to life. Spider-Man 4 has unlimited potential, and I can't wait to see what the finished project will look like.

The Man With No Name on Dec 17, 2009


i dont blame raimi. sony forced him to make a suck ass movie

samuel j on Dec 17, 2009


Nothing new to execs ruinning a franchise...happened all through out the past 10 years! Let's hope from 2010 to 2020, these execs learn their lessons!

Lazarus from Sparta...DETHKLOK RULES!!!!! on Dec 17, 2009


The buck stops at Raimi. He's the Director.

Idiots on Dec 17, 2009


They should just totally redo spiderman 3 and put it behind them all together....its not like its going to be yet another failure, just take venom out and try out Sam Raimi's version instead. I mean it wouldnt be the first time Marvel does it.....*cough cough* Hulk and punisher...

Castro on Dec 17, 2009


I applaud Raimi for standing his ground. It's not like he doesn't have plenty on his plate. Remember he was hired for the World Of Warcraft feature called "Warcraft". It may just depend on how far that pre-production has gone. It's slated for a 2011 release. A project that will take a considerable amount of time. So if they can't come to a compromise soon he'll most likely just wait until "Warcraft"s ready or even push up production dates to get things moving. Or depending on the status of the project, he could choose between 4 others he has slated to Direct. Including an Evil Dead remake (No!..) So it's not like he's hurting for work. I think that as long as Sony won't let him make Spiderman 4 the way he wants... he just won't do it.

Bryanmakeup on Dec 17, 2009


villians for spidey 4, kingpin and felicia hardy turning into the black cat, fuck vulture i dont want see that

T on Dec 17, 2009


buy spiderman vs vulture comics

ugh on Dec 17, 2009


Already been debunked.

JakeTheSnake on Dec 17, 2009


Sam Raimi is notorious for his cheese factor. He cannot make a decent movie. These movies would be amazing if they were done as well as the first two X-Men films..based in reality and somewhat gritty. The casting has always been terrible. Even though Toby McGuire is a perfect nerd, he is not a good actor and is for sure not believable as a super hero. I agree with some of the people above...they should recast, get a new director and put the old SpiderMan movies behind them. DO NOT remake them, but take it in a different direction for sure. What a joke. Venom would have been a great movie villian to watch against SM, but he turned out to be just as lame as Toby McGuire's SpiderMan.

one on Dec 17, 2009


Regardless of the validity of the story, let's not forget that Raimi wrote Spiderman 3. Forget the "why" behind including Venom in the script, it was still Raimi who ruined that film by doing such a terrible job and writing such a terrible script. I don't care who the villain is in Spiderman 4, just get Raimi the hell away from the franchise (or at least the writer's chair) before he makes more unwatchable movies.

Pete the Geek on Dec 17, 2009


I don't agree with your assessment of "If they do what Sony wants it'll suck, but if they do what Raimi wants it'll be awesome". Regardless of Sony's influence, Raimi's name is still attached to Spider-man 3. It's not like he was out getting coffee and they snuck in everything that was bad. Most people, including myself (who is a huge Spider-man fan), think the Vulture would be a huge mistake. It just so happens in this instance the corporation and the fans are agreeing...just on what we DON'T want. Now we just have to find an agreement on what we DO want. Frankly, I think they should do Kraven the Hunter storyline paired and some other animal themed villain. If not the Lizard, then Rhino, Black Cat, Scorpion, or whoever. Or if they MUST do a Vulture...then I say to hell with it and just do a Sinister Six epic straight out. Vulture, Resurrected-Dock Ock, Sandman, Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven. have the plot focus on JUST Dock Ock and Vulture as scientists with a common goal, make the rest either mercenaries or thrill-seekers that don't need a lot of plot development, and make the whole thing a big-budget spectacular the likes of which comic book films have never known. ---

DRM on Dec 17, 2009


good it should be shut down

DoomCanoe on Dec 17, 2009


Um new director, i say Peter Berg or Marc Forester, Villain Carnage just carnage, also involve shield with bad ass military action plus spidey working with them and no love story we want badass villian tht kills everyone he see in sight because he is a serial killer and forget the little kids who are going to see the movie, they will end up seeing it regardless Carnage + Shield/Spidey mash up= Box Office Juggarnaunt

Dgeet on Dec 17, 2009


Um new director, i say Peter Berg or Marc Forester, Villain Carnage just carnage, also involve shield with bad ass military action plus spidey working with them and no love story we want badass villian tht kills everyone he see in sight because he is a serial killer and forget the little kids who are going to see the movie, they will end up seeing it regardless Carnage + Shield/Spidey mash up= Box Office Jugarnaunt

Dgeet on Dec 17, 2009


Vulture sucks...move on. No new Spidey4 at all. Let's jsut leave it at that. no lizard no movie!

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 17, 2009


Meh. I refuse to see another Spider-Man after number 3. One of the worst movies I've ever paid to see.

Ben on Dec 17, 2009


Yeah Vulture does suck, Id rather see the Rhino in this film and Electro or the shocker. And team spidey up wit the black cat but dont let her identity out of the bag until Spidey 5. i dont think i could take another villian flying around on some made contraption.

THERBLIG on Dec 17, 2009


Fucking execs, if I had my way all executives would be put in a rocket and shot into the sun!!!

Dan on Dec 17, 2009


Nothing ruins a movie quicker than movie exec's thinking they know how to make a movie better than those who make the movies. Movie exec's should ALWAYS keep their big noses out of the actual movie making.

Jeep-Fu on Dec 17, 2009


wow, are our, die hards fans', prayers finally being heard??? is there even a remotely possibility that SPM can be handled by marvel guys? please please make it soo so far the only right choices they have made in the three installmests were: SPM 1: casting of Ben Parker, May Parker, JJ Jameson, and HARRY OSBORN!!! SPM 2: casting of they still went with May Parker, JJJ (thn god) and added awesome Doc Ock (ok directing in this one was also great 😀 no offense mr Raimi :D) SPM 3: casting of Gwen Stacy was perfect. what the hell is with Sony... ??? cant they take i hint?? >Peter parker with the recent cast is really way off to what SPM should be both in and out of the suit >MJ one hellova redhead knock out should be is dying on screen with that role's casting 🙁 we should have a dark, dangerous film and SPM should be cracking jokes just to make himself feel secure and strong against the odds... he should be really done right.. cause new comic adaptations are really picking up the bar and setting it high... if Sony wants to be where heavy hitters prowl it should really think SPM4 thru... just saying.. cheers 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Dec 18, 2009


Just change the director! I'm tired of this bubble-gum shitty Spiderman movies.

death-like on Dec 18, 2009


Damn you Sony why don't you and Sam Raimi decide to have The bloody Lizard in Spider-Man 4?!

Peter-1993 on Dec 18, 2009


Man....I though that Lizard was going to be on the sm4. I hope to see some good villans, but hope not to seem them working togheter, like in the 3 movie.

Johnny Ventura on Dec 18, 2009


So let me get this straight Sony cant see a CGI Lizard fighting Spiderman, but they let Venom be b*stardized and Sandman was all CGI, but yet an old f*rt in a bird suit is somehow not plausible? In my opinion the villians should be one or two of these three. Black cAT, She obviously shows a threat and throws a wrench in the strained Mary Jane and Peter Parker Relationship. Lizard, They've been building this character up for a while why not just do it? Morbius is intriguing because he could be a true villian that has befallen from a failed science experiment something we all liked in Spiderman 2 with Doc oct. I wouldnt mind seeing Carnage but after what Sony did to Venom, they need to stay away from him until Marvel can get their licenses back.

Chase on Dec 18, 2009


Fuck Sony! Let Sam Raimi do whatever the fuck he wants. He deserves that after you guys fucked him on Spider-Man 3.

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Dec 18, 2009


"If Vulture does not appear in Spider-Man 4, the movie is going to suck." what is this? you're some sort of spoiled little kid? you DON'T KNOW if the movie will suck because you CAN'T PREDICT the fucking future! it doesn't matter if there is going to be a Vulture appearance, all they need is a good SCRIPT, the best script in the world would work fine EVEN without ANY of the available villains. I'm sick of this ridiculous childish writing you have, I'm cancelling my feed, you can't add anything useful other than useless complaints.

nicolas on Dec 18, 2009


I bet you Sony wants to bring in Venom again and Raimi doesn't

subcelsious5g on Dec 18, 2009


oh yeah and spidey 3 wasn't as good as the others because they hardly gave Venom screen time and it all went to sandman . Kinda like the Phantom menace with Darth maul. both of those movies coulda been better if those villains were fully realized.

subcelsious5g on Dec 18, 2009


i think they should just make the villians in this movie Venom (once again) but this time teaming up with Carnage to take on Spider Man, oh and to hand the movie over to Raimi (and i guess you could throw vulture somewhere into the movie if you really need to)

guh on Dec 18, 2009


This is why I don't give these fools my money.

sean on Dec 18, 2009


This is just a rumor. Not true at all. Work is scheduled to start back up in January. I have sources in production. Scheduled to shoot in May/June 2010.

birddog on Dec 18, 2009


Spider-Man 3 was bad because the story was terrible. I don't believe in blaming any single element. It was a team-failure. Raimi should have called it (if he indeed saw the train-wreck happening). He is also responsible, as is everyone on SM3 for what happened to it. That it made a lot of money is the only Consolation. As for Spider-M4n... It must be noted that Vulture offers a mix of Tony Stark with X-Men's Archangel. However, it must be noted that certain elements of The Vulture, notably that somehow the technology had grafted and permanently changed his natural body, were already used for the Alfred Molina Doctor Octopus. It IS a return to something more plausible though.

SS on Dec 18, 2009


First Sony requires the actors face be seen, that is why everyone knows what spidey looks like. Second Raimi admitted he never liked Venom and he was forced to put him in the movie. Unfortunately it showed on the screen. In the art of Spidey 3 there is Vulture concept art, si you know that was his choice. Last pint Spidey 4 should be retired and given back to marvel, as well as Blade. Let marvel just start over.

Mike J on Dec 18, 2009


"sighh" i wanna kick raimi in the head but i like the guy and i liked the evil dead movies, army of darkness an stuff. sometimes its what the people want and i know i'm not the only 1 who wants venom. i remember waiting for spidey 3 like i was waiting for santa on christmas but when i wanted to see my fav villain i was let down by the amount of screen time.

subcelsious5g on Dec 19, 2009


Till when Sony and Fox will continue failing at all time?

Fisherr on Dec 19, 2009


I watched Spider-Man 3 again yesterday. Now it's no secret that I love the movie. I've seen it 3 times now and have loved it everytime. There are merely 3 things that COULD HAVE been better with it. 1: When Peter goes from the club where he hit Mary Jane to the church bell, why the hell does he put the mask on only to have more trouble ripping it off again!? OK, maybe he didn't want anybody to see him (as Peter Parker) web swinging around but surely there was a better option. It would have saved him a heck of a lot of effort. 2: Spider-Man should virtually never be loved by the city. Sure, it was used in number 3 (via means of a bloody parade) to give him a big ego and push him further and further down that track of selfishness. In fact, that was done well but c'mon, Spider-Man not being hated by the majority due to JJJ's Daily Bugle Newpaper, whom Peter works for, no matter how heroic he is just isn't right. And that didn't just happen in Spidey 3. He's had people cheering for him since the first movie (it's just it was much more so in the third). 3: All storys should have been expanded out. Green Goblin shouldn't have been created and killed in the first movie. But I guess being the first movie (key word being movie - aimed at general public) they were left with no choice but to pick a BIG villian and for Spidey that pretty much means Green Goblin, Venom, Doctor Octopus or Kingpin. My opinion is they should have went with Doc Oc but had Norman and Harry as key characters being developed slowly, where Norman would become the villian at the end of the first, ready for the second. Eddie Brock should have been introduced in the third movie but not straight away as the villian. His story should have been expanded more, in the meantime the original idea of Vulture and Sandman teaming up would have been great. Spidey beats them both individually but when they join forces they kick his ass but he narrowly escapes. In the meantime the alien costume has come to Earth and made it's way to Peter and he uses it giving him enough power to defeat the two but then it nearly makes him do something he regrets at which point he disposes of the suit and it falls on Eddie Brock exactly as it did in number 3 (although I think despite how much I love Topher Grace, they should have used a bigger person). This sets us up for who will be the villian in the fourth movie. While all this is happening, Harry discovers the secret Goblin Lab at the very end (so we're left wondering "shit what's gonna happen in number 4, theres Venom and Green Goblin 2". In number 4 both Harry and Venom want Spidey but don't want anyone else to need to help them, so essentially a 3 way battle ensues. Spidey defeats both individually (or somehow at the same time, whatever) leaving Harry very bitter at Parker (just like he was in number 3 after Spidey scarred Harrys face) and Venom just disappears (kinda like in 3, except it doesn't look as much like he gets destroyed). All the while Shocker appears in movies 1 and 3 but gets disposed of very quickly and easily by Spidey each time. He kinda becomes like a joke of a villian cos he's so easy for Spidey to defeat. So then in the 5th movie a bit of a spin on the Sinister 6 - Doc Oc returns and gathers a team to take out Spidey once and for all. He brings back Sandman, Vulture and Shocker to all team together (possibly another character could be introduced but it would have to be someone with miminal backstory and not much room for character development). Clearly this is too much for Spidey to handle. Again, like in number 3 against Sandman and Vullture he narrowly escapes the trouble. But eventually another battle ensues and Harry is told by his butler (exactly the same as it happened in the real number 3) the truth behind Normans death, resulting in Harry coming to save the day teaming up with Spidey but during the process Harry gets killed (at least we've had Franco in 5 movies instead of 3!). Meanwhile Venom appears again watching on but something strange is happening to him and he doesn't know what (but we certainly do). And let's just say in the 6th and final Spidey movie it's absolute Carnage!!! Brilliant! But, like I said just because Spidey 3 COULD HAVE been better doesn't mean it ain't fucking awesome cos it is. I'm just happy it's as good as it is and I'm just appreciative of the fact that Spiderman is on the big screen in such magnificent fashion.

Big Vinny Diesel on Dec 20, 2009


need a villian? hugo Chavez

juan manzas on Jan 14, 2010

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