Sci-Fi Plot Revealed for Stallone's Rambo V: The Savage Hunt

September 5, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Rambo 5 Poster

Just a few days ago news broke confirming that the fifth installment of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo series had been greenlit by Nu Image / Millennium Films and was already in the works (and even hard a storyline about human trafficking across the Mexico border). Well, hold on to your bandanas, because AICN's Harry Knowles just had a conversation with Mr. Stallone himself in which he reveals the shadows of what will become Rambo 5. First, we have an official title - Rambo V: The Savage Hunt - and a poster (a glimpse of it seen above). Second, well, this Rambo may prove to be a bit different than those four previous movies.

John Rambo will be returning to the Pacific Northwest, back to his roots, if you will. There we'll be seeing Rambo on the hunt, the one doing the chasing rather than the one being chased. The film will center around a US Military installation that's experimenting on its soldiers, attempting to "tap into [the] savagery that we have deeply embedded [inside] us." Basically, these elite soldiers are to become purely instinctual killing machines without a shred of regret, with nary a single qualm about taking a human life. Who would guess that this experimental program turns out to work exceptionally well? And then backfires terribly. That's when Rambo, as part of a Black Ops squad, is brought in to hunt down this unfeeling, moral-less killer.

Well I'm sold. I don't know about you, but having written and read all that back, I'm sold. I trust Stallone after witnessing what he was capable of bringing to his exceptionally affecting 2006 film Rocky Balboa and 2008's Rambo-can-still-kick-ass fourth installment of the Rambo franchise. The guy knows his characters. And more so, he's confident in his characters. Mix that with some classic government conspiracy, a dash of some sci-fi super soldier, and John Rambo doing what he does best in the forests of the good ol' U. S. of A. -- well, let's just say I've pitched my tent outside the movie theater already. Are you ready to join me in line?

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hell yes Now we need chuck norris as the super soldier and steven seagal as rambo's co-op

qweqwu on Sep 5, 2009


sounds cool, at least they are going to change it up this time around.

RF Jr on Sep 5, 2009


Rambo IV kicked some serious ass! The action was f**king awesome. I for one will be in line on opening day for Rambo V. But before I lose my head thinking about the next Rambo film I just want to see "The Expandables". I am really pissed off that it has been pushed from Feb next year to August.

last Son on Sep 5, 2009


wait...moral-less killer? is that singular? you mean you're telling me that Rambo will set out to kill only one person in the movie? no army of moral-less killer(S)!? if it's just one-on-one...i dunno man. Rambo does his best when he's going up against armies. didn't Rambo IV up the ante on kills per minute? i hope he doesn't rely on a single machine gun to win.

Batman on Sep 5, 2009


I think the villain multiplies @ 1000 times so no worries, rambo will have plenty to kill

qweqwu on Sep 5, 2009


Summer 2010!!

TediusTed on Sep 5, 2009


at #1............if chuck norris was the "super-sodier" then stallones dead. chuck wouldn't even work up a sweat beating SS to death. on topic: not ANOTHER rambo movie. alex, "pitching my tent outside a theatre?" i wouldn't take FREE tickets to a rambo rehash. (the first one was a great movie.....but only the first) this has "direct - to - video" written all over it.

beavis4play on Sep 5, 2009


woooo,going back to the place i call home.

erik on Sep 5, 2009


i followed the Nu Image / Millennium Films history and they introduce us to many straight to DVD films and more low budget movies i agree with Alex with the trust on Rambo-Rocky character but i am afraid because i do not trust both Nu Image / Millennium Films . and for the summer 2010 is impossible to be done at least 2011

Infinity on Sep 5, 2009


Scriptwriters have been using the retard machine again, I guess there is an audience for this, but really it's like more musclebound version of Universal Soldier.

Crapola on Sep 5, 2009


Solider with Kurt Russell?

REAL6 on Sep 5, 2009


the super soilder is gonna be played by Jeff Glodblum

Trey on Sep 5, 2009


Brilliant... can't wait! Love Stallone, what a legend! 🙂

Kenco on Sep 5, 2009


@8 I was also thinking of Universal Soldier when reading the post, but I have more hope for this. The one thing I'm confused about is why, when Stallone is capable of creating great stories and characters, he wants to advance Rambo and not try something else he is doing with the Expendables. I thought Rambo IV (which was extremely awesome and kick ass) would have been the end of John. Much like Rocky, it very well could have closed the book on the character...But this new plot sounds more like the plot of a comic book or like something that would happen to, maybe, Wolverine?

Marc on Sep 5, 2009


This sounds to me like "Universal Soldier" meets "Rambo". What happened to the border drug trafficking plot that was much hyped a little while back? I'm on the fence on this new plot. However, I do have faith in Stallone's talent and abilities.

Blue Silver on Sep 5, 2009


Whew! When I read that there would be a scifi twist to the movie I was afraid it would be something to do with aliens. Like Predator vs. Rambo (which would kick a lot of ass, but not something I want done to the character of Rambo). Having read the proposed premise, it sounds pretty good to me. Can't wait.

Chris H. on Sep 5, 2009


Doesn't sci-fi defeat the purpose of Rambo?

Governor on Sep 5, 2009


Chuck Norris once called a news conference to announce his acting in Rambo 5. He then said, "Pysch!" and killed twelve reporters and Stallone.

Quanah on Sep 5, 2009


Stallone is a good dude. I will support whatever he does.

whomever on Sep 5, 2009


This is just like the "Universal Soldier" movie franchise....this sci fi Rambo crossover sounds stupid.

Nikhil Hariharan on Sep 5, 2009


I can't wait... I love Rambo, and #4 was actually the best. It wasn't marketed right at all, it had commercials with Drowning Pool's song "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" and Rambo running wild. The movie actually had genuine heart and good story, and a beautiful soundtrack, and let's not forget the best part: Rambo kicking major ass with good action scenes. (Not quite sure were he got the damn near nuclear claymore though, haha). I don't know if anyone remembers, but way back in like 1993 or something a trailer came out for Charlie Sheen's "Hot Shots Part Deax", and in it, they seriously tried to make you think it was a real Rambo sequel in the teaser trailer for it. I was like 12 years old, and my excitement was unbelievable, it looked like Rambo coming out of water like a ninja, holding an M60 (like the one he uses to shoot up the gear at the end of First Blood Part 2) shooting off rounds. But then it was shown to be Charlie Sheen and another shitty Hot Shots movie. I cannot express how let down I was. By age 12 I was a veteran action movie junkie, and that movie would have been Rambo 4. So, like 15 years later I got the true sequel and it was awesome. I can't wait for this new one!! Go Stallone, kick ass forever!

F Yeah!! on Sep 5, 2009


So basically it's Universal Soldier?

Ummmok on Sep 5, 2009


I'm thinking that the soldiers turn into some mutated "Weapon X" (X-men) type deal. Rambo vs Wolverine!

TediusTed on Sep 5, 2009


Yeah, this could go either way, if true. He could have just been giving ol' Harry some shit. Which he kinda desreves for writing so much filth into his "reviews".

kitano0 on Sep 5, 2009


it looks like some high school kid put that poster together, bored in his class...

Nick S. on Sep 5, 2009


You know that poster is fake, right?!

name on Sep 5, 2009



Cody on Sep 5, 2009


#22 Listen to this voicemail, from Sly to Harry Knowles at AICN. It will answer your question.

Dave Lister, JMC on Sep 5, 2009


It definitely one of the worst fake posters I've seen

Sam on Sep 5, 2009


#7, #9, Alex Billington didn't write this article...that's why it doesn't have the mentality of an eighth grader who hasn't been visited by the Puberty Fairy yet. Brandon Lee Tenney wrote the article, so whether you agree with him or not, at least give him credit for writing the piece. He also wrote the really strong article on possibilities for a third Batman film: He's a much better writer than Billington in my opinion. And #21, you're right about the fourth film being poorly marketed by Lionsgate, using heavy metal music to sell Rambo was complete bullshit and totally misrepresented the tone and intent of the movie. It was a serious, kick-ass action movie with heart and spiritual examination. But the claymore mine wasn't "damn near nuclear." I always marvel at how many people missed the detail. Rambo attaches the claymore mine to an undetonated tallboy bomb from WWII that one of the Karen rebels pointed out earlier in the movie. He uses the claymore to detonate the huge tallboy bomb. That's why the explosion is that big and powerful. It makes perfect sense and is completely plausible. I know Stallone had said that if he were to do a Rambo V, it wouldn't be another war movie because how could he top the fourth in that regard? He said he wanted to do something extreme and unexpected and bring Rambo to a different genre, which is a totally original concept. I mean name another franchise character that jumps genres? It has never been done before, and for good reason. Audiences go see a sequel because they want a similar experience to the predecessor. I mean can you imagine going to see a Die Hard movie where John McClane sits in a coffee shop and falls in love with a waitress for two hours? So Stallone taking Rambo in this direction is a big risk, but at least no one can accuse him of playing it safe or seeking to repeat the films we've already seen. I can't say that I can fully get my head around his concept yet, and I'm a little worried, but I have faith in his abilities as an actor, writer and director, and as a huge Rambo fan I will be there opening day. Like Tenney says, the guy knows his characters, and that's more than enough for me. I say bring it on. I just hope we get to see Rambo get to a new place as a character, to get more closure, to develop, to evolve. I've always loved the Rambo movies as awesome action movies but also have been consistently fascinated by the psychology of Rambo and how Stallone plays him. So I can't wait to see what he does to Rambo in this new film, I say bring it on. I thought the fourth one was going to be the last, and as far as I'm concerned, I'd go see a Rambo movie every year until the end of time.

Cameron Cubbison on Sep 5, 2009


I suppose the former drug/human trafficking plot along the border would be better suited to an "Ëxpendables 2" if there is one. I sure hope "The Expendables", kicks ass all around to warrant a second flick......and maybe Sly could bring in Van Damme, Seagal, Russell, etc..this time around! 🙂

Spider on Sep 5, 2009


So it's just like any other action movie out there. Nothing to worry about though. Rambo has an established audience.

raquelswell on Sep 5, 2009


Sorry all you righties, but what happened to the Rambo character after First Blood was ridiculous. He was turned into a caricature, going back and winning the Vietnam war single-handed, and beating the evil empire to boot, and he didn't even have a shield with a star on it. First Blood was a true American movie. Here was a lone man, but a force in the wilderness, fighting and beating an oppressor who was the established power of the region, sort of like a brand new nation in 1776. The character became a joke after that, fulfilling the reaganites' fantasies of America Uber Alles. The true Rambo, an American rebel, died after the first flick. They should let him RIP. Especially since Stallone is, as one reviewer called him, a "superannuated action star." OK, Bring It On.

zubzwank on Sep 6, 2009


Jumping the shark.

Jonathan on Sep 6, 2009


Actually, I am betting Stallone is basing this off a book called Hunter by James Byron Huggins. Stallone was interested in doing a movie based on this book for years. In the book, an ex-Special Forces tracker, basically the most bad-ass woodsman and tracker in the world, is brought in to track down what he is told is a test animal that escaped from a military lab, but what is really a scientist who had injected himself with DNA recovered from a frozed Cro-Magnon era race that was a step above humans pn the food chain. Standard basic plot of the government screwing over the tracker and trying to hang him out to dry (shades of First Blood II).

JIm on Sep 6, 2009


Rambo actually meant something with First Blood. It was about characters! Ever since he's become a self-parody. This series jumped the shark a long time ago.

SlashBeast on Sep 6, 2009


Number 4... that's exactly the way i felt after reading it. I'm sure it plural... because a one on one would be so... Predator. It will work out.

BinYe on Sep 6, 2009


This is a good idea, but what happened to the rumored missing girl in mexico that was suppose to be the premise. But still this sounds pretty good.

Efrain on Sep 6, 2009


To 35: This plot does indeed sound like James Byron Huggins' HUNTER. My son and I both thought that if HUNTER was ever made in to a movie Sly would be a great lead for it.

Ronksenior on Sep 6, 2009


Man, this sounds awesome!!!!!! Stallone is turning out to be one of my favorite writer/directors. The man definitely has vision and has done nothing but impress me in his endeavors. I can't wait to hear more on this!

Superhaus on Sep 7, 2009


I'm There!! Love Rambo! Let's also have another Snake Plisken with Kurt Russell!

mermaid on Sep 7, 2009


I'm excited about anything Sly takes on. His storytelling is exceptional, and I love the depth he gives his characters (especially when it's him doing the storytelling, and not the distributor/studio attempting to cash in on a winner. See: Rambo First Blood, Rocky, Rocky Balboa, and Rambo 4).

RStewie on Sep 8, 2009


I agree with the First Blood comments. The story actually had a point and then mutated into a bullshit action hero franchise with bad dialogue and unbelievable action sequences in which Rambo somehow became a super human. In First Blood, he's blasted with a high pressure water hose and housed in a bum-fuck jail where he can barely escape. Now he's defeating armies and hunting super mutated soldiers at close to 60 years of age. My guess is that he'll shit himself at some point.

Lokiluvcocky on Sep 9, 2009


SMELLS Like Universal Soldier 2.... ;-/

wHiskey Tango.... on Sep 9, 2009


What a bunch of crap, even that 'movie poster' the picture of rambo is from the last movie. It's not going to be sci fi

Nobes on Sep 11, 2009


I am a fellow filmmaker because of Sylvester Stallone's inspiration. I always respected him for his sense of right and wrong in determining what people want and need to see. Whether the liberals like it or not, what is portrayed in the Rambo films is reality. People are being slaughtered overseas daily. We, as the US, should be tougher in stopping it. That's one message of Rambo. The other message is stated in Rambo IV, "live to die, or die living." In other words, live your life to the best it can be. I think the idea of Rambo V is good, BUT THE IDEA OF A HAIRY "PREDATOR REMAKE" IS WRONG. The government is working on the perfect soldier. I think it's more real that Russia clones men to fight, and the idea of cloning should be brought into this as a warning not to clone. HOWEVER, man cannot become a hairy beast. I hate the poster for the movie and originally thought it was a joke. RAMBO IS NOT ABOUT KILLING FOR FUN. IT'S ABOUT DOING WHAT'S RIGHT AND DOING YOUR BEST. SO STALLONE, I BEG YOU, DON'T PISS OFF ALL YOUR FANS. YOU CAN MAKE THIS MOVIE, BUT GROUND IT DEEP IN REALITY AS A WARNING TO THE FACISTS (DEMOCRATS) IN THIS COUNTRY AND IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES WHO ARE FOR CLONING. DON'T MAKE THE BEAST A BEAST. MAKE HIM A MAN THAT'S SCREWED UP BY 1)BEING A CLONE AND 2)BEING CONTROLLED BY GOVERNMENT. WE ALL KNOW, ESPECIALLY YOUR FANS, THAT GOVERNMENT SCREWS UP EVERYTHING! DO WHAT'S RIGHT SLY!

Ryan on Sep 26, 2009


Hey, Ryan# 46, the first part of your post, you're kidding, right? Also, Stallone's ability to discern what the public wanted was over by the early 90's if not earlier. After that , his main "successes" were diminishing returns on endless tired sequels about tired old characters.

zubzwank on Sep 27, 2009


The last Rambo was the most ultimate best he has ever made! he shouldnt ruin it with some scify crap. Hes a soldier killer not an alien killer! he should keep it real. Just like the newest rambo last year. Im ify on this one guys and im one huge stallone fan! i hope the plot goes to reality and see himm battle humans and not cyborgs or beasts.

John on Oct 23, 2009


sly should make twelve rambo movies

sam on Oct 25, 2009


I'm totally down with John Rambo. Easily one of my favorite childhood heroes. This storyline sounds entertaining and and believable. It sounds a little like "Soldier" starring Kurt Russell. Where he is replaced by genetically engineered super soldiers and is simply tossed away like trash. Then he takes his revenge on a distant world killing them all and saving a group of innocent refugees in the process. Pure brilliance!

Jon on Jan 11, 2010


I heard Arnold is going to be one of the super soldiers!

Tim on Jan 11, 2010


Just watch the latest RAMBO movie . . . really enjoyed it. Hope this one is as good!

Nick Reynolds on Jan 11, 2010


Has this guy even seen the Rambo movies? John Rambo's roots are NOT in the Pacific Northwest, they are in Arizona....just FYI. Like a lot of people, I was quite surprized how good the last "Rambo" and "Rocky" movies were and am looking forward to seeing this one. Now I have three new movies to look forward to this year: the new "Harry Potter", "Bourne", and now "Ranbo". I am pretty stoked.

DeProzaque on Jan 11, 2010


Chuck norris is way to over-rated, old, and wheelchair bound for stallone/rambo to waste even giving him the time of day. And cant wait for rambo to open up cases of whoop ass again on some cyborgs

chris on Mar 16, 2011

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