Russell Crowe Interested in Another Master & Commander?!

July 17, 2009

Master and Commander

Wait, what? Over on the Associated Press, they're reporting that Russell Crowe is "in the early stages of negotiations" to reprise his role as the British sea captain Jack Aubrey in another Master & Commander movie. Apparently Crowe told the AP at a cricket match that a script based mostly on the eleventh novel of Patrick O'Brian's 20-novel series, titled The Reverse of the Medal, has been written, but that discussions were only at a very early stage. "There's still a long way to go," he told them. According to Crowe, they're still trying to secure the rights to the novel, which sees Aubrey dealing with money problems this time around.

Here's the plot of the book via Amazon: Ashore between cruises, Captain Jack Aubrey is persuaded to sink some money into an investment scheme. Soon this innocent decision enmeshes him in various criminal and even treasonous enterprises, which threaten to destroy his entire career. Bad luck? A deliberate plot?

The original Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World, directed by Peter Weir (who hasn't directed anything since), hit theaters in 2003 and only made $94 million at the box office. I know that it wasn't that well received, but I, for one, will defend it, as I thought it was a great movie, just somewhat grueling at times. However, that said, I'm not sure this would really be a good idea. It was a great movie, sure, by why revisit it? Why even bringing back the character of Jack Aubrey? Was he even that endearing? I thought Crowe did a fine job, but that doesn't mean they need to bring him back. I'm just not sure. Your thoughts?

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I'd love another Master and Commander film and I think other people would too. Wouldn't be surprised to see it gross more than the first one.

Timothy on Jul 17, 2009


i hope they make another when. i went into the first one expecting to be bored out of my mind but i ended up loving it.

jim on Jul 17, 2009


helllll no

DoomCanoe on Jul 17, 2009


I loved Master And Commander, I thought is was one of Weir's best since The Truman Show, but after reading what the plot would entail it seems to far fetched from Aubrey being Captain of the HMS Surprise to a criminal. I would not mind a sequel following the first one about capturing the Captain of the Acheron who fooled Lucky Jack into thinking he was dead. I'd would rather see them swing that kind of a plot and not the one above. But in the end it would be Peter Weir's decision.

Xerxex on Jul 17, 2009


There's enough material in the books (which are fantastic) to make 10 more movies of this. I wasn't completely satisfied with the first movie but it was definitely enjoyable. I'd love to see a second effort.

Arp on Jul 17, 2009


What the hell do you mean it wasn't well recieved? Critics loved it and it had like 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. It's a phenomenal film. Is a sequel necessary? No. But don't say it wasn't well recieved, because that's just not true.

Jonathan on Jul 17, 2009


oh please let this happen. loved M&C!

don john on Jul 17, 2009


Wait its not gonna continue the original story line? They left it wide open at the end the French Captain had taken back the ship remember he had disguised as the doctor. They had pretty much traded ships...thats awesome news yet dissappointing at the same time. Also the score in that movie was just freaking great.

Cody on Jul 17, 2009


Right on peeps!! It WAS critically well-received and in my humble opinion was the best picture of that year. Not a box-office superstar or anything, but it has done very well on DVD. So deliberately paced, well shot and acted. It felt like a Kubrick film. I would love to see another with the same cast and director. And with a series which is 20 books deep, I have no problem if they take a couple of the books and create a another blended script like they did with the first. There is no need to be faithful to the books in regards to chronology or specific plot points. Bring back Lucky-Jack!!

Drew on Jul 17, 2009


It's domestic box office was 94 million but it's worldwide total was well over 200 million. Far Side of the World was a fantastic movie and there are still 19 other Jack Aubrey novels left to adapt. Personally I'd rather see Desolation Island made before Reverse of the Medal, but if this gets made I'll be there first showing.

Colca on Jul 17, 2009


I dont friggin care what anyone says, this is one of my favourite movies of all time and Im so excited that there bringing it back. More movies should be as well made as this one and If Weir directs again it will win oscars....awsome

Dave on Jul 17, 2009


Absolutely, bring back the same cast etc, I don't really care what the story is. I'm sure it will be great.

Pete on Jul 17, 2009


master and commander was a wonderful period piece. i'm not sure i like the short plot given for a possible second fillm.........but if it includes action on the "high seas", i'm all for it!

dan on Jul 17, 2009


For any fans of the original film, you can't miss the books. There's a misfire or two, but most of them are excellent with exciting action and deep characters. Read them! Now!

dtkirby on Jul 17, 2009


It was an awesome movie, a perennial summertime favorite of mine (along with Jaws and Curse of the Black Pearl). As I think the world can ALWAYS use another seafaring adventure, I am all for a sequel to this wonderful movie.

Kevin on Jul 17, 2009


that is one of my favorite movies i reeeealy hope this happens although i think they could have trimmed the first one but all-around great movie.

Paul on Jul 17, 2009


F**kin A! Best movie news I've heard in a very long time!

Steven on Jul 17, 2009


Would be awesome, as long as they don't stay ashore for too long. This movie was great because of the amazing naval action.

James on Jul 17, 2009


DO IT!!! Master & Commander was the best maritime movie ever!!!! Brutally realistic, beautiful cinematography and complex characters brilliantly acted. A fantastic epic movie overshadowed by the Lord Of The Rings films. Bring Russell Crowe and Peter Weir back together for another success. I'll go buy my ticket now. SOLD. I really need to read the books.

Brandon on Jul 17, 2009


I totally agree. Dramatic, superbly researched, flawlessly cast, the sea scenes have never been equalled for authernticity. Not every franchise has enormous box office receipts, a second film would help establish it and probably lead to more. It actually did do well and was so intelligently scripted too. Richard Fitzwilliams film critic London

Richardfitzwilliams on Aug 29, 2011


This won't be nearly as effective as Master and Commander, without Peter Weir as director. If Weir is attached to direct then I'm all for it; if Weir is being replaced, it will take a great name director, with a vision similar to Weir's, on the first film to even get me through the cinema door.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jul 17, 2009


As a long time O'Brian fan, all I have to say is, EXCELLENT NEWS! I hope they pull out all the stop- ROTM is a great story. Any one who is interested in historical fiction of quality and hasn't read the books, I advise you do so. They are fantastic.

moif on Jul 18, 2009


The plot seems nice.. Actually I'm pretty excited about it =)

Robbie on Jul 18, 2009


I agree: make the bloody thing! First one was awesome and inspired me to try the books out. Great novels, and as already said there is PLENTY of available plot in them to make several movies.

Fritz Blaze on Jul 18, 2009


The first is a of my favourite films. If the squeal happens, it's essential for Peter Weir to direct.

loci on Jul 18, 2009


It was intended, that there be a series of films. The fact that Master & Commander did not do that well at the box office, pretty much sunk those plans. I, for one, thought that was a shame. Weir, Crowe, Bettany, etc. did a magnificent job, on bringing across the feel of the entire set of Aubrey/Maturin novels, which are fantastic - rich on adventure, character, and detail. There's plenty to draw from them, for subsequent movies, and while Jack may not be the most multifaceted character Crowe has played, Bettany is saddled with one of the most fascinating characters I've ever come across in novels. It would be worth continuing the series, just to let Bettany bring to perfect life, the character of Stephen Maturin, with all his contradictions and secrets. I hope they do another film, so long as it's Weir, Crowe, and Bettany. Ridley Scott might be a good director for it, if Weir refuses, but Weir was so important, in making the first film the classic that it is, even if most people have yet to recognize it.

Jamaica on Jul 18, 2009


I totally agree with everything you said. What a magnificent movie! Every actor in the thing was terrific. Weir must have been very important as director.

Robert Homes Sr. on Dec 12, 2012


I'm glad to see there are so many fans of Master and Commander. I lose hope in humanity when I see fools gush over trash like's nice to know there are people in the world that do in fact have good taste in movies.

Kevin on Jul 18, 2009


absolutely, #26 Kevin. for Alex it was 'grueling,' but for me and most of the posters, apparently, it was a magnificant, generally well-paced adventure, even if the Galapagos sequences went on a bit for some. perhaps it's the danger of expecting something in particular from a film - perhaps many thought they were going to get 2 solid hours of battles? i think Peter Wier's film was entertaining through and through, as well as being an extremely realistic depiction of life on the high seas. and Bettany was superb. sounds like the general story idea could even allow them to make a sequel for less money. whatever the story, i'm on board.

lumière on Jul 18, 2009


"after reading what the plot would entail it seems to far fetched from Aubrey being Captain of the HMS Surprise to a criminal", Xerxex on Jul 17, 2009 Actually, this would be in keeping with the books. Read the wiki entry for more detail ( spoilers ) ; As brilliant as Jack was on the waves he was sadly rather lost on land and made very poor use of his prize money and at least once fell victim to a fraudster. As for another film? I loved the first and would welcome a follow up from those involved though I am equally concerned that it stands perfectly well alone. An inferior follow-up could diminish the original.

John C Flett on Jul 18, 2009


I would be thrilled to see Reverse of the Medal brought to the screen with Crowe back as Aubrey. It is one of my favorite books of the cannon. There is a scene that is so moving it brought me to tears and that doesn't happen too often in books for me. I loved M&C and thought Crowe was robbed in not getting an Oscar nod for his spot on portrayal of Aubrey. Paul Betany was great as well.

nancy on Jul 18, 2009


Agreed, but I haven't read any of the books yet, though I'm just starting to after seeing the movie for the first time last night. Crowe WAS robbed in not getting at least an Oscar nomination. Weir's direction was awesome! The screenplay was so, so good; wonder how much of it was based on O'Brian's book(s). I'm sure going to find out, because I am now a Patrick O'Brian, Jack Aubrey, & Russell Crowe fan. Before I saw this, my two favorite movies were High Noon and 12 Angry Men. Master & Commander is now right up there with them.

Robert Homes Sr. on Dec 12, 2012


The movie was a wonderful and dramatic high seas film with superb acting and directing! I'd love to see another made, with Crowe and company back together again.

Layne on Jul 18, 2009


like "smoke N oakum"...haha great movie!

Trey on Jul 19, 2009


I have never seen it, but have noticed for a while that it has a great deal of fans, who are pretty hard core about it. I should check it out on netflix.

Demeter on Jul 20, 2009


Great idea to bring back Captain Jack (not sparrow)! I'm not crazy abouty the investment plot. I believe it should stay a maritime movie, but this could definitely do well if the same people are involved. otherwise leave it alone and eventually pbs and colin firth will create an 80 part mini-series lovechild. yay! ( sarcastic tone)

indyjack on Jul 20, 2009


I'm guessing there's a larger audience for a Jack Aubrey movie now (in the US, at least) than there was last time around. I picked up the books after seeing M&C (before which, I'd never heard of Patrick O'Brian), and I bet I'm not the only one. "Reverse of the Medal" is one of my favorites in the entire series, and one of only a couple of the books that made me cry. Don't be dismayed by the rather dry summary of the plot, it's a fantastic storyline.

Dayna on Jul 31, 2009


I agree, and I also have started reading the Aubrey novels because of seeing the movie.

Robert Homes Sr. on Dec 12, 2012


Wasn't well-received? Maybe box-office-wise, but the movie has 85% on RT and was nominated for 10 Oscars! As the comments here demonstrate, this is the kind of film that the general filmgoer (i.e. dullards) will not appreciate it, it's simply too sophisticated. But the people who like it REALLY like it. Of all the movies that deserve a sequel (or a franchise), this is it. It's a shame that fanboys will feverently support trash like Transformers and clamor for a sequel, but a brilliant film like Master and Commander doesn't generate the box office support to gain another entry. I, for one, LOVED this movie. It's a thinking man's Pirates of the Caribbean and proves how truly entertaining character interaction can be when action doesn't take precedence. I would love to see a sequel and support one.

SlashBeast on Oct 6, 2010


#4 - Xerxex Master and Commander was his ONLY film since The Truman Show!

Governor on Oct 6, 2010


Xerxex is also a whore.

Governor on Nov 28, 2010


The author of this article is a whoreson and needs to stick to fanboy movies. This was a brilliant movie that deserves a sequel, despite dullards like the author.

Glass on Nov 28, 2010


the first one was awesome, I hope a sequel happens and is as good.

CCavins on Dec 7, 2010


I've been wanting a sequal for years. Bring it on.

Lee on Dec 8, 2010


I am reading the series for the third time. Master and Commander was so well done, I hope they will make another one.

Drafthorsemom on May 29, 2011


I would kill you all for a sequel... ;P

Eliza on Sep 24, 2012


Crowe was fantastic in Master & Commander. It was much more than "a fine job"! The movie was one of the best I've ever seen, everyone in it was superb and the direction, screenplay and camera work were unbelievable. I hope Crowe does every one of the 19 other books, and I would want to see every one.

Robert Homes Sr. on Dec 12, 2012

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