Sam Worthington Apparently Signed for Two Avatar Sequels

November 30, 2009
Source: MarketSaw

Sam Worthington in Avatar

However, this is nothing short of customary when dealing with a film on a scale like Avatar where there's even the slightest possibility for a franchise. Sam Worthington himself told Total Film (via MarketSaw):  "You work 18-hour days. I was on it for 14 months. Jim's still editing. We'll still be filming it up to the day it's released -- probably after the movie comes out, knowing Jim! That commitment is what makes him the man he is. It's life or death. It's war. That's how he approaches movies… We're signed for a trilogy. But I think I'll be 94 by the time it finishes, to be honest. I know Jim's got some ideas in his big head." Of course!

Big ideas indeed. But if we've learned anything in Hollywood it's that you don't have a movie until it's sitting in the can. Even if Worthington and whoever else is signed on for two more, let's recall the debacle that circled around the difficulty bringing not only director Jon Favreau back for Iron Man 2, but Robert Downey, Jr. as well. Favreau pointed out the problem with actor's contracts when a film makes money:

"[The cast of 'Iron Man'] all signed for three but it doesn't work that way. That all goes out the window when you make $100 million dollars. Because people want to have a good relationship with the people they are working with, and if they're making that kind of money, it's an understanding that they're going to negotiate."

And of course, with Avatar making a huge marketing blitz and garnering all sorts of buzz, good and bad, either the contracts will be re-negotiated after its success, or they will simply be thrown out the window if the film flops. With a potential franchise, actors sign for the following films in their initial contracts, but its the success, or lack thereof, that determines if they come to fruition. I remember back in 1998 when the cast members of Lost in Space said they were signed on for a trilogy, but obviously that didn't work out well. So now we play the waiting game until Avatar comes out in December and an official announcement is made.

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I am not a fan of trilogies unless it's like Lord of the Rings where the story has to continue because they usually mess them up.

Barnaby on Nov 30, 2009


Whatever Id like to see the first one before I make any judgements on a trilogy...The cast of this movie may be in for a big ass suprise if this is a complete fluke. Are they really gonna wanna keep there signatures on a contract for a TRILOGY if the first one is a total fallout. Though with the hype good movie or not I suppose its gonna make an assload of money.

Cody on Nov 30, 2009


Spoiler: Sam Worthington doesn't die.

Matt on Nov 30, 2009


so i can expect the sequels by 2020

nelson on Nov 30, 2009


You're right Matt, this is a huge spoiler and since I'm on Avatar lockdown it really upsets me. I guess this is the future of don't even really need to see the movie anymore with all the spoilers they release beforehand. I'm consciously trying to avoid everything Avatar based and here's a spoiler sitting in the headline of an article on my favorite ...Oh well I guess.

peloquin on Nov 30, 2009


LOL #4 - I was thinking the same thing

Antioch on Nov 30, 2009


*on my favorite website.

peloquin on Nov 30, 2009


This is just a poor attempt of a marketing ploy to create "faith" and generate news for this film. Almost all large budget films release a similar kind of story before the release of a film... Pity they decided to use this story and not a rumor of a sex tape of one of the Navi.

Dirty Dutchman on Nov 30, 2009


He actually does die, then in the second film his brother that was supposedly dead wakes up and was alive the whole time says "they just wanted to try this new Avatar thing on someone less important like my cripple bro. Ha lets get started blowin these mothers up"

Yerp on Nov 30, 2009


part 2 eco warriors navi rid avatar sam of there planet where he spends a good amount of time licking uranus of its boggie woggie monsters, fresh from that battle which takes 2 hours of your life he signs up to be the new face of toilet duck

bassbin on Nov 30, 2009


i hope james does a trilogy.

jake the snake on Nov 30, 2009


haha yea #5, these sequels going to take 10 year a piece too?

harrison on Nov 30, 2009


sequels will be in 4D 🙂

splinter on Nov 30, 2009


screw sequels. this movie will flop

samuel j on Nov 30, 2009


James cameron should advertise this crap as a dual: Twilight Vs. Avatar. who will win? lol..

LC on Nov 30, 2009


Sam Worthington is one of the best actors now, great if he will be for the next two movies he actually did a great job in Terminator Salvation!!

George on Nov 30, 2009


samuel j is a retard

ben on Dec 1, 2009


Yeah this is a good idea.........FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!

Six Three on Dec 1, 2009

19 just made my day. They should make a full-length feature film about Triumph the Insult Comic 3-D.

stew on Dec 1, 2009


yay. maybe they can make avatar 2 look as good as an x-box game.

captain subtext on Dec 1, 2009


James Cameron= Eternal Success. Sam Worthington= Upcoming bright Badass star that i am a huge fan off. Bring the movie please.

Fisherr on Dec 3, 2009


I thought Cameron didn't like doing sequels to his own flicks.

"David Webb" on Dec 3, 2009


This movie is amazing!! I hope they'll make a sequel and fast!! I loved to see it again but in 3D this time. For people who say its a flop, you better open your eyes 'cause this movie has some great stuff in it!! Certainly the way they made it!!

Eva on Jan 5, 2010

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