Sam Worthington Will Witness The Last Days of American Crime

November 19, 2009
Source: Mania

Sam Worthington

Even though Terminator Salvation was a lackluster installment in that franchise, no fault could be placed on Sam Worthington who, in my opinion, showed up Christian Bale on screen. And with the starring role in Avatar later this year, he's quickly becoming one of the most demanded actors in Hollywood. And we can add another project to his roster as Mania reports Worthington has signed on for an adaptation of Rick Remender's upcoming comic series, The Last Days of American Crime, a futuristic story where the government is set to roll out mind-control technology that will kill the criminal impulse in all citizens.

Of course chaos descends on America's cities as the country braces for the new order, and career criminal Graham Brick (Worthington) is forced to accelerate the heist of his career with an untested new crew in order to beat the deadline. I'm hooked already. Series writer Rick Remender has actually been writing and developing the screenplay for the film concurrently with the comic series so this should be a very efficient and accurate transition from page to screen. On the style of the story, Remender says:

"It's really motivated by [David] Mamet's 'Heist' film and James Ellroy's [novel] 'American Tabloid.' Ellroy being an example of the kind of hard-boiled crime that has a socio-political backdrop and Mamet's 'Heist' a very well-thought out film that focuses on the heist itself."

That definitely sounds like a fun story, and after Remender revealed Worthington's involvement in the project, he also teased that more casting announcements were on the way: "The people that they're bringing in are all big A-list Hollywood people." I can't wait to see who else is joining this project in addition to Worthington. Mark this down as one of the few adaptations that I'm actually excited to see. And while we're waiting, you might as well pre-order the comic from Amazon. Best to get acquainted with it beforehand!

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I think he's gonna get old quick

Antioch on Nov 19, 2009


kida agree with #1, although I like him, he is nowhere near Bale stature in acting, his accent broke through a lot while I watched him in Salvation, and his performance wasn't the best I've ever seen, same can be said for all the actors in TS, but I'm gonna see it no matter what.

xerxex on Nov 19, 2009


Yeah, he's a little boring. Not much personality. The premise of this reminds me of Minority Report.

ebbie on Nov 19, 2009


SAM is the man. He's here to replace that douche bag Hugh Jackman.

Alex T. on Nov 19, 2009


I kinda agree, hes not that good of an actor from what Ive seen...Ill wait to see Avatar even though hes a blue elfman through most of it.

Cody on Nov 19, 2009


I agree with you guys. I think people were too quick to label him as a "soon to be star". I actually thought he was weaker than Bale in Terminator Salvation (I didn't think Bale was bad either). Like XERXES said, his accent kept popping up through the movie and it wasn't masked as well as Bale's. What's worse is that I'm not sure I can even judge his acting in Avatar since he'll be under shitloads of CGI through much of the film. From what I've seen, he's pretty bland. I hope I'm wrong, but I think people jumped the gun to proclaim him as the next big star.

SlashBeast on Nov 20, 2009


Now before I begin I want it known i am a huge Bale fan and that being said I agree with all the post, except #4, that people jumped on the Worthington is the next big star band wagon way to soon. Thought he did fine in TS, wasn't that impressed, but thought his performance was great for the role. Bale i thought also did a great job in that movie, also not one of his best, but I thought for the character of a solider and future leader of man kind he made me believe that that was what he was. I think most reviewers and critics bashed on him because of the rant. If that hadn't come out right before the release i think we would heard a lot more praise for Bale. The roles Worthington is doing right now are all big budget flashy Hollywood action movies. I think he'll do great in this field just like Jackman. I'll enjoy watching to see how he progresses as an actor and see if he can transition from action to a role that requires real acting. Side note the above story "The Last Days of American Crime" sounds a lot like "Equilibrium" staring Bale.

blueyes on Nov 20, 2009


First of all,to the writer of this little ode to Sam.It's pretty clear that you have a man-crush on Sammy,and I know it's been kinda "Open Season" on the Balemeister,for the past year,mainly because he chewed out the annoying and unprofessional DP,Mr. Hurlbutt.But for the record, Sam DID NOT show up Christian Bale,nobody shows up Christian Bale!!! Sam was looked good because of Christian Bale!!! In fact,Sam was quoted as saying that "Christian makes you a better actor",to me,that says it all!!! If anything,he has Christian to thank for his so-called great performance in TS. To me,Christian is the quintessential unselfish actor,who often sacrifices his own spotlight,in order to allow others to shine,especially a new comer.In fact,he was the first to say that Sam was going to be a big star,but even for the incredible Mr. Bale,that's a bit of a stretch.As far as I'm concerned,I haven't seen anything from Sam yet, that leads me to believe that he is in fact,"The Next Big Thing",it's gonna take more than these next two movies,to convince me,that he's even remotely as good as Christian Bale. I agree with most here,Sam's not all that,and I think he really got lucky at a time when everyone and their Grandpa was attacking Christian Bale,and it's only because of those attacks,Sam seemed more appealing and more acceptable than Christian Bale.Christian Bale is a veteran actor of 22 years and counting,and he's just getting started,there's many more great performances to come in his career,so don't count him out just yet. HE'LL BE BAAAAAAAAACK!!!! BALEHEAD4LIFE BABY!!!!

BALEHEAD4LIFE on Nov 21, 2009


I unfortunately have to agree with most of you guys. I think a lot of people jumped on him too quickly and proclaimed him as the next big star in Hollywood. From the films he's been choosing, it doesn't look like he's going to be any such thing. By the way, if the Bale explosion hadn't leaked then I bet most people would have praised Bale in Terminator. Right now, Worthington's nowhere near Bale's level.

Governor on Nov 21, 2009


@8 Umm, knobhead.

Steve on Apr 16, 2010


I agree with all of you except for a few homos. Bale was BETTER than Worthington in Terminator Salvation (he can actually keep an accent). He was also BETTER than Depp in Public Enemies (Depp plays all his characters effeminately, his portryal of Dillinger was missing out on the masculinity and strength the role required). He was right on par with Ledger's Joker, remaining low-key to balance out Heath's flamboyant portrayal. Bale is one of the most unselfish actors on the planet, he's totally dedicated to his art and isn't afraid to let other people shine. He doesn't compete with his fellow actors as someone like Daniel Day-Lewis does (possibly the most ostentatious actor on the planet), he cooperates with them, makes them better to make himself better. The media train hyped up his rant (it was justified by the way, actors are under ridiculous stress and an unprofessional DP is the last thing they should have to deal with) and people jumped on the bandwagon to generate hate against him (despite the fact that on-set rants are not at all as uncommon as people like to think). If it weren't for that, his performances in the past 3 years would have been more praised. Bale is still on top and Worthington has yet to prove he's anything other than a meathead.

BookWorm on Oct 31, 2010


#10 - Steve Umm, fathead.

Governor on Oct 31, 2010

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