Sam Raimi Wants to 'Get Back to the Basics' on Spider-Man 4

October 16, 2009
Source: Coventry Telegraph

Sam Raimi Directing Spider-Man

It's amazing how far some quotes can get, but this time these quotes deserve to be seen. Director Sam Raimi recently talked with the print edition of DVD & Blu-Ray Review (via Coventry Telegraph) about his plans for Spider-Man 4 and, more importantly, what went wrong on Spider-Man 3 (and how he won't be making those mistakes again). With Raimi returning for the fourth movie (due out in 2011), fans are a bit worried that he's going to screw it up again (even though I don't blame Raimi for the problems). Thankfully it sounds like he knows what went wrong and is already planning not to let this next one get out of hand.

One of the biggest complaints about Spider-Man 3 was that it had too many villains (counting Black Spidey, it had four total) and was overcrowded, causing the story to suffer. When asked about this, Raimi admitted that it was a problem. "I think having so many villains detracted from the experience. I would agree with the criticism." I've always believed that Raimi was forced by Avi Arad to include Venom, even though he didn't want to and he wasn't a fan of the character anyway. Fueled by the success (and positive reviews) of Drag Me to Hell, Raimi is ready to get back to Spider-Man and take the franchise to where it was in 2004.

"I think I've learned about the importance of getting to the point and the importance of having limitations, and I'm hoping to take that into a production where I'm actually allowed to explore with more of the tools to pull it off with a little more splendour."

I hope by limitations he means the budget, because on Spider-Man 3 the rumor was that they just kept spending more and more, pushing close to $300 million (or even beyond that). Interesting self-criticism on his part and I admire him even more for admitting and learning from those mistakes. They haven't chosen a villain for Spider-Man 4 yet (as far as we know, at least), but it seems like they'll be focusing on fewer villains this time (maybe just one or two). Raimi is optimistic about moving forward. "I hope I don't lose that edge that I've just found. That would be my approach to Spider-Man 4: to get back to the basics."

Man, I really love Sam Raimi. Screw all you haters out there, even though Spider-Man 3 wasn't that good, this guy understands it. Not only is he a great director in general, but he knows what fans want and knows exactly why the third one wasn't great. Unfortunately with a huge marketing machine and studio like Sony behind him on Spider-Man 3, he couldn't openly talk about being forced to include Venom, but I have a feeling that'll come out one day. In terms of moving forward on Spider-Man 4, I've got complete confidence in him, despite Spider-Man 3. I think Sam is going to deliver one hell of a fourth movie. Anyone with me?

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bring back venom or get a director that will 🙂

subcelsious5g on Oct 16, 2009


sam raimi has lost it we need michael bay to direct spider-man 4

qweqwu on Oct 16, 2009


how can you not blame Raimi? Even if he didn't want Venom and only put him in to please Arad, Venom wasn't the only problem with the film. It was terribly written. And who wrote Spiderman 3?

Adrian on Oct 16, 2009


my money is on the Lizard.

Ballyhoo on Oct 16, 2009


Spiderman 3 was fun. Yeah, too many villains, not enough story, but I still think Raimi understands Spidey and his world better than anyone, and he is THE man for the job. Lot of great potential left in the franchise, with this cast and director.

Scott on Oct 16, 2009


Great, yet another director who has entirely missed the mark of their previous mistakes. Congrats Sam Raimi, take your seat next to George Lucas and maybe you can both learn something: The problem with the story wasn't that there was too many villains, the problem is that the script was written by someone who has absolutely no business writing a Spider-Man movie. The entire Peter Parker character has been mishandled since the second movie, his transformation into Venom was laughable at best, and embarassing at worst (really? the symbiote unlocks Parker's inner dark side and all we get is a crybaby emo jazz dancer?), and the entire B-story with MJ and Harry and Goblin Racer X-Treme or whatever he was supposed to be made me cringe. Unless Raimi can find a way to absolutely and complete redeem the main character after the "dig on this" fiasco I don't really see a reason to even bother watching this in theaters. First they ruined the character in the movies, then they ruined him in the comics... what's next? A Spider-Man musical on Broadway? Oh, wait....

Pete the Geek on Oct 16, 2009


It's gonna be Morbius or Kraven. Morbius bcs the horror that is Twilight. Kraven because he can be developed in the movie to stand on his own as the big bad guy that drives the movie ala Joker in Dark Knight. I would love to see Kraven done well. WHo could play him?? Viggo Mortensen

kyser on Oct 16, 2009


ps I completly agree with Pete the Geek

kyser on Oct 16, 2009


Change director. None of the Spider-Man movies where good.

ryderup on Oct 16, 2009


For me it wasn't the number of villians, it was how they were portrayed in such a overthetop and meaningless way. Doc Oc was a good villian because we understood and liked his character, both before and after he becomes the villain. Also, the self-refrencing in Spider Man 3 was horrible. Namely Parker's monologue and the newscasters near the end which just destroyed the experience for me.

shadow on Oct 16, 2009


SuicidalOptimist, that was awesome!! ha ha!

GTO on Oct 16, 2009


I think Spiderman 4 should have Iceman and Firestar and be called "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.

Russell on Oct 16, 2009


I'm just sick of MJ being the dancel in distress at the end of each movie. It's always the same basic story readjusted for a new villian. Spiderman 4 is going to have to get some really great reviews before I step into a cinema to see it.

Moe on Oct 16, 2009


People still care about Spiderman? That character needs to die out already.

sean on Oct 16, 2009


"(counting Black Spidey, it had four total)" No one fuckin counts that There was 3, fool

Welbanks on Oct 16, 2009


i agree with #9.none of them were any good.none.change everything!!!!!!!spiderman 3-worst movie ever...ever....i wanted to kill myself after watching that crap....

splinter on Oct 16, 2009


Sam Raimi is god and Spiderman is his prophet.

Dreckent on Oct 16, 2009


get back to basics?? get back to where it was in 2004? All these films for me have been one disappointment after another. way to pussified and cartoony. c'mon, darken it up. make it hardcore. I know thats hard with a chump like tobey mcquire as spiderman and that whiney bitch whatever her name is as Mary Jane. It sucks, just stop and let someone make a "re-boot". And too many villians? non-sense, just done horribly wrong. Bring in the Shocker, Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio, and Lizard for the Sinister Six.

jagermeister on Oct 16, 2009


NO! Basics are bad! We don't need another Peter and MJ soap opera, more of the tired "with great power comes great responsibility" message and overloads of cheese. I know Spider-Man's a corny character, but delivering pizzas? Come on.

SlashBeast on Oct 16, 2009


I don't like that movie for a couple reasons. Too many bad guys crammed into one movie, and Peter Parker dancing like a sexually confused emo kid on crack along the streets. Also, the ending. -.- New Goblin: "OMG, I EFFIN HATE YOUR GUTS! U KEEL'D MAH FATHER!1!!!111!1!" Spiderman: "NOU! I only defended my pansy ass, and he happened to die when his spleen asploded!" Fight scene... KAPOW! Bang! Swoosh! OOPH! Argh! Blargh! SPLOSION! Later in the movie... Butler: "Dude, your father was effed up in the head, and Petey was always your bff. I totally saw your father's wounds and immediately knew he died from his own weapons. Yet, I never felt like telling you, and rather watched you going into a killing frenzy against your old friend, HAHAHA, PUNK'D BITCH!" New Goblin: "Ooooh, you little rascal, you! Well, in that case... Let's forget the past and let go of the grudge. TO ZEE RESCUE!" New Goblin arrives at the scene, where MJ is screaming her snaggle toothed head off as usual, Peter gets his ass kicked (also as usual) by Venom and Sandman. He hovers over Peter, who looks up thinking "Oh shit. HALP!" New Goblin: "Hey buddy. I just found out my dad was totally looney toons, and I never had an idea despite the fact that I adopted his crazy outfits and weaponry, lul! Sorry for almost killing you several times. BFF's?" Spidey (with a lip quiver and teary eyes): "BFF's. Now let's kill those guys so we can make out after." Yes, they might as well have talked like this in the movie. Annoying, isn't it?

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 16, 2009


Raimi needs to bring in some help instead of going "back to basics".

M-Cat on Oct 16, 2009


Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 were basically the same films repackaged with different villains. Superhero films that follow the cliched "villain of the week" format usually aren't very good.

Governor on Oct 16, 2009


Multiple villains didn't kill Spider-Man 3, terrible writing did. I know that Raimi can't be blamed for having to shoehorn Venom in. That wasn't his fault. But then who's idea was the fucking dancing emo-Peter? My God, who ever thought that was a good idea?

1-7 on Oct 16, 2009


What better villian would Raimi need than a Spidey fanboy? Only villian tougher would a Lucas hater.

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 16, 2009


I'm with you. Bring on Spider-Man 3!

Will Dearborn on Oct 16, 2009


Er.. 4!

Will Dearborn on Oct 16, 2009


Bringing Danny Elfman back would be the best start for this film.

yuck on Oct 16, 2009


''sam raimi has lost it we need michael bay to direct spider-man 4'' Is this guy real? Lizard and Black Cat...Just because I don't like Kirsten Dunst

m4st4 on Oct 16, 2009


#2 Michael Bay.? you're joking right...? thats the funniest thing i heard all year. Transformers 2 was equally as bad as Spidey 3

chad on Oct 16, 2009


I admire everyones comment on this one. Bring on The Lizard and move this major character on.. maybe Spider-man 5 can bring back Venom or not.. but my fingers are crossed that Raimi can bring back the web. Thanks FS ryaN

Ryan McCarthy on Oct 16, 2009


ok so here is what i think would be coolest. Gerard Butler as Kraven-comes to hunt down Spider-man, and in the midst of his chasing him The Lizard emerges. Kraven gets beaten up by the Lizard, and leaves the movie for a while to gather his bearings. Spiderman and the Lizard battle for a chunk of the movie and then Kraven comes back only to be beaten by the two of them. Not a cheesy ending though where the Lizard realizes he is a good guy or something though. Do something like Spiderman beats him up and captures him and he gets locked away or whatever.

KG on Oct 16, 2009


Let's bring on Val Kilmer to potray Peter Parker and Chris O' Donnell to portray Ben Reilly (Parker's clone). And you know why? Because that's where Spiderman is heading with Raimi at the helm...and of course what a great storyline The Clone Saga was and what a great movie it would make in Raimi's hands!! Can't wait..

MajesticXIII on Oct 16, 2009


The LAST thing we need is the Clone Saga.

SlashBeast on Oct 16, 2009


Get rid of anything Osborn. No more Green Goblin crap

mandarin on Oct 16, 2009


Let's not get it twisted... Spiderman 3 wasn't "AS GOOD" set by the bar he placed with the first two. It definately wasnt a Matrix/ Matrix Revolutions or Jurassic Park/ JPIII type drop off but it's good he can recognize his short comings and set his own limitations. Should be good. Can't wait to see who the bad guy is.

wHiskey Tango... on Oct 16, 2009


#32 go shoot urself. Clone Saga was the worst story in the history of Spidey, and that includes Spiderman 3 movie.

dave13 on Oct 16, 2009


Electro, King Pin, and Black Cat are all good contenders.

Alex on Oct 16, 2009


Electro or King Pin! Lots of possibilities are there.

Alex on Oct 16, 2009


#6, I agree with everything you said. Well Written. The movie was too sookie la la and focused on the stupid on again off again relationship with Peter and MJ. Personally I didn't go to watch a superhero love story. I can appreciate that behind every superhero there is a love interest, but it shouldn't make up the core of the story as it was in SM3. I want to see villains, I want to see action, I want to see something that is entertaining and visually spectacular. SM3 failed on all fronts. I couldn't wait for the movie to finish when I went to watch it at the cinemas which seems to be the overall sentiment of people.

Ezza on Oct 16, 2009


SuicidalOptimist for the Win

PimpSlapStick on Oct 16, 2009


Screw you too. Raimi sucks.

Syphous on Oct 16, 2009


My prediction: less Kirsten Dunst, more Elizabeth Banks. Less Mary Jane, more Betty Brant. Bet on this.

Hugh on Oct 16, 2009


Venom least the way he was thrown in there like that. Definitely back to basics....that being said...Drag Me to Hell was only a critical success, it was a commercial flop.

LINKFX on Oct 16, 2009


You lot are way too hard on spiderman 3, it was fine. Considering there was that many villians the plot moved along and climaxed nicely. And whoever said that iceman and firestar should be in it, first of all that sounds very familiar, and secondly probably would be very cool. (providing that wasnt sarcasm). And as far a villains...why not the kingpin. Keep it simple y'know.

DSTAR on Oct 16, 2009


Kill off Mary Jane. I can't stand see her Billy Corgan looking face on the big screen.

Henry Jones Sr. on Oct 16, 2009


I believe in Raimi. I think he's a kick-ass, honest director who was plagued by continuous input from the suits at Sony that affected "Spider-Man 3". In retrospect, Spidey 3 wasn't as bad as many made it out to be. Sure, it lacks so much story and characterization and contains dozens of lapses in logic (What flick doesn't? but it was a fun flick, nonetheless. I won't start the bitchin'--especially when we're having Raimi back, because the 4th installment will be epic, Raimi owes us for "3". Props to him for admitting that "Spider-Man 3" had it's problems. I'm excited for "Spider-Man 4"! 🙂

Spider on Oct 16, 2009


i completely back Sam Raimi. He's one of my favorite filmmakers and I truly believe that he can comeback for Spider-Man 4. We all know that it was truly his fault part 3 sucked the way it did. He had to pile it up with villains and love story to appease the fuck head producers who wanted a wacky blockbuster flick..... The first two Spider-Man movies were excellent and they were both by our man Raimi. To all you fools posting here and everywhere else cutting up Raimi for his work on Spider-Man don't even deserve to watch his work. btw, "Drag Me to Hell" was boss!!!!! long live Raimi!

Conrad on Oct 16, 2009


I'd rather he get back to evil dead.

JimD on Oct 16, 2009


like i said before, all the money was spent on the sandman and venom, leaving nothing for the goblin son. a green snowboard and a painters facemask does not a green goblin make! bring on the lizard and the scorpion! have J.J. put a bounty on spidey's head! who would go after him? everybody! kraven! the rhino! electro! maybe even bullseye! everybody works today!

nacho on Oct 16, 2009


I'm not with you. i didn't come out of Spider-man 3 saying "man it sucked having Venom, Sandman, and Harry Osborne in this movie". I came out saying "why the fuck was Spiderman fucking dancing and acting all emo". Avi Arad may have forced Venom on him, but that didnt force him to to make emo-parker and dancing parker.

Jmoney on Oct 16, 2009


Venom simply should have been introduced at the end of the movie for the 4th movie. They rushed the end and filled it with too much emo Parker crap.

Tra la la la la di da on Oct 16, 2009


I liked the first two movies, the 3rd we all know was just crap. If he can go back to "basics" for the next one, I'll give him another chance. <3 Suicidal Optimist.

Sabes on Oct 16, 2009


You ruined spider-man 🙁 n common "Foreman" as venom from the last movie i mean COMMON man u made him look like a pussy

Madnezz344 on Oct 16, 2009


Hmm. Black cat will makes things interesting, she is a "good" villain and spidey is a 'good' good guy, since raimi says he needs a villain opposite to spidey's growth as a hero. Maybe Amanda Seyfried

john on Oct 16, 2009


In my opinion there were two main problems with spider-man 3. First, if spider-man didn't cry every two seconds it might not of been so terrible. Second, if you’re going to have a villain then make him a villain, don’t make the guy be someone misunderstood or caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the dark knight heath ledger’s character was crazy and evil; in spider-man 3 sandman was a dad trying to save his daughter, and venom was plain dumb.

David on Oct 16, 2009


for anyone who has seen the evil dead trilogy can appreciate raimi's directing style and sense of what we really want to see.......Fu*K micheal bay that dude is an effects director big and flashy no subtlety. Venom would be great but not for awhile.....for anyone talkin trash bout my man sam...there mom's go to college......

DerF on Oct 17, 2009


Lets combine Spidey and Warcraft. I'd love to see what Spider-Man could do against a deep breath.

J on Oct 17, 2009


I'll go see it (which is, I'm sure, all Sony cares about), but honestly....I've been spoiled by 'The Dark Knight.'

The Guitar God on Oct 17, 2009


Some folks here need to buy a clue. Where did you get the idea a director of a major has any say as to story content? You think Sony is going to risk 300 mil on 1 guys opinion? You want to be pissed off? Look to the producers of the film not the director. Bunch of damn armchair quarterbacks here.

Chris on Oct 17, 2009


Hahahah Michael Bay! Don't make me laugh Transformers 2 sucked donkey balls. Spiderman 3 wasn't that bad because of the villians (altough sandman shouldn't have played a big roll as he did) but because eric foreman played venom. I mean wtf eddie brock is a big guy and so is venom.

Kankertje on Oct 17, 2009


I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills, Sam Raimi may not be the only one to blame here, but Spiderman 3 was absolutely terrible. Even Spiderman 2 was pretty bad. We need a complete reboot of this franchise, something darker, grittier. If you think Sam Raimi recognizing that Spidey 3 had too many villains is going to fix Spiderman 4 then you're about to be disappointed. Spiderman 3 sucked for a number of reasons: Terrible story, terrible CGI, terrible directing, terrible acting from Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst... the list goes on.. Somebody needs to put this dying animal out of its misery. That's my 2 cents.

Taseda on Oct 17, 2009


Gerard Butler as Kraven? Awesome! I think a lot of us could get behind something like that. Especially if there is a bounty on Spidey's head. Who better to try and claim it than him? And maybe a few minor villains along the way., But this would have to include raw fight scenes (300 like). And somewhere Black Cat can com and save Spidey.

Fusion! on Oct 17, 2009


Xmen had more villains (& heroes) and it was good corny dialog and crappy villains were (some) of the reason spidey 3 sucked

DillDoe on Oct 17, 2009


Yes! I like the idea of Gerard Butler as Kraven, that would be awesome! And really I think we need to see less of MJ and all that dam romance crap. Epic villains make for epic stories.

mikk on Oct 17, 2009


Bring the comedian of watchmen to play kraven, but the best villains are the lizzard and scorpion. And why they didn't kill gwen stacy in the last movie? Spider man 4 have to be awesome or i will not see that.

hater on Oct 17, 2009


Good lord qweqwu or whatever your name is....Michael Bay? he should be shot with a high powered rifle at point blank range.

Eric on Oct 17, 2009


Spider Man 4 is not going to be a good movie in my opinion. It will be too repetitive of the other 3 movies.

Chris on Oct 17, 2009



GRIM on Oct 17, 2009


OK, my theory on the whole emo-spidey crap along with some of the other "questionable" decisions in 3 is that Raimi was so pissed at being told how to write and direct "His" movie that he said "F it! I'll give them what they want. I'll tell them Emo is in and all the kids will relate with Peter now." He didn't HONESTLY think it was a good decision, just a bit of an outburst of frustration. Granted, not the best choice (It could've seriously hurt his career) but an understandable one when you really think of it. Anyone who watched ANYTHING else Raimi did (including Hercules and Xena) know that 3 was simply NOT a proper Raimi film.

Ghrayfahx on Oct 17, 2009


"I've always believed that Raimi was forced by Avi Arad to include Venom, even though he didn't want to and he wasn't a fan of the character anyway" Venom or GTFO you asshole

Him on Oct 17, 2009


Venom got the dath maul treatment, the only badass reason to watch the movie and they only get 10 min of screentime *sigh*

subcelsious5g on Oct 17, 2009


Its blindingly obvious the writer of this post is just gagging to suck rammi's balls! Sam rammi is a shite director man. Spider-man 3 was ruined by this clown! As for his other films boogyman and drag me to hell? WTF planet must you be on to say this guy can direct? The autho defenatly has no taste in films...

Rob on Oct 17, 2009


Its blindingly obvious the writer of this post is just gagging to suck raimi's balls! Sam raimi is a shite director man. Spider-man 3 was ruined by this clown! As for his other films boogyman and drag me to hell? WTF planet must you be on to say this guy can direct? The author defenatly has no taste in films...

Rob on Oct 17, 2009


raimi is a good director,no speilberg but spidey 2 was good, they just needed to seperate the villians in spidey 3 and give them more screen time and maybe individual movies especialy Venom , besides ghoblin hes spideys second best villian, and if raimi doesn't like venom then fuckem bring in some1 who can, What Venom is to spidey is what joker is to Batman.

subcelsious5g on Oct 17, 2009


#36 dave 13: come on!! You can't tell when I'm joking? Where's your sense of humor? You really think i like Clone Saga? Give me a break...and Spiderman 3? I'm still trying to forget i saw it. Wost movie ever and it wasn't even made by Michael Bay.

MajesticXIII on Oct 18, 2009


I loved the nerdy character of Peter Parker. I mean how may films are there with a geek protagonist?

AprilCoolsDay on Oct 18, 2009


Well with Bruce Campbell having a lead role or at least a major part, I think it will probably be Mysterio and the Lizard... I think the symbiote will give Doc Connors the research he needs to develop his regeneration serum, but possibly bring back Venom at the end of the movie.

Chris on Oct 18, 2009


But it's not the real Sam Raimi ... it's CYBORG SAM RAIMI!

Skullebrity on Oct 18, 2009


bring back and fix Venom

DoomCanoe on Oct 18, 2009


I'm with you. 3 months before shooting, Avi Arad forced Venom on Sam Raimi. The script which originally featured Sandman and the Vulture was scraped (in the original script, Sandman was a pawn used by the Vulture... You can see elements of this story left over in the final film, but it doesn't make much sense without having the manipulating Vulture there). Introducing Venom at such a late stage (especially when the director was deep in pre-production) meant the script was a rush-job, with everything to do with Venom in a really rough-draft state. We only have Avi Arad to blame for that. You don't force a director that hates a certain villain to do a film about that villain. Sam Raimi even said he never wanted to do a Venom film. Marvel would've been wiser to wait till he was done with the series before introducing Venom at all.

Mark on Oct 18, 2009


One thing's for sure. As much as there have been generally negative comments as well as interesting suggestions on this thread I think that everyone can agree that spider-man is an important fictional character that appeals to the masses. I have to say that I actually saw all 3 movies at the theater and judging by the audience that I observed sitting all around me I firmly believe that I think the real strategy was to try to get a younger audience interested by the third movie so that the franchise could continue to grow with the audience. The same thing happened (over a longer period of time of course) with the star wars saga so to bring it to a boil by Revenge of the Sith for both old and new generations alike. I think that Raimi was aware of this move and that's the real reason why he was forced to include venom. Contracts were up, characters were in abundance and time was a quintessential factor. I believe that the next two movies will provide some of the best that Spider-man has to offer. I don't think that it will be like a "Dark Knight" situation but imho i think that spider man 2 would probably be the best way to describe overall tone for the next two movies.

bobby on Oct 19, 2009


have spidey fight carnage and be done with it..carnage played by hugo weaving..

AC on Oct 19, 2009


Spider-Man 4 needs: new director, better writers, Tobey, Dunst gone (I actually liked James Franco), better CGI. Dont' reboot it; just continue with a new-and-improved creative team.

snickers on Oct 19, 2009


Oh, I look forward to continuing my favorite "SpiderMan"

Boneta on Oct 19, 2009


All of the third movies in franchises suck, hence Alien 3. Its always someone at the studio's fault because they are more worried about making a product than an actual film, and more villains means more burger king toys. At this point I really don't see any quality spider-man movies coming out in the near future. Everything from this point on will be as bad as Spider-man 3 or worse. Sorry but thats just how it is. Spider-man has gone from being a decent comic book hero to being the equivalent of the sham-wow guy or Billy Mays. So either call now and be good sheep like corporations want or do what I do. Don't. Just enjoy the good stuff thats already been made and call it a fucking day.

Alex T. on Oct 19, 2009


Go spidey and raimi great combo just get tobey maguire out hes a freakin crybaby

max s. on Oct 19, 2009


Hopefully he will pull a decent Spiderman movie this time.

Fisherr on Oct 19, 2009


Im with you I mean give the guy a chance. this one will be good.

JC on Oct 20, 2009


sam ramsi and who ever else aalll need to be fired spiderrman 1 2 and 3 suked if there making the movie it will suk [only first 35 min of spiidey1 was just ok] ps micheal bay will be the best choice his style is what spidey needs

sam on Oct 20, 2009


@90 - And you were doing so well... till you mentioned Michael Bay.

snickers on Oct 21, 2009


Let's go way over the top and include a naked sex scene with Peter and MJ. Can't get anymore basic than that. In the middle of climax, the Rhino rails through their rathole apartment complex. Funny, but then Peter bursts into action. MJ is finally killed by a trampling.

Lokiluvcocky on Oct 21, 2009


Bring Carnage into this movie and than it will be good! Carnage is so better than Venom and Spiderman combined! Even though Carnage and Venom are similar...

BashfulBob on Oct 21, 2009


I agree with the author, Sam Raimi is going to bring it, hes humble enough to know where he went wrong and skilled enough to make all the haters moan and grumble in a classic case of footinthemouthitis. But then again, that seems to be the type of source material that gives most haters love and purpose in life; I would hate to take that away from such darn likeable people, lol... Mr. Raimi roll camera, your fans are looking forward to another Spidey classic that's worthy of the first two and that compliments and brings to fruition the underlying potential in the third film, which really wasnt a half bad movie in my opinion anyway (btw anybody can shit on a film, not anybody has the balls to take a chance and commit a significant portion of their lives actually making one). Players keep on playin, ladies keep on layin, and haters keep on hatin.. ;p

Grey Pilgrim on Oct 21, 2009


Blah Blah Blah ! i love Spiderman and i collect a lot of the comics but the movies ? Trash all of them. It only attracts the young audiences and not the people that grew up reading them!...Its time to change things a little , HOLLYWOOD !

heN.rY. on Oct 21, 2009


they should have the hobgoblin as the villian he is one badass villian if you ask eme

lawl on Oct 21, 2009


hen.rY.- Blah blah blah indeed.. Alright why dont you stop whining and bitching about it (unless you admit that you in fact love to whine and bitch in general), and get into Hollywood and bring about that promised change already, you and the president both, lol..

Grey Pilgrim on Oct 22, 2009


@97 DONT ACT LIE U WORK FOR HOLLYWOOD! "GREY PILGRIM" ! Take a turkey and shove it up your ass if you have some time ! I am simply expressing my opinion on these over hyped movies and getting nothing out of it ! When you have anything constructive to say about movies and not the peoples opinions , then get a fucking life and go play with yourself watching these poor made Spiderman movies ! ..By the way as far as the "PRESIDENT"? Hey Asshole ! i didn't vote for him , you angry FUCK ! ...

heN.rY. on Oct 22, 2009


spiderman 3 sucked on so many levels and it was not just a question of overcrowded villains...

mk on Oct 22, 2009


Unfortunately, Spider Man 3 was garbage. However, I have complete faith in Sam Rami to restore one of the best comic book movies. He has recognized the mistakes of Spider Man 3. It was crowded with villains. Lack the connection between the villains and the story. Hopefully Sony and Rami will agree for Spider Man 4 the max amount is two villains. Now the audience is left to wait on the return on Spider Man.

Dee on Oct 22, 2009


Is he forgetting the horrible dancing emo Peter Parker....God that sucked ass.

Tim on Oct 23, 2009


Well with Bruce Campbell having a lead role or at least a major part, I think it will probably be Mysterio and the Lizard… I think the symbiote will give Doc Connors the research he needs to develop his regeneration serum, but possibly bring back Venom at the end of the movie. Chris on Oct 18, 2009 I agree with Chris on # 78 Spiderman 4 should focus on actor Dylan Baker's character as Dr. Curtis Connor's aka The Lizard we all still haven't seen his alterego come to life yet. Venom needs to be redone and brought back Black Cat played, by either Rachel McAdams or Chloe Sevigny both girls are attractive. Carnage I would choose Jim Carrey, Edward Norton or Zachary Quinto(Sylar from Heroes) as Cletus Kassady aka Carnage. Zachary Quinto was great in Heroes and Star Trek XI he is a talented and believable actor he knows his stuff.!!!

Kevin on Oct 23, 2009


Let me make this simple. Retail the story of Venom and set it up for a 5th movie with Carnage. If you time it right you could make a live action Maxium Carnage with all the charactures including Capt. America. If it was my call I would make the movie with Venom and Black Cat. You can redo Venom very easily by making Eddie Brock Sr. as the new Venom that we all love. A big guy that looks like he should be playing on the line in a pro football team. After all you stressed Eddie Brock Jr. enough threw out Spider Man 3. Why would you do that unless you where going to make daddy the Venom we where all waiting for. For those that don't know what I'm talking about check out Spider-man 3 again and count how many times Eddie Brock calls himself "Eddie Brock Jr" Personally I heard it enough to want to kill him myself. If you want to get a little creative you could make Brock Sr. into Anti-Venom and bring his son back from the dead. Could have a cool father-son fight. And for god sake please don't even think about making Eddie Brock Sr. into Carnage. We all know Carnage is Cassidy and we will greatly hate the movie if it doesn't follow the comics somewhat.

Ryan on Oct 24, 2009


well said ryan

David on Oct 24, 2009


BTW. If Raimi wants to know what upset the fans the most. It wasn't to many Villains. It was the crappy intoduction to Venom and killing him 30 mins into finally creating him. You did to Venom what the Batman movies did to Bane. You made a Top Rate Villain into a crappy second rate support villain. You could make the Sinister Six movie and as long as it's made right we would love it. OH wait a minute............You killed Doc. Ock in Spider-man 2 Nothing like spitting on the comics.....

Ryan on Oct 24, 2009


Ryan, You are right my man Sam Raimi allowed Avi Arad, to disgrace and embarrass Venom one of the most iconic Spiderman villains in Spiderman comic history. I can only imagine what he would do to Carnage another great icon if Avi Arad has his way again. Sam Raimi needs to read and look and the Spiderman comics effectively if he wants the fans to be pleased with his work. People, are talking about the sinister six but, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus were both shown in Spiderman and Spiderman 2. How, can you create the six team villain group with Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus both dead. Spiderman 4 will be a remake so that erases the deaths of both of these characters it will be as if the first 3 films were never made that way. I was disappointed to a degree with The Green Goblin he was scary and Halloweenish like he is in the comics. Doc Ock on the other hand was scary and more realistic than Gobbie in the original Spiderman film. Ryan, I can tell you this if Sam Raimi messes up after Spiderman 4 he needs to be replaced immediately Spiderman should have never been a project he worked on.

Kevin on Oct 25, 2009


And please stop Aunt Mays incessant moralizing. Please.

Loves to Spooge on Oct 25, 2009


Yeah bring on Rhino and Mysterio two badass villains, Micheal bay what the fuck with you people go fuck yourselfs transformers suck worse than spiderman3, Fuck I watch Spiderman 3 over any things

Richard on Oct 25, 2009



Ken on Oct 25, 2009


Come on bring the lizard

shocker on Oct 25, 2009


I didn't hate Spider-man 3 as much as just hated the poor use of Venom. A top rate villian should never be used in such a BS second rate way. You could make three stories with Venom plus what ever happened to Marvel wanting to make a Venom movie? Kinda hard after the crappy usage.

Ryan on Oct 26, 2009


Ryan, I'm glad that you didn't hate Spiderman 3 because, of the poor use of one of top 2 favorite Spiderman villain characters Venom and the other is Carnage. Venom needs to be redrawn and put into the films as he was meant to be shown from the comic books. I am glad Marvel Comics is going to do a Venom film, this will be exciting to see a much more vicious and intimidating Venom. Carnage I know will be seen to since, he is the offspring son of Venom. Yes, I'm all for a Maximum Carnage film the novel book was epic as well as, the 1994 blockbuster video game. Ryan, I was at Bedrock City comics last year and I think earlier this year too and I saw a 2 different Carnage collectors a 15" to 20" Carnage figure and he looked cool and I also saw the action figure and a smaller collector's Carnage figure that was expensive. Spiderman 3 will be airing on FX Channel 136 sometime this year into 2010 I will be happy when it does. I love Symbiote Spiderman, Sandman and Venom. New Goblin was crappy I rather would have seen the classic Halloween style Green Goblin from the Spiderman comics and the Marvel Civil War comics. Green Goblin is in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as a playable character and guess what else, Ryan Carnage is in it as well as a downloadable character I saw him in a video at Ryan, you're a great Spiderman fan man I love your comments here.!!! Ken, should calm himself there is no need to be profane and vulgar just because, people disagree with the Marvel icon Spiderman.!!!

Kevin on Oct 27, 2009


whats with Sam Raimi forced to include Venom in the script??? ummm... VENOM IS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE IF SYMBIOTE SPIDERMAN(black spidey for non fanboys)IS IN THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!

shyam on Oct 29, 2009


No dancing Peter Parker? I'm out.

Will on Oct 29, 2009


Shyam, You are exactly right in the 1990's Spiderman series with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as the voice of Dr. Octopus/Otto Octavius and Christopher Daniel Barnes as the voice of, Peter Parker/Spiderman What in the world possessed Sony/Columbia and Marvel Studios if they were both, involved to include Venom in the script when Venom was written and created in the actual Alien Costume episode on the 90's Spiderman series. Venom, has alway's been a written and created comic book villain and later anti-hero in the comic books. It seems to me some idiot created and idiotic idea to have Venom brought in Spiderman 3 later towards the end and then they kill him off at the construction site building. How insulting, embarrassing, disrespectful and degrading for Avi Arad who isn't the director of the entire Spiderman series but, Sam Raimi is. Avi Arad is responsible for killing of Venom like that. They, need to have Avi Arad stay away from departments that the director Sam Raimi himself has authority in. Spiderman is an iconic Marvel character and he was done injustice by an ignorant and foolish idea to have one of my favorite villains killed off at the end of the third Spiderman film. Do, they not remember what happened to Venom at the end of the 3 part series with Spiderman/Peter Parker fighting the evil darkness within himself. Venom was named, after Peter Parker's rival Edward Brock, Jr. a photographer who made his living creating garbage and slanderous lies on Spiderman Peter Parker's alter-ego. When, Eddie Brock got back home he see's the photos that he took of Spiderman changed to him so that he was the culprit and not Spiderman. Well, in Spiderman 3 they totally changed the story plot of Peter Parker and Edward Brock, Jr. played, by actors Tobey Maguire and Topher Grace. The Cathedrel scene was the only realistic scene that was taken from the comics the Peter Parker dancing crap was added into the film and had nothing to do with the actual story.!!!

Kevin on Oct 30, 2009


I would rather receive Shit in a box, DHL'd to me than pay to see another Spiderman movie starring Tobey McGuire, Kirsten Dunce and James Franco in it. How about using actors that were NOT featured in BOP magazine 1994? Sam Raimi, seriously? These movies are good for when you are not paying... I would on the other hand pay to see a Spiderman that wasn't plagerizing the cartoon series in both look and homo-ness. I guess this is why I never bought a Spiderman comic when I was younger, Venom provided a darker escape from all of that scheisse on TV and the "movies" esp from Sam Ram-me (for $10). . . Jon the Rob-ot

Jon the Rob-ot on Oct 30, 2009


Jon the Rob-ot, I would rather see a Spiderman movie that is taken from the comic books and cartoon series that has decent stories that are original and complete than a Spiderman movie that was dissected and put together with little or now plots in them. That is exactly what bonehead Avi Arad did creating 3 different stories in Spiderman 3 and giving Venom less than half of the film's time to have him in their for less time than Tobey Maguire's time as Symbiote Spiderman. Remember, in the cartoon series Symbiote Spiderman was in the episodes for over an hour first finding the alien symbiote and it changing him in his dream. In, the second episode he still is beingf controlled by the creature and then later learns that they creature is consuming his entire being and he needs to take it off. Later, Eddie Brock interferes with his fight with Shocker aka Herman Schultz and Symbiote Spiderman grabs him and webs him up and say's "I'm saving you for dessert". Jon the Rob-ot not buying Spiderman comics for $ 10 dollars was foolish and childish man you allowed Sam Raimi's mistakes on Spiderman 3 not Spiderman and Spiderman 2 to keep you from buying The Amazing Spiderman comics those are the origin stories to the wall crawler not the films that began in 2002 and 2004. Yes, I do agree with you about Venom providing a darker escape from What Avi Arad did to Spiderman 3. The film was really dark when the Alien Symbiote was hungry and ready to feed on it's first host because, the alien wanted to be buddies with Peter Parker's violent and tormented side from the death of his late Uncle Ben Parker 5 years ago before Spiderman 3's story started.!!! Spiderman and Peter Parker are no different from Bruce Wayne and Batman and Clark Kent and Superman. Bruce Wayne was 10 years old when a coward street thief named, Joseph Chill murdered them and left him angry, vengeful and monstrous. He, later realizes that Justice is about harmony not revenge. Clark Kent lost both, of his Kryptonian parents Jorel and Lara and earthly parents Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent but, he was not on the path of vengeance, anger and chaos he was on the path of Truth, Justice and The American Way. In, the cartoon series when his best friend Daniel Turpin was vaporized by Apokalips Intergalactic Warlod Darkside viewers saw a differnt side of Superman our Man Of Steel here. He, was angry, vengeful and ruthless because he promised that Darkside would pay for killing Daniel Turpin and that day came when Superman beat the crap out of him. So, Jon don't let What Sam Raimi and Avi Arad did to the films and cast keep you from enjoying Spiderman comics and memorbilia.!!!

Kevin on Oct 30, 2009


dude all i have to say is, bring venom back somehow, and have carnage in it, huge on the box office cuz im sure they could have a huge hit if they stuck to the story of spidey vs. venom vs. carnage. That i would die to see, but get a new fucking director. Sam Raimi's shit is getting way too old. the film sucks, he dosent know how to shoot a "dark" superhero movie, get christopher nolan to do it, have sam be the assistant director and producer and also have micheal bay produce it cuz of how much fucking money hes got. Just get a better fucking writer, one that actually know the story lines like its his fucking job. Which in turn he should be getting paid to do to begin with

Patrick on Oct 31, 2009


About too many villains, it can work, just that in Spider-Man 3, they were really just thrown in. An excellent idea could to make a gangster film. Have a sort of gang war between Kingpin and Hammerhead, and maybe even add the Enforcers for good measure.

zxqyv on Nov 1, 2009


@119 Actually, then everyone would expect him to create another damn spider-man which would lead into S.H.I.E.L.D possibly and into a bunch of other bullcrap. I want one to two main, solid villains in the next movie.

Matt P on Nov 3, 2009


@118 Yep, i agree. Just don't have Michael do any of the directing.

Matt P on Nov 3, 2009


Michael Bay may suck, but his box office dollars are all that counts in Hollywood.

stuckey on Nov 3, 2009


Chad, and some of you guys here How in the world did Michael Bay's Transformers films suck it was far superior in CGI visual and special computer effects than all 3 of the Spiderman films combined. You, guys probably are not familar with a few of Michael Bay's other film blockbusters such as, Armageddon, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, and The Rock these were cool movies. Transformers, and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen were his finest masterpieces what was so gay about both, of these films directed, from Michael Bay. Chad, I think you are being childish, and silly man talking about Michael Bay whom you have never met only scene on the television, magazines, DVD extras and the internet. Stuckey, Michael Bay doesn't suck at all he understands movies and the last four films I listed are examples of his genious film directory. Anyway, moving on to Spiderman 4 someone here said, none of the Spiderman movies were good I think that person needs to be slapped Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were epic also Spiderman 3 but, the storyline was jacked up with 3 different stories going on at the same time. Spiderman 4, 5 and 6 plus, the Venom spinoff will hopefully change all of that I sincerely hope so Spiderman fans.!!!

Kevin on Nov 3, 2009


Matt P, S.H.I.E.L.D. will most likely be shown during the second and third Ironman films as Ironman's film series will go right into "The Avengers" live action movie. I wonder how DC Comics will bring about the "Justice League Of America" movie it might spawn from either the third Batman film series or Superman's film series. I would love to see The Joker again, The Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman for Batman 3. For, Superman:Man Of Steel I want to see Brainiac, Metallo, Parasite and Livewire moving right along Matt P Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is nowhere near the suck level of action films. There were scenes that were a disgrace to the Transformers cartoon series and image of the Hasbro legacy. I'll tell you this it was far better than G.I.J.O.E.: The Rise Of Cobra and I haven't seen that movie yet it should be out on DVD already. I will buy it and I am also going to buy Public Enemies and Jennifer's Body in early and late December.!!!

Kevin on Nov 3, 2009


Please give me the lowdown. Will there ever be a joker versus spiderman??

steve jaubert on Nov 3, 2009


Steve Jaubert, The only way you would see a Joker versus Spiderman movie is if DC Comics and Marvel Comics made a contract agreement to have the DC heroes and DC villains meet the Marvel heroes and Marvel villains. My kid brother and I have a DC versus Marvel comic book and Spiderman and Peter Parker his alterego see's a time box that transports him to Gotham City where Batman and his arch-nemesis The Joker live. Joker meets Spiderman and smiles and tells him a malicious joke and Spiderman wonders Why is Joker smiling. News flash Spidey Joker is a clown and clowns smile but, vigilantes like Batman frown when his enemies commit crimes against the law.!!!

Kevin on Nov 4, 2009


I agree with #52!

Ayindi on Nov 4, 2009


He made two great movies and one clunker. I'm willing to let him have a shot at the 4th.

Jeremy2020 on Nov 4, 2009


Love triangles. Conflict. Life and death choices. These are the basic components of ALL stories -- yes, even visual, though the latter requires a more vivid approach. Keep it simple so the main character comes full circle with a difficult choice or situation which fundamentally beats him up throughout the story, leaving Spiderman on the brink of tossing his 'uniform', tossing his special, superhuman skills and tossing humankind to the wolves when he decides --- just for minute -- to go fishing on Lake Michigan. The rest, little spidies, is incidental and probably chock full of special effects.

Lynda Starwriter on Nov 5, 2009


First two were great. The third one was brutal. 2 for 3's not too bad though. I do however think they should bring back venom, just re-imagined and no forman, haha. Actually a story with venom and carnage would be pretty sweet. Lizardman or mysterio could be good too. Whatever they do they better not make the villians scorpion, shocker, or rhino(good comic/cartoon villians, but definitley not good for realism). I think it'll be good though, can't wait for the first trailer.

Evan on Nov 7, 2009


I do believe the joker and spiderman squaring off would be a great movie. Hollywood needs to get interesting again. Steve

steve jaubert on Nov 7, 2009


I think the shining was probably the best movie that stanley kubrick ever made.

steve jaubert on Nov 8, 2009


If Raimi, Sony, Arad, and everyone else involved screws this one up, I'm personally gonna pull a Jay n' Silent Bob. I'm buying plane tickets and personally flying all over the world beatin the crap out of these morons. The billions of fans have spoken. Raimi- Sucks (97.9%), Don't Care (2.1%), Thinks he's god (3 people). Raimi did a ok job on Evil Dead 1. 2 sucked monkey nutz. 3 (Army of Darkness) is one of my personal favorite cult classics. What else is he known, besides screwing Spiderman to hell and back?

the_freckle on Nov 9, 2009


i would like the movie to have a spiderman without a gay ballerina in tights on ropes

sam on Nov 11, 2009


#6 Nailed th problems with Spidey 3. Get David Koepp back to help with the script, and kill MJ cause she sucks. We get it your daddy didn't love you enough and you need attention and you get jealous when spidey gets accepted blah, blah just die already! Bring back Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy. I like venom but stop pulling back to reveal Topher's face just leave him as a creature all the time. Sam Raimi is a okay director IF he has a good script and actors examples: For the love of the game, A Simple Plan, The Gift and Spidey 1 & 2 Now what do they all have in common? Sam and his brother had nothing to do with the scripts!

vondoom88 on Nov 12, 2009


This next movie needs very little M.J like next to none maybe things are going on between them o.k sure...but I would like to see a villain that has more umpf and really wants to take down allot of people. I have Electro in mind. I also would like to see as an ending the rise of Carnage give him a good five minutes and leave the movie off with Spiderman fighting Carnage...roll credits...

Jennifer Kiltz on Nov 12, 2009


Jennifer Kiltz, That sounds really good sweetheart I think excessively using Mary Jane Watson without giving the villains enough screen time is a bore for all Spiderman movie fans. Electro is a great villain he looked great in the MTV Spiderman with Neil Patrick Harris voicing, Peter Parker and Spiderman. Carnage is one of my all-time favorite villains Jennifer and I think Carnage needs to appear during or at the end of Spiderman 4. The Maximum Carnage story would fit well into the next 3 films Carnage will mostly likely appear in the Venom spinoff movie too since, he is the symbiote offspring of Venom.!!! Jennifer Kiltz, Tell me what you love about Carnage?!!!

Kevin on Nov 12, 2009


hey its just cool that we have the technology to make movies with the graphics we do to day, not every movie is perfect but we still pay to see the story, we never had these kind of movies growing up! and the job is demanding of actors and directors and so forth they are pick and do these movies for a reason.

hoscat on Nov 13, 2009


Yes, well put. I definitely agree. Steve

steve jaubert on Nov 13, 2009


geez, tons of things went wrong in Spider-Man 3. The symbiote storyline was quite rushed and didn't translate that well to the big screen. Venom was just plain awful, I hope they give him a movie of his own and keep him out of Spider-Man. And put Carnage in that film as the villain, the worst thing Raimi could do is return to the symbiote storyline. Sandman could've been a great villain we all could sympathise with (a bit like Doc Ock), but bad writing screwed that one up. what they need to do is cut out some of the love story. The last 3 movies have dealt with Spider-Man's love life, please do something else for a change! There are so many paths you could take (why not introduce Ben Ulrich?) and I'm not saying exclude any love interest, but make it a less important theme in the film. The introduction of the Black Cat might be the best way to deal with that. As for villains, I'm trying to imagine how one could translate The Rhino, The Chameleon or The Scorpion to the big screen. You could alter a bit of the Shocker's costume, cause if I'm not mistaken it's not that a necessity. But the other three need their costumes or they're powerless. I think The Lizard, Kraven, Kingpin, Electro or Morbius would be best choices. I always thought Alistair Smythe could've been interesting (but without the spiderslayers...) but anyways.

Spoon on Nov 14, 2009


The Lizard has been waiting in the wings for too long....and not even in the wings, actually. Dr. Connor was there from the very first movie, if I remember right.

Pratapaditya on Nov 15, 2009


well i hope to see better story,and villain characters get screen time to build there origins. i hope we see the lizard most of all with kraven. tehn for spiderman 5, i hope to see scorpion, more doc ock,and for spiderman6 i really hope to see carnage,and venom.

chris on Nov 15, 2009


I totally agree, Spider-man 3 felt far too forced and after all the good Raimi did with the first two, it can't have been his own idea to include so many sub-plots. I pray that the fourth installment of the series will return to the one-villain formula this way character development and motives are much more believable. Think about 1 and 2: Norman was forced into evil by losing everything he had (his company) and then in 2 Otto was faced with the loss of his wife because of his own miscalculations. Whereas in 3 we had only Harry with a clear motive, what was it the other two wanted? Money for a kid and Venom didn't like the way Peter took better photos... hmm... Like a lot of people I'd like to see the whole Lizard story line seeing as Connors has been lingering about since at least the second movie. It would only make sense to finally have him transform and would perhaps create a shock for those who follow the films but are unaware of the other villains from the comics. Could be an interesting interruption to Peter and MJ's wedding too.

Andy on Nov 17, 2009


Micheal Bay...NO Danny Elfman...NO Thats a Transforming-Simpsons nightmare, seriously the dude did ok in the first 2, but the whole gay-ass dance ting was terrible in the third film and the amount of villans and lack of story made it worse...same director, BACK TO BASICS FOR THE WIN agree?

Smarterthanyou on Nov 28, 2009


Rami will have his hands full tryin to get this one right, because they already used up all the good villans, and the bad thing about that in my mind is Spidre-Man 3 was just average at best, so for them to stretch it to a 4th film will be a challenge!!!!!!!!!

John on Nov 28, 2009


I dont know about him returning. Its seems like he just wants spiderman to be a big crying pussy instead of a sarcastic jerk. Which spiderman needs to be. He focuses the story more on mary jane than the villians. Ands whats with sandman? I dont recall anyone asking for sandman. We wanted venom and he screwed it up. Plus thieirs no more good villians to do. Nobodys gonna take lizard seroius. And how would you get carnage in thier? Hes the only other good one and I dont think he wants to include him, because carnage cant work without venom. And im sick of kirsten Dunst. Shes too boring, dramtic, and not hot. Stop making spiderman movies and focus on other marvels.

Nicholas Otero on Dec 3, 2009


I think that spiderman 4 should bring back the claws from doc ock because doc ock is the best i think! Also spiderman 2 was my favourite one so call me biased. pure favouritism! lol!

michael w on Dec 5, 2009


I think that it would be good to merge another character from another good selling film i think side kick wise spidie has been alone and it would be a good idea to perhaps bring someone into it like daredevil which would mix it up a lil bit.

Rory on Dec 8, 2009


i want to see peter parker get raped by the police in spiderman 4!!!!

william on Dec 10, 2009


Ok I don't understand any of you. Spiderman 3 was the best of them all BECAUSE OF ALL THE VILLANS! Did none of you ever see the cartoons or anything else? Some of them had like 5+ villans! Spiderman is all about a lot of villans so stop bitching about spiderman 3 becuase it was the best of them all! If you haven't noticed, everything except the first 2 real movies in spiderman has more than one villan. This's what spiderman is all about you idiots.

Ray on Dec 16, 2009


Mysterio is bad: too heavy on mind-games for good combat. Chameleon is bad for the same reason. Kingpin has already been used in Daredevil. Morbius is too obscure. Vulture is too obscure and too old. Electro maybe. Kraven a definite maybe. Scorpion a definite maybe. Lizard the best bet. He's good for combat, have history with Peter/Spidey and will maintain the sympathetic villian theme shown in SM2 and 3. Kraven could be the secondary villian as a mercenary hired to kill the Lizard and Spidey protecting him.

Aaron on Dec 16, 2009


Kill Mary Jane!!

Osama on Dec 17, 2009


i say they have carnage and the lizard cause that sample of the symbiote peter gave to the proffesor that becomes the lizard could escape and find its way to cassidy when he is killing someone and the blood from the victim turns the symbiote red like it does in the comics and the lizard could be a small villian he wasnt very big in the comics so either bring venom back and show the symbiote finding cassidy and turning causing a cliff hanger for spiderman 5 oh and BTW cassidy is the one who killed peter's parents so that could tie in the movie too

robert cote on Dec 17, 2009


Some of the fans angry about a bad Spiderman 3 seem to be forgetting that usually in a movie franchise the first movie is a success and the others are money-grabbers that disappoint anyone with serious expectations. Anyone remember The Matrix? Pirates? I think we're lucky the second one was as awesome as it was- I don't hate the third for being what sequels usually are these days. So two thumbs up to Sam Raimi: one for making a great Spiderman 2 and one for embarking on Spiderman 4 hoping to not repeat the Spidey 3 blunder.

maluithil on Dec 18, 2009


carnage is in this ftw.

BB on Dec 18, 2009


I like Spiderman 1. Don't really remember Spiderman 2, and 3 was boring... I think the problem is that people just keep beating a dead horse.. how many fucking spiderman movies do you plan on making? its like fucking Saw, its the same shit you saw last time, except with different color tones... Not even that. 2 was ok, probably because people wanted to see more spidey, but 3 was just boring because the same shit pretty much happened all over again... Peter's relationship drama, some crazy fucknut bent on revenge... I dunno, but i think that it should just end.

IceB on Dec 18, 2009


spiderman 3 was just fine. honestly if you have to add a villian, the best two characters would be venom and carnage. if not add scorpion and shocker. it wouldnt make sense too have just one villian after spidey 3. please add carnage and venom or if not venom please scorpion by all means.

will on Dec 19, 2009


CARNAGE!!!!!!!!! and bring back Venom both of them would make an amazing movie.

KhaosReverse on Dec 19, 2009


I wonder who these fans are who find Raimi an inappropriate choice for Spiderman. Although the third one fell into the trap of a "bigger=better" sequel (it was certainly "bigger"), the first two were more than any Spidey fan could hope for. Spider-Man 2 was an especially tight, well-directed homage to the character and everything that makes him great. Spider-Man always had a b-movie quality to him, in a good way, especially in the Lee-Ditko stories and Raimi captured that in 1&2. I can easily forgive the excesses of 3; this is not life and death stuff here folks. But for those who think that Raimi was the wrong choice from the get-go, who the hell would have been the right choice?

johnny d on Dec 22, 2009


I've been a Spidey fan since I was a kid and a Raimi fan since I saw Evil Dead 2. What is it with people who think they need to critique a movie to hell and back? I enjoyed Spider-Man 3, and Spider-Man (1) is one of the top 10 movies of all time. Spider-Man 2 made Entertainment Weekly's list of Top 25 action flicks of the last 25 years. It's a good series. Yes, the changed things from the comics and yes they over-the-top cheesed out on what everyone here calls "emo Pete" but, as a fanboy (as I guess people on these boards would call me) Peter Parker and Spider-Man have *always* been cheesy... that's part of the fun. It's well noted (even on the commentary track for SM3) that the studio inserted itself into this production by forcing Venom into the script and changing the end from a Gwen Stacy in distress to another Mary Jane in distress movie, and a lot of folks know Ben Kingsley was original slated for Vulture in this movie. I speculate Raimi bowed to pressure to get the movie made. Stop snivelling. The movie was fine; I laughed and I enjoyed it, and the only real problem I had with the whole thing was the stupid butler scene where he confesses to withholding evidence of Spidey's innocence in the death of Norman Osborn for five years. That was poorly written. Enjoy these movies for what they are and stop trying to rewrite the damn thing after it's been in the can for three years. Raimi made mistakes but at least he didn't bail on the franchise and blame everyone else for them. I'm excited for 4 and I believe it will kick ass... I mean, come on... It'll be on the tail of what is sure to be a huge success in Iron Man 2 and will come shortly before the much-anticipated Captain America. Raimi has been around the block and knows the kind of pressure the fans are putting on him... I just hope he doesn't listen too much to the "fanboys" and let them do to SM4 what the studio execs did to SM3. Just my thoughts.... flame away haters, LOL Excelsior!

micheal b on Dec 25, 2009


oh and one more thing... as to the villain in SM4... Sam, please make him a real villain, no matter who you choose. Make him mean, make him unrepentant, and make him not give one flat nickel about peter parker... it's the 4th movie... hurt peter... hurt him bad... we all know he'll live. Take a page from the comics... you changed the gwen stacy role, so kill mary jane... anyone who has seen your other work knows you know how to make a truly evil protagonist

micheal b on Dec 25, 2009


i meant antagonist lol

micheal b on Dec 25, 2009


The only two villains of Spider-Man 4 should be The Lizard and Carnage. The colours of Spidey's original costume should stay the same as before (red and blue) so should the front and the back spiders the pattern of the web and the size of the eyes except that the colours of the eye lenses should be black/white and the colour of the webbing pattern should be black.

Peter Glass on Dec 27, 2009


LOL at # 45 😀 Kill off Mary Jane. I can't stand see her Billy Corgan looking face on the big screen. Henry Jones Sr. on Oct 16, 2009

Thanos on Jan 2, 2010


how about bring all of those didn't die and didn't get into the spider man movie and have spidey combat them all at once, damn freak.......... how about a story where comes back to life huh since a tiny spec of him was left from the blast and he's bound for REVENGE!!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel on Jan 3, 2010


I think Batman is going to be the next villain!

Jack Juvinall on Jan 3, 2010


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think michealbay should direct spiderman4 because he knows more graphics like transformers 2 (fucking like it, five star, deserves oscar)and of course sam fagi fucked up venom so i bet micheal can make a better movie,venom, and villians. p.s. fuck lizard put CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oscar on Jan 4, 2010


to me there shouldnt be kraven or morbious, i think they should either do 1 of 2 things(both ideas would take several movies to do cuz it would be better to lay it out for that long period so its not crammed into one movie) ok now idea #1: introduce sinister six! i know what your thinking, two of the members in the group are dead and they havent introduced the other 3 members and sandman went good, but here is what i propose,introduce the new characters have have spider man beat them up and throw them in jail then have doc ock ( which they could explain y he still lives) recruit the 3 new villains and track down sandman who is still trying to get money for his daughter, doc ock explains that he trying to continue his experiments from previous movie and that he was contacted to round them all up by his boss at the end of the movie have norman show up at the meeting and that ends that movie and then it would take two more movies to end it up with spidey constantly fighting villians in those movies, i could write more but im not. now on to idea #2: spider man 4 kicks off with venom coming back( i know what ur saying again they killed off eddie brock,but like any movie if they dont show a dead body at the end then they didnt die) torturing spider man and really going for blood. they introduce black cat as a criminal but in the end helps spidey take down venom, and the end have venom thrown on to rykers island and his next door cell mate cletus cassidy and bam have the symbiote suit split and and part goes to cletus, or have cletus be a drug addict at the end stumble in to dr connors lab and snatch the little piece of symbiote that he had( dont rememeber that? go watch the movie peter gave him a piece to test it) and he gets on him and bam he is carnage and ends that movie and the next two movies has carnage recruiting villians and stuff and spider man getting allies and final battle at the end, again i could write more but i dont feel like it

head1st4halos on Jan 5, 2010


#169 You are one crazy humanoid...but i like the ideas, sounds pretty good to me!!?! Have you thought of writing short stories (you know, because u wouldnt feel like writing long ??? U could write the screenplay for spiderman 4.

Topaz Alfa on Jan 6, 2010


Instead of using villians every knows about, why not take a "Chance" on a leeser known antagonist

zxqyv on Jan 9, 2010

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