Sam Raimi's World of Warcraft Movie Finds a Screenwriter

October 12, 2009
Source: MTV

Sam Raimi - World of Warcraft

In July the MMORPG nerd collective all shared a shocking experience. No, they didn't lose their virginity, and no the Warcraft servers weren't down, but it was announced that Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man) would be at the helm of the adaptation of the popular, life-consuming game World of Warcraft. However, nothing else substantial has come from Legendary Pictures, Warner Brothers, Atlas Entertainment or even Blizzard Entertainment to show how exactly they were progressing. MTV reports today that Raimi himself has confirmed that Saving Private Ryan screenwriter Robert Rodat is on board to write the screenplay.

Here's what Raimi told MTV about how they're approaching the story in this big World of Warcraft movie:

"We want to be really faithful to the game. We would have our writer… really craft an original story within that world that feels like a 'World of Warcraft' adventure. Only obviously it's very different ’cause it's expanded and translated into the world of a motion picture."

I think we would try and find touchstones within the game to make it accurate and true and choose one or some of the lands that are portrayed in the game with as much accuracy and authenticity as possible."

Now I'm pissed that so many great people are being brought on this movie so that there's no way in hell I can ignore it. But my bet is that I won't have to worry about seeing this adaptation for at least another four or five years simply because Raimi has a lot on his plate and Rodat pretty busy with other work as well.

First, Raimi is attached to (at least) Spider-Man 4 coming up, not to mention a remake of his original cult classic Evil Dead. We know the Spider-Man movies are taking huge precedence over the Warcraft movie, and if the script hasn't even been written yet, there's not much for him to direct anytime soon. And on the writing side of things, Rodat is already committed to writing Roland Emmerich's huge endeavor to adapt Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and since Emmerich has said Rodat is "the most knowledgeable person I ever met about the Foundation novels," I'd imagine it's a priority for the both of them. So even though this is a great development, I think we've got plenty of time to mull it over. How do you like them apples?

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Great, another untrue stereotypical joke about WoW players.

danielvutran on Oct 12, 2009


so the movie will be an over the shoulder view of a (insert stereotypical description of a wow player here) eating unhealthy foods while drinking mountain dew going on some sort of quest with others of similar looks and lifestyle... cause thats the first two 'touchstones' i can think of

Janny on Oct 12, 2009


just 3 words... FOR THE HORDE!!!

haxor on Oct 12, 2009


"MMORPG nerd collective all shared a shocking experience. No, they didn't lose their virginity" ;'))))))))))))))))

Ralph on Oct 12, 2009


they better incorporate leroy jenkins... or else this movie will FAIL.

teyhtr on Oct 12, 2009


It's funny how generally only the plotless (scenario is not plot) games get made into movies (WoW, Halo, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider). I have a theory that directors are such busy people, they just don't have the time to invest in playing the really story-driven games. Either that, or they're only interested in telling their own story in that world and not the the story from the game (as in the Resident Evil films). Sam Raimi only needs to be faithful to the world of the Warcraft series because that's all there is to it (and no, that world's history is not plot... It's just a part of basic world-building). As long as he's got a good story and engaging characters, there's not much he could do wrong.

Mark on Oct 12, 2009


Whats with the Hatred Towards wow players? None of those things are true at least about me! I know many wow players who have lives. And This movie sounds like its gonna be good.

Cris on Oct 12, 2009


"It's funny how generally only the plotless (scenario is not plot) games get made into movies (WoW, Halo, Street Fighter, Tomb Raider)." Halo is FAR from plotless, if anything, it has one of the most dense plots of any sci-fi game around, its not just shoot enemies in random environment, it has a dense story that covers a lot...and thats even if you just play the 3 central games, the story is expanded into novels and comic books as well as spin off games that further expand the story...its far from plotless, its very 'plotful'

Chris G. on Oct 12, 2009


warcraft 1,2,3 and the frozen throne were made before WoW

Silver on Oct 12, 2009


I don't remember anyone in my "nerd community" being shocked about those news. If anything people got excited to hear Raimi is helming it, and people started joking about a Bruce Campbell cameo at some point. The generalization of MMO player or the gaming community as a whole is really getting old. Everyone I played with has a job, is married/in a relationship, and some even had kids of their own. You make it sound like everyone who plays video games is incapable of maintaining a normal life style, including a job, friends, family and significant other, Alex. Get off your high movie-nerd horse, and stop being an ignorant douchebag. And who doesn't like Cheetos and Mt. Dew?!? That's crazy talk, guys! =P

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 12, 2009


mark in the bandwagon are we? I mean all of those games you've listed are plot driven. and Anderton whats with the satb at wow players? I don't play wow but I know people who do, and one I know who is a wow fiend has joined the military.

Xerxex on Oct 12, 2009


god look at all these nerdy comments!

DoomCanoe on Oct 12, 2009


Why is Raimi doing this? get someone else please.

M-Cat on Oct 12, 2009


I agree Halo is not plotless, but its just not a story worthy of a movie. Sure it had an original plot at first, which really was just a combination of a bunch of ideas ripped from other stuff, but after that it just repeated the same basic story-line for every game following the original. A story isn't worth telling if its predictable and repetitive. The halo franchise demonstrates exactly what you shouldn't do with sequels of any kind be it video games, movies, or books. Anway I think it's pointless to make a movie based on any MMORPG because the point of an MMO is to create your own story as you go. By setting a story-line in stone you defeat the purpose the MMORPG was created to fulfill. No matter how I look at it any MMORPG based movie or book really insults the intelligence of anyone that reads or views it because no story or main theme exists in that particular kind of virtual world. That being said its the exact reason I hate MMORPGs. They are really just mindless entertainment.

Alex T. on Oct 12, 2009


They shoulda got Stuart Beattie to write it. He rocks! He did Halo, Gears of War and Collateral.

TTEX on Oct 12, 2009


I don't like them apples. Who honestly in their right mind thinks this is going to be anything more then a LOTR ripoff

Chris on Oct 12, 2009


There are always exceptions and in the case of my lighthearted joke at the expense of those who play World of Warcraft it has hit the overwhelming majority of those who have spent days, months, even years living an alternate life in a digital world. Trey Parker and Matt Stone got it right when they made their episode poking fun at World of Warcraft players and my jab was just more fire from the abundant fuel that is the online gaming nerd collective. Seriously, they're like Borgs. And yes, I just made a Star Trek reference to make fun of other nerds, because that's what geeks, nerds and everyone else does. Now can we all get on with our day and not worry when someone makes a joke that might not apply to every single Warcraft player in the world? Thanks!

Ethan Anderton on Oct 12, 2009


"Generalizations should never be used under any circumstances. To do so is failure in journalism," to quote a former professor of mine. I don't come to this website to read opinions unless I'm looking at reviews (and I've never taken a review with so much as a grain of salt before from any source). If I wanted generalized opinions, I'd read Armond White's writings. Tell us who's writing it, give us the interview link, and be done with it. If the South Park guys want to make generalizations, that's fine. It's what they do to get ratings. I expect some professionalism from this website at least. Don't sink to the level of those damn stinking Latino movie sites.

RC on Oct 12, 2009


The irony of the fact that you're making a quip based on the sterotypical concept of all MMO players as little more than overweight shut-ins is itself sterotypical of the type of jab we'd expect from an internet troll is really great. That being said however, concerning the information posted, I think Sam Raimi is a great choice for lead on this project. For the most part his movies were fun and easy to watch. And let's be serious here, World of Warcraft isn't the type of movie that is going to inspire dramatic greatness. It's probably going to be some fun pop-corn muncher of a summer movie. Something that will be fun to see for the masses, and might be something of a geek-fest for the WoW gamers to latch onto in a communal format. As it's still really early to say, here's just hoping it will be a fun ride. For the Horde indeed.

Robert Drinkwater on Oct 12, 2009


ALL RIGHT ON TOPIC, Saving Private Ryan had some great dialouge, and I have faith in Robert Rodat, even though I've never played WoW I know of it, and I know the setting. I'm gonna give my support to Rodat and cross my fingers that he writes a one-of-a-kind screenplay!

Xerxex on Oct 12, 2009


Lets hope he doesnt F**K it up! one of the best game, storyline of Warcraft is decent. Hope blizzard will be part of the production, graphics will be good

Cindarr on Oct 12, 2009


#18, RC, That's why that statement is not made to accurately reference or represent an absolute fact. In case you haven't noticed, aside from our timely news coverage, opinions, thoughts, and sometimes humorous observations or quips are offered because we are not simply news dispensing robots for your information gathering pleasure, but we are human writers with our own takes on society and more specifically how it interacts with the art of cinema. As far as your taking offense to this "generalization" simply put it is not my responsibility to dictate how you feel about certain statements. My statements were made as a joke, and as Freud has dictated in reference to humor, it induces an "economized expenditure of emotion" or rather the joke erases an emotion that should be felt about an event, making us insensitive (this is why a joke about "yo momma" or other such personal effects is not seen as inherently means-spirited). You don't want to read someone's generalized opinions, I don't want to hear from someone who doesn't understand the value of humor or at least an attempt at creating it. I think we can both go our separate ways and be satisfied. If you expect professionalism, then please be professional and don't demand me to write in a style more pleasing to your delicate sensibilities. Regards,

Ethan Anderton on Oct 12, 2009


At first I wasn't too excited about a WoW movie, even though I played it for 4 years. >.< I guess after quitting I was just tired of anything dealing with it. Now though I'm getting a little excited to see what he does with this. 😀 It's going to be funny sitting there in the theaters pointing out stuff I recognize with my other nerdy friends, lol. Even if it turns out to be crappy, that part will make it worth going to. @10, suicidaloptimist: We need to meet up and all see it together. 😀 *so nerdy*

Sabes on Oct 12, 2009


Apologies, Alex. I pay attention to the author of this. My bad. >.<

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 12, 2009


Scenario isn't plot. That said, there are a lot of movies that seem to think it's enough too. With MMOs plot is what the player brings to the game. The game is just an elaborate playground. And there's nothing wrong with that. As for Halo having a plot... Well, that depends on your definition of plot. I'm not against a Halo movie. I'd probably go see it. But if you want to make a game into a film, you could do a lot better.

Mark on Oct 12, 2009


I don't mean Halo is plotless, just it's plot-lite. There are far meatier games out there.

Mark on Oct 12, 2009



peloquin on Oct 13, 2009


... kill me now

Cyrus the internet virus on Oct 13, 2009


#19, Agree 100%. #23, Hey, I like jokes. See, I made one at the end of my #18 post. Also I prefer Alex.

RC on Oct 13, 2009


I don't think this guy realizes that playing World of Warcraft is more mainstream than reading shitty movie blogs.

Anonymous on Oct 13, 2009


it's a warcraft movie not world of warcraft

L1A on Oct 13, 2009


4-5 years? Yeesh. Seems like a stretch, even for Warcraft.

bozo on Oct 13, 2009


@#23 I guess the joke failed, you have to ask yourself, was it a stupid joke or a stupid place to tell it.

Tom on Oct 13, 2009


The people that get mad at other people making jokes about WOW players are in fact the losers that spend 25+ hours/week playing. It's fine if you play every day or for 12 hours one day, but seriously get out into the world and make something of yourself. If you die now your greatest accomplishment will be having four level 80s...

branden on Oct 13, 2009


@33 Your stereotypical assumptions are blindingly ignorant, regardless of your intentions.

bozo on Oct 13, 2009


I'm not one to get bent out of shape over little jokes that generalize something that's widely known to be at least partially fact. But, I feel like the obese greaseballs you point out as the ones who represent WoW players aren't even the majority, anymore. As a current player with 3 level 80s, a full time job, night college courses, 2 soccer teams that I coach and 2 other soccer teams that I play on... I haven't even met a single person in my 5 years of playing that resembles your comment. I know almost all of my old guildmates personally, and you would think at least one of them would match your description. That is not the case.

PeasantBurner on Oct 13, 2009


Also, @33 In all honesty, the people who get mad over jokes about WoW players are people like me who know people who don't realize comments like your's aren't actually necessarily true.

PeasantBurner on Oct 13, 2009


It's hilarious to see all the nerd rage!

SlashBeast on Oct 13, 2009


It's hilarious watching idiots jump on the bandwagon to nerd-hateville. See? I can do it, too.

PeasantBurner on Oct 13, 2009


@34 Pot and Kettle maybe? How long did you spend reading a topic ABOUT Warcraft to then post about us? Think you may need to assess the time you spend on Movie Blogs. Maybe some WoW players have made something of themselfs? You seem to like movies or you wouldnt be here. Plenty of your so called "stars" play games and shock horror some play WoW!

FortheHorde on Oct 13, 2009


This movie's too late. The game is already dying. The hype is on it's downswing. As awesome as WoW was it's time is nearly over. And I loved the game. Played for 4 years.

Atoj on Oct 13, 2009


I am pro at World of Warcraft........And its not for nerds, jsut for people who get bored often

Zach Munn on Oct 13, 2009


#41 I agree that the game got very boring at this point (at least to me personally), and I quit about 6 months ago. I jumped back in occasionally to kill some time when I couldn't find something better to do, but it really isn't exciting anymore. I would still love to see a movie. I always enjoyed the cinematics, and I would very much like to see a full length movie about the beginnings of Azeroth and all that shit. And there is certainly enough lore to come up with a good story. Ok, this will be live-action, and I am admittedly a bit nervous about that. The risk that it might look like a high class LARP movie is there, but I have faith in Raimi, and it will be a few years until we will even see the first footage, or so I'd assume. I hope when the movie comes out I can gather up some of my closest friends (who all played WoW with me for the passed 5 years) and watch the film with them. Even if we have grown out of it, I am sure it will still provide a lot of entertainment and some good laughs. And we get to make all the nerdy WoW references in real life. 😉

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 13, 2009


# 40 wow dude go to grammar school..."themselfs?" It took me about 5 minutes to read the article and I spend about 15-30 a day (some days I don't come at all) on this site. I am only on here more today to see the joke WOW players defend themselVES. What so called "stars" play WOW? I might think they are great actors, but like most celebrities I probably disagree with their personal lives.

branden on Oct 13, 2009


#44 Branden calling out somebody misspelling a word after they write a long comment is redundant.

Xerxex on Oct 13, 2009


The WoW movie is to be set one-1-year before the first game, before 'vanilla WoW'. Why only one-1-year? I have yet to find out, would have thought maybe 100-1000 years would have been a good idea. Not too keen on the idea of live-action, Warhammer 40K was decided to be made into an animation, would have suited Wow aswell. Meh, don't really care too much about this flick anymore

David Banner on Oct 14, 2009


Lol why are people getting bent out of shape about the generalizing jokes? Seriously, I've been playing since beta and I find them pretty amusing, and even make some myself. Relax. Jesus. Warcraft has a rich history, but the previous games have had plenty of great events and storytelling throughout the campaigns that would make a great movie pieced together, supplemented by backstory. I wish people would just say "Warcraft movie" and not "WoW movie," which conjures the image of sweaty nerds talking on Vent and dying repeatedly to a creature that has little to no impact on the game's universe. There is a ton of potential story-wise; I'm hoping they choose a great one to adapt. Fucking nerds.

Reesa on Oct 14, 2009

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