Ryan Reynolds Talks Enthusiastically About Playing Deadpool

March 14, 2009
Source: Collider, Latino Review

Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

With X-Men Origins: Wolverine due out in theaters in only 48 more days, discussions on all things Marvel and X-Men and Wolverine have begun to flood the web. I know I'm not the only fan who's anxious to see Ryan Reynolds as the beloved sword wielding comic book character Deadpool in the movie. Reynolds was out promoting Adventureland this weekend and talked with a couple of websites, including specifically Collider and Latino Review. Given the whole Weapon XI fiasco that arose with the newest trailer (see here for more), these were some much needed updates from Reynolds his character's involvement.

Ryan Reynolds as DeadpoolReynolds says it initially "started out as a cameo and they added a little bit more… They added a bunch of mutants that the fanboys really love." After he finished shooting two other movies, he came back to add more. "We ended up going to do additional photography at the end of Wolverine because I still hadn't shot the lion's share of what I was supposed to shoot. So a lot of people thought they were adding scenes because they added more Deadpool, but it was just a function of me finishing the movie that I hadn't completed yet." I don't think anyone is going to complain about more Deadpool, but that explains some of the reshoots.

In regards to the character and the aforementioned Weapon XI confusion, Reynolds says, "I personally don't consider him as Deadpool, I consider him to be what Deadpool becomes… or the thing Deadpool came from." Meaning Wade Wilson, the mercenary who eventually becomes Deadpool. When asked about how much of his story we'll see, such as if we learn why he wears a mask (like he does in the comics), Reynolds said, "Well, it's an origin story, so again I don't consider myself playing Deadpool. I'm the thing that will eventually become Deadpool. But yea, he's scarred up. You're gonna see the scars. That's all in there."

And as for that Deadpool spin-off we've been hearing about, well, don't get your hopes until until after May 1st. "These things work pretty slowly. I've had a couple of people approach me about meetings for a Deadpool movie, but I think it's absurd to think that way until this movie comes out. And I don't even look at it like I play Deadpool in this movie. I really think I more or less play Wade Wilson, and I'm playing the creature that will eventually become Deadpool but in this movie it's his newly formed version." I know I can't wait to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine, if not just to see how awesome Reynolds is as Deadpool.

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Ryan Reynolds better not ruin this like he did with Blade 3 he some what of a d**k in his movies and not that funny.

mattie on Mar 14, 2009


Blade 3 was the writers fault not Reynolds...that was just a bad movie...and the thing is Deadpool is a dick...a hilarious dick but a dick nonetheless...and like Reynolds said he doesn't view it as him playing Deadpool so it would be hard to judge how he is as the character. I am excited to see the movie as a whole though. I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan and Ryan Reynolds is always enjoyable to watch. I am more afraid of the cinematography of the film...that is going to make it or break it for me...

Maxx on Mar 14, 2009


Blade 3's failure rests on the shoulders of David S. Goyer..he over stepped his influence on the project and didn't wait for Guillermo del Toro to return...del Toro's plan was to make Hellboy then do Blade 3..

Christopher M on Mar 14, 2009


I'm buying it, but yes, I hope he isn't hyping it up just to get the register going. Lets see what it brings this May

Nick Sears on Mar 14, 2009


Well there we go, no red costume in the movie.

Frank on Mar 14, 2009


*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* Good thing he recognizes that he's not really playing Deadpool in the movie, since the script makes the character almost completely different than the comics. Anyone who is going to see Wolverine hoping to see Deadpool is going to be drastically disappointed. He starts out as a Wade-ish character, and then what he becomes is absolutely nothing like Deadpool (he has swords that come out of his arms, and a version of Cyclop's laser vision FFS) and what's worse? They sew up his mouth after all the Weapon XI stuff, so you don't even get quips. This movie is going to be horrible with a capital H. *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS*

Pete the Geek on Mar 14, 2009


see all the scars? to the best of my knowledge... deadpool doesn't have scars... he is deformed because his body is basically a cancerous growth being kept alive by healing factor engineered from wolverine

Janny on Mar 14, 2009


*groan* This movie is going to suck so hard. Pains me to say it because I think Hugh Jackman is a cool dude but Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Suckage. I'm sort of hoping Hugh and Liev carry the movie; those two can act. The rest of the cast is garbage.

Iqadi on Mar 14, 2009


#6 are you dumb or blind the character in new trailer that has blades for arms and stitches is not Deadpool.He doesn't even have same body type as Ryan Reynolds that is Weapon XI played by Scott Adkins

nelson on Mar 14, 2009


"Although the character will be called Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds feels he is not playing Deadpool".... yikes Regardless, Ryan Reynolds is actually perfect for people who are familiar with the character of Deadpool. I can't even imagine anyone else playing him.

L on Mar 14, 2009


Van Wilder is Deadpool/Wade Wilson? Well there went my hopes for the movie.

Mat on Mar 14, 2009


i'm rooting for ryan reynolds. i'm afraid of the wolverine script though.

real talk on Mar 15, 2009


@#10: Read the articles linked above. The internet is flooded with images and proof that the scarred person with the swords coming out of his arms and with the laser blast eyes is in fact "Deadpool" in the movie (they've even started making the toys proving it). Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson. Scott Adkins is the stand-in/actor for the Deadpool character in the movie, along with some added CGI. The plot of the movie (and I've confirmed this with people who work for the studio) is that Stryker is covertly gathering up mutants to obtain their genetic samples to make a "super mutant". The resulting "super mutant" is Deadpool, who is giving abilities from the different mutants in the film (hence the blades like Wolvie and the eye blasts like Cyclops). It's widely believed (and the FSR article covers this as well) that in the finale of the movie, Wolverine defeats Deadpool and literally tears him to pieces as 3 mile island is destroyed. There's also speculation that his injuries, combined with the radiation and his healing factor will indeed give us the Deadpool we all know and love, but not until the very end of the film, and even then it will only be "suggested". Basically, the screenwriters took the storyline from the comics and completely threw it out the window. They have rewritten most of the character's origins - including Wolverine's and Sabertooth's (which is ridiculous since the "Origins" comic already did that).

Pete the Geek on Mar 15, 2009


The people that are crying about Ryan Reynolds are the same ones that said Heath was going to be a shitty joker. How about you all having a nice steaming cup of STFU and wait for the movie to hit before you make dumb statements about a movie you haven’t seen.

Dirk Diggler on Mar 15, 2009


#14. Is completely correct. I read about all the drastic changes Fox made and the many problems they had during production. I mean people shouldn't be surprised that 20th Century Fox has been tossing out some shit films recently (Street Fighter:Chun Li) and for the near future (Dragonball:Evolution) and it looks like they also applied their mediocre techniques to try making a quick buck instead of a good film for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Craig on Mar 15, 2009


Gavin Hood (Director of X-Men Origins:Wolverine) disagreement with Fox: Hood and Fox disputed on the film's direction. The studio had two replacements lined up before Richard Donner, husband of producer Lauren Shuler Donner, flew to Australia to ease on-set tensions. Source:

Craig on Mar 15, 2009


If you all remember there was one comic where Deadpool did say that if he were to have his own movie Ryan Reynolds would play him. I shit you know, true comic fans will know this.

Movieraider321 on Mar 15, 2009


how some of you guys blaming Ryan Reynolds for Blade 3 its not his fault it was David S. Goyer fault.

filmkid on Mar 15, 2009


I don't have beef with Ryan playing Deadpool, he's a cool guy. I wish they saved Ray Park though instead of using him as The Toad. What a waste. He'd be perfect for this. On the other topic, Fox is going to go under if they don't watch it. Street Fighter made no money and Dragonball won't either. WB thank goodness has shown they have some balls to go all out for their comic movies.

Hey Ya on Mar 15, 2009


Ryan's work in BLADE 3 was what convinced me he should have been Deadpool LOL

NeoSlyfer on Mar 15, 2009


The most anticipated Character in the whole movie for a lot of fans including me is Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool,Big fan of Ryan Reynolds as well as Deadpool. **SPOILERS** **SPOILERS** **MAJOR GODDAMN SPOILERS** The thing i read was that Deadpool will be as Ryan Reynolds to a certain scenes in the movie after that Deadpool will be Weapon XI because Stryker took Wad Wilson and made some experiments on him and took abilities form other mutants like Cyclops's Eye beam and Wolverine's Healing Factor and Johnny Wraith's ability to teleport. "A note is that Weapon XI has his mouth sewn and that obviously is because Wade Wilson is the kinda guy who won't ever shut up! So Stryker sew his mouth in the process of the procedure.The markings on Weapon XI's body are the same markings that Wolverine had when they implanted his body with Adamantium and basically the markings will be clear on Weapon XI's body in the fight because Stryker was surprised by Wolverine breaking into the place searching for Sabretooth so he orders to wrap up the procedure as fast as possible. The Final Fight Will be With Wolverine and Deadpool (The Claimed Weapon XI) Ryan Reynolds who is supposed to be (Weapon XI played by Scott Adkins) as claimed) **SPOILERS** **SPOILERS** **MAJOR GODDAMN SPOILERS** That's the real thing about the role...If you ask me I'll tell you i REGRET reading this news on one of the websites and believe me it's a trusted website not some kind of hassle and crap. As well as i am not HAPPY AT ALL about that...Hope all of this is just wrong, VERY WRONG because i want Ryan Reynolds in that form till the end of the Movie in his normal form or if so in his deformed role but to be the one that plays the role not that Scott Adkins guy. **IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ THIS LAST PART ITS YOUR CALL I DON'T THINK ITS A SPOILER MAY BE JUST FOR ME!**

Fisherr on Mar 15, 2009


So why didn't anybody ask about weapon XI? Dumb interviewers.

Darunia on Mar 15, 2009


This whole Deadpool transformation and final fight at the end of the movie. Sure it will be good eye candy for the people who know nothing of the true Deadpool, but those of us who remember the true Deadpool will be left leaving the movie shaking our head. I like to say Ryan should not be to a blame, he is just a guy getting payed to play a part.

Stephen on Mar 15, 2009


Hey guys, let's just wait for the freakin' movie. Why question too much??? Why even bitch about it??? Reynolds is contractually obligated to keep silent on many aspects of the film. He can't reveal specifics...... you know that!

Blue Silver on Mar 15, 2009


Anyone who doubts Reynolds as an actor should check out an odd little movie called The Nines. He's very good in it.

Mathieu on Mar 15, 2009


I, too will wait for this flick. I know that some aspects don't translate the same from comic book to comic book flick (Ex: the original suits to black leather suits in the "X-Men" trilogy. I will check out this flick first before I pass judgment. 🙂

Spider on Mar 15, 2009


deadpool needs his fucking mask,scars,healing factor,swords,knifes,machine guns & hand grenades.then he can be called deadpool not the shit we could end up seeing in this film.let's hope the performances by wolverine,sabertooth & emma frost are up to par or this could be so shit that i would rather drink warm puke through a short straw.

zetsu on Mar 15, 2009


It's an "origin" story. Some of us just can't process this. There will be creative liberties taken to SOME DEGREE. Hugh Jackman rocks and Liev Schrieber is a damn good actor. This film will be good.

Pickle on Mar 15, 2009


Did he really need to say "I'm playing what becomes Deadpool" three times?lol

Lauren on Mar 15, 2009


How hard is it to figure out? Ryan Reynolds is playing Wade Wilson in this movie - Wade Wilson eventually becomes the "mutant" we all love known as Deadpool - just as Logan eventually becomes the "mutant" Wolverine - duh! So maybe he doesn't have the scars - Yet! So maybe he doesn't have the mask - Yet! This could be a good launch to get none fanboys (and girls) interested in the character that eventually becomes - DEADPOOL! but what do I know - I am not a Wolverine fan - just a Deadpool fan...

Savage on Mar 15, 2009


All I care about is Gambit. As long as he doesn't ruin the movie, Im solid.

Eric on Mar 16, 2009


This makes sense if his character eventually becomes Deadpool..its a "Origins" movie

Trey on Mar 16, 2009


Wow, none of you has seen the movie and you critisizing Reynolds already, I personlay think he can pull it off, nobody can fill in the role of the "Merc with a Mouth" better then he can, yeah his jokes in Blade 3 was lame but that's not his fault, blame the script writers and the director, but in a way think about it in Blade 3 that was a prequel to Deadpool, anybody who truly know the character, knows Deadpool is a dick, and that's why we love him. And that thing he says about not playing Deadpool I feel him, he is playing Wade Wilson, Wade Wilson wasn't really the talkative type, nor was he deranged until his accident with the weapon X project. So okay they are changing his origine, he isn't the first that Hollywood has changed his concept and he will not be the last. This movie seems to not only be the Origine of Wolverine but the Origine of the Weapon X program and its team members, I see alot of spin offs if this movie does well.

Rudy on Mar 16, 2009


Not seeing it unless it turns out that all the rumors are wrong, which I highly doubt. I guess I should be thanking the situation because now I am no longer tempted to end my personal boycott of Fox movies.

Zso on Mar 16, 2009


#15: You got it wrong. Heath was a good Joker because he was a good actor. Ryan is going to be a shitty Deadpool because he is a shitty actor.

Mat on Mar 16, 2009


#15 is delusional comparing Ryan Reynolds to Heath Ledger. Even pre-Joker the two actors are worlds apart. Heath has *always* been a stellar actor.

AmberRose on Mar 16, 2009


#36 #37: True in regards to Ledger being a better actor, but as far as matching the character he's been cast as (Deadpool is all about fast paced dialogue with witty delivery, and Reynolds has at least proven he is capable of that much), he'll be perfect. Also, completely irrelevant, but I wonder why people neglect basic grammar and punctuation when flaming in forums?

kimoi on May 2, 2009

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