RZA Talks 'Man With The Iron Fist' and 'Last Dragon' Remake

October 22, 2009
Source: The A.V. Club

RZA Eating Noodles

There's a martial arts project I've been looking forward to ever since it was first announced - The Man With the Iron Fist. Back in July of last year it was revealed that Eli Roth and RZA would team up to make an old school kung fu movie and RZA would make his directorial debut on it. Not much has been said about it since then, but RZA was interviewed by The A.V. Club and not only gave a good update on The Man With the Iron Fist, but also talked about The Last Dragon remake that he's involved with as well. Neither of the projects have gotten a greenlight just yet, but both of them sound like they're moving along quite smoothly.

The Man With the Iron Fist will be a "bloody R rated martial arts extravaganza" that RZA developed after studying Quentin Tarantino for a few years and working with Eli Roth. He explains the inception story further to The A.V. Club mentioning that Roth came to him saying that he'd like to help him make it, telling RZA: "I just love it, I think the story is unique. I think it’ll be great for the genre." He originally wrote the script before Quentin did Grindhouse then went back and rewrote and polished it recently. "We got it done, complete, circulating through the system, and it should be all cracking up pretty soon." Here's more on it:

"I'm just going to say that I'm looking to make a real good movie for us, yo. I want to make something that… They said the album, 36 Chambers, by Wu-Tang, was new, different, and they said it helped propel the hip-hop community. I would love to do that somehow on film. I would love to make the same mark or impact, and I'm striving to do it with this film as my first serious directorial debut. And I'm going to tell you that we put a lot of time into the script, a lot of energy into it, a lot of people were supporting me on it, and if the energy comes out right, it should be a classic film to have in your library."

One The Last Dragon front, RZA confirmed that he and Samuel L. Jackson had joined the project as producers and would also star in it, as first announced last October. On this project, though, RZA says he read the script and thought it needed some work so he have gave writer Dallas Jackson some books and notes to help him out and to modernize it since Bruce Lee isn't as well known as he was back in the 80's.

"There's been a new script out already, but to me, they didn't nail it, so I sent the writer some books he should read, and I gave him a few pages. I'm not the writer, but I helped him out, gave him five pages of information, sent him some books so he could really make a story that'd resonate with today’s times for The Last Dragon. But I want to keep the martial-art integrity, parts that the first one may have lost, because the other guy was in love with Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is still the master, still the greatest, but maybe his popularity in cinema is not the same as it was in the '80s, because in the '80s, you were still getting Bruce Lee releases."

Is he saying that he wants to pull out all of the "Bruce Lee-ness" of the original Last Dragon? Yes and no. "Bruce Lee is definitely timeless, but at the same time, the integrity of his martial art may not be as widely known now as it was then." Obviously that can be argued, but I'll let RZA and Jackson (both of them) work this out, rather than complain about whether they should be contemporizing it or not. While RZA doesn't say either of these are shooting anytime soon, it at least sounds like they're progressing well, and that's what counts the most. They'll move into production when the time is right. And we'll keep you updated on both!

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RZA is the biggest chinese wannabe hahahaha

teyhtr on Oct 22, 2009


it should be titled something else and he should say he was influence by bruce lee and the last dragon. but, that sounds like a remake, and im pissed off as it is with the crow being remake. let those classics be. get over yourself. imagine everything u love and knew being remake. from video games to movies to music and everything. its like on the itunes when you love a song then some dumbass tries to sing the same song and sell it. its not the same thing! its crap! like seriously... come on people.

LC on Oct 22, 2009


Sweet Daddy Siki, if Samuel Jackson is going to be Sho'Nuff, then all is truly right with the Universe. Looking forward to RZA's directorial debut as well. By the way, has anybody seen Vanity lately? What's she up to?

DLM Entertainment on Oct 22, 2009


Well what he said was saying something, Hopefully it will be as good as he hopes. Atleast with the RZA you can take him more seriously than someone like 50 Cent or other rap crap artists.

d1rEct on Oct 22, 2009


cool, yo.

j1mmy on Oct 23, 2009


I like RZA and how he's come along in the movie buiss. I hope he does well on this and I'm looking forward to his take.

clippers350 on Oct 23, 2009


#3 Jackson will make a HORRIBLE Sho Nuff. He even said he never liked the original Sho Nuff. Any fans of the movie love Sho Nuff so why do we want someone to play him that hates the character? F Sam Jaskson he is going to screw this up big time with his stereotypical self he plays in 90% of his crappy movies.

Kyle on Oct 23, 2009


Don't fuck with Samuel L. Jackson.

SlashBeast on Oct 23, 2009


My only problem with this is that there are some movies you can remake and there are some you can't and The Last Dragon is one of them. I am sorry but Samuel Jackson can't play the Sho'Nuff character like Julius Carry did.

Devin on Oct 23, 2009


i can smell this garbage a mile away, oh yea an wu-tang their good songs are few an far between, their beats don't knock enough 4 me.

subcelsious5g on Oct 23, 2009


Busta Rhymes shoulda been sho nuff.

wHiskey Tango... on Oct 23, 2009


i´m hoping this is made , im a huge fan...since this has come to mind maybe they might even remake "no retreat no surrender" only the original cause the others have no hope

kingdong on Oct 25, 2009


Like I said before... Sho Nuff: Busta, Sam Jackson or Crab Man Bruce Leroy: Columbus Short hands down Instead of breakdancing...Krumpin!

Papichulo on Oct 26, 2009


uh Bruce Lee isn't as well known as he was in the 80s? That's like saying George Washington isn't as well known as he was in the 1770s. What the hell? Bruce Lee is a legend, like the old saying goes, heroes are remembered, legends never die. This is just stupid. The Last Dragon was an homage to Bruce Lee and his life's work, and how it influenced the main character to be just like him. How can you take out the plot of the original and honestly call it a remake?! I will burn down movie theaters that play this movie!

jonathan on Dec 14, 2009


Check out this guys video, he would be perfect for the part of Leroy.

Steven on Dec 31, 2009


I'm surprised at the rza.being a martial arts fanatic,being that the younger generation doesn't know much of bruce lee wouldn't that be more reason to bring him back.get the kids to understand who the greatest is an what martial arts really is.not just some ufc bar brawling shit. Come on rza don't shit on this movie..if u ain't gona do it right then dnt do it.bobby digital dnt wanna b responsible for leroys demise.

mike on Jan 13, 2010


i think that Busta Rhymes should play Sho Nuff he already showed us that he is way capable and looks just like him. So im hoping Busta Bust to take that movie and give its popularity to it

Will on Jan 22, 2010


sounds pretty dope......cant wait.........

nicholas on Feb 2, 2010


No Bruce Lee?!? You are an idiot. Ha Ha HA ha HAA HA. The people who will see this movie no good and well who Bruce Lee is.

whatthe on Feb 24, 2010


BTW 'He's Bruce Lee. Who are you?'

whatthe on Feb 24, 2010


It's skinny little lizards like these......

whatthe on Feb 24, 2010


Sam Jackson - IS one of the most hard working under rated actors doing it today. Dont diss on a man that does more than you do before you wake up in the morning. Busta Rhymes would make a better SHo-Nuff. He even probably has the costume and stuff from his video about a decade ago. Youthful, energetic, and the right mindset for the role. Sam just has that yelling role typecast down to an artistry. THere isnt a person today that doesnt know how to imitate him in any movie just by yelling at a high tone and sounding a little soulful while doing it. Hes just too old. Maybe he will play the older 40's Sho Nuff, and then they will put Busta RHymes as the real younger SHo Nuff. Maybe it will be a flashback type of movie. WHere the older villain or hero tells the tale and it fades back into the good ole days. WHatever the case may be, it wont be done for at least another 1 1/2 yrs. Any sooner than that and you know its gonna be a poorly made try at a movie. RZA keep up the focus. Stay on point. Its a lot of us fans out here behind you and hoping you come through for all your peoples out here living hip hop every second of every day. FOr some clown who posted that WU tang songs dont slap. WU TANG is Hip Hop. DIssin on Wu tang is like dissin run DMC, or Curtis Blow, or KRS-1. You just dont do it outta respect. THats whats wrong with the generations after Gen X. No fuckin Respect!

Original Premier Audience member on Mar 12, 2010


they should definitely use someone who knows real martial arts in this film! The next Bruce LeRoy!

D on May 11, 2010

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