See Nicolas Cage, Run Cage Run - New Knowing Photos

February 5, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

See Nicolas Cage, Run Cage Run - New Knowing Photos

Can it get any more unexciting than this? While I'm actually excited to see Knowing, this new batch of photos found over on SlashFilm is instead, just plain boring. We get three new photos of Nic Cage running, running, and kneeling. Oh, how so very interesting! Realistically, these are utter trash and should never have been put out. So why the heck am I running them? Good question! Well, because there's nothing better to talk about at the moment, especially considering I'm sitting in a plane at 32,000 feet on my way to New York City to eventually see some footage from Knowing at the New York Comic-Con this weekend.

Knowing Photos

Knowing Photos

Knowing Photos

I should've mentioned this before everyone actually saw the photos, but do yourself a favor and just watch the trailer again. It's a much better way of building up hype for this than these awful photos!

Knowing is directed by Alex Proyas of The Crow, Dark City, Garage Days, and I, Robot previously. The script was written by a collaboration of screenwriters including Ryne Douglas Pearson ("Simple Simon"), Juliet Snowden (The Need, Boogeyman), Stiles White (The Need, Boogeyman), and Stuart Hazeldine (upcoming Paradise Lost). Summit is releasing Knowing in theaters on March 20th, 2009.

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hmmm, your right these do kind of suck...

????? on Feb 5, 2009


Run Cage boy run.

Crapola on Feb 5, 2009


Running, running, and erm, kneeling. As you can see, Nicolas Cage is a multi-talented actor... I don't want to get you perplexed, but ah, that's a very fine actor you're not watching.

Patrick Bateman on Feb 5, 2009


No ones even noticing the two running right in front of them in the second picture.

Scott McHenry on Feb 5, 2009


Oh my God.....I can't....I just can't.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


Alex, if you think these pics are awful, then why did you praise those insider pics of Revenge of the Fallen so much? those were boring as fuck! pictures of military equipment and vehicles and even a pic of Bumblebee....highly uninteresting in my opinion Either way, thanks for posting, your time and devotion is always appreciated! One of your most frequent readers,

Conrad on Feb 5, 2009


Cage is the man. Woot family name and all that jazz.

Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


Nicolas Cage rocks. Haters be damned.

Darunia on Feb 5, 2009


The WORST of the WORST "Actor" of all time. There is no one that comes close. Your deranged if you think this guy can act his way out of a paperbag. WOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D-9 on Feb 5, 2009


The Horror that is Nicolas Cage. He's Uncle be damned for bringing in the Hack into the Cinema. The Apex of the Triangle of Horror.

triangleofhorror on Feb 5, 2009


You guys can hate all you want. You'll just look like fools though.

Darunia on Feb 5, 2009



Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


Or brilliant?! I had a acting teacher take 3 days of examples of how NOT to Act. And in every frame and example was Cage. He gave him credit for "Valley Girl" though. That was to date the highlight of his craft. If you can call it that. SO that is good enough for me.

The Real Doc Brown on Feb 5, 2009


LOL # 12. I had a acting coach do almost the same thing. She had looped alot of actors performances. The great and the not so great. We spent so much on timing and continuty. Cage was the perfect example of how "not" to do this. Pretty funny, this was on the East Coast.

rachel on Feb 5, 2009


What sux is if Jay Leno can get on as a guest on the "Inside the Actors Studio", then why can't Nickkie Cage? Maybe it's a talent issue? Hmmmm. Now your calling the great James Lipton a fool?

Nut-Meg on Feb 5, 2009


Hey you Guys! Cage makes Seth Rogen look good.

rogenhatersunite on Feb 5, 2009


i love it when lipton goes on conan.

Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


That is the first time, no 2nd time I have agreed with anything you have ever said, Red....420...ummmnumber Buttons. First time is when you approved of the Cloverfield viral.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


Alex is showing off again!

slipstream on Feb 5, 2009


The Conan post I mean. Is it French up there?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


Tim did you catch when lipton was on last week. and he just stayed in the audience to watch the rest of the show. i found that quite funny. oh and lipton was good when interviewed on the ali g show.

Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


nope. its english. for now. muahhahahahah

Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


Classic....freaking classic. " Camera One....cut to Lipton in the audience and....GO!" It was damn funny!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


I am excited about this film.

Fisherr on Feb 5, 2009


It's all good! I'm a huge Nic Cage fan and I'm sure this flick will kick ass! Alex Proyas is sharp. These pics are what I expected as I'm sure this flick will have something sort of an anomaly---a STORY! 😉

Spider on Feb 5, 2009


Right on #8 and #25. I agree wit ya! I will check this out!

Blue Silver on Feb 5, 2009


Right on #8 I agree wit ya! I will check this out!

Blue Silver on Feb 5, 2009


I thought Blue was better than that. The WOAT I am guessing here, Worst of all time? If I am correct, I concure.

humbug on Feb 5, 2009


Hey Red....who could forget......The Horney Manatee!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Feb 5, 2009


I remember that. That was big for about a week, but now conan doesn't make any site mistakes. I guess it got to expensive.

Buttons on Feb 5, 2009


PASS! Anyone but Cage would have been a good choice. I will bet anything Proyas had no idea that shitface was going to play the lead. I hope he got paid first 'cause Cage will ruin his writing.

Marley on Feb 5, 2009


these are realy boring photos! Isn't there any news about the new sf movie from Tom Cruise?

avi on Feb 5, 2009


You know, I have a gutsy feeling I'm not sure what it is (couldn't be the wicker man... of course!) that this movie is gonna be awful, probably just of Nic Cage running around like a dip...come on!

B-Han on Feb 5, 2009


Looks like he's power walking, or maybe just posing.

Eli on Feb 6, 2009


I love alot of nicolas cage but i think i like this one the best

amanda on Feb 14, 2009

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