Screenwriter Roger Avary Returning for Silent Hill Sequel

September 16, 2009

Silent Hill

Somehow we missed this news from a few days back, but I wanted to write about it anyway. THR confirmed that screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida of Davis Films would both be returning for the next Silent Hill sequel. I'm not sure if this is good news or bad. They trades are trying to play it off as good news, but will Avary actually write a script that doesn't suck this time? Or do they just need a better director than Christophe Gans to make sure it doesn't become another forgettable video game adaptation? Davis Films aims to shoot the movie next year after finishing Resident Evil 4, which they're now prepping.

Avary last wrote Beowulf and won an Oscar for Pulp Fiction. The original, based on the Konami video game, centered on a woman who travels to a desolate town to seek help for her daughter only to find supernatural occurrences taking place there. That Silent Hill movie, which hit theaters in April of 2006, only grossed $47 million on a reported budget of $50 million, meaning it was pretty much a failure, considering its 30% on Rotten Tomatoes as well. We heard that a sequel was coming back in '06, but this is the first time they've taken any steps towards actually making it. But will Pyramid Head be back - that's what I want to know!

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hell the first was wasn't that bad and the little girl was brilliant, so I say bring on another one!

xerxex on Sep 16, 2009


The first one wasn't sooo bad. Pyramid Head and some other things were done right.

Sabes on Sep 16, 2009


i loved silent hill only good VG film to date

nelson on Sep 16, 2009


(yelling at the top of my lungs) YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! YESSSS!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been praying for this sequel, the first is one of my favorite movies ever!!!... hmm i guess there is a Jesus. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! and fuck you Alex for bashing on it so hard... ya butthole (even though you totally back it up with the RT score and the price's... But seriously though i loved the first one so much i would fight you over it)

DoomCanoe on Sep 16, 2009


Horrible first movie. Boo to another.

Vold on Sep 16, 2009


Forgettable video game adaptation? Silent Hill was not only a great movie, it was far and away the best game-to-movie adaptation ever made. I can't wait for another one.

RC on Sep 16, 2009


i am gonna agree with #3 on this one... I actually liked the movie, it was creepy and faithfully adapted I am hard pressed to think of a better video game adaptation. Its better than your max paynes, dooms, lara crofts and lets not bring up uwe boll movies... The only adapations i can think of that I wouldn't say sucked outright are hitman and resident evil 1... but silent hill was better than both of those combined I look forward to a sequel

Janny on Sep 16, 2009


This could be good news if they find a good director. Directors like Guillermo del Toro, Juan Antonio Bayona and Jaume Balagueró could pull it off. But, I doubt they'd be attracted to the project. I really liked the first one. Gans captured the essence of Silent Hill perfectly. Was it terrifying like the game(s)? No. But, it still stands as one of the few game films that looks and feels like it is within the same world as the source material. I like that the first film was character driven and played out fairly subtle. That's the one thing I'd be nervous about them screwing up with the second film. Knowing how Hollywood likes to just cash in on 'box office failures', Silent Hill 2 will probably end up retarded like Resident Evil and all the other films out there that pander to the lowest common denominator. Well, here's hoping they don't screw this up.

Gone on Sep 16, 2009


Agree with #3 - I loved the first one as well, and have been awaiting news on a sequel.

Dark Fist on Sep 16, 2009


Isn't Avary in jail or something?

notes on Sep 16, 2009


I really like Silent Hill the movie and i hope they make a good sequel. It is the best video game movie so far.

akumared on Sep 16, 2009


BEST VIDEO GAME MOVIE i have seen. Its a shame there gonna waste money on another Resident Evil movie though. they should just stop everything and re-boot it with Romero's script and a whole bunch of different actors and a good director. Anyways, i liked Silent Hill, so i hope they do make this new one.

erik on Sep 16, 2009


was the first movie actually good? i never saw it.

cat on Sep 16, 2009


Silent Hill is the best film based on a video game I've ever seen.

Christ on Sep 16, 2009


Wasn't too shabby. no where near as epic as the game though. I look forward to another attempt though!

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 16, 2009


I went to see this movie twice when it came out. I always wondered when they were going to make a sequal. Fuck all the haters.

Ray on Sep 16, 2009


im so stoked i had to read this twice... and comment again YESSS!!!!!!!! YESS!!!!!

DoomCanoe on Sep 16, 2009


Hmm I don't get the flack you're giving it, I thought the first was creepy as hell and very faithful to the series. I loved it. I welcome a sequel from the same people with open arms.

Kenchi on Sep 16, 2009


The first one was really good; nailed the creepy atmosphere of the games so I don't know why it's so lowly rated. Looking forward to it!

Daniel on Sep 16, 2009


So which game will they base it on? Having the ending they did in the first movie may bouch any possibility of it following the third game (unless they find some weird twist), so I'm guessing they will follow the second one even though it's the only Silent Hill game to not really tie as strongly into the whole cult concept? Though I really hope that they decide to follow Silent Hill: The Room because that game was soooo awesome! Though Silent Hill Two (the game) actually was where we got Pyramid Head from so you never know. I just hope they don't reinvent the whole thing only to have a brand new concept not attached to any of the games. Idk...all i have to say is dont mess it up.

Lolly on Sep 16, 2009


first was pretty good, strange ending but never played the game maybe thats how it ends. indeed one of the best video game to film transitions and would def watch a sequel

harrison on Sep 16, 2009


I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st film, The only person I wouldn't bring back is Sean Bean. I can't even begin to explain how much I loved about the first film. So much was accurate to the games. Pyramid head was amazing. The siren gave me the same chills. Seriously there has only ever been 2 video game movies I enjoyed this and Mortal Kombat. Pure genius. I want to book tickets

link1983 on Sep 16, 2009


I love the first Silent Hill movie, it was creepy, extremely well shot and rather great for a video game adaptation. I'm definitely on board for another.

Ben on Sep 16, 2009


i thought Silent Hill was a brilliant film, the guys at RT are prats. It was genuinly a very scary film, and pretty brutal in places. have wanted to see a sequal since the end credits!

Stuart Mellor on Sep 16, 2009


Alex your ridiculous for bashing this as a "sucky" movie. This was one of the best video game adaptations to date...I mean look at the numbers right about me 23 out of 24 people are stoked for a sequel and it was a bad movie??? lol doesnt make sense..the little girl in the movie was great...Pyramid Head was crazy and the scene with the nurses in the hallway still gives me chills (its the way they move lol) you have got to give credit where credit is due

Primo1 on Sep 16, 2009



satanicboomboomhead on Sep 16, 2009


OH MY GOD!!!!! I loved the first one so much! Yeah I always wondered why so many people did not like it. It was fantastic! Maybe it's because they haven't played the video game or something. Yeah the art direction and sirens were spot on. Even the acting was great. Not to mention an amazing ending and soundtrack. I'm glad to see now that I'm not the only one who loved!! 😀

Caitie on Sep 16, 2009


Silent Hill was good. I liked it a lot. way better than a so many video game movies. can't wait for the sequel!

Major Kusanagi on Sep 16, 2009


Fuck Pyramid if the movie is bad...SH, SH 2 and 3 are one of the best survival horrors of all time, and what they did with the latest of series and with that movie is just awfull...I'm a big fan but this is just sad sad sad... I hope for the best, Silent Hill deserves it...:(

m4st4 on Sep 16, 2009

30 That is all.

Squiggly_P on Sep 17, 2009


Roger Avary might not be too attached to this project, he might be looking at a stint in the joint, as the saying goes. Roger Avary was in a tragic car accident, where someone lost their life. I think the case is up for the courts soon, read in a newspaper it might be a rather long sentance

David Banner on Sep 17, 2009


The first Silent Hill is not a great horror flick, but there are some seriously WTF creepy moments in the film. I hope they bring back the ass-kicking blonde policewoman, she is the second best thing in the movie.

greg on Sep 17, 2009


A lot of people I know didn't like that movie, but I thought it was made pretty damn good. Maybe the screenplay sucked I don't remember; but the imagery, tones, and the sound did it for me. Even with some of the flaws with cg here and there, I thought visually it was created and presented very well. I'd like to see another in the same vein.

jirekon on Sep 17, 2009


Forgettable??? How can u say it was forgettable??? Im a hardcore SH vg fan and i must say it is the best video game adaptation EVER!! It's one of my favourite classics for sure!

Freddy on Sep 17, 2009


Some movies are just not made for the so called "boxoffice". Who cares how much it made there cause we all know we bought the DVD, Blueray etc. Don't know the numbers there but its probably 10 times as much. Everybody who knows the games loves the movie. Who cares about all the others. Silent Hill has a huge potential. Not for the boxoffice but for another great horror flic for sure. Just needs a little more gruesome killing scenes like the one Pyramidhead had in front of the church. So, bring it on...

AJ on Sep 17, 2009


It was a good film and I don't usually go in for this genre. Visually good with some good spooky moments.

Craig on Sep 17, 2009


Does anyone know what happened to the alleged vehicular manslaughter case that went against Avary a while back?

Josh Brunsting on Sep 17, 2009


Wow, he gets sentenced for Manslaughter on the 29th...

Josh Brunsting on Sep 17, 2009


Did you guys miss one of the most shocking scenes in horrorfilm history in Silent Hill? That demon rips off first all her clothing in 1 twist, then grabs the girl by the chest and rips off all her skin....I remember the audience gasping and applauding that 🙂 I thoght is was a pretty good adaption, closest to the second game, yes? no? or?

David Banner on Sep 18, 2009


I don't see how can there be a sequel after that ending of the first one?

AprilCoolsDay on Sep 23, 2009


Well, as a huge fan of the entire series of the game and movie. I must agree with most of you. The movie captured all the elements from the game like the red flesh appears all over when nightmare arrives. However, I noticed there are a few flaws in the movie. During the one and only encounter with the patient demons, the ones from the backgound look fake, and they seem to be walking side by side in a line and about 10 ft apart arom each other. Also, instead of the sub character pointing a weapon at the demon (Cybil the female officer), it should have been the lead character. Though I love the idea of a female lead, in both part 3 and the movie; but here she just runs around without actually fighting a monster. Speaking of which, there should be some sort of police station or a gun shop or something in a way that our heroine can "upgrade" her weapon, replenish her ammo and maybe even catch a breath? In part 5 Homecoming, it has a similar problem, not quite enough item pick-ups; and let's just say if he/she will not survive without a decent weapon. If I can "upgrade" a weapon, I shall go with an armour-piercing rifle, a magnum or a decent survival knife. I mean why not? The monsters are like wild beasts, they don't have a mind of thier own. They will terminate anyone who stands in the way. Heck, I don't even have sharp claws like Wolverine, so then I cannot fight with sharp claws? Speaking of monsters, nurses are good, but they should be spread evenly within the area. Forgive my youthful ignorance, I don't think nurses come in packs. Ferals/dogs may come in packs. Any way the last thing I wish to point out is that there are not enough confrontation with at least several different types of demons in the movie. Once again, if I can pick out several particular ones, I shall go with Underhangers, Mannequins, Wallmen, Siams and perhaps Allessa's dream and the God. They have long reaches and awesome power. I think they're a lot more fearsome than others. Lastly, if there's an alternate ending to the movie(s), I would like to see it.

derek j on Oct 24, 2009

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