Sean Penn's Wonderful Oscars Acceptance Speech

February 22, 2009

Sean Penn

Although Sean Penn's win for Best Actor at the Oscars tonight might have been a bit of an upset for some, in the end, Penn's wonderful acceptance speech should have made up for any complaints. Since Penn won for his portrayal as Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant's Milk, his speech reflected the recent Proposition 8 issues in California and featured quite a bit of good light-hearted (gay and non-gay) comedy. Penn also thanked everyone else associated with the film, but did so very admirably. Thankfully we've already got the video of his speech up, so if you want to watch it again, or see it for the first time, check it out below.

Watch Sean Penn's acceptance speech from the Oscars over on YouTube.

We are working on a complete transcript, so check back for that soon!

In regards to Penn's win, I'm actually not as opposed to it as others may be. Sure, I love Mickey Rourke, and sure I really wanted him to win, but I'm satisfied with Sean Penn just as much. I remember saying specifically the moment I walked out of Milk that Sean Penn not only deserved an Oscar, but could probably win it. But this was before I saw The Wrestler, and although I love Rourke's performance in The Wrestler and think he's equally as deserving because he has made such an incredible comeback, Penn's performance was just as incredible. So yes, take that you "commie, homo-loving sons of gun!" I hope you enjoy!

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Reader Feedback - 189 Comments


Thought this was one of the best acceptance speeches of the night, I was rooting for Rourke all the way, but wasn't disappointed when Penn won, glad it was him than the other nominees.

MikeySOUL on Feb 22, 2009


Uh, DUH, didn't anybody notice he did not thank his wife?? His BFF was not his wife. NICE...........

Bernadette on Feb 22, 2009


I watched both movies, I think Penn was better. He did win the SAG as well, let's not forget that.

menukjau on Feb 22, 2009


I thought the speach was a bit weird.. The part of the gay-rights was of course very nice to say and he did joke a bit, so wasnt a bad speech.. BUT he mumbled after talking about the gay-rights things. CONGRATS anyways Sean Penn!

max on Feb 22, 2009


You want me to trash his speech? Huh?? You think he's a professional??? Answer the question.

Jimbo Slims on Feb 22, 2009


I'm not ashamed to look my grandchildren in the eyes. Quite proud actually!!! But thanks for trying to repress the truth Sean.

Fmmne on Feb 22, 2009


2nd best speech of the night only dwarfed by the writer of Milk. His speech was absolutely wonderful, I am so damn glad we live where we will soon have gay rights. THANK YOU!

Movieraider321 on Feb 22, 2009


to number 7 the truth is that there is not equal rights for all americans as of today

truth on Feb 22, 2009


Sean Penn is a talent'less hack and a jackass. He didn't THANK his wife, probably because he BEATS his wife... have you all forgotten that? I will NEVER watch any Sean Penn film... yes he IS a commie. Screw all you Godless liberal Christian-haters. I'm sick of Hollywood, movies and everything it all stands for... I prefer reality, real life. Most movies suck these days, anyways. And the awards show was a lame attempt to glorify celebritards. Screw you, Sean Penn.

Hootie Blowfish on Feb 23, 2009



Herenow on Apr 4, 2011


"Reality" like reality television? ROFL.

Bob124 on Jan 25, 2012


Good speech? Are you serious?! I think Penn is a great actor and was deserving of the win, but his speech was probably one of the worst of the night. He stuttered, mumbled and mentioned that Obonbo guy... you know, our current President. Nothing is more annoying than celebrities mouthing off about their political ideology! What does a film about gay rights have to do with The One anyways?

PG on Feb 23, 2009


Jet li was there?

Button on Feb 23, 2009


Yeah, you should be very proud that you and your neoconservative kin used the system to repress a group of minorities for the sake of protecting marriage even though the divorce rate is still almost half. Instead of either letting the states handle it or, you know, separating church and state altogether, you had to pass a bill mandating that gays receive unequal treatment under federal law. Your "truth" is just a relative standpoint formed by your inability to empathize with those who struggle to live normal lives every day thanks to borderline nazis like yourself. All hail the master "race"! If you don't meet our genetic, social, and religious standards, you don't deserve your constitutionally protected right to the pursuit of happiness, because you might molest our children, brainwash us all with liberal values, and destroy the foundation of marriage! By the way, if you're wondering, yes, I am a commie, homo-loving, son of a gun and NOT a fiscally conservative libertarian who is disgusted with the surge of neoconservatives aka narrow-minded social interventionists who began hijacking the Republican party during the 70's because their former fellow democrats were vastly anti-war. /sarcasm

Fmmne on Feb 23, 2009


Why do people in Hollywood think we care about their views on the world, most of them live in a fantacy world anyway. Sean Penn is the last person we should be listening to about anything he has messed his life up over and over again.Now if he wants change a become a child of God ,what a great day that would be.

Frank on Feb 23, 2009


To #6 - I'm not ashamed to look my grandchildren in the eyes. - It's will they be proud to look into your eyes. Great Speech. I haven't seen Milk yet, what a rout for Gus Van Sant.

RyanEmbee on Feb 23, 2009


Nobody talks how he didn't mention his wife. This so Sean Penn - too much shallow and pointless politics, and no consideration of his family. What a stinking demagogue..., and a douche. I nominate Sean Penn for the biggest douche in the universe.

Nekrosoma on Feb 23, 2009


Equal rights for gays is very important. In The Netherlands we have it for years and it is a big boost for the acceptance of people who are a bit different but wants the same rights as everyone.

Ruud on Feb 23, 2009


Penn's speech didn't contain even one coherent sentence. I don't believe for a minute he read anything off that paper because I suspect the idiot is illiterate. Nor is it the least bit surprising that an idiot of such monumental proportion would think that there exists anywhere a right to force society to pretend homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality. If only Penn's parents had been two men instead of a heterosexual couple, the world would not now have to suffer his imbecility, because he wouldn't exist!

Reality Check on Feb 23, 2009


look if we have to except heterosexuality then society can accept homosexuality.

right4all on Jan 31, 2011


As someone who would have voted for Prop 8, I would have no problems explaining my vote to my grandkids. Even if culture declines to the point of making gay marriage inevitable. There is a very easy explanation. The real question is whether the lovers of freedom will force me into to a reeducation camp before then. And to the Netherlands guy, once the Muslims take over in Europe and institute sharia law those rights you love will be gone.

Geoff on Feb 23, 2009


Why does people whine about Penn not thanking his wife. Didnt anyone notice that for example Danny Boyle didnt mention the co-director of the movie in his speech?!

max on Feb 23, 2009


"The religious factions will go on imposing their will on others unless the decent people connected to them recognize that religion has no place in public policy... To retreat from that separation would violate the principles of conservatism." ~ Barry Goldwater (1972) What offends me isn't so much their beliefs -- all people have the right to their own beliefs -- but the way that the Christian Right seeks to impose their religious beliefs on society by codifying them. And what also amazes me is that they can get away with calling themselves conservatives. Barry Goldwater, the father of the conservative movement, was pro-choice, pro-gays in the military, pro gay rights generally. Why? Because being a "conservative" used to mean that you were supportive of individual freedoms. Now it means that you favor repression of them. And in an Orwellian twist, the term "conservative" has been redefined to mean its exact opposite.

Bill on Feb 23, 2009


@Geoff Oh please, as a European myself I am not afraid of "the Muslims" - which is by the way a stupid generalisation - but of all ignorant, simplistic and narrow-minded people that lean towards any form of extremism. Sad to see people's very own fears turn into hate and far too simple "explanations".

Kat on Feb 23, 2009


#18 What the hell are you talking about? Muslims taking over Europe. What an retard you are, just like the Americans we (the Europeans) all love to laugh about.

max on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn's performance in "Milk" was inspirational. The GLBT community desperately needs its own version of Martin Luther King. Too bad we lost Harvey Milk. Gay Americans are the ONLY minority against which it is legal to discriminate in the United States of America. It seems to me, that to murder another person's spirit; to attack another person's family for simply existing, and to destroy their security and their freedom is a slower and more painful death than many other kinds of terrorist attacks. But that is the perpetual state of our existence in the USA. We, the GLBT community, have been under unrelenting terrorist attacks for nearly the last four hundred years in this country -- from colonial days to the present. There has never been a shortage of people in the US who desire to destroy GLBT citizens. Some want to do it quickly with direct violence against one or a few of us at a time. While others, like Warren and millions of other assassins like him, exploit mindless fears and then pervert the law into their weapons of mass destruction -- thereby reaping a higher body count of ruined lives. Who is really more dangerous? Sadly, I don't think the so-called “news” media could give a crap either. At the most, the coverage of the mass murder of gays might just receive perhaps a few words in the moving scroll at the bottom of the tv screen during a newscast. The captions might read: "Dozens of homosexuals die in ricin attack…FBI may investigate…Congress to look into deaths perhaps next term after addressing the Economy... (JUST IN)... Brittany Spears accidentally suffocates pet poodle in handbag…Congress to hold hearings on Animal Abuse…New laws are expected to require breathing holes in large purses for pets; millions nationwide voice their concern...(Update)... Another twelve die in ricin attack in homosexual bars; FBI now says it is a local matter…With no federal Hate Crime law protecting homosexuals, Congress says its hands are tied...(Update)… Due to a flood of public outrage, Congress meets in emergency session and passes new laws to require breathing holes in large handbags for small pets…” It is nothing to joke about, but that is exactly how most people in America treat our lives -- either as a big joke or some dangerous vermin infestation to be stomped out. But I believe the third kind of reaction to us is even more pernicious -- that is, Obama’s attitude: “Ignore them and maybe they will just go away.” …You get the picture. (C) Bud Evans - Feb 2008

Bud Evans on Feb 23, 2009


Good speeech? I thought I would get throught the night without a Hollywood type using the platform for spouting their liberal garbage. Sean Peen is a thug who beats hits wife, who visits dictators, who thinks he is above everyone else. Its ok for people like him to get in your face but when someone disagrees it isn't. Keep the politics out! Accept the award and go home.

Disgusted on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn is an amazing actor with a great heart. He richly deserved this honor and his comments were both timely and generous to others.

RogerLakins on Feb 23, 2009


He didnt' even thank his wife, he said his support system and she wasn't one of them, wierd, I think she was looking for him to mention her but guess he was a jerk and forgot her!

Ann B on Feb 23, 2009


People, people, people. Sean Penn is an actor that barely graduated high school. He makes a living by showing up at work, someone dresses him, he is handed a piece of paper with what he is supposed to say and how he is supposed to say it, he is told when to talk, where to move, when to start, and when to stop. He's a drug user. He has been in prison. He is a violent, abusive person that beat his wife. Yet we are supposed to believe he has compassion for others. His interests are self-serving. He doesn't travel on these "humanitarian" missions without hiring a photographer. Take a look at IMDB and you will notice a direct correlation between his latest movie project, and his latest political outrage.

Rick on Feb 23, 2009


Gay night at the Oscars. So what else is new? Every chance they got, they had to show Penn smooching with some other male. Can't wait till California falls off into the ocean. Mickey Rourke deserved to win, period. "Milk" is a propaganda piece, nothing more. Garbage.

Jon S. on Feb 23, 2009


IMO, Penn's speech was spiteful and bitter. Dustin Lance Black's speech, on the other hand, was encouraging and poignant. Just because they both lobbied for the same cause doesn't make them both "great" speeches. I don't live in California. But, if I did, I'd have voted against Proposition 8. I'll never understand the desire to prevent others from having the right to enjoy the horrors, er, pleasures of marriage. 😉 However, Sean Penn telling everybody who voted for Prop 8 that their children and grandchildren will revile them is not the way to go about winning hearts and minds. He is quite possibly the most self-righteous and sanctimonious of a very self-righteous and sanctimonious profession. I'm not sure if he realizes just how much he shares in common with those he disdains.

Scott on Feb 23, 2009


Bill, as somebody who deeply appreciates Barry Goldwater, I generally agree. However, I'm not sure I'd consider abortion to be an individual liberty. Not to open that can of worms here or anything. But it all really depends on when you believe society's protections of civil/human rights should kick in. Because, at some point it clearly stops being about the mother's rights and starts being about the child's. When that is and why, I think, is obviously a matter of debate. But that is, after all, the debate -- not simply whether mothers have liberties or not. The fetus/unborn child does matter, at some point, no?

Scott on Feb 23, 2009


What a bunch of crap. He's an idiot.

tom on Feb 23, 2009


Scott, like you, I don't want to hyjack the conversation by digressing into a different topic. That said, I believe that you state the problem well. I don't know how Goldwater arrived at his decision to support choice. My guess would be that his position was that, absent physical proof that resolved the matter, the right to decide the "debate" that you speak of belonged to the mother and not the state. But that's a bit of a guess.

Bill on Feb 23, 2009


But that's a non sequitur. The state has to step in at some point, right? After all, the state doesn't allow mothers to kill their newborns. Speaking as a libertarian, I just think it's a bit tough casting that issue as one of individual liberties vs. state repression. It all depends where the "line" is drawn and on what basis that is determined. Up to that line, of course it's a matter of a woman's rights. Beyond that line, though, it's a matter of the unborn child's rights (which necessarily involves the state). I have my own opinions about where the line ought to be and why it ought to be there. Others have different ones. But it's really beside the point here. The point is that abortion is an issue that divides libertarians just as it divides lots of other groups -- which suggests to me that it's not terribly useful to merely think of it as an issue of one individual's (the mother) rights versus a state displacement.

Scott on Feb 23, 2009


Wow so many Penn haters and gay haters. Love to see you rage. Penn is an amazing actor and was absolutely worth to win this. On a side note, given his violent history I wonder how many of you would actually be brave enough to say what you say about him to his face without hiding behind the internet.

Shige on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn needs to check his facts before making any grandiose announcement in front of the world. The fact is that gays DO have the same rights as heterosexuals in the U.S. If a gay man wants to marry a woman (whether she be straight or gay) then such a marriage would be equally recognized in the country as any other marriage. Same goes for a gay woman who wants to marry a man. Now if a straight man wanted to marry another man then it wouldn't be legal, just the same if a gay man wanted to do such a horrible thing. Marry somebody of the opposite sex (whether you be gay or straight) then you have the same rights just like anybody else. Marry someone of the same sex, then it's illegal FOR EVERYBODY, NOT JUST GAYS!! Again, equal rights apply. Sean Penn is complaining over absolutely nothing.

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


Why do people care about anything said at a party full of rich snobs spending millions to self congrat themsleves and pat each other on the back, when people are jobless, homelsss, and hungry? You guys need to put your priorities in place. I can see why these rich clueless uncaring snobs don't care. If they cared, they would have used the millions for something good. I could care less in looking at a bunch of women walking on a red carpet wearing the equivilant dollar value of an entire years worth of food or martgage payments. Or drive up in a car that could pay for 4 family homes. And you guys are concerned about an "acceptence speach"? You normal people, like the rest of us, should focus anger on more important things. I'm sure Sean is still a multi millionaire with no worries. I can't say the same about the rest of you (us).

David on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn is an amazing actor. His role in Milk was obviously a challenging one and he really deserved the oscar. Being a longtime fan of Mickey Rourke though, I was hoping that the Academy wasnt going to blow him off ... and they did. But its alright because Penn being a longtime friend of Rourke gave him the last few moments of his acceptance speech which I thought was fitting for the situation. Sean and Mickey were both excellent this year and hopefully Rourke doesnt drop the ball again.

Betterchill on Feb 23, 2009


Whether you agree with his statements or not, it was possibly the most elegant acceptance speech I've ever witnessed.

emil Lamprecht on Feb 23, 2009


#35 that might qualify to the top 10 of the most stupid posts anyone ever made here. Congrats.

Shige on Feb 23, 2009


The problem I have with events such as Penn's speech, is that it makes unbias sites (such as the wonderful firstshowing.net) present a bias post. You either agree with Penn's political views or you don't. And if you decide to comment on his speech, if your views align with his or not, it will show in the comment. I read firstshowing to get views about movies and such. Not to be told why gay marriage is an equal rights issue.

Tim Anderson on Feb 23, 2009


I have not been a fan of Sean Penn the person and was rooting for him, as an actor, to get this award. He did an amazing job. I appreciated his speech and think it is imporant people speak up when they see a grave injustice. I appreciate Sean Penn, the activist. However, I was disappointed, and my feelings of not liking Sean Penn the person were bacl when he totally ignored mentioning his wife. I thought he was getting her, on a world wide stage by mentioning his best friend and support system and not mentioning her. Perhaps he felt she hasn't been a support but I don't think it necessary to humilate her and slap her face publically like that. He could have found a way to mention her and been a mensch.

Linda on Feb 23, 2009


I predict that in a few years Hollywood will proudly take up the cause of NAMBLA. Vic

ScreenRant.com on Feb 23, 2009


are you the dumbest guy ever hurting children is the worst thing you could ever do. If you are apart of that organization I hope the police find you and are arrested then when you die you know where you will go.

steven on Jan 31, 2011


Why does everyone feel the need to thank their spouse?!! I mean, come on! Did she hold his hand when he went to work? Why should any spouse be thanked for something the other accomplished without their help? When I do well at work & get a promotion, it never crosses my mind to thank my husband. Why would I? What did he do? He didn't help me with any part of this. He's been doing his own job every day & when he gets a promotion & has a party thrown for him, I certainly know that I had nothing to do with it. It was all him! Sean's wife didn't have any influence on his last project Let's face it - it simply seems "proper" to thank your spouse when it comes to work. Especially at the Oscars. I think they are both wonderful actors and instead of pushing the "he didn't thank his wife" thing, people should be looking at their own lives & asking how many times you thank your wife for that account you just landed or that client you finally got acquited. Does your spouse really help you at all in these matters?

Linda on Feb 23, 2009


The night would have been complete if Sean Penn had given his oscar to Mickey Rourke in front of everyone.

Matt Suhu on Feb 23, 2009


I just noticed person #41 is also named Linda. Clearly I'm a different one.

Linda on Feb 23, 2009


bernadette - I noticed he did not thank his wife - why do they not give the whole transcript ??? (as promised - as if it would take more than five minutes to transcribe it) ............................................................. HERE IS THE REASON ; BECAUSE IT IS RIDICULOUSLY HYPOCRITICAL TO GIVE PROPS TO ALL THE HIS DRINKING BUDDIES AND MAKE A PLUG FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF ALLOWING EVERYONE THE RIGHT TO MARRIAGE AND THEN NOT EVEN THANK THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN FOR STANDING BESIDE YOU - WHAT A HYPOCRITICAL JERK !!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT WE ALREADY KNEW THAT, IF YOU ARE HONEST ABOUT IT

jo on Feb 23, 2009


I'm looking forward to another apperance on Stephen Colbert. The 1st one was outstanding, he played with it the whole time which I enjoyed. As for his speech and stance. This comes from a Christian perspective living here in Toronto, Canada. I feel that gay rights should be declared as a civil union, and not the definition that is connected to the bibile. Although this will ruffle some feathers, God is such a present that he will accept it regardless of whether it is done within the Church or not. With that, I know to some people it would make all the difference in the world to be wed within a church. It is sad, I wish there was a right answer for everyone, it's just too bad there must be such a division for us people to see how beautiful we all really are. Everyone, keep your heads up, stay cool and let's really try and work things out as a civilized community, no need to be spitting on cars, callling people commie homo, etc... ya.

Matthew on Feb 23, 2009


come on all you negative people , he did a great job in "milk" and he had the guts to stand on that stage and be honest. take an example all you loud mouth negative people

tim on Feb 23, 2009


I'm beyond HAPPY for him! His speech was amazing, even if Dustin lance Black's was so heartfelt too..."Milk" should've won more IMO

Samy on Feb 23, 2009


As a Christian, I find the hatred and condescension expressed towards gay people by other so-called "Christians" here to be very sad. It is a free country, you have the right to believe what you believe about homosexuality, but it breaks my heart to see some of you treat gay people as "the other." I do not believe (and I do not believe that the Bible indicates) that God has any issue with being gay. But even if you do believe that He does, it does not justify this disdain and antipathy. I loved Sean Penn's speech, and his performance as Milk was astonishing. I look forward to the day when we have true equality, both in marriage and in other areas of life, for gay people, and I think that day is coming soon.

Claire on Feb 23, 2009


I am not a huge fan of the Oscar's for the reasons above about snobs throwing themselves a party, etc. etc. I just don't enjoy it, I enjoy watching the movies and not the opinion of a "critic." I enjoy movies similar to the taste of Alex so i do frequent this site. So the real reason I am posting is I have a question. In his speech, Sean Penn acknowledges/references protesters outside of Kodak. Anyone know about these people or what they were protesting? Obviously it was against the gay community but I can't seem to find info on it. Just found it pathetic that people try to ruin events for publicity. And by Mr. Penn mentioning it, they probably felt it was a victory.

twb136 on Feb 23, 2009


Civil rights is a citizen's right but so is freedom of religion. If Mr. Penn wanted to witness a "demonstration of hate," he should have gone to the Mormon Temple a few days after Prop 8 went through. I'd say defiling and defacing a person's place of worship is a pure demonstration of hate.

Marilyn Belknap on Feb 23, 2009


Penn "had the guts to stand on stage and be honest"??? Sure, Hollywood's really a tough crowd when it comes to gay rights. Sure. He must have been shaking in his shoes... What pisses me off about him (and I would tell him this to his face).. is that he doesn't merely disagree with those who oppose "gay marriage." He says this is something for which they/we should feel SHAME. In other words, it isn't merely a question of my perspective being DIFFERENT from his (in which case we can actually dialogue), but - no, his speech flat out says that my perspective is WRONG, and his is right. His speech says I am ignorant, bigoted, close-minded, uneducated, un-enlightened, etc. That's what his speech is saying. Is this helpful to creating meaningful dialogue? I think not. I found his speech elitist, offensive, and arrogant. For the record, I do not oppose civil unions. I do not oppose extending the rights afforded married couples to gay couples (domestic partners)... I wholeheartedly agree that hospital visitation rights, for example, be extended to gay couples... what I DO OPPOSE is the RE-DEFINITION of marriage.

Jon S. on Feb 23, 2009


marriage is all about love between two people. We as a human race should not stand in the way of other people expressing their love.

steven on Jan 31, 2011


Sean Penn is an idiot. A good actor but still and idiot. He talks down to people as if he is a moral compass of righteousness. I'm happy he has strong convictions. And even more happy that others do too. Hopefully Sean Penn and George Clooney don't ever come in contact with each other. They are too much a like.

movie watcher on Feb 23, 2009


I thought his performance in Milk was great, but not as great as Mickey Rourke's own performance. Hell, I'm still grossly disappointed that he won back in 2003 over Bill Murray's work in Lost in Translation...

Rabican on Feb 23, 2009


I thought it was a pretty awful speech. Neither the time nor the place to get on your soapbox, and that goes for both MILK winners.

conor on Feb 23, 2009


The reason I believe Sean Penn to be a douche is because he reprimanded everyone who voted for prop 8. I live in Washington State, therefore, I did not vote on Prop 8 along with the residents of the other 48 states in the union. Not to mention the international audience. And besides, it is not fair to the voters to even suggest they did not have the right to vote the way they thought was right. Yep, the people should have the freedom to choose . . . unless of course they don't make the choice you want them to make.

Steph on Feb 23, 2009


The signs of hatred Mr. Penn was talking about on the way into the theatre was Fred Phelps, the Ministor of the Westboro Babtist Church in Topeka, Kansas. This is the same "Christian" that protests at War Veteran's funerals, stating "God HATES F***", saying the events on 9-11 were God's vengance on Gays, etc. Phelps is a Cancer, and just a poor excuse for a human being.

Tim "Clovefield" on Feb 23, 2009


He is of course a fool who can act. But can't most fools act? Its in the job description.

Dave on Feb 23, 2009


sean penn, while a talented actor, is a sanctimonious bastard who is possibly the king of the self-important. he is a hypocrite, he is offensive and the methods in which he shows support for his special causes are asinine. how pathetic to say the things he did. he has a lot of nerve. he can enjoy his win w/ hugo chavez if he wishes, but he speaks to a narrow-minded base of people who think being an actor provides them the platform to tell the rest of us sheep what is right and wrong. he's an asshole. a great actor, but an asshole. he is not the person you want fighting for any cause.

derby on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Sean Sean... always bringin' the politics... always somethin' political to say. I can always count on you to drive me further away from the left. I mean... I'm pretty far left as far as conservatives go, but... is it possible to be driven away from a viewpoint strictly because of the support of one actor? I'm here to tell you... yes. Yes it is.

bozoconnors on Feb 23, 2009


Ok, so if gay marriage gets approved (hopefully it never does) then what's next??!!! Are we going to allow incest and permit dads to marry daughters? Allow cousins to marry? People to marry their dogs? I mean... by a lot of the arguments I've been hearing, love is love, right? Even if it comes within the family? And who is the government to decide? I don't hear the gay community talking about such unions. They're only concerned about their own plight. If they did, they maybe they'd have a better case. At some point we need to lay down the rules to prevent such things from happening. And oh, what about gay couples adopting kids... is that going to be next on their agenda? As a country, our laws should not allow such children to undergo a lifetime of ridicule and humiliation because the adoption process put them in the hands of gay parents, and because of such selfish demands of gays.

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


Who the heck are you to compare the love between two same sex people to incest. I think your head is crammed so far up your own head you cant see the beautifulness as their love. Since I have your attention how do you know that kids would be ashamed to have same sex parents. How do you know they wont feel loved and wanted. Now Dirk if you are so arrogant that you cant see the love that they would share then you are a bigot and racist and may god have mercy on your soul.

steven on Jan 31, 2011


Funny he mentions obama, then he talks about those not wanting gay marriage as ignorant. 70% of black voters voted against gay marriage. Pick one Sean, its Obamas voters that sealed the deal on gay marriage. It is Obama himself that made gay marriage illegal as they voted the way he said to. Blacks danced for equality...then trashed the gays rights. Too funny, when you pit two liberal self-interest gorups against each other, and Sean Penn tries to be in both camps....what a commie clown he is.

Charlotte news mike on Feb 23, 2009


"our laws should not allow such children to undergo a lifetime of ridicule and humiliation because the adoption process put them in the hands of gay parents, and because of such selfish demands of gays." Maybe you shouldn't be so close minded and not try to humiliate and ridicule people because of their parents sexual orientation.

truth on Feb 23, 2009


So much hatred! I'll never understand it. Sean Penn, wins an award; thanks those he feels helped; sticks up for a segment of society our that has been crapped on for years, just for the sin of being true to who they are; and offers a heartfelt and understanding compliment to a man who has suffered so much, that he trusts a dogs love, more than his fellow man's. I'm going to go and watch Milk, The Wrestler, and then cuddle with my legal spouse and dog. Wouldn't it be nice if gay people had that right too?

Peter on Feb 23, 2009


Hollywood has always been political and if you don't like it, DON'T watch it. It is funny to read some of these so called Conservatives who sit in front of the T.V. all day long, enjoying hollywood movies, yet talk smack. Doesn't Rush Limbaugh have a program for you losers to watch? Youre a bunch of hypocrites. Thank GOD, yes GOD, for people like Sean Penn taking a stand for Equal Rights. It wont be long before prop 8 will be overturned and gay marriage will be a Federal Right. The Libral Democrats are in CONTROL.

A Fan on Feb 23, 2009


#64... did you ever consider the influence such parents would have in making a perfectly straight child gay?? It's bad enough exposing it in public since it could influence kids to grow up gay as well. now what if gay parents raised kids... what a nightmare and crisis we would have as a country!!

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


Good time to bring up your cause , after all you honored Milk in the movie and he was by all accounts a good man, just not the martyr and now saint that you present him to be. Will you be playing Barack Obama next ? After he sends 19,000 more GI's to his war....where is your cry out you hypocrite. You knew so much history about the Sunni Triangle........who was the last to conquer Afghanistan ? Now that you finally have an Oscar you might not have to be the poster boy for liberal causes, but you might have had the class to mention something about your spouse.......who never mentioned anything bad about your behaviour during your marriage.....not one of your little southern California crys for attention.

Iwasthere on Feb 23, 2009


67 if gay parents raise gay children then how do they become gay in the first place. Quit being so scared and realize that there are people out there that are not like you and should be able to marry a person if they love them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. You are going to be on the wrong side of history on this one. This is the civil rights movement of our generation. It is going to happen it is only a matter of time.

truth on Feb 23, 2009


Not only did Sean Penn not thank his wife, she practicaly had to tackle him in order to kiss him when he won. Penn is a great actor, but he is an arrogant jerk. I'm so sick of these celebrities using awards programs to voice their political opions! It should be an entertaining, lighthearted evening, try keeping it at that!

Cathy on Feb 23, 2009


Very true #44! I agree.

Linda on Feb 23, 2009


The day I listen to what these idiot celebrities have to say is the day I stop thinking for myself.

PG on Feb 23, 2009


Wake Up People.........It's Not About Being Gay...or the right to Marriage It's about actor /hypocrites using a very good cause for their own publicity.....I will in few years look my grandchildren in the eyes , tell them to give me the TV remote and turn this self imposing Blagoyevich of Hollywood off.........his arrogance is only seconded by his ignorance. People tend to listen to those that suffer, those who request/demand change and they do so by moral persuasion............NOT HAVING MORONS MAKE FUN OF AND DICTATE TO THEM.

Iwasthere on Feb 23, 2009


# 64 You blame the gay people fighting only for their own rights. Still you want to drawn the line at straight marrage, whose rights are you fighting for???

Ruud on Feb 23, 2009


#67 You are kidding, right? Gay parent's make a child gay? Can you show me one piece of real science that shows that? I guess I should call up my straight parents and ask them which one made me gay. I pray that you find the time to educate yourself. To all the other gay hating conservatives on here, I feel sorry for you. It must be difficult living a life filled with your obvious limitations.

Ken on Feb 23, 2009


I voted YES to proposition 8 and I'm not ashamed to look my grandchildren in the eyes. Gay people want to have marriage right. But they cannot create human being. You can consider that it is the civil rights movement of our generation. But you cannot even have the next generation of your own with your partner. Follow your biological parents, marry an opposite sex person, do the fundamental thing, and forget the movement hype. Homosexuality is never a civil rights movement; it is a disease.

pro prop 8 on Feb 23, 2009


Being gay is not a disease ignorance is. Im gay and proud of it and there are ways for gay people to have kids even without adoption. There are gay men and women so before you start talking about us as a disease. You had better think of the real diseases out there cancer aids.....HATRED!!!

steven on Jan 31, 2011


what the fuck is this stuppid shit.......ARE YOU STUPPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rustty on Feb 23, 2009


Yay for 65! Go Peter

London Girl on Feb 23, 2009


I'm appalled at the hatred and misconceptions towards the LGBT communities. How can people still think homosexuality is the same as bestiality or paedophilia ? (Ever heard of the notion of consent, people ?) Gays don't make other gay. Gay parents don't make their children gay. This is right-wing Bullshit christian propaganda, that's all. "As a country, our laws should not allow such children to undergo a lifetime of ridicule and humiliation because the adoption process put them in the hands of gay parents, and because of such selfish demands of gays." You're kidding, right ? Where do ridicule and humiliation come from ? If not for religious bigots who think they're better, children would be alright with gay parents. You're the reason why these children would suffer ridicule and humiliation, not their parents. It's sad that in the twenty-first century, in supposedly the greatest country, people are still thinking backwards. Boy, am I glad to live in Europe !

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


Look, Penn is an activist, and "Milk" was about an activist - a GAY activist, who gave a lot of us the vision of being entitled to our full human rights. Of course he was going to be political in HIS time on stage - that's what he lives. When *you* earn an Academy award, you can say whatever you like and let the day-after nose pickers hate on you. And yes, he could have been a mensch toward his wife - so he gets points taken off a perfect score for that. Penn gave a great performance, and a decent, as in decency, and decent, as in imperfect, speech. For sheer charm and humility, watch Kate Winslet's acceptance speech.

bestboy on Feb 23, 2009


#76 - So, if we follow your logic, sterile people can't marry, people who don't want to have kids can't marry ? - Thanks to science, you can be gay and have children. Ever heard of artificial insemination ? In Vitro ? Friends ? (Besides, we're not in a situation in which we need people popping out babies) - Marry an opposite sex person ? How can you say that ? Would you like to have to marry a person of the same-sex because a bunch of bigots think it's the norm ? How can you say 'You can't marry the person you love because I say so !' - Homosexuality is not a movement hype. It has been there for centuries and same-sex marriage was even legal in Ancient Rome because the christian emperors outlawed it. - It's not a disease. Take your -fifty years ago- type of thinking somewhere else.

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


typo. Before the Christian Emperors outlawed it. Not because.

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


"...a country that elects an elegant man President ." Well little Sean...I can see you did not grow up in Chicago to see how many times the "elegant man" changes his story with the wind . '' where actors are courageous" tell it to the men and women who gave you the right to mouth that sanctimonious bullshit

Iwasthere on Feb 23, 2009


He"s such an idiot. But I really felt aweful for his wife. How humiliating. I noticed that neither of them wore wedding rings. In any case, after that speech if I was his wife I would probavlyll it quits.

pam-uae on Feb 23, 2009


Should of been MICKY ROURKE!!!

xerxex on Feb 23, 2009


What a wanker. I'd be embarrased to even comment on such garbage avout his political/social views. But, I do want to say that I felt aweful for his wife. That moment can never be redone and she may find that thorn will never come out. Good luck to her.

pam-dubai on Feb 23, 2009


I should feel ashamed for not wanting to change the definition of marriage? Sean Penn should feel ashamed for supporting Hugo Chavez and for neglecting to thank his wife. I give that marriage 6 months tops. She deserves better.

ellep21 on Feb 23, 2009


Knowing marriage has been redefined a lot of times throughout history (and that Christians did redefined it to be only between a man and a woman, and that fifty years ago marriage was defined as a union between a man and a woman of the same colour)? Yes, maybe you should. I don't see what's wrong with granting people the right to be happy with each other. And what with the big deal about the wife ? o_O

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


#75 "You are kidding, right? Gay parent's make a child gay? Can you show me one piece of real science that shows that? I guess I should call up my straight parents and ask them which one made me gay. I pray that you find the time to educate yourself. To all the other gay hating conservatives on here, I feel sorry for you. It must be difficult living a life filled with your obvious limitations." I didn't say your straight parents made you gay. Probably something else in life. But gay parents, on the other hand, wield an undesirable influence on kids. Gays become gay from somewhere, and having gay parents increases the likelihood. If you don't think homosexuality is nurtured, please show me some SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT IT IS GENETIC? Didn't think so. Why do perfectly straight parents have gay kids if it's genetic and should be passed down? And explain this to me... how come some people who come out of the closet later in life were once married to women and had children. I don't hang around gays so I don't have their input, but it would be impossible for a gay man to have biological children, wouldn't it, since he wouldn't be attracted to women?? Even more proof that homosexuality is a social, as opposed to genetic, condition that was picked up at some point in life through influence. A gay man with children??... well, that proves that such a man was once straight. And you ask for proof? Are you saying this following confession from a once-gay man is BS??... http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/720747/posts Perhaps you're the one that needs to educate yourself and find the real solution to your problem.

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


#89 - And gay parents can have perfectly straight children ? How does that happen in your simple world where gays are evil people out to get you ? Stop spreading stupid urban tales concocted by religious nutjob and search for real studies - First thing, biologic=/=genetic. Second thing, why do they come out later ? Becausse they were afraid of what people would say, because they would repressed themselves so hard that they'd choose a heteresexual life instead of being what they were. Because of people like you. You don't hang around gays ? So who are you to talk about them as if you know what it means to be gay ? Are you shitting me ? Or have never heard of bisexuals ? Some repressed gays can have heteresexual relationships, yes. And most of the time, it's damaging for them (mind-wise). A gay man with children can prove two things, he's been in the closet before or he's bisexual. Don't talk about what you don't know, you only make yourself look like a fool. Free Republic ? The site that banned a scientist because he dared to try and show that Evolution was a proven theory ? Talk about a frigging biased site ! You're in serious need of an education if you think all the BS you spout is the truth.

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


the hypocrisy of it all is that sean penn supports hugo chavez and the castro clan and they are NOT pro gay rights! why doesn't penn move down to venezuela? hang there for awhile. he is the worst kind of self-important gasbag and no help to those fighting for gay rights.

derby on Feb 23, 2009


#90. Again show me some SCIENTIFIC PROOF that homosexuality is genetic.

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


He didn't thank his wife at ALL! That was so sad and inconsiderate to me. He looks like he's so inconsiderate to her. She looks depressed a lot. Don't they have kids? No mention of the woman who has stood by him and his horrible temper all these years. She deserves appreciation from him 🙁

Ann on Feb 23, 2009


#90 I never said that Homosexuality was genetic. You did. I said it might be biological as you can see differences on a biological level : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biology_and_sexual_orientation#Biological_differences_in_gay_men_and_lesbians One thing you need to know is that there are no certainty that homosexuality is an inborn trait or a later choice (Btw, if I chose to be gay, did you choose to be straight ? It's a two-way street.). The fact is that examples of both exist within the LGBT community. You have to understand that this is a recent development. I'll still search for some studies on the possibility of a gay gene, even though I'm no expert on the subject. Besides, there is undeniable evidence that homosexuality is indeed natural since a great number of species have homosexual intercourse. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animals_displaying_homosexual_behaviour Last but not least, even it was a choice, why do yo care what people do ? Does it harm if two people who love each other decide to get married ?

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


Who cares if homosexuals marry or not? The really sad thing here is that most people do not realize that Sean Penn peaked in the role of Jeff Spicoli..................

Chuck on Feb 23, 2009


Cain, I'm glad you live in Europe too! California and the USA is already too full...............

Chuck on Feb 23, 2009


Too full of what ?

Cain on Feb 23, 2009


Amen, #6 and 13! When did Hollywood actors become the moral compass of this country?

Jonathan on Feb 23, 2009


I just laugh at all the anti-gay slurs. It doesn't matter too much because the world is changing, and the U.S.A. will be pushed to grant gay rights soon enough if they want to compete in a world market. In many ways, it is still one of our human-rights tragedies in this country. And we give other nations grief! As for Mr. Penn, I usually find him to be an incredible actor. Off stage he can be a louse at times. But he has every right to take his 45 seconds at an awards ceremony and tout his beliefs. Frankly, I think we was correct. Those Prop 8 supporters should be ashamed. But I am not out picketing talk radio (which is another entertainment forum for the public) and trying to shut them up for their tainted views. I don't see any difference in allowing radio to blabber on, as I do any actor that get's a few seconds on a podium.

DallasDude on Feb 23, 2009


Bummer for Robin Wright that she had to sit next to him all night and then be overlooked during his gush........he's probably still in an internal rage because Tom Hanks boffed her in Forest Gump (oh, wait....that wasn't real??..........is any of this real?........doubtful that most of the folks in those seats know where fantasy stops and reality begins)

Chuck on Feb 23, 2009


That would be human beans named Cain, or Abel...............

Chuck on Feb 23, 2009


There were so many worse speeches you should obsess over, rather than this one. As for not acknowledging his wife- he addressed it on the Oprah show on Monday, February 23rd. I think that in the heat of the moment, he began to babble, but I didn't find anything he said offensive. Rather, I agree with the last portion of equal rights, and I believe it is definitely something we should pursue. To those that don't agree with me, I do respect your beliefs, so don't go arguing with me now, because frankly, I don't really care.

Jan on Feb 23, 2009


I bet Sean Penn would laugh his ass off if he saw the clever remarks here in comments.

Shige on Feb 23, 2009


Here is why actors should act and only read the words written for them. Penn went out of his way to "praise" our articulate new President and then went on to rant about the need for Gay Rights. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Obama on record saying he feels marriage is strictly a union between a man and a woman? How does Penn rationalize a President who doesn't support Prop 8?

PAUL RUDY on Feb 23, 2009


#89 So do you have any scientific evidence that HETEROsexuality is genetic? So if sexuality is nurtured, who taught you to be straight? When did you make that decision to become straight Dirk? (assuming you are) So the "confession" of one former gay man is all the proof we need to promote hate and bigotry, to deny gay couples the ability to marry and raise children? Your right Dirk, I do have a problem. I got fired from one job just because they found out I was gay. And when my partner of 22 years was diagnosed with cancer, the doctor wouldn't let me in the hospital because I was not his spouse. I when my partner lost his ability to speak, I was denied access to his medical records because our relationship "didn't count." And when my partner died, I could not get his pension, even though we worked together build our home and family. And when I went to the cemetery, they would not put our names on the grave marker together because it "was not their policy." So yes Dirk, I do have a problem. Its people like you who try to control other peoples lives out of bigotry, hatred, misconceptions, neglect, religion......Just once, set aside your bias and put yourself into the shoes of people like me, do you really think it is OK to treat people like straight people have treated me? Would you like to be treated like this? Ken

Ken on Feb 23, 2009


There was never any doubt Sean would win. Politics always trumps talent. The entertainment industry is so out of touch with America. Any movie that 1) celebrates gays, 2) bashes conservative values or 3) slanders religion will always win. Sean is always about Sean. An ego the size of Texas, and a true limousine liberal. He will tell the rest of us have to live, and if we disagree we should be ashamed.

Alfred Hussein Neuman on Feb 23, 2009


Surprised? Not!!! Didn't see the movie - don't care to. Didn't watch the Oscars, didn't care to. I have more important things to do like cleaning my guns, inventory ammo, scan my Bible ... I don't think drugs should be legalized - especially cocaine, meth, LSD, heroin - the hard stuff. So do I let the minority of user's determine the laws I should abide by? I don't agree with homosexuality nor do I think marriage between to gay people should be allowed because it is against my belief system. I won't banish them to hell or tell them that is where they are going, neither will I judge their lifestyle. However, as long as I can vote, I will decide against the inclusion of gays and lesbians into marriage. Call me a gay basher all you want, that is your problem, not mine. Hollywood does not represent my views nor does it protect them, so Sean and all of the lefties there can vote to remove themselves from the union and take all of the crazies with them.

Kurt on Feb 23, 2009


I eat pieces of shit for breakfast... yum yum 🙂 Plus, I'm too fucking stupid to realize that my opinion really doesn't mean shit in this big world and I'm too bitter and hung up on meaningless issues to not go out and just enjoy life for what it is. I hope you read this Fmmne, life is too fucking short and you need to suck up your crap and move on with it.

Fmmne on Feb 23, 2009


Ken, I know what you mean. When I worked at NOW and they found out that I was a conservative, I was fired. No reason other than I didn't share their political beliefs. In college, whenever I spoke up and shared my opinion, I was publicly rebuked by my teachers. Often I was called names and accused of bigotry and hatred. Like you, people told me if I would just change and agree with them then I could be accepted. I also happen to be white so I am often made to feel guilty for things that happened 150 years ago. And since I am not that old, I don't even know about the practices of the 50's and 60's. It's hard to get a job with the quota's in place.

Obamie the druggie on Feb 23, 2009


#81 You said "Homosexuality is not a movement hype. It has been there for centuries and same-sex marriage was even legal in Ancient Rome because the christian emperors outlawed it." Ancient Rome is the furthest you can go back to. But marriage between one man and one woman can go back to the very beginning of the human history. Just because there were same-sex marriage through out centuries it does not means they were right. Same-sex marriage corrupted the Rome Empire. We, human being were not made to have same sex marriage. The purpose of our existence is to rule over the planet earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground." How can two people take care of so many things? By procreation. That is the norm. I am not a bigot. I do care for the people. We cannot just want God's love and not God's standard. The truth will set us free. We all need God's salvation.

pro prop 8 on Feb 23, 2009


#109 Thank you so much for your little comparison, it shows a real compassion for my situation that can't be found in very many people and shows so much about your standards of character, and judging by your response, you have non of the above.

Ken on Feb 23, 2009


If I were into beasties and wanted to marry my sheep, could we legalize marriage between a human and an animal? If I was not hurting anyone else why would anyone care? Some would think it abnormal, yes? But we discriminate against those folks that perform sex acts with furry barn critters. You are granted rights in the US by being a citizen. That does not mean do everything you want, your way. That is anarchy. If you can't get the freedoms you want in the country you live in, move to one that is more closely aligned with your view - otherwise take your minority view back home and practice your sexuality behind your closed door like everyone else. Heterosexed and proud of it!

Kurt on Feb 23, 2009


Seems like Judges 21:25 is in effect among the Hollywood elite. Too bad they don't realize the judgment that hangs over their heads 1Cor. 6:9

Dirk on Feb 23, 2009


Seriously that was one of the worst speeches I've ever heard. He's a complete idiot!!! Why do so many people think these actors are worth listening to? Most of these actors have no education and were once serving in restaurants. Come on.... would you listen to some restaurant server at TGI Fridays if they got on tv and spewed political rhetoric? Of course not, so why listen to actors and musicians when they get on a public plateform and think force us to listen to their crap? For one thing... he did not even mention his wife or family in his speech. His best friend was NOT his wife??? Also, he goes on to say how Obama is a "distinguished" guy......... GUESS WHAT SEAN? Obama opposes gay marriage. Ummm interesting that you didin't mention that. Here's my take on his horrible speech. Sean and any other person in the public spotlight needs to keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics and just act or sing or do whatever they do. We do not want to hear your "left wing" liberal views. And DO NOT get on stage on scold people that voted against gay marriage. Don't push your views on people. Liberal always preach that the conservatives are intolerant in many ways. I have come to realize that liberals are just as intolerant and need to stop contradicting themselves. So in close.... Sean, please stick to acting and keep your mouth closed from now on. Most Americans do not agree with you anyways!!!

Travis B on Feb 23, 2009


Just want to say that regardless of other people's opinions I loved Penn's speech and his courage to stand up for what he, and I, and a big section of this country think is moral and right; even when he knew that his remarks were not going to be well accepted by some people. I think that's why we are still a democracy and not a religious or even a non-religious dictatorship.

Hector on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn did not give a good speech. He is very wrong. Like it or not marriage is ordained by God as a union between a man and a woman. Man is trying to redefine what God has already ordained. That is a very dangerous thing to do. You don't have to believe me. Read the Bible. God is the Author. I know Jesus is who He says He is. Very few people choose the good road. Matthew 7:14

Maria on Feb 23, 2009


#112 This is my favourite argument from anti-gay folks, right after "it's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve"(an aside; it's not Adam and Eve either). Being sexually cruel to farm animals is a HUUUUGE leap from one human being loving another human being! And yes, the animal would be getting hurt, I would guess...you may know more about that than me Kurt?! I've talked the gay marriage issue over with my 17 year old daughter, and her take on it made the most sense I've ever heard. "It's all love Dad...it's just love". Love is good isn't it? So far, my daughter has been dating boys, but if she ever did fall in love with a girl, how can I tell her that the love she feels is wrong? Or better yet, about the same as a pervert on the farm banging sheep? How can I tell her that she doesn't deserve to be married legally, and enjoy the same commitment and closeness, than her mother and I enjoy? Use your heart, not your fears when you consider another person's rights. Remember, it's "just love", and how can that hurt you?

Peter on Feb 23, 2009


Well Done Sean! Great speech Inspiring stuff

Ted on Feb 23, 2009


Sean Penn's acceptance speech was very moving and relevant. The passing of Proposition 8 is a travesty. You may not approve of gay people (your shortcoming), but to prevent EQUAL RIGHTS (not just being labeled as "married," but to legally have the same and equal treatment when it comes to hospital rights, property rights, etc...you know, the things that are automatically assumed and granted to heteros) to ALL Americans is not only wrong, but bigoted, hateful and dangerous. *EQUAL RIGHTS (not "special" rights) FOR ALL AMERICANS!

Guytano Parks on Feb 23, 2009


#116, #113 God doesn't exist. Luke 7:14

Luke on Feb 23, 2009


Why should a democratic society be ashamed of how they voted? The majority of people in this country don't support gay marriage. For those who hold the minority position to impose their will upon the majority, well... wouldn't that be something like apartheid?

Eugene on Feb 23, 2009


I tell you what..........I am gay an dI dont expect anything special acceptance from anyone and I never have . As far as I am concerned there are way too many gay people feeling sorry for themselves.Who gives a damn whether you can be have a same sex marriage, lets face it , because you are gay there are going to be some things that are not possible, like marriage, so why dont you just be happy with who you are, and get over all this feeling sorry for yourself crap! Damn people.........

tim on Feb 23, 2009


/yawn. Where can I get a good Italian beef around here?

L on Feb 23, 2009


Society and norms are always changing and always will, so don't be pulling the Bible card every time. What about slaves? God didn't seem to give a shit about them. Not too long ago it was illegal for a black man to have consensual sex with a white woman, but it was perfectly okay for a white man to rape a black woman. Marijuana and heroin were also legal once in our country's history. The laws change with the times. Get over it. If it doesn't affect you personally, why do you care so much? Are you going to "catch" gay? Give me a break. I have a handful of friends that have one or more gay parents, and they are just fine. Nice and straight, the good old American way. And enough with the procreation bullshit. I think we have enough people in this world that gay marriage isn't going to put the human race in any type of danger of extinction. Idiots. And to all the gay bashers that are thinking of replying to this: don't bother. You guys are working yourself up over nothing. Seriously. You're not fighting for anything. You were never denied anything. Marriage is the concept it is today only because society has built it up that way, and society can tear it down. God is dead. Get over it.

jamie on Feb 23, 2009


I cannot believe the crapfest coming out of my owners mouth. The most hateful acceptance speech in history. Sean should never be nominated again.

Sean Penn's left testicle on Feb 23, 2009


Jamie (post #124) Congrats! You have officially won the award for being the biggest moron out of 125 posts. Seriously you sound like you have a 6th grade education. It amazes me that someone can be that ignorant and hard hearted. Why don't YOU get over it?

Todd on Feb 23, 2009


Homos have the same rights just like anybody else, and vice versa. If a gay man wanted to marry a woman, the marriage is legit. If a straight man wanted to marry another man, then it's illegal. Plain and simple. The law applies EQUALLY TO EVERYBODY, NOT JUST STRAIGHT MEN. If gays don't like the laws of this country, then why not just leave and go somewhere else? No one's forcing you to live in a country where you don't like the laws. Simple as that.

dirk on Feb 23, 2009


Why should anyone be ashamed for having morals and sticking to them? being a Homosexual is a choice not race or gender!! You should apologize to all those you have offended Sean!!

Thraxz13 on Feb 23, 2009


hey number 128, if you think being gay is a choice, then you dont have the first damn clue of what you are talking about.

tim on Feb 23, 2009


Seriously that was one of the worst speeches I've ever heard. He's a complete idiot!!! Why do so many people think these actors are worth listening to? Most of these actors have no education and were once serving in restaurants. Come on…. would you listen to some restaurant server at TGI Fridays if they got on tv and spewed political rhetoric? Of course not, so why listen to actors and musicians when they get on a public plateform and think force us to listen to their crap? For one thing… he did not even mention his wife or family in his speech. His best friend was NOT his wife??? Also, he goes on to say how Obama is a "distinguished" guy……… GUESS WHAT SEAN? Obama opposes gay marriage. Ummm interesting that you didin't mention that. Here's my take on his horrible speech. Sean and any other person in the public spotlight needs to keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics and just act or sing or do whatever they do. We do not want to hear your "left wing" liberal views. And DO NOT get on stage on scold people that voted against gay marriage. Don't push your views on people. Liberal always preach that the conservatives are intolerant in many ways. I have come to realize that liberals are just as intolerant and need to stop contradicting themselves. So in close…. Sean, please stick to acting and keep your mouth closed from now on. Most Americans do not agree with you anyways!!!

Travis on Feb 23, 2009


I should not bother but I can't let pass such ignorance. #81 Same-sex corrupted Ancient Rome ? Citation needed. Where the hell do you get that claim ? Ancient Rome was mainly bisexual, people did not care about who you were shagging, contrary to our modern societies in which your sexual lives is anyone's business. Stop trying to legislate with your God. Not everyone believe in it. Besides, the US is a secular nation, not a christian. I don't care about salvation or any crap, religion can come up with. I just want to be happy and able to marry the one I love. Why is that so hard to understand ??? #112 Are you seriously using the same bestiality BS ? Ever heard of the notion of consent ? A Same-sex marriage is an union between two consenting adults. Animals can't consent. Your point is not valid. Try to use your brain next time. #116 Marriage is not the property of god. Marriage existed before monotheistic religion took a hold of it. You have no authority on marriage by the state. (Btw, God is not the author of the bible. Men are.) #122 So we should jsut let them take our right to happiness away ? #124 I might be the only one to think that but good post. #127 This must be one of the most ignorant and bigoted comment I could ever read. How would you feel if you had to marry someone you don't like ? How would you feel if you weren't in the 'norm' and someone was just telling to marry someone of the same-sex ? Why do you have the right to marry the person you love, and gays can't ? Why is it that you want to prevent people to be happy while it's never going to harm you in any way ? Why do want to impose your beliefs on others ? How does it affect you that I would marry the man I love ? America was supposed to be the country of freedom and you know what ? Thanks to religion, bigotry and ignorance prevent people from being free. I'm disgusted at the reaction of some people here, it just proves that bigotry is indeed everywhere. #128 Did you choose to be straight ? Did you ? If you didn't, then I did choose to be gay. #129 YOU are pushing YOUR views on gays by taking away THEIR rights. Why does it matter to you that gays can marry ? Why do you want to prevent people in love from marrying each other ? Liberals are intolerant, right. And conservatives are very very nice people /sarcasm.

Cain on Feb 24, 2009


#131. Be gay all you want, but please please don't drag others down with you. Stay in the closet. You say it doesn't affect me? Did you ever think about kids and their exposure to gays and how they may turn out gay by overexposure? So if a father loves his daughter he she be allowed to marry her? Is this what's next!

dirk on Feb 24, 2009


if you have a problem with gay marriage then don't marry a gay person. And stay out of other peoples lives and let them do what they want.

truth on Feb 24, 2009


Drag down others ? Stay in the closet ? Classy as always. I shouldn't have expected any less from you. Do you actually know that kids don't mind two fathers or two mothers unless their parents told them it's bad ? And please, you DONT turn gay by overexposure to gays. Stop with the BS. (Do you have any proof of people turning gay by 'overexposures' to the gays ? And I mean proof from unbiased site.) Incest =/= Homosexuality. Thanks for the bad analogy, you really learned the 'How to be a typical homophobic bigot.' by heart. First, there is the question of consent (if it began before majority, she cannot give her consent.) Second, there are biological risks for any offsprings. I'm done debating with you. It's useless when the only response is I should stay in the closet. (typo in my comment #131. Should be : 'If you did not, then I did not choose to be gay')

Cain on Feb 24, 2009


You wanna talk about risks???!! What about AIDS?! It's has been scientifically proven that AIDS has been exponentially more prevalent in gays than in straights. Are you saying that gay unions, which inevitably spread and promote the disease, don't have an impact on society?! Fool.

dirk on Feb 24, 2009


#133. Stay out of people's lives?? Look who's talking. The people have voted. The results are in, and California DO NOT want gay marriage. Enough said. If you want to stay out of people's lives, then don't criticize their vote. People voted, we all live by the law, now shut up and leave people alone.

dirk on Feb 24, 2009


I can't believe I'm still responding to you. Please educate yourself. First, show me your scientific proof that today AIDS is more prevalent in gays than in straights (unbiased sites). Considering Africa is the most affected by AIDS and is mostly heterosexual, we can clearly say that this is just another lie coming from the homophobes. AIDS is not 'gay disease'. Sexual promiscuity is one of the main factor for AIDS. And sexual promiscuity is present in homosexuality as much as heterosexuality. Promoting monogamous relationships will spread AIDS. Gay marriage will promote AIDS. You fail at plain logic and I'm the fool. Do you see an epidemy of AIDS in Europe when gay marriage and equal civil unions have been granted to the LGBT community ?

Cain on Feb 24, 2009


#137. 54% of male cases of AIDS cases in the United States are via "male-to-male sexual contact." (62% when combined with drug use.) I'd say that's pretty significant. And only 6% from "high-risk heterosexual contact." Source is the Centers for Disease Control. I'd say that's pretty unbiased. Government scientists speaking. Who's the fool now? http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/surveillance/resources/reports/2007report/table21.htm

dirk on Feb 24, 2009


You're starting to be pretty funny, you know 😉 You're a typical fundie 😉 We're in 2009, not 2007. Things have changed. 54% is hardly significant. It's barely above half the cases. And if you want to play that game, lesbians have the smallest risk of catching HIV of all sexual orientation. Btw, you don't know how to read a chart. The total (all nationalities added) is 51% for male-to-male sexual contact and 10% for high-risk heteresexual contact (aka Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for, HIV infection.) It still doesn't change the fact that it's stupid to say that monogamous relationships will spread AIDS. Way to miss the point.

Cain on Feb 24, 2009


Honestly, my "grandchildren will be ashamed ..."? Why? Because I have morals and choose to live by the Word of The Bible and not by the word of some Hollywood actor who sold out beliefs and morals for the almighty dollar? Mickey Rourke tagged him best by calling him one of the biggest homophobes ever. He just forgot to add "who sold out for a movie role" in the statement. Penn, among others, needs to realize the people he addressed in the audience are not the same people who viewed the show on television. Hollywood is upset with the ban. The majority of California isn't. The votes prove that. He's just another Hollywood spokesman.

Doobie on Feb 24, 2009


#131 I would feel differently about gay people being able to marry, if I thought they wanted to marry for the same reason that a man and woman marry. i would say that most gay people would want to marry , just to show people that they can, BIG HUGE DIFFERENCE.................

tim on Feb 24, 2009


Look at the cumulative totals dummy, not just 2007. And are you forgetting that 2007 was only 14 months ago? Yeah, a lot has really changed since then. And no, monogamous relationships don't spread AIDS, but fag-fucking does. That's been proven by the CDC. Face it buddy, fags are doomed. All the rest of us just ask that you don't take us down with you.

dirk on Feb 24, 2009


Sorry, it sucked. http://townhall.com/cartoons/2009/02/24/3

Morbius on Feb 24, 2009


Many great societies in the history of the world have met their demise from moral and social decay, and today's Western nations, including America, are no different. The U.S. is in a great period of moral decline in big part thanks to the liberal idiots like Penn and his fellow Hollywood morons, who use their fame to support and advance acceptance of homosexuality and Communism. He will ultimately pay for his stupidity, but for now, all we can do is ignore his ignorant gas expulsions.

MikeG on Feb 24, 2009


and, oh yes.....it's a proven fact that far and away, the type of sex that male homos have is by far the biggest spreader of AIDS. This is a punishment from the Almighty, and if you don't believe that, fine, but it must smell bad where you have your head stuck!

MikeG on Feb 24, 2009


I thought Sean Penn's acceptance speech was amazing. All the people who have said his speech 'had no coherant sentences' or that he must be 'illiterate' the 'idiot', I don't get it. His was genuine and certainly not self-indulgent, unlike many. His speech had a beautiful message and his oscar was fully deserved. (Some people don't need to declare their love for their wife when it's true and meaningful). But that is not the issue. I was shocked at how many narrow-minded, pig-headed people have written on this site. I don't understand what makes people think that they are better than gay people; that homosexuality is some sort of evil. I thought God taught people to love all people. How sad that people live in the past still. People are too quick to generalise; 'Muslims will ruin europe and our rights will be gone'. This is such a load of crap! These are the people I hate: the people who see the group and not the individual. Well, when I read the comments here - one's from the racists and the homophobes - I see cruel individuals. I would like to know what has lead you to these disgraceful views. I do not judge ALL gay people the same, nor ALL muslims the same, or ALL travelling people the same, but I do view the people who bitterly generalise as the true evil in this world. You can dress it up how you like, it is twisted. I do not worry that there are people who want gay marriages, or if there are immigrants in my country; I worry that there are people so ignorant that they feel they should spread their bitterness. Sean Penn's speech was brave and original. He is more of a person than any of the people who have expressed their racist views. You should feel shamed.

well done sean on Feb 24, 2009


Well with 147 posts you can see that this is still a relevant, controversial topic. When did the events in the movie happen again... and yet still we see this.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 24, 2009


Wow, Dirk, #35, you sound certifiably stupid. Remarkable, really. I'm sure you couldn't be as dumb as your comment. Expand your thinking, brother.

cynthia on Feb 24, 2009


To everyone who's said this was fair- How can you say this is fair when you have all the rights in the world, and so many can't wed the one they love? Aren't we, as Americans, better than that? We call ourselves civilized, but if you look at it in retrospect, we might possibly be the most narrow minded nation in this sense. I think what we've done- and I'd be referring to the passing of Prop 8- is absolutely ridiculous. It's discriminatory, and it goes against the constitution- the alleged law of the land. And #132- I think your comment was completely ignorant. The relationship between two people in the case we're speaking of, and the case of father and daughter are completey different. You're rather idiotic to be playing that card, no?

Jan on Feb 24, 2009


dirk: please go die.

nick on Feb 24, 2009


Nick, #50. Sorry, I'm not a fag so I don't have AIDS.

dirk on Feb 25, 2009


Hey Sean....shut up and try and continue acting. No one cares what some low life actor thinks about politics! Are we really that sad that we give these under educated slackers a stage to speak on?! Shame on us for giving these fools an audience!!!!! Spicoli is dead to me now!!!!!!!!

Spicoli on Feb 25, 2009


Ah..nah..he can spout out what he wants..that's his perogative. Free speech and all..but ah..that's about all I gotta say on that.

Bry from Chi on Feb 25, 2009


I'm sick of people saying that we shouldn't give 'these uneducated, low-lifes the chance to talk on stage'. That's such a crap generalisation and it looks down on people who are uneducated or not as clever. Does this stop people from having an opinion? People who have had little education can still know right from wrong. Sean Penn is not a fool; he stands up for what he believes in and actors should use their opportunity to spread their views. It's all the people who say that these 'actors are under educated' who are the under educated ones. Education has nothing to do with a person's heart and there is a different kind of cleverness; emotional. I think people are jealous.

well done sean on Feb 25, 2009


Jealous of what dumb ass? You want to have the miserable life of some liberal hollywood hypocrite that contradicts themselves on a national stage? It is people like you that keeps the ignorance running. Freedumb speech! Classic!!!! He is not a fool.....he made claims to Obama and gay marriage in the same speech.....what is your definition of fool? If it makes you feel good right????? You are so right....screw morals! Follow your heart....you won't be alone where you are going:)

Well done? on Feb 25, 2009


Wow, you are right! I am stupid....I can't believe I can remember to breathe. I wonder what Paris Hilton thinks????? I am on pins and needles.....holding my breath! Please grow up!

well done sean on Feb 25, 2009


To everyone. You don't need to be educated to have feelings and morals. Values, beliefs, they are internal, and although external events affect us, usually we can develop an opinion by ourselves and how we react. No one can help how they feel. They can, however, keep obscenities, racism, degrading comments, and anti-homosexuality remarks to themselves. If that is how you feel, so be it, but you must be aware that parading the bible or your conservative traditions are not going to get you any further. It is no longer the day and age of the traditional man-woman-children relationship. Women are empowered and can do whatever they want, including choosing a single life, loving another woman, etc. Men can do the same thing. Heterosexual couples may even choose not to have children. It is anyone's choice. Whatever makes you happy, that is what you should be able to do. No where in the bible that I am aware of does it say to punish someone for loving another person. Love is what everyone is forgetting here. Really, it is all that matters. Freedom, the pursuit of happiness, Love. A lasting relationship with someone who matters to you. No one should be judged on who they love. It has no affect on anyone else. Things we should be more concerned about- abusive relationships, where a man or a woman is being harmed by their partner. Divorce, it's affect on the children. Controlling relationships, where a woman cannot have a career. Relationships where women are beaten, forced to do their husband's bidding, and are too afraid to leave. Oddly enough, this does not seem to happen nearly as often in same-sex relationships. A sense of equality between two people is the most important factor in a successful relationship. Not their gender, age, appearance, etc.... Attraction to another human being is an absolutely natural thing and it is not something a person chooses. The emotions and attraction you feel when you are in love with someone is incomparable to anything else in the world. No one should feel scared, or as if they are in the wrong for being in love. Proposition 8 is degrading, old fashioned, and truly an abomination for the most "advanced" country in the world. I am not trying to start a fight with anyone I simply wanted to say how I feel. Sean Penn played an extraordinary character in the movie Milk. He absolutely deserved to win, this is not to say any of his opponents were any less deserving, he simply won, and someone had to win. The fact that he did win is a great thing. By taking on this difficult role he was hoping to make a difference and open up people's minds to how inspirational Harvey Milk really was. It is so unfortunate to see everyone arguing over such silly things when we are forgetting we are all part of the same family. We are all human beings. We all wish to be accepted, loved, and treated as well as everyone else. No one deserves to be denied the right to a beautiful marriage. The gay community should be commended for accepting such a huge insult with dignity and rising above the ignorance and rudeness they are being faced with. We are all equal. We all deserve to love, and be loved. And we all deserve to be happy. To say you are better than someone else, who you have never even met, is absurd and ignorant. To say you are above a group of people, is cruel and pompous. If I were an American, I would pray that in a time of change with a black man being elected president, that equality for the gay community would be recognized as well. Although I am a straight female, I do have friends and relatives who are gay/lesbian/bisexual. Never would it occur to me to tell them they cannot have a relationship with who they love. It seems so wrong. When was I ever given the power to tell people who they can love and marry? Never. No one has ever been given that power. The fact that Prop 8 was even successful is really mind-boggling. I think it just shows that people are afraid of change. Well open your eyes, minds, and hearts- by denying them marriage homosexuals are not going to go away. They will put up a fight, they will defend their honour, as much as you would if heterosexuals were denied the right to marriage. Peace&love.

canadian. on Feb 26, 2009


Canadian, why would you label people as being "scared of change" because they believe homosexuality isn't the way to go? Just because you don't think something is right doesn't mean you're scared of it or find the need to go with the flow and accept it as "change". You called banning Prop 8 "old fashioned and an abomination". If living by The Word is old fashioned then so be it. The Word doesn't "change" or need to come up to date with todays society regardless of the issue at hand. It's right there in black, white and red wording. And in that black, white and red wording it states that one should love the sinner but hate the sin. Hence, the ban on Prop 8 isn't necessarily hating on homosexuals but, it does show the majority of people in California don't agree with that lifestyle and the expectations those wanting to live it are fighting for. Yes, there are people (outside of Hollywood) that believe it's a sin and, just like you not liking homosexuals referred to in negative ways, it's not up to you to call such beliefs "degrading", "pompous" or an "abomination". It's your way of thinking that many have taken on. That's why this country is in the shape it is ... toleration of sin. Just look the other way and it isn't happening, right? Well, someone else is watching and knows that you're not living for Him. BTW, your admiration for Penn in this role is disgusting. Penn sold out for the dollar, not for homosexual rights. Even Mickey Rourke knows that!

Doobie on Feb 26, 2009


Homosexuality is wrong, and frankly it's disgusting. Today, as well as through out history the overwhelming majority of the world has looked down upon such acts of immorality. Try getting away with that stuff over in the Middle East. People say it is wrong for me to oppose homosexuality, because I'm imposing my morals upon somebody else. Well those same people are doing the same thing by imposing their morals on me, telling me I'm wrong to say they're wrong. Follow me? I truly believe that when a gay person looks themself in the mirror, they wonder... "What is wrong with me?" They spend their lives trying to convince society, but most importantly themselves that it is ok to be gay. Until one day when one of two things happen; either they repent and turn from their wicked ways, or they turn themselves over to the flesh and are therefore delivered into their own sinful desires which ensures their destruction. You people do and say what you will. Someday we'll all find out the truth. One of us is right and the other is wrong.

Eugene on Feb 26, 2009


Speaking as a straight male, "Milk" is an beautiful film anchored by an extraordinary performance by sean penn. Despite the fact that mickey rourke was hauntly good in "The Wrestler", I deff felt that sean penns performance had more depth, and the story revolving around his character needed to be bought to light this oscar season. Being brought up strictly not to discriminate, Homosexuality doesn`t faze me. I don`t care about gay people being gay, let them, whats the harm? I personally say we should allow gays to marry cause all this hate over homosexuals is nonsense, and if you truly find homosexuals disgusting and horrible, grow up. The more you protest against homosexuality, the stronger it will get. So get used to it, cause homosexuals are going to be around for a while. Like...permanently =)

buddhistwisdom7 on Feb 26, 2009


To #155, I am sad to read your reply because people who respond in the way you do seem very angry and vitriolic. About your last sentence, I would rather be alone than spend time with right wing fascist who aren't prepared to let people live their lives in a different way.

well done sean on Feb 27, 2009


We live in a democracy. If you don't like it, then leave. We live in a great country. If you don't like it, then leave. The people have spoken. The people don't want fags to marry. End of story. If you don't like it, then why don't all you fags and fag-lovers get out of the country. Nobody's forcing you to stay.

dirk on Feb 27, 2009


We should just all shut up about this- it'll always be he said she said about it. People are entitled to their own opinions. Just back off, and move on. Argue about this where you can make a difference.

Jan on Feb 27, 2009


absolutely #164...................people should take your example

tim on Feb 28, 2009


since when should people be ashamed of voicing their opinion? that was the worst acceptance speech ever

kate on Mar 1, 2009


To all of the anti-gay rights bloggers: You are the quintessential, ignorant asshole. You are the shining example of the fearful and narrow-minded direction this country was dragged in over the last 8 years. Brain-washed with fear that Islamic terrorists and homosexuals would somehow steal your freedom away, I’m sure you ran to the ballot box and voted for the King of Ignorant Assholes, George W. Bush. Instructed by God himself to invade a country that had nothing to do with the actual enemies that killed Americans on American soil, Bush built an army of brainless, scared twits like you. The fear spread like a disease…ban stem cell research, ban funding for planned parenthood, send Americans to die in Iraq for nothing, let blacks, homosexuals, and any other non-Caucasian male die (unless of course they join the Republican party and pledge allegiance to the bloated, drug-addict Rush Limbaugh). You are ignorant enough to believe that allowing any two humans to marry would somehow promote sex crimes. Funny thing is it’s usually the white males sitting at home naked (like you); wrapped in the Confederate flag, jerking off to the Kohl’s catalog and the pseudo-female anchors on Fox news. Typically, these are the same people raised in so-called conservative homes, living under the fear of God and the wonderful “traditional” values. Their Jesus loving, right-wing daddies fucked them in the ass on countless evenings, leading them to search out other little boys and girls in their adult lives. It’s not the gay, black, or even the so-called non-religious community committing these acts. It’s the fear mongering, Religious Right. Why is it always the ones professing the highest degree of faith that exhibit the highest degree of hate and fear? If Jesus is going to save you, why are you so scared? Afraid you might like the taste of the same sex….afraid we might be called the United States of Muslims…afraid people might realize God and religion haven’t really done a fucking thing for humanity….afraid people might wonder why the majority of Catholic priests are gay, pedophiles…afraid people might realize Jesus was just a powerful, human leader of a movement and couldn’t really walk on water or turn water to wine…afraid people will realize Santa Claus doesn’t really fly across the globe in one night delivering presents only to some children…afraid people will realize Jonah could never real live in a whale and Adam and Eve probably looked like baboons. It’s all about fear. You simply are big pussies. It’s not toleration of sin that’s the problem. It’s those frightened little creatures who think they have the authority or divine knowledge to define sin.

Joey Marione on Mar 10, 2009


#167 can't stand intolerance toward homosexuals but yet has no tolerance for Christians himself and goes on and on about it with name calling and references that Christians are frightened, sexual predators. Hmmm. Seems to me he should practice his own advice. Maybe he could if he'd step a little to the right and exit the apparent fantasy land in which he lives. Joey's not a lost cause though ... he does refer to God, which means he knows He exists. But, one would think since he knows God exists that he could find the definition of sin right in The Bible like all readers can and probably have. I don't need an authority to tell me, Joey. I can read for myself. As could you. And, I venture to say you have during sometime in your life. You just don't want to accept that sin is all around you. It's much easier to live a sinful life than a Christian life. If you live a sinful life there's no temptations to resist. No liberal laws that go into effect that you're bothered by. There's nothing you "shouldn't" do. Nothing or nobody anywhere to offend you. Ever. Well, with the exception of the few pesky Christians scattered about yet. As for me, I plan to reap rewards for following God's word. The rewards will be much more gratifying than any I could ever receive for following the advice or example of mortal man. Mortal man = one who lets their morals deteriorate or all together decline just to pacify earthly friends. Oh, by the way, Joey ... not all Christians are Republicans. There is that little party called "The Independent Party", don't ya know.

Doobie on Mar 10, 2009


Doobie, God exists. The problems of the world today are the result of "mortal man" creating his "fantasy" of what God is and what he wants. Fools like you want to push your version of God on the rest of the intelligent and critical world. This is why "mortal man,” as you say, wrote the little story book called the Bible. It is a good read. Just as good as any other piece of fantasy fiction with good vs. evil themes. The mortals who "let their morals deteriorate or all together decline just to pacify earthly friends" wrote this little story book out of fear….fear of being alone…fear that we are just creatures...fear that their “morals would deteriorate” in a society with no boundaries. So fearful in fact they created the escape hatch of eternal life and forgiveness of sin if they only believe. This escape hatch of eternal life has led to the bloodiest of wars and spread of hatred. Fearful fools clamoring to be at the front door of heaven. The Christians are just as bad as the Muslims; both kill in the name of their God, so don’t preach to anyone about the righteousness of Christianity. We’re all born with a sense of right and wrong. Some just choose to ignore it. Following your Christian bullshit code, a starving baby in a refugee camp in Africa is born a sinner. If you’re pathetic enough to need an instruction guide written thousands of years ago by “mere mortals” who didn’t have a clue about the world they lived in, then best of luck to you on your search for salvation. My knowledge of right and wrong comes from common sense and compassion; not a written guide you dummy. Before you spew bullshit, please cite the exact sections of the Bible indicating where homosexuality is a sin, according to the mortals who wrote it. I know. I’m supposed to believe that God instructed these baboons what to write. If I do that, I will be free of the chains that bind me. Thousands of years ago, along with killing, adultery, and stealing, God considered queers? I don’t see this anywhere in the Ten Commandments. Do you believe they were really authored by God? Whose God? What God? Earth’s God or only the God who fathered Jesus? A God so powerful he still needed the womb of a mere mortal Mary to father him? Why not just send him down like the tablets of the Ten Commandments? That would be much more exciting for the story. Why would falling in love with the same sex be a sin? How does it compare to the moral foundations in the Ten Commandments, i.e. killing, sleeping with someone else’s spouse, stealing? Please help us “sinners” understand? Please tell me what the reward will be when your worm-ridden corpse is buried 10 feet under the ground and all you have left behind is intolerance for anything remotely different than your thousand year old, mortal-authored instruction manual? You are right. There are many Christians who are Democrats and or Independents. Unfortunately it happens to be the Republican Party who claims expertise on the area of Christian values and it is also the Republican Party whose balls are in the hands of the Christian zealots who want to mandate their twisted and intolerant views. Falwell, a king in the Republican Party, has said Jews can't go to heaven unless they accept Christ, and on The 700 Club (wonderful show by the way), that gays and feminists bore responsibility for 9/11. Oh yes, he’s going to heaven because he believes God had a son with super powers who let himself be tortured and crucified so I could sin, ask for forgiveness, and then go to heaven. What a fucking handy system! Leaves the door wide open for intolerant bullshit and hate in the name of Christ.

Joey Marione on Mar 11, 2009


Right on Joey!

Batboy 2010 on Mar 11, 2009


Doobie - You must have smoked a doobie. Is this your own - "Mortal man = one who lets their morals deteriorate or all together decline just to pacify earthly friends." You think Ghandi, MLK, Mother Teresa, or even Saint Peter's morals deteriorated? You obviously know jack shit about the basis of the religion you profess to follow. I think Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs also professed to know the words of God. They just were too busy making Kool-Aid and screwing under-age girls to write it all down like the authors of the Bible did. Had a lot of time on their hands back when there was nowhere to go and nothing to do except contemplate their miserable existence.

moovee lover on Mar 11, 2009


#168 Joey, Honestly, I didn't read your entire post because it's malicious and rather boring. From what I did manage to read, I feel you're confusing your overwhelming burden of hate and disgust with "compassion". Hate and disgust, which has been generated by a world in moral decline, is filling many hearts and souls these days. I don't disagree with all you say nor, do I agree with all of it. My point has been that now, more than ever, people need to cling to their Father and their morals. It's sooooo much easier to be a sinner than a believer. I know that for sure ... I was one. But, just because it's easier doesn't mean it's right or should be legal. And one last thing for you, my friend. God does not bring hurt upon people. You've probably heard the inaccurate saying, "God won't give me anything I can't handle"?? Well, God does not deliver grief to anyone. Period. Satan doles it out. But, God will lift you out of hurt, trouble, disease and anything else satan deals you. All you have to do is ask Him. That's all, just ask. Your problem with religion and God is a confused one. Be mad at satan, rule him out. Don't be angry with God. Invite him into your heart and see what He does for you. #170 moovee lover. No human is infalliable. Period. That includes the pope, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and the others. Why must you confuse and relate every religion to the few that have been morally awash? Not all churches make suicide pacts, screw their congregation or children or secretary. There ARE good churches out there. With you being such a 'moovee lover', I'm sure you can tell the difference in men and women in the 60's and those of today. Of course there was scandal but, not nearly as much as there is today. Hollywood is running rampant with it and I suppose the majority of it could be attributed to immoral decisions they've made. Granted, I should have included the words "the majority of mortal ...". I'll give ya that. Not everyone is morally kaput.

Doobie on Mar 17, 2009


Sean -Uncle was in the movie biz -born and bred in Malibu -'renegade outsider' -Penn and Matt -Dad's a stockbroker, Mom had friends in the movie biz -and Hollywood slickmeister William Goldman -really wrote my 'original breakthrough' screenplay -Damon -WHat do they have to say about their industry being finanacially on its knees before the greatest genocidal monsters of all time across the Pacific? 70,000,000 'peacetime' murders in the name of 'the people' ---and STILL climbing! I mean -that's not yesterday's burrito folks! These Lefties! ---so middle-class!

DR DTX on Nov 23, 2009


Sean Penn made himself look like a whacked out homosexual wanna-be with his speech! A STRAIGHT man standing before millions crying about the state of gay marriage? Cryning! LITERALLY CRYING!! I'm SURE his soon to be ex wife , the beautiful Robin Wright was surely impressed. Maybe if Sean had put HALF as much emotion and passion into his own GOD-SANCTIONED, MALE/FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE marriage, he wouldn't look like such a nut-case. My advice to Sean Penn...NEVER play a gay man again.

Ashlee on Dec 31, 2009


The Bible has yet to be proven wrong on ANY matter, whether it be scientific, mathematical, spiritual, educational, sociological, physical, etc. The simple message of Jesus Christ was to Love God, and to Love One Another as You'd Love Yourself. Yes, homosexuality is an abomination and punishable by death and eternity in Hell, as the Bible CLEARLY states, but that is NOT for US to judge. We are to speak truth and love and grace to EVERYONE, and pray that they come to the Lord. However misguided, Sean Penn appears to care a great deal about his fellow man. He could work wonders if his beliefs were aligned with God's Truth!

Jake on Dec 31, 2009


Hey 12...129...If homosexuality isn't a choice, what is it? WHO chooses who you have sex with other than you? 128 is right. Don't try to plug this crap that gays are born gay. EVERY human is born knowing that a man and a woman make babies, and populate the world, and that's how the world is supposed to be. If YOU CHOOSE to have sex with someone of the same SEX, it's because YOU CHOSE to do so. Right? Or did someone else make you do it? Twisted your arm perhaps? Held a gun to your head? No. Sorry. You made the choice. You did it. You kept doing it. And now you call yourself "gay". And you blame the world, and you blame God. If it was SUCH a wonderful lifestyle, why are you blaming people?

Winston on Dec 31, 2009


157 Canadian...I am Canadian too. You make VERY good secular points, but you miss the Bible teaching ALTOGETHER. You say "Nowhere in the Bible that I know of does it say that two people can't love each other." Taken in direct context, you're right! The Bible commands us to love one another. However, NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that engaging in sexual intercourse with a member of the same sex is accepted. Loving someone and having sex with them are two TOTALLY different things. The Bible makes that VERY clear! Laying down with a member of the opposite sex is an abomination in God's eyes. Heterosexuals will never be denied the "right" to marriage, because THAT is what marriage is...a union of a man and a woman, coming together for the express purpose of procreation. I really suggest re-reading your Bible...you seem to have skipped the most important parts.

John on Dec 31, 2009


A question for 131...are you Joy Behar?

Kyle on Dec 31, 2009


76...RIGHT ON!!! 28...I don't wish California a fall into the ocean, but I agree otherwise. 162 - your language is harsh, but correct. 17 - can't argue with the logic. 87 - she sure does. 34 - I would surely say it. He'd be too drunk or high or incoherent to respond. 105 - Be treated shitty on Earth and you just may enjoy an everlasting life in Heaven. Jesus did it. Pick your battles. 116 - Amen brother! 121 - yes! it would.

Farron on Dec 31, 2009


I am a straight male who does not know Sean Penn at ALL! I live about 853 miles from him. But if I felt uncomfortable, awkward, and a little dirty listening to his tearful, grotesque support for men to have the right to marry, how must his poor wife have felt??? If I was Robin Penn, I would have fled the room in utter embarrassment and filed divorce papers that night. EARLY PREDICTION: That Oscar Night was Sean Penn's early coming out bar mitzvah.

Dylan on Dec 31, 2009


I like being gay. It is FINALLY cool and acceptable. I like wearing stylish clothes, and people thinking I'm hip. I enjoy anal sex even though nothing can come of it other than profuse bleeding, pain, and a potentially severed prostate! I LOVE that most of my family will NEER understand or accept me. Who needs family??? I have to live for me! I don't need God or salvation because other than creating the world, what's he ever done for me? Gay is the way!!!!!!! If it weren't for gay, we'd have...human beings that exist! And happy families! And delightful children! But I digress. Everyone be gay. It's fun! And cool! I was BORN knowing that my anus was MEANT for sodomy! After all, it was made legal in the 60's, wasn't it??

Xavier on Dec 31, 2009


I would just like to state the obvious here: HOMOSEXUALS ARE GAAAAYYYYYYYYy!!! Heterosexuals are STRAIGHT; Hence, the label "straight" and not crooked. Anuses were meant for the poop to come out.

Plowdal on Feb 14, 2010


I think he is a great actor but also I think that he needs to be on medication sometimes 🙂

business on Mar 12, 2010

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