Seth Rogen on Green Hornet: It's Not Canceled, Don't Worry!

July 20, 2009
Source: HitFix, AICN

Seth Rogen on Green Hornet

For some of you, that's sad to hear. For others, it could be good news. At this point I honestly don't know what to expect with The Green Hornet. Michel Gondry is directing, Seth Rogen is starring, Evan Goldberg and Rogen wrote the script. They used to have Stephen Chow as Kato, but now he's gone. Is it a comedy, is it action, is a mix of both, will it be any good? Who really knows?! Rogen has been talking to press recently for Funny People and a few updates have popped up that are worth pointing out. One comes from HitFix, the other from Ain't It Cool News. Don't worry, Green Hornet is still alive and well, at least for the time being.

"We're building sets," Rogen says. "There's more people working on the film every day! They traditionally don't spend millions and millions of dollars on movies that are dead." For some reason, people seem to be so infuriated by this entire project, they're stopping at nothing to try and kill it, including sending fake emails to websites claiming they have inside news that it's dead (this happened in January, too). But apparently it's moving along quite swiftly, with sets being built and everything. Of course, at Sony, that means nothing, as studio head Amy Pascal shut down Moneyball just three days before it was supposed to start shooting.

"It's really hard to make a big movie. It's exponentially more difficult to make a $100 million movie than it is to make a $20 million movie, especially in this economy," Rogen explains. "I think just for us to make a movie that we feel confident in and for [Sony] to have a movie that they feel confident in, that's taking a long time." In regards to the loss of Stephen Chow as Kato, Rogen has accepted it and moved on. "In my head, we lost Stephen Chow in April, so it's something I've had a lot of time to wrap my head around." They're currently meeting with "many, many people from all over the globe" to find a replacement Kato.

Lastly, Rogen talks with AICN about Michel Gondry and how he might still apply his quirky style to it. "We're encouraging him to make it as visually exciting and inventive as anything anyone has ever seen. We're fans of these types of movies when they're done well. We think that we can handle the story and the script and the dialogue, but we know nothing about cameras and lights and fancy ways of making things look amazing. And that's what he's better at than anyone in the world pretty much. So we're encouraging him to really go for it." The more I hear about Gondry's involvement on this, the more excited I get for it.

So with that, well, stay tuned. Apparently there might be something Green Hornet related at Comic-Con. HitFix thinks it might be Gondry's updated version of the Black Beauty, the Chrysler Imperial from the original Green Hornet show (this sucker right here). Maybe we'll snap a few photos on Wednesday night?

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gondry is the man to do it, this is a neat creative combo.

real talk on Jul 20, 2009


I wish it was cancelled, as much as I would like to see Gondry's take on it. Rogen's going to be the one who fucks this up.

Brad on Jul 20, 2009


The more time passes, the less interesting this project is becoming. I could care less if it eventually gets made. As for Seth Rogen, he's not superhero material. I am looking forward to "Green Lantern" though!

Blue Silver on Jul 20, 2009


This movie is starting to be like Guns N' Rose's Chinese Democracy album and I think that when it comes out (if it ever does or maybe in 12 years) it's going to suck big time! Hope I'm wrong.

Quaked2023 on Jul 20, 2009


^Agreed! Couldn't have said it better! lol

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 20, 2009


I couldn't care less about this movie with this Seth guy in it. A shame what they are doing to a classic character.

zubzwank on Jul 20, 2009


This news is great, this just might be Seth Rogan's chance to breach into a new area of acting. All the haters out there why waste your time comenting on this if you hate Rogan go on to the other news Billington has posted. I'll keep defending this film until a substantial trailer hits and until the film hits theaters!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


"This news is great, this just might be Seth Rogan's chance to breach into a new area of acting" XERXEX said. Umm...that's part of the problem....HE CAN'T ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clover on Jul 20, 2009


Stop hating haters. Seth Rogen will be awesome. There are plenty of typical superhero spandex guy movies coming out. I'm glad to see one going in an interesting direction. He's kind of different character anyway. And realting to green things, why are people so hyped for Green Lantern? As someone who grew up reading comics I just don't get it. I always thought he was incredibly lame.

ziegz on Jul 20, 2009


God Dammitt!!! Good for you 6 and 8. A classic character indeed! This Rogen has no business anywhere near it.!

CHOWCHOW on Jul 20, 2009


Okay Clover I understand why people hate Rogen, wait scratch that I don't understand, the guy is funny albiet most of those come from Stoner Comedies and are not that intelligent, but Rogan is different to me I see him becoming one of the funniest actors in our generation. The guy can already write a good movie so as far as Grenn Hornet goes I'm already there! And if you don't like the guy then don't comment on news that pertains to him!

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


@11 "And if you don't like the guy then don't comment on news that pertains to him!" So you think that only positive news should be listed in the comments section by fanboys? I disagree and believe that any comment is warranted just so long as it makes a point.

Mary Anne on Jul 20, 2009


@12 Understood, but half of the comments only say one particualr thing, "the guy can't act." Now that isn't a warranted comment, its kind of a band wagon comment as soon as one person says Rogan can't act its the new cool thing to do. I want someone to give examples and before anything is said I haven't given any examples of my own truth is I only have one Rogan and Goldberg are extremely gifted screenwriters, and that is warrant enough for me to say he is a good actor, yes in Knocked Up he plays a stoner loser who gets a girl pregnant, and in Pineapple Express he is a stoner loser who is witness to a murder and the movie plays out following two idiot stoners who start a big drug war, those two characters don't call for much of a in depth of an acting job. Perhaps Funny People will change that Rogan working with Sandler, Bana, and friends will let us see if the guy can really keep up and show up all of the haters, maybe Funny People will show him on the rise then The Green Hornet will change people opinions.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


He shouldn't do this because he doesn't you morons. And why can't any of these ROGEN fanboys spell his name right? That's quite funny in itself. Never the less, you're defending a guy that doesn't care to do this movie and hates himself for "selling out" Oh no!!! It's not a stoner comedy. Sometimes he's alright, but everything is the same with him just like Ferrell and that's the problem. I'm glad he's branching out but so did Ferrell and he was great, but hasn't mentioned of doing anything like it again and I doubt ROGEN will either.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 20, 2009


wow I did fuck up his name #14 oops. Perhaps you're right about him perhaps Green Hornet will be Rogen's (there I spelt it correctly!) only branch to seperate himself from his comedies...Oh well I still think he is funny.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2009


Talent? None!

CHOWCHOW on Jul 21, 2009

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