Ryan Reynolds Taking Over for Tom Cruise in Motorcade

October 7, 2009

Ryan Reynolds

Earlier this year, before we knew that he would be starring in Wichita, Tom Cruise had about 7 potential projects lined up. One of them was Motorcade, an action thriller about a disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when the president's motorcade is commandeered by terrorists in New York (it was originally set in Los Angeles). Variety reports that the project is switching actors - Cruise is out, Ryan Reynolds is in - and directors as well. Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is being replaced by Jon Cassar, best known for directing over 50 episodes of Fox's series "24".

DreamWorks is hoping to get this into production by late summer or early fall 2010. Reynolds is not signed on, but they're "eying" him, which I'm assuming means attempting to get him to join and looking at his schedule for Green Lantern (which is set to start shooting early next year as well). The story was originally conceived by Hans Bauer and Craig Mitchell with Billy Ray (Breach, State of Play) currently writing the script. This project has been a priority for DreamWorks and was one of Cruise's top picks when he was still attached with Wiseman. Although with Ryan Reynolds instead, I'll admit that this sounds just as enticing.

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I'm there opening night. Although, I think age does play a big-ish part for one to be a disgraced anything. Unless he's a "just-disgraced" character. I'm more excited about this than Deadpool. Bring it on.

Ostilad on Oct 7, 2009


Read the Billy Ray draft of the script. It was awesome.

yondel on Oct 7, 2009


Both Breach and State of Play were great and Reynolds is really good so I'm looking forward to this!

Andreas Climent on Oct 7, 2009


Hmmm sounds like Vantage Point.

Jo Momma on Oct 7, 2009


Anybody here read Brad Thor? if so Reynolds as Scot Harvath? For those who don't know, sorry for bringing this up. as for Motorcade it sounds okay. It all comes down to the script, and then the director needs to pull it off, and Len Wiseman is a pretty decent director, so I'm game.

Xerxex on Oct 7, 2009


ryan reynolds was awesome in smokin aces, im in

Darrin on Oct 7, 2009


what about the deadpool movie? fox better start making it with or without him before disney gets their giant mickey mouse gloves on it. or just make deadpool cgi and have ryan voice act anything but a disney version of our favorite superhero

Spider94 on Oct 7, 2009


Ryan Reynolds is racking in all the good scripts! lol He is the new Hollywood star.

Jordan on Oct 7, 2009


hehe nice article! Ryan Reynolds is becoming the new bad@$$ dude. Deadpool, Green Lantern, Buried and now this!!

Scott on Oct 7, 2009


I LOVE RYAN! 😀 so funny. Tom Cruise is a good actor just don't toss him away. If Ryan is taking over Tom's roles, then that's saying Hollywood loves Ryan! like me! 😛

Aimee on Oct 7, 2009


hehe Ryan caught my attention with that pac fast!! Im going to watch this if Ryan is in it! lead role too? WOW!!

Kristal on Oct 7, 2009


looks awesome! President getting kidnapped! hehe I would think Ryan saves the day!

8shhjhoggy on Oct 7, 2009


AWESOME! I have been a fan of Ryan since Two Guys! He will have one heck of a good 2010-2012 with this many videos wanting him filmed.

Jillybillyboi on Oct 7, 2009


I hope they decide to get him. Ryan is a pretty good actor. He dedicates himself to the films unlike many actors.

Olympian on Oct 7, 2009


Ryan will make this good. Can't wait. So is it official now?

Zinc on Oct 7, 2009


Been a huge fan of Ryan since the his first movies! He can mos def be the new action star!

I am Ron Burgandy? on Oct 7, 2009


Cool Cool! The more movies Ryan is in, the happier I am!

YRsf3 on Oct 7, 2009


That man is a douche...

Google the Oct8pus on Oct 8, 2009


Ryan is simply the best, glad he got another decent title. In addition to Deadpool, Green Lantern & Buried.This guy will make a hell of an amazing career.

Fisherr on Oct 8, 2009


#18. Your a douche. I freaking love Ryan.

Uglrois on Oct 8, 2009


Bauer and Mitchell did not "conceive" the original story. They wrote the original screenplay. Billy Ray came along almost five years later.

Sycamore Flynn on Jan 5, 2010

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