Rumor: Wachowskis Directing Rebooted Superman Trilogy?!

February 11, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News


Whoa, whoa, let's just take a second to soak all of this in. A source wrote in to Ain't It Cool News saying that he was watching a TV show in Germany where V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue was being interviewed. McTeigue said that due to the shake up of projects at Warner Brothers (i.e. they put all DC Comics movies on hold until they could figure out a new strategy), the Wachowskis were off of their latest superhero project called Plastic Man. Instead, they were approached by WB execs to reboot the Superman franchise as a trilogy and they're currently weighing their options before making a decision.

Wachowski BrothersWhen asked about upcoming projects, McTeigue first confirmed that Plastic Man ("an incredible superhero period film noir that [looks] absolutely breathtaking" according to AICN's Harry Knowles) was the next project for the Wachowskis and that he had even signed on as the Second Unit Director (as he was for the Matrix trilogy). But then Plastic Man got delayed due to the aforementioned "shake up" of projects. Bryan Singer has since refused to direct any Superman reboot, deciding to move on to direct the Logan's Run movie otherwise, and so WB was left "with no choice but to take a fresh creative direction." And that new direction involved going back to the Wachowskis and offering them the chance to take on Supes.

Although McTeigue obviously can't exactly speak for Larry and Andy Wachowski, apparently he said that "the very thought of the brothers making a Superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project." If they do end up taking on the project, McTeigue would either work as Second Unit Director or potentially be handed the reigns to Plastic Man, which he seems just as excited about. If this rumor turns out to be true, and who knows how accurate it is to begin with, this Superman trilogy could be absolutely phenomenal in the hands of the Wachowskis.

Everyone knows I loved Speed Racer and I'm still a firm believer in the abilities of the Wachowskis, so seeing them take on Superman would be quite spectacular. Plus, The Matrix is somewhat reminiscent of Superman anyway, or at least inspired by it, so this actually makes a lot of sense. Thoughts?

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Given their track record, I don't think it would be a good idea for them to even come close such a project.

douglaspaul on Feb 11, 2009


It would certainly be something else. Hell, I'm game. Bring it on Wachowskis.

Itri on Feb 11, 2009


Please, Lord, spare us from the Wachowskis. Michael Mann or David Fincher would be much more exciting choices, but Fincher will never make a superhero flick, sadly.

Mathieu on Feb 11, 2009


I don't know what to think about this, it could be epic like the first matrix, pretty bad ass like the rest of the matrix and v for vendetta or a gawd awful POS like Speed Racer, I hate myself for going against my better judgment and watching that on Blu-ray.

Richard on Feb 11, 2009


#3 has the right idea. God have mercy.

Cogsworth on Feb 11, 2009


Speed Racer was horrible. I don't want them to ruin Superman, too.

ebbie on Feb 11, 2009


I would give them the benefit of the doubt tho, theres enough superman lore to make this good and right, speed racer was like who cares anyway.

Richard on Feb 11, 2009


I can actually see this working. Speed Racer was an experiment movie, that's fine. The Matrix trilogy flew off the rails because I think they didn't really have a grand plan for it as a trilogy, and they spent all their creative energy on the first one, and then split it between two movies. Isn't the Superman trilogy already written? At least they can go through it with a more fresh perspective, they can tinker with the script to give it the Wachowski touch. They've already proven they can do a trilogy, that's probably why WB is interested in them. And the whole grandeur can be spread out amongst three movies. They can certainly nail symbolism and all that crap, and I don't know if they'll have the General Zod trio, but those people were straight out of the Matrix... black leather. Trinity as Lois Lane? Would love to see Hugo Weaving in a Superman movie, too. Speed Racer was still a pretty eye-candy-ish movie, and I don't think WB would give them total control. I'd just like to see a Superman trilogy, especially with the way the end of the third movie was described.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 11, 2009


Oh, and if they aren't gonna do it, WB will probably pull Gore Verbinski or that Emmerich guy (the disaster movie guy---Noah or Roland, I forget).

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 11, 2009


I really liked speed racer, I would be very interested to see what they do with superman, especially if it's the 3 part epic that has been discussed in the past. They can do both very light and very dark, I would like to see how they combined those for this. I'm all for it.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Feb 11, 2009


i absolutely hated what they did to Speed Racer. And yet, i think the Wachowskis would do a great job at Superman....although i felt the same way when i heard they were doing SR. This could go either way if true.

Al on Feb 11, 2009


Speed Racer was an amazing movie. I wouldn't mind the Wachowski's taking on Superman. As long as Routh is back, I'm all for it 100%.

teyhtr on Feb 11, 2009


I loved the matrix trilogy. Constant parallels between Neo/Superman. No doubt would the action blow our minds off, but I can't help feel there being a some form of aesthetic splinter going on. Hmmmm... I'll think about that one. Keep us posted, Alex.

Nick Sears on Feb 11, 2009


#12 Please no Routh I think they cast Routh just based on how good a Christopher Reeve impression he did. I'm not saying Nicolas Cage, but maybe the guy from the TV show "Rome" who was also in the Punisher movie.

Greedo the Rodian on Feb 11, 2009


Alex, I'm just curious how you came to this conclusion: "The Matrix is somewhat reminiscent of Superman anyway, or at least inspired by it"?? Could you please elaborate, as I find the Matrix nothing at all like Superman or even possibly inspired by it?

The Doctor on Feb 11, 2009


Would be amazing. Doubters don't know crap about it. Go back to your shitty Superman Returns and whatever. It's time for some real superman movies, enough of this crap we have.

Darunia on Feb 11, 2009


I mean 3# mentions David Fincher and Michael Mann. Seriously, it's impressive how stupid some of the stuff that's thrown around in the Internet. Really? You wanna make a Superman movie, and you think about those two? Let's get Polanski to direct G.I Joe.

Darunia on Feb 11, 2009


Haters, oh haters. This will be a blast if they do this right, since realism is not the right direction for Superman, the creativity & imagination of the Wachowskis will do wonders for these franchise.

somwerbtwngrnnblu on Feb 11, 2009


This is a good idea. I really enjoyed Speed Racer. It did not have the greatest plot, but really was a live action cartoon. Keep Brandon Routh because he is a great Clark Kent/Superman. He can also act, which would be important in a Wachowski Superman, because it would surely move into some of the potent 'Gray' areas of the Superman universe. Get rid of Kevin Spacey and the cartoonish Lex Luthor. Give us someone that is evil. Get rid of Kate Bosworth and cast Anne Hathaway since she is prettier and can actually act. I think that the Wachowski brothers could handle this correctly for the first time in years. Comic book fans may know the origin story of Superman, but I thought one of the biggest problems with Superman Returns was that the origin story was skipped over the the audience was supposed to have followed the previous Superman movies.

John on Feb 11, 2009


Dump Routh out with the rest of the trash. His reappearance will only confuse the public into thinking the new films have some tie with the poison of the last film.

Hannah on Feb 11, 2009


I can't think of a single Superman story with a rave scene. Nope. Not a single one.

Voice of Reason on Feb 11, 2009


1) The Wachowski's are great filmmakers. 2) Just because The Matrix didn't live up to your ridiculous standards, that's your own damn fault for putting them on that ridiculous pedestal. The first Matrix sucked. Reloaded is much better. Get over it. 3) If I see Superman's origin story one more time I'm gonna throw up at the cineplex. Pick up where the last one left off and MAKE IT WORK. STOP REBOOTING SHIT!

Fuelbot on Feb 11, 2009


This would be awesome! It would be even more awesome if they brought Mark Millar on as a writer on the trilogy...

Chris @ on Feb 11, 2009


Hmmmmm...... Potentially an explosive trilogy... if they DON'T DO A SPEED RACER TO IT! Great as an experiment, a one off, but don't make a habit out of it guys! Oh yes, #19, I Agree, No Routh and Anne Hathaway would be a great choice!

Ultim8 on Feb 11, 2009


As long as we get some new villians in there like doomsday or braniac Id be pleased.

Joker on Feb 12, 2009


#22 Yeah the Wachowskis are great! No Reloaded was NOT better than the first Matrix And Yes a reboot is needed because what Singer did has no repair!

bltzie on Feb 12, 2009


By the way Alex great choice on Superman's picture, very Neo-stopping-bullets like!

bltzie on Feb 12, 2009


The one thing I hated about the new Superman Returns was that they tried to act like Christover Reeves. What was the point of a reboot? and I know it was suppose to take after the 1st movie but why? Seriously! If your going to re-introduce the comic hero why not literally reboot it. We need a guy that will re-create Superman, and we more importantly need a person that will play a great villian. (besides Lex Luther) Bring in Doomsday or somebody! I didn't mind Routh but make him different from Christopher Reeves, Please!

The_Phantom on Feb 12, 2009


@26 The Matrix is a distillation of various ideas from other films which I've picked apart ad nauseum. Reloaded is a completely original idea. I'm not sorry that I like originality. Also, if you're going to reboot something that was just rebooted you're only further proving how talentless you are. Anyone can come in with a new idea and make it work. It takes guts and creativity to breathe life into something dead. I prefer the latter.

Fuelbot on Feb 12, 2009


At least it's not Uwe Boll...

Jeep Fu on Feb 12, 2009


I Think that the Wachowski Brothers really could pull this off. I'm a little weirded out right now. As when I saw "The Matrix Revolutions" back in 2003, and the film had that huge battle between Neo and Smith at the end, all I was thinking was that the Wachowski's would really make a kickass "Superman" film. In "The Matrix Reloaded" there is even a reference to Superman when Neo is flight, and Reeves looked the part of Superman in that end battle of film 3. Now I'm not saying Reeves should play Supes, because all I will be thinking is that he is Keanu Reeves and not Superman. But I really believe the Wachowski's are up to this. I just they cast someone like Selma Balir as Lois and not some wannabe actress like Kate Bosworth, who was the worst Lois Lane ever.

Jamie on Feb 12, 2009


definitely a promising idea, they would give Superman a much needed kick in the arse and SUPER VILLAINS to fight. Imagine the Neo vs Smith fight in Revolutions, but even crazier and set in the 'real world' with Superman vs Zod??? As long as they keep superman as a 'bruiser' and not too kung fuey i think it would be great. Take Mark Millars story and have them run wild i say. Hell, i could see: Hugo Weaving as Zod Rhona Mitra as Ursa Nathan Jones as Non Ron Pearlman as Doomsday Anne Hathaway as Lois Jeff Bridges\Robert Downey Jr as Lex Luthor Not sure on Superman, but Routh would be ok again!

chris on Feb 12, 2009


#15 - I think some other people mentioned it, but it's just the idea of "Neo" being the one, and his ability to fly as well as how he has endless control, as in he can't be killed, etc. Superman is that powerful as well, you know? I guess it's just that focus on that one all-powerful person and so on. Those aspects are both "like" Superman and also potentially inspired by Superman...

Alex Billington on Feb 12, 2009


Superman is a worthless franchise now anyway. SUPERMAN RETURNS was a very boring piece of work, but I think The Wachowski's can pull off a great first film, but please god DO NOT LET THEM MAKE THE NEXT TWO SEQUELS!!! Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel Ryan Reynolds as Lex Luthor Mia Kirshner as Lois Lane Scout Taylor-Compton as Lana Lang Emile Hirsch as Jimmy Olsen James Spader as Perry White Hugo Weaving as Brainiac Jude Law as General Zod Mickey Rourke as Doomsday Terrence Stamp as Jor-El Sissy Spacek as Ma Kent Robert Redford as Pa Kent Eh, it could work.

MagnoliaFan on Feb 12, 2009


Eh, This has potential. What happened to Millar's proposed Superman Trilogy that we heard so much about a little bit ago?

????? on Feb 12, 2009


#17 Thank you for the insult. If you read what I said, you'll see I mentioned that David Fincher would never make a superhero film, it was just wishful thinking, not stupidity. I can see where you're coming from though. Suggesting that you'd like a director as classy as Mann or Fincher to make a superhero movie is as ludicrous as wanting the director of Following and Memento to take over a franchise after Batman & Robin. Hang on a minute...

Mathieu on Feb 12, 2009


IM SICK AND TIRED OF REBOOTS!!! Superman Returns made over 200 Mil. I mean c' it really that bad to reboot? I thought it was good. Kinda slow but good nonetheless. Just figure some Sh*t out and make it with more action. Thats what its all about. ACTION!!! Its SUPERMAN!! the strongest MOFO out there. Oh and a good PLOT and better acting. Then im sold. IM TIRED OF REBOOTS.

BOB on Feb 12, 2009


Please any villain but Lex Luther. And as far as the origin that everybody in the world knows, I imagine that it could be recapped in the opening credits. Let's just get on to an action packed film. I'd like to see what Geoff Johns could do. He's really made Superman in Action comics interesting.

E. Allen on Feb 12, 2009


A couple of you people are so silly. Routh won't be appearing in any new Superman film. It's a REBOOT not a sequel. No cast, no kid, no plot points, no director, will be carried over from the past film. That's why they call it a reboot. If WB had wanted to keep any of that, they would have just made a sequel.

Youthquake on Feb 12, 2009


I've only read the first set of reviews and i think these people are crazy! I really don't understand how people can't get past the Speed Racer issue. That flick was off the hook...I mean it got corny a bit, but thats how the series was. It terms of style, direction, and action I thought it was amazing. when i heard it was being made at the time I thought it would turn out horrible, but they really rocked the hell out of it. they took every main element of an old ass cheesy anime and flipped the hell out of it. Considering their background, I think they are probably the best suited to make this. I HATED the Singer version, overall i like his movies but thought it could have turned out much better. I think this is a real chance to redeem the superman character.

Destro Digital on Feb 12, 2009


#40 Casino Royale is a reboot with no relation to any of the previous films, but they kept Judi Dench as M. Warners may well keep Routh in the lead. #42 It's not just Speed Racer. Bound and The Matrix may have been amazing, but The Matrix sequels were a pale shadow of the original. Their writing ability has deteriorated alarmingly of late; they don't seem to do dialogue, they just have characters verbalise the subtext ad infinitum. Visually though, yes they'd be a good fit. We just have to hope that if they get the gig someone else is writing the script.

Mathieu on Feb 12, 2009


No matter how hard you keep flogging that Casino Royal analogy on every movie website, it still makes no sense. CR got a new Bond. Because. It. Was. A. Reboot. New start to the franchise = new lead actor. They didn't keep Pierce Brosnan. Because that would be stupid, self-defeating, and make no sense. Like keeping Routh in a reboot makes no sense. He's gone. Grieve and move on.

To Mostpowerful on Feb 12, 2009


This is the first time I've mentioned it...

Mathieu on Feb 12, 2009


I am not for this. I did not like the last two Matrix films or Speed Racer for that matter. At this point I'd rather go with somebody a bit less stylized.

Tyler Durden on Feb 12, 2009


You mention it everywhere you go. Which is every movie board on the net including hanging out at Routh's official fansite 24/7. I get being an UBERfan. I really really do. But you admit to having a young child and you LITERALLY post 24/7. You've admitted to taking a foreign vacation and still posted 5 hours everyday of your trip. There is ordinary fandom and then there is this thing that you are doing. Please take a step back and take a look at yourself.

To Stargazer on Feb 12, 2009


I think you must be confusing me with somebody else, To Mostpowerful/To Stargazer. Whoever you are stalking, it isn't me! 😉 I'm single and have no children (which is probably the case for most of us here!), I don't frequent many blogs or messageboards - in fact I've only ever posted on this website and (and then that was only twice for the latter, I believe, and on another subject entirely). This is topic the first time I've written about a forthcoming Superman movie, or Superman Returns. Now, back on topic, please...

Mathieu on Feb 12, 2009


And yet here you are, still managing to post 24/7. Your posts are very recognizable under any of your names. You laugh off your obsessive posting under multiple names as "just being a fan" but your constant cruising of all the movie sites to support Routh is really beyond mere fannishness. It really seems to have taken over your life. As someone who has interacted with you in a friendly way on many forums, please turn off the computer, go outside and let the fresh air clear your mind.

To She of Many Names on Feb 12, 2009


Woah. I'm not sure whether this is getting comical or a bit scary... Seriously mate, you've got the wrong person. This is the only name I've posted under. I'm from the U.K. and I'm male. The funny thing is I'm not even that bothered whether Routh is cast in the next Superman or not! I'm perfectly willing to accept someone else in the role. I just said, quite casually, that it was POSSIBLE that he might be in it. If I'd known what those two words 'Casino Royale' would unleash, I'd never have typed them! Based on the tone of voice you're using, I don't think I'm likely to convince you, so I think I'll just have to try to ignore anything you say in my direction unless it's an apology. Switching off my computer is probably a good idea!

Mathieu on Feb 12, 2009


I'll be the first to say admit that I have a lot of unrational hatred towards the character of Superman, but if there's anyone that can handle to goofy ass character that is the man of steel, it is the brothers W. They have a real talent for taking subject matter that would otherwise be dumbass fluff, and making it fuckin cool. That and they're comic book geeks. The only thingni have to say against it is if they're going to reboot Superman, they need to REBOOT Superman. They can't make him the same stupid boyscout he always has been. Give him layers, PLEASE!!!

Clamson on Feb 12, 2009


Superman is dead now. Really. He wasn't meant for these times. Would you've enjoyed the Cesar Romero's Joker? no, we needed something dark like the one portrayed by Heath. Heroes for the current times are The Darkness, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine (see, Cyclops is not for these times) and everyone else that has a double life. Superman was a straight character that was more like a father or a boy scout. Always good. Nobody is always good. Nobody is always bad. There's one story about the female cousin of Superman... I don't remember the name, but it had Darkseid, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, my fave. While S and WW were fighting Darkseid, Batman setup a line of bombs to explode the entire planet along with Darkseid, slaves and himself. Of course, S and WW are no match for Darkseid and then he faces Batman. Batman is not stupid, he's not going to fight Darkseid, so he tells him about the bombs and that he wants Superman's cousin back. Darkseid says that it was fair, neither the kyptonian or the amazon had the guts to do something like that and kill their own kind. He gives the girl back and release everyone. Superman is not like us, we can't relate anymore to him. Batman is like us today. With a desperate side and a good side.

Elliot on Feb 12, 2009


I'm hesitant. The Wachowski's do not have the greatest track record but they do have potential. Bound and The Matrix were awesome. However, the Matrix sequels were self-indulgent messes with an overemphasis on action over plot. Speed Racer was also a seizure-inducing mess. Despite all of that, I see a lot potential with their involvement in the Superman franchise. They could add some distinguishing style and possibly raise this franchise from the grave that Singer dug.

SlashBeast on Feb 12, 2009


I liked one of thetop comments suggesting Gore Verbinski. While SPEED RACER was a disaster, it was one of their only ones. However, I feel that they are WAY too stylized to make a movie like this.

Ryan on Feb 12, 2009


I love the Wachowskis bros. and admire their work, i think if they decided to remake the trilogy for Superman it will be badass.

Fisherr on Feb 12, 2009


just leave it to Mark Millar..i like the Wachowskis Bros and im a big fan of their work, but i'd rather have someone who actually wrote a few graphic novels to direct such an Epic Hero like Superman.

j.stag on Feb 12, 2009


No offense, but Routh was definitely the gay man's Superman. And besides, he never had any stage presence whatsoever. Christopher Reeve must be brought back from the dead.

Cogsworth on Feb 12, 2009


in the matrix trilogy neo could dodge bullets (with that over used bullet time effect that was used in every movie after the matrix)superman doesn't need to dodge the matrix trilogy couldn't neo fly.superman been doing that for the past 70 odd years.are the wachowskis brothers gonna make 1 shit hot film,the second good & the third average who knows,are they the right choice i fucking hope so as long as it's got a decent supervillian any of the following (darkseid,brainac,mongul or doomsday)please don't cast keanu reeves as the man of steel as his a man of wood.

zetsu on Feb 12, 2009


They defiantly should not use that Brandon guy, he was alright but this is new, this is re-imagined I don't wanna ever see that guy as superman again. I kinda doubt they will even do it since Neo basically WAS superman, who knows, money talks.

Richard on Feb 12, 2009


#52 makes a good point. Superman is a boring character because all of his conflict comes from external sources. Would you rather watch a totally good guy who's 100% sure of his purpose fighting against the bad guys or would you prefer a character who doubts what he's doing and why, while fighting those same bad guys? Kryptonite as a weakness is just boring and something that can be taken away, leaving him impervious to everything. An internal weakness, mental or emotional, is more powerful and lingers to some degree no matter how well a character believes he's overcome it. Good characterization and plot revolves around conflict. Superman's conflicts are all manufactured for the particular story he's in. Bottom line: he's an outdated character without depth.

ebbie on Feb 12, 2009


Whats up with the hate ? Speed racer is possibly the only flop (I loved it but thats besides the point) they had. Bound, Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta were all either blockbusters or praised by the critics or both. I look more forward to this than to the crap that is McG directing a money milking sequel. Somehow I do not see anyone pointing fingers at him and remembering what crap he delivered so far.

Shige on Feb 12, 2009


People who hate on Speed Racer didn't get it and likely never will. Every time I see the movie, the brilliance of it keeps impressing me. They were extremely true to the original series and were able to mesh that with a more modern day take on it. The marketing of Speed Racer was misleading in that you probably thought you were getting a "Fast and the Furious" when you were actually getting more of "The Incredibles" with race cars, and I'm sure a lot of people were disappointed in that expectation and tried tallying it up to a poor film. Hearing they might take on Superman gives me the same kind of hope for the franchise that Alfred Gough and Miles Millar did with Smallville. The Wachowskis are loyal to the source and rewarding to the fans and able to take material in a new direction so it's not just a watered down rehash. I agree the Matrix 2&3 films were meh, but like someone else previously commented, they likely put all their creative energy into the first and tried to tack on something for sequels because the studios demanded it. (Besides, studio execs tend to stifle creativity). In the end, better Wachowskis than Bryan Singer--whose version while slightly amusing was basically a tacky 5th installment to the Donner series.

Dee on Feb 13, 2009


It's a pity that the movies can't follow Smallville when the show ends. I realise most transitions of a TV show to a film don't usually go well but i just love that cast. Tom Welling is Superman in my eyes now! Probably wouldnt work though unfortunatelyyy..! SYLVESTER STALLONE AS SUPERMAN! Lol!

Ken on Feb 13, 2009


Superman is a worthless franchise now anyway.

Peter Frampton on Feb 14, 2009


The Wachowski's suck. They only had one good original movie, everything else they did sucked or was okay only cause somebody else wrote the Screenplay. Overall, the Wachowski's stole ideas from other people and now the truth is coming out, the proof that they're really not that talented afterall. they've always sucked and are only below average movie makers

Gary Shandling on Feb 14, 2009


The Wachowski's are great directors but poor script writers. The obvious solution is to have someone else write the script. As far a stolen ideas go, every director in Hollywood has been stealing ideas from the Matrix since it came out.

Noah on Feb 15, 2009


What if they did a spawn reboot??????? HMMMMMMM!!!!!

Snowman on Feb 18, 2009

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