Scene From Bruno Cut Out Due to Michael Jackson's Death

June 26, 2009
Source: Risky Biz Blog

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

We already brought you one hilarious new Bruno update today, so how about another not-so-hilarious update? Steven Zeitchik over on the Risky Biz Blog confirms that Universal is cutting out a scene from Bruno that references Michael Jackson. The studio re-cut the film just hours before its Los Angeles premiere last night. They're considering removing it from all of the prints before it opens nationwide on July 10th. I personally find it absolutely ridiculous to remove this scene, but I think Universal is making a smart decision in order to prevent a backlash from moviegoers. Who knows if they'll ever re-release it.

The scene comes from the first half of the movie and when Bruno was interview LaToya Jackson in his unfurnished home. He proceeds to ask about her brother Michael and his high pitched voice and trademark white glove. He even asks if she can call him, and when she says no, he gets her to give up her iPhone, proceeds to flips through it to find Michael Jackson, and in German reads off the phone number for his assistant to write down. It's a pretty good scene, especially in the context of the moment (as it's very early on and it plays hilariously). I would hate to see it go, but if Universal thinks it's for the best, then so be it.

I'm not trying to be insensitive or disrespectful, but I think it's a part of the movie that works well, and it just seems crazy to keep it removed in the final cut because of Michael Jackson's shocking death yesterday. The movie comes out in a few more weeks, which will give fans and moviegoers enough time to grieve if they so desire. As far as I recall, it wasn't as offensive to Michael as it was to LaToya, making her look like the idiot. And if it doesn't make it in the movie now, it'll end up on DVD or on YouTube later anyway. Sacha Baron Cohen is all about controversy and this is exactly that, but obviously Universal is getting cold feet.

"We decided to take it out for tonight and we'll reassess before the release whether to keep it out," director Larry Charles said at the afterparty. A spokesperson for Universal also confirmed that they had not come to any decision on future showings. So even though the scene was removed yesterday, which I do think was an appropriate and respectful decision, it may still be in the movie when it hits theaters in a few weeks.

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Well thats kinda good but kinda hypocritical in a way.

Xerxex on Jun 26, 2009


I think this move is more out of respect for the family. I'm sure they don't have cold feet or anything but to show up a member of the family is just not cool especially so soon. The movie will not suffer one bit removing this scene, I will look forward to seeing Bruno just as much with or without it.

Matthew on Jun 26, 2009


I just hope it wasnt a huge chunk from the movie.

I have anxiety (and depression) on Jun 26, 2009


Right, I know Matthew, you're right. I kind of meant that if they keep this scene removed, then they definitely have cold feet... We'll see what happens.

Alex Billington on Jun 26, 2009


If was a good move, what I hear is that it was a small snippet of the movie. And it actually might make people believe that Sasha Baren Cohen isn't a huge soulless exploiter, who will do anything for one single laugh, or otherwise becoming a new Tom Green.

Michael Martin on Jun 26, 2009


I'm just glad they didn't axe the scene all together. At least not right away.

Mark on Jun 26, 2009


i think its a very good call. i say they shouldnt even bother showing it in the final cut. maybe release it as a dvd bonus, if at all. its just a little too soon and its still too shocking. good cal out of respect

zach s on Jun 26, 2009


Who cares I don't want to see this Bruno crapfest anyway.

CLAW on Jun 26, 2009


Finally something smart about this movie. You're kinda cold though Alex. I bet you wish they kept the Twin Towers in Spider Man as well? In a way they could have done it in remembrance but overall, better safe than sorry.

w00t!!! on Jun 26, 2009


#8 You do care, and you will watch this crapfest. Oh yes you will watch it. UMMMHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I have anxiety (and depression) on Jun 26, 2009


Personally, thats a cut I'm happy to see at this point. I wasn't Jack-o's biggest fan necessarily, but I see no reason to pay any disrespect to him at this point. Kudos.

Mark on Jun 26, 2009


#9 I don't think so I've never seen Borat and that movie looked ten times funnier than this horrible looking trash.

CLAW on Jun 26, 2009


Eh. Jackson was a child molester. Really, has everyone forgotten about this? And as for Bruno, honestly it just seems really gross. I loved Borat, It was shockingly hilarious, but this new movie just 'gays it up' too much and I'm a little revolted by some of the marketing behind it. I 'get it', he's going around making conservative straight guys uncomfortable with all his gay antics. But at what point does this stop being funny and start being obnoxious?

Scott Reed on Jun 26, 2009


#5 watch it, Tom green is the man, and you wouldnt have the jackass movies with out him. and #12 i agree, everyone seems to have forgotten that part about mj, especially with every news station saying he was a great man...he was a sick dude

Caleb on Jun 26, 2009


Exactly what 12 said its not that I dont understand what hes doing with exploiting the stereotypes and such but its just overdone, and yeah obnoxious.

Cody on Jun 26, 2009



Leon on Jun 27, 2009


Purely circumstantial, its ridiculous to remove something based on current events. I doubt it will impact the film a whole lot but i find the principal nonsensical. They did not make this film thinking Jacko would be dead when it released so why if you say something about someone when they're alive can you not say it when their dead? You say about the family but think about princess diana, they flogged that horse until her sons probably didnt even care anymore. Im not being funny but if a joke about michael jackson is going to offend you then you probably shouldnt be watching this film at all lol.

NeoN on Jun 27, 2009


"I personally find it absolutely ridiculous to remove this scene, but I think Universal is making a smart decision in order to prevent a backlash from moviegoers." ... I really hate it when you do that.

Digital Metaphor on Jun 27, 2009


put it back in is all i have to say

harrison on Jun 27, 2009


SBC is not funny. there is a big difference between humor and stupidity. borat and bruno fall into the "stupidity" category. why people buy into this type of crapfest is beyond me.

dan on Jun 27, 2009


I just think that it would have been funny IF Michael Jackson was still alive, But no, after his death it just wont look funny, just wont work now.

Vinnie on Jun 27, 2009


michael jackson touched little boys. who the fuck cares about paying the man respect.

Al on Jun 27, 2009


If it's funny then keep it in the movie. And if the family gets all upset about it, fuck em.

Syphous on Jun 27, 2009


Also as mean as it is what 22 said is true, did people fucking forget what he did to himself? What he did to fucking children? Karmas a bitch plain and simple. It was probably some molestation joke about him that aww couldve hurt the families feelings yeah well he shouldn't of freakin molested children then. Its like people totally deleted the last half of his career from their memory.

Cody on Jun 27, 2009


Wow, a lot of haters on here. Can you prove he molested children? No, you cannot. I don't believe for a second that he did. I do agree he was kind of a weird person, but with his background and the childhood he went through, I can understand why he was the way he was. But I do not think he ever did anything illegal or hurtful to anyone. He is a legend and will be missed by many.

xCloudbox on Jun 27, 2009


I love Sacha Baron Cohen =)

Paul on Jun 27, 2009


why remove a scene because someone has died? if it belonged there when they were alive, it belongs there now...if the MJ fans throw a hissy fit then FU*K THEM!...they dont run the world...total bullsh*t....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Jun 27, 2009


"I personally find it absolutely ridiculous to remove this scene"....God you're retarded.

Jimbone on Jun 28, 2009


it's a fucking double edged sword,you keep it in you fucking piss off the family & fans of michael jackson,you take it out & you piss off the movie going public who don't really care much for michael jackson & think it should left in.i thought the film was trying to be contraversal what better way than leaving it in.

zetsu on Jun 28, 2009


#8 made me laugh #9... yes... yes i do wish they kept the twin towers in Spiderman. #12 has a good point and to make some light on this subject this was released on the internet the day of his death. " Farrah Fawcett died and went to Heaven when she got there God said I will give you 1 wish to bestow apon the world. she said. "i just want all the children to be safe" so god killed Michael Jackson " point being... there's no such thing as TO soon. They should have kept it in.

DoomCanoe on Jun 28, 2009


If SBC was really hardcore he would add another MJ scene.

Meatcarnage on Jul 4, 2009


Unfortunate, it would have been very funny probably. 🙁

Matthias on Feb 1, 2010

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