Second Full-Length Trailer for Disney's A Christmas Carol

September 28, 2009
Source: Apple

A Christmas Carol Trailer

No more than two weeks after Disney finally put the first teaser trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol online, they've released a second full-length theatrical trailer for the movie (via Apple). I'm sure this footage will look a lot better in 3D, but it still looks like a wild ride. I'm still looking forward to this, more so to see the darker version of Charles Dickens' story, but now I'm bit concerned. The later half of this trailer either has Scoorge flying through the air or riding on a giant icicle, which makes me believe there's going to be a lot of 3D gimmicks that involve flying and sliding. Anyway, I'm sure it'll still be entertaining. Thoughts?

Watch the official trailer for Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the official trailer for A Christmas Carol in High Definition on Apple

A Christmas Carol is both written and directed by filmmaker extraordinaire Robert Zemeckis, of everything from Back to the Future to Who Framed Roger Rabbit to Forrest Gump to Contact to his past CGI movies The Polar Express and Beowulf previously. It's based on Charles Dickens' classic story. Jim Carrey stars as at least four different characters in the film, alongside of Gary Oldman, Robin Wright Penn, Colin Firth, Cary Elwes, and Bob Hoskins. Disney will debut A Christmas Carol in theaters on November 6th this fall.

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Looks amazing! A christmas without A Christmas Carol is no christmas at all.

N on Sep 28, 2009


Hmm looks shoddy - aimed at kids with no imagination. There looks to be very little story development, lots of silly shouting and over the top scenes. DVD at best.

dom on Sep 28, 2009


wow...looks like someone just killed a classic

ClerksFan on Sep 28, 2009


hahah. That was awesome.

Steve on Sep 28, 2009


dom's got it right - aimed at the kids. I'll pass.

CatieLee on Sep 28, 2009


This looks like shit. Why are these trailers so fucking long?

Fuelbot on Sep 28, 2009


Still very disappointed with the CGI work... Video games have better graphics then that.

DJ Sil3nt on Sep 28, 2009


All of the above. Not even ol' Jim Carrey could save this one. BUT-- haven't seen the movie yet. Who knows?

lamb of pierre on Sep 28, 2009


Bram Stoker kept his credit, as did Mary Shelley though it seems Charles Dickens sold out to Disney did he!?

Kevin on Sep 28, 2009


Jesus fucking christ, it's worse than I thought. @#9 - Kevin: If Dickens were alive I'm sure he'd be more than happy to have Disney's name on this pile of crap. I mean wtf. Does no one understand the concept of this story anymore? It's not supposed to be funny and exciting. It's supposed to make you reflect on your past and ask yourself what sort of person you are and what sort of person you'd like to be. It's a fucking character drama, not a god damn action comedy. I'd like to have at least one fucking version to get it right, please. The last several decades have yielded nothing but crap versions of this story made for kids. Why the hell do they have to dumb shit down and pander to families all the god damn time. It's a very adult story. Why not tell it the way it's written in the god damn book? For once? Tarantino's gonna have to do a version next year just to balance this fucking thing out. Scrooge runs a prostitution ring and sells cocaine on the side. He gets visited by some ghosts who show him the past, present and future. In his past you get to see how he came to power, but abused his women and got greedy. In the present you get to see Cratchet is even willing to prostitute his own daughters in order to pay for Tiny Tim's medical bills. His wife is also a crack whore. He beats her. In the future Tim is dead, Scrooge is dead, Cratchet is on death row for brutally murdering his wife and the one bitch Scrooge loved shoots herself after being raped in an alley behind the strip club she works at now. God I can't wait for that version. Of course, then only thing Scrooge changes on christmas day is to shoot that son of a bitch Cratchet. Bastard was holding out to pay for his brat's medical bills.

Squiggly_P on Sep 28, 2009


Love the whole look of this trailer compared to the previous one.

John on Sep 29, 2009


Hmm, flying through the air, screaming...... was there anything else I missed?

Tim on Sep 30, 2009


@ Squiggly. Was all that necessary? I read the book at least 3 times a year EVERY year and it's obvious by your language and outlook on life that you CLEARLY have no idea what the original story is about. It's about Christian redemption. Try reading it sometime. The 1951 "Scrooge" with Alastair Sim is the closest to the original that I've ever seen while the 1984 "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott closely matches much of the original dialogue from the book.

Ray on Oct 4, 2009


A nightmare before Christmas.

EyE cOn on Nov 6, 2009

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