Seth MacFarlane Says a Family Guy Movie is in the Works?

May 6, 2009
Source: Wired

Family Guy - Seth MacFarlane

Or so that's what it sounds like. Series creator Seth MacFarlane talked with Wired earlier this week at a special event celebrating the 100th episode of American Dad, and it sounds like things are actually coming together on a Family Guy movie. "We want to do it," MacFarlane told them. "Fox wants it. We know what we want to do with it. It's just a question of finding the time." His busy schedule includes new episodes of Family Guy, American Dad, and their newest spin-off show, The Cleveland Show. As he explains, "there's so much to do for a weekly animated series — twice as much as you have to do for a live-action show."

Fox has already successfully brought an animated TV show to the big screen - The Simpsons Movie. It ended up bringing in $183 million on a budget of $75 million, so they know it can work. MacFarlane references that movie as well. "That's why The Simpsons took so many years to do theirs. It wasn't because they didn't know what they wanted to do with it. They just couldn't fit it into the schedule," he says. "We're in the early stages right now." Although it's probably still a long ways off, and anything could happen, it sounds like a Family Guy Movie is at least on the right track. Now the next question is if audiences will want to see it?

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FIRST!!!! Should be good...Family guy is tight!

Trey on May 6, 2009


Somewhere withing the movie they should have a crossover with the American Dad cast.

Marius on May 6, 2009


sounds good. I might check it out.

Joseph S. on May 6, 2009


uhhhh... YES PLEASE!

Seductive Flamingo on May 6, 2009


Ugh, people actually want to see a feature-length film based on that horribly inane pull-my-finger, hey-remember-this-random-80'-pop-culture-reference crap show?

cholling on May 6, 2009


yep people will want to see it, it should beat out the simpsons box office take no problem, far better show than simpsons, king of the hill and futurama combined.

harrison on May 6, 2009


yes please.

michael on May 6, 2009


I'd rather see SIMPSONS MOVIE 2

Ryan on May 6, 2009


By the way #6, no way will this trump the simpsons box office. While FAMILY GUY draws a few more viewers than SIMPSONS now, it NEVER came close to reaching the heights of Simpsons in it's heyday. That's why SIMPSONS was so succesful.

Ryan on May 6, 2009


Two words=rated R

Cheater on May 6, 2009


9, simpsons lost its luster well before the movie came out, so thats why it did not make too much in the box office, if they released it when it was much more popular who knows how much it could have made. Family Guy has yet to hit that slump and still brings in so many vieweers it's outrageous.

Movieraider321 on May 6, 2009


Family Guy blows unless you are a 20 or 30 year old dick, or a teenager who enjoys repeated and predictable jokes. Basically, much of its audience will shy away because of the R Rating. What I am getting at is, not as good as The Simpsons Movie critically or commercially.

Al on May 6, 2009


3 words. Straight to DVD.

nef deppard on May 6, 2009


@ #12 Yeah, you're probably right. I mean nevermind that the fans rallied support of their beloved show and got it back on the air 3 different times. It obviously doesn't have a large enough fan base. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I'm sorry, but i'm not a dick and i'm 22. I like the show because, if you took the time to see SOME episodes, they actually teach you things. If you don't like satire, or are republican, then yeah I can see why you don't like the show. But the references and gags are humorous to me, and millions of other viewers. If simpsons went off the air right now, no one would give a shit. And I doubt that, even in it's heyday, it could have been brought back if canceled.

Dresden on May 6, 2009


I'm a Republican and I love that show! Obama can suck my balls!!!!

BrBomber on May 6, 2009



LOVE on May 7, 2009


Family Guy kicks ass. And those 80's gags are hilarious. If you don't get it or don't think it's funny it's probably cause you have no clue what they are talking about. I'm not saying the movie would be great, but I wouldn't mind going to a theatre and catching it. I used to be a big fan of The Simpson's, I mean I was a die hard but it just got old, and The Simpson's movie just didn't do it for me. There were only a few good laughs on there and it's sad when the only thing you remember was "wow, they got Tom Hanks to do a spot in this?"

clippersman on May 7, 2009


Fuck the simpsons....................... FAMILY GUY is for mature adults

SHANEDAV on May 7, 2009


Oh yeah, number 18, because family guy is the epitome of maturity. Can't get anymore mature then random pop culture gags and fart jokes!

Brettfeller on May 7, 2009


Gota love random pop culture gags and everthing about the show............... The Starwars Episodes rock

SHANEDAV on May 9, 2009


I loved The Simpsons movie and I think an R rated Family Guy movie would be badass. Yeah it's immature, random, and generally stupid, but that's what I love about it! I just hope they don't go for the PG-13 rating because at that point I won't really care, it would just be a really long (and probably not very funny) episode. Then again that's what I thought about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, it came out rated R, and still sucked balls.

Syphous on May 11, 2009


to # 12 and 9 your both retarded family guy is the best show ever made and the simpsons suck

bob a nob on Dec 30, 2009


Shit show. Doesn't deserve a movie.

Governor on Oct 29, 2010

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