Ryan Reynolds' Buried Movie is Actually a One-Man Show

July 3, 2009
Source: The Playlist

Ryan Reynolds

Remember that Ryan Reynolds project called Buried that we talked about just a few weeks back? The concept was that Reynolds awakens buried in a coffin in the desert in Iraq, armed only with a cell phone, a candle and a knife. Now some new quotes pop up over on The Playlist that reveal that it's literally an entire movie with just one person in it - the entire movie takes place inside a coffin. "Paul, an American truck driver in Iraq, has just woken up in a coffin. It's burning up. Hot as balls. Lack of oxygen makes it hard to breathe. And let's not forget the coffin, which only allows him a few inches of room in every direction."

Reynolds talks further about the role: "It's the only movie I've ever heard of with only one person in it. So it's just me, I'm the only person in the whole movie so, I don't know, we'll see. It's either going to be, you know, the greatest, most experimental cool movie ever made or god knows what." That is definitely going to give him a chance to "stretch his acting chops," which is apparently the reason why he took on this indie thriller next instead of some studio project. My interest in this is already peaked. An entire frickin' movie in a coffin? When the hell can I see this, because if it's not by the end of the year, I'll be quite upset.

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How can they make that into a movie? I mean seriously, I would think after about 10 minutes you've seen all there is to see...

Syphous on Jul 3, 2009


^ that's what's so cool about this... you've "seen" all there is to see in 10 minutes, but the story keeps playing out.. i dig it

johnny rico on Jul 3, 2009


Hopefully there will be a trailer, then we wont have to bother going to a theater.

JL on Jul 3, 2009


Dont know Reynolds is going to have to be Oscar-worthy to make it work cause the only thing keepin the movie going will be his perfomance. But I mean honestly in theory it sounds cool but getting the feelin its just gonna bomb.

Cody on Jul 3, 2009


they'll prob have flashbacks and stuff i doubt its just him a lighter and 140 min of 1 liners.

subcelsious5g on Jul 3, 2009


Sounds kind of like Cast Away but set in Iraq. Let's see if Ryan Reynolds can pull it off.

ollin on Jul 3, 2009


kind of risky business, it reminds me of the film johnny got his gun starring ben mckenzie but at the same time he had a stage, chairs. but (90minutes) focusing solo on ryan and a coffin.. hmmmmmmm i deff will watch it and .. its one of those movies u jst nevee know until u sees it, i hope reynold start penetrating the coffin with his pinky like uma in Killbill2. and get killed by the cellphone in the end like the japanese movie that i never wanted to see .

PinkSushi on Jul 3, 2009


So the entire movie takes place inside that coffin? Like the scene in Kill Bill except the whole movie will be like that? It'll be a cross between Cast Away, Moon and Phone Booth... I hope they can pull it off...

Vic on Jul 3, 2009


I read the script a few days ago. It's exactly 80 pages long, and there are no flashbacks. None. The entire thing seriously takes place in the coffin. It was absolutely fucking BRILLIANT. Believe me when I say that it works. It really does. Throughout the script he uses the phone to call out for help, so there ARE other actors involved (though just their voices), and from what he learns, and what he remembers, and the problems he faces just being in the damn coffin (it's hard to breath, the reception is shitty, and the battery on the phone starts off at half), it moves with the pace and intensity of a bullet train. There are also several "ticking bomb" plot elements that keep you right there with the action. Let me tell you, I was getting claustrophobic just reading it. Had to loosen my collar several times to try to breath, because it was so intense. It's going to be really hard for them to pull it off and do it well, but believe me, if they can, it will be the most heart-pounding thriller you will ever see. And I know it seems as though there's only so much you can do with the plot. You think it will get tired quite quickly. It doesn't. I can't say more without spoiling, but if you know where to look you too can find the script and see what I mean. Google Scriptshadow. He has a full review up of it.

12916studios on Jul 3, 2009


Man, I wish I knew how to get scripts early. I'd love to read that before it was released - sounds really cool. Plus, Reynolds totally has the acting chops to pull it off.

Pete the Geek on Jul 3, 2009


@9 Dude, are you serious? How did you get the script, are you with the film crew? Are you allowed to talk about it at all? I mean I surely appreciate you telling us all about the script, and it does sound awesome, but also, um do you realize you just told the world a ton of stuff about a movie that's coming out in 2010 that nobody knows almost anything about yet? I don't think I've seen that before, if all of what you're saying is true, next summer I'll be watching this movie going, I can't believe I knew all about the plot of this movie a year ago from a post on firstshowing...

Vic on Jul 4, 2009


If they can get this done right it will be so's just a haunting idea and even more haunting script...

SC on Jul 4, 2009


Okay LoL, nevermind, I take my last post back. Here's a sneak peek at the script:

Vic on Jul 4, 2009


.....and here's the entire script:

Vic on Jul 4, 2009


I'll see it. Sounds like a really intense movie. The scene in Kill Bill made me feel claustrophobic, tho, but god damn this sounds pretty fucking intense. Hopefully it works. And don't go reading scripts, people. I used to read scripts, but now I can't cause a lot of the best scripts end up getting turned into dogshit, and some of the scripts that you'd think would be a crap film are shot beautifully. The actual story is almost irrelevant. How it's shot and directed is what's important. So... just cause the script is brilliant doesn't mean the movie will be. I hope it will be, tho.

Squiggly on Jul 4, 2009


link to full script? I'll be back after I skim through it. I mean, the whole "Phonebooth 2" thing it has going on sounds pretty risky, but hell, who knows...

Chris W on Jul 4, 2009


Intriguing concept. I hope it isn't too dark in spite of the subject matter. It wouldn't work with Ryan's habitual facial expressions.

pat on Jul 4, 2009


It sounds cool but a whole movie, 90 minutes? This has already been done on CSI and Bones. It worked very well on those shows but you see people looking for the buried people too. They are spending 75,000 dollars to shoot a movie that takes place in a coffin, really? Kevin Smith made a whole movie with more than one location and a bunch of people for 25k. I know that was years ago but is 75k the new 25k? No wonder only studio films get made mostly anymore.

Moviegimp on Jul 4, 2009


It's spelt 'piqued'. 'My interest is already peaked' means you don't care about it anymore.

Harry Magnus on Jul 4, 2009


Sounds like that CSI tv movie. George Eads really got to show his acting chops in that movie.

LW on Jul 4, 2009


I am glad to see Ryan as the lead character and the only character in the movie it is going to be weird. Can't Wait...

Fisherr on Jul 4, 2009


Reminds me of 'Grave Danger', the CSI special, and I thought it was frikin' good!

Robbie on Jul 4, 2009


@moviegimp: Smith's movie was garage, and it was almost 50K. He had no-name actors and the shooting location was a place he used to work at where he knew the people. He didn't have shooting licenses and shit as far as I can recall, either, and they had to cut scenes they wanted to do because they didn't have enough money or because it would have meant them hiring more people / getting licenses / etc. Shooting a picture isn't cheap, trust me. Some of those bits he did in Clerks were probably a lot more expensive than you'd think. Resetting some of those shots probably took a lot of time. So yeah. It can cost a lot of money, and frankly, $75K for a film with Ryan Reynolds where they can probably shoot the whole thing in a month if that is pretty damn good. I'll bet that Clerks was shot more on love and promises to pay people after the film made money rather than by pauying people ahead of time. Also, Happy independence day to all the US citizens out there. I hiope you all take this day seriously.

Squiggly on Jul 4, 2009


wow... im kinda speechless... I just read the script and ... that was really captivating. I have to say I'm not a fan of the way it ended, though it was very intense. I'd give it 4.3/5 and would definitely see it. I'm impressed. Good choice Reynolds!

kvn on Jul 4, 2009


would be a good short film....but ryan reynolds cant act so maybe not. also if they say he is the only person in the WHOLE movie doesnt that mean he dies at the end? i mean if no one else is in it how can he get out? unless they try to say he digs himself out, which would be impossible!!

c good on Jul 5, 2009


why burn him alive in a coffin leaving a cellphone and a knife behind? i don't get it..

caroluz on Jul 5, 2009


to #26 Maybe he one-inch punches his way out. hahahah!!! ^^

LW on Jul 5, 2009


Holyy effiin christ. I just read it too. I like Reynolds... but I think the key to the success of this script translating to the screen is going to be whoever directs this gem. But I envy any actor who is lucky enough to perform this script. I wish Ryan luck..... and I HATE the ending....

D. on Jul 5, 2009


I read the script -- this is going to be amazing. And for anyone who hates the ending -- screw 'em. 😛 Not every story has a happy ending. This ending is intense and realistic.

Andrew on Jul 6, 2009


I've just finished it. The story in heart wrenching as best. If the director and Reynolds handle this right I see an oscar. If that is the case the oscar is either gonna be best actor, best director, and best screenplay! I hope its all three! The ending rings very truthful, albiet its gonna be hard to watch its gotta be. Reynolds will be amazing if he really tries his best. It all comes down to the director and the lead. This will be a must see movie!

Xerxex on Jul 16, 2009


I honestly think Reynolds can do it, I mean just watch him in Smokin Aces, near the end, that was an oscar worthy moment right there!

Xerxex on Jul 16, 2009


Two hours of pure Ryan Reynolds....NICE! I can do that.

Scott on Jul 22, 2009


It was just announced that Buried will be premiering at The Sundance Film Festival this year...

Whitney on Dec 9, 2009


I just read the script as well. It's amazing! I couldn't put it down. I kept wanting to stop so I could wait to see the movie, but I was literally on the edge of my seat. I can only imagine how good the movie will be.

Markus on Apr 11, 2010


Did you all see the new international trailer for Buried yet? If not, check it out here:

rogue on Sep 7, 2010


Seems like production costs would be pretty darn low That means tickets will be half price, right? They should have coffins you can lay in, with a tiny movie screen a few inches from your face - so as to watch AND feel the movie They could even charge just a little for the experience, but then charge a huge amount to let you out!

Deni's Mom on Sep 25, 2010

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